Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Review of Revenge's 4x04: "Meteor"

Written by Karin Gist
Directed by J Miller Tobin

Nolan (re David): “What just happened?”
Emily (re Victoria): “She got to him first.”

I honestly thought we would have another month before the entire world knew that David Clarke was alive and only after both he and Emily had a tearful reunion where he realised that she was actually Amanda all along. This episode had other ideas.

Namely the first one being David getting arrested and both Jack and Emily having to watch him in a police line up with horrified reactions before Edward became privy to who David really was and Victoria managed to sink her claws that tiny bit more into him. I really think this episode was Victoria at her worst.

The look of glee she had the end of the episode as she posed with David and Charlotte as Emily was helpless to look was pretty low, even for her. There’s no way this show can actually end with Victoria getting everything she wanted. David at least showed some suspicion towards her in this episode. Hopefully when both he and Emily are reunited, they take her down once and for all, unless Louise gets there first.

Speaking of Louise – I’ve had enough of her mother issues and the fact that she’s clearly using Daniel to get to Victoria is a bit bizarre too, isn’t it? Louise gave some pretty obvious signs that she was rather strange, which Daniel ignored because he was too busy trying to prove that he had some business savvy after all. Not sure why as I doubt most viewers are that interested in the first place.

On the other hand, at least Daniel’s nastiness towards Victoria was rather amusing to watch and I bet anything that he was positively sickened upon learning that David was alive and with his mother yet again. As for Margaux, she didn’t really do that much this week, but she’s still too good for Daniel.

The David elements of the episode kept this one afloat but it’s also these elements that are problematic too. I know I’ve said it in previous reviews (and will undoubtedly say it a lot this season), but I really don’t see how this show can go on for another year after this one. After David and Emily do reunite and hopefully take out Victoria, there’s nowhere else creatively the show can go, is there? The writers are even struggling to give Nolan anything to do and the less said about Charlotte’s drug habit the better really.

Also in “Meteor”

Ben is starting to annoy me as a character. I know a part of me should find him charming but he’s coming across as a bit of a stalker really.

Victoria: “I didn’t mean to upset you but this is a different world from the one you left. Your re-emergence must be carefully planned.”

David told the FBI and media that Conrad had been keeping him prisoner for the last few years.

Charlotte: “What do you really want from me, mom?”
Victoria: “Nothing but to see you happy.”
Charlotte: “The Grayson mantra: lie and deny.”

Margaux seems to have sorted her hair out this season. Nolan’s is still a bit of a mess really.

Daniel (re hex): “Did it work?”
Louise: “Oh no, darling, nothing can rid the devil. My momma and I will never fix things.”

That Edward guy seems like he could another problem for Emily down the line this season as well.

Emily (to Nolan, re David): “He deserved more twenty years ago. I can’t wait one more day.”

Standout music: “All I Want” by Sarah Blasko.

David: “I prayed for this moment, this freedom and today my prayers were answered.”

Chronology: From where “Ashes” left off.

“Meteor” is easily the best episode of the first four and I certainly can’t wait for the inevitable father/daughter reunion but at the same time, it’s hard to deny that this show is starting to really show that it’s had it’s day now.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Review of Gotham's 1x05: "Viper"

Written by Rebecca Perry Cutter
Directed by Tim Hunter

Stan: “I had hoped a demonstration using street people would’ve sufficed but it seems only bad things truly happen to important people like you.”

Did anyone else get a serious Smallville vibe off this episode? I know technically the antics of the Balloonman were the type of thing that made sure this series wouldn’t be seen as a generic crime series but the whole Viper/Venom super soldier plot courtesy of Stan Potolsky really gave off the vibe of the most famous prequel TV show in recent history.

It wasn’t actually a bad thing really but watching the effects of the venom working on mainly busker Benny and then a few other characters was definitely something I’ve seen before, TV wise. It was definitely interesting though.

The actual thing having to be breathed in and then watching as it gave people super strength before depriving them of calcium worked well enough. The actual death scene though of Benny after he stole an ATM machine however was more unintentionally funny than tragic though, even if a certain someone found the whole effects of the Viper “fascinating”.

As for Stan – like Gladwell from the previous week, I almost wish he had survived the episode, even if he did try to disrupt a Wayne Enterprises luncheon with his antics, only for Gordon and Bullock to stop him at the last minute but only because his actual demise lacked any spark itself.

As for the plot about a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises being involved in the making of the venom/viper – hardly a shocker, but it earned points for Bruce doing some actual detective work on his parents company and not being so easily fobbed off by middle management lady Mathis, who turned out to be a bad one by the end of the episode.

Of course when we weren’t dealing with super dangerous drugs, the mob war stuff with Falcone and Maroni continued. Falcone chose not to make a move on his potential usurper but the latter himself (when he wasn’t grilling both Oswald and Gordon) decided to rob Falcone’s casino for the hell of it. Of course, Fish was far craftier in her scheming against Falcone this week.

First of all, both her and Russian mobster Nikolai pretended to hate each other’s guts in front of Falcone while engaging in some bondage fun later in the episode. Like Liza, Nikolai is clearly being set up as a means to an end for Fish’s overall scheming but I have to admit, I do like that she isn’t solely relying on only one way to get Falcone out of the picture.

With Liza, she managed to group a somewhat tone deaf, Goth chic wearing girl into an opera loving, literally white than white young lady for Falcone to fall in love with. The strange thing is a part sort of feels bad for Falcone. He’ll clearly fall for Liza, she’ll end up reciprocating and Fish will probably have her killed when the whole thing goes belly up. Right now that’s exactly how I see this whole storyline actually playing out.

Also in “Viper”

Selina made a brief cameo as she stole some bloke’s wallet while Edward was fascinated by the effects of the venom.

Bruce (to Alfred): “I don’t want revenge. I want to understand how it all works. How Gotham works.”

The venom/super soldier mention this week was clearly an allusion to Bane, a villain I hope this series doesn’t bring in just yet.

Nikolai: “Ladies are in the kitchen or in bed, depending on their talents.”
Fish: “I bet your mother was a lousy cook.”

Edward: “Fascinating.”

Oswald has managed to piss off both Falcone and Maroni and it’s only been five episodes. He also managed not to kill anyone in this episode as well.

Oswald: “Everyone calls me Penguin.”
Maroni: “You don’t like that name? Well, you’re wrong. It’s a good name. It works for you.”

Maroni: “I try to be civil, Jim but I’m not the kind of man who asks twice.”

Missing this week included Barbara, Renee, Crispus and Butch.

Gordon: “Don’t shoot.”
Stan: “That’s considerate of you. I’m leaving now.”

Bullock (to Gordon): “You really can have too much of a good thing.”

Standout music: Gianni Schicchi: O Mio Babbino Caro. It was used quite pointedly in the episode.

Nikolai: “Untie me.”
Fish: “Say pretty please.”

Chronology: Not long after the events of “Arkham” I assume.

“Viper” was a fairly solid episode, good in parts but nothing too taxing but as interesting as the gang war stuff is, how much longer will we have to wait before a) everyone properly realises that Oswald is alive and b) Falcone and Maroni actually share a scene together? Other than that, not the best episode really.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Monday, October 20, 2014

My Review of Doctor Who's 8x09: "Flatline"

Written by Jamie Mathieson
Directed by Douglas Mackinnon

Clara (to Rigsy): “I’m the Doctor.”
The Doctor: “Don’t you dare!”
Clara: “Doctor Oswald but you can call me Clara.”

I bet for a lot of fans complaining that this series has been too focused on Clara; this probably wasn’t an episode they were looking forward to. That’s a shame because if they put their feelings for Clara to one side, then they would’ve realised that this was an absolute gem of an episode. Two gems in a row for Jamie Mathieson in fact.

But as for Clara – yes, her screen time has been prominent but not once have I felt that it’s come at the expense of Peter Capaldi, who despite being stuck in one set for the majority of this episode was far from underused either. While this episode was definitely Clara heavy, it was also by no means Doctor light either.

While I’m not big on the idea of a female Doctor (and no, that doesn’t make me sexist, lacking in imagination etc, I just prefer the character male), I thought Clara somewhat taking on the role because Twelve himself was trapped inside a shrinking TARDIS worked fantastically here. She even got herself a companion in likeable graffiti artist/community service worker Rigsy, who made for a pretty good companion as well.

I’ve seen a lot of people over the last two days cite this episode as a justified reason for the series to eventually have a female Doctor but I think what the episode was trying to do more was give Clara a perspective into why the Doctor does and says the very things he does whenever they’re caught in dangerous situations like the one in this episode.

Even without the Doctor whispering in her ear, Clara almost instinctively seemed to be mirroring his usual actions. She told Rigsy, the unfortunate policewoman Forrest and several community service workers what she felt they needed to know at various times and provided them with hope, even when she had no idea how to fix things. Oh and there was also the issue of lying to Danny during a particular life or death situation as well.

The point is, this episode certainly gave Clara a better understanding of how the Doctor operates but I also would like to think it gave him something of an insight as well. I didn’t like that he seemed reluctant to praise her for dealing with the situation as best as she did but the last scene where Missy revealed that she chose in relation to Clara was interesting.

For one thing, it finally confirmed that Missy indeed was the woman in the shop and for some reason; she’s been watching Clara’s adventures with the Doctor. Of course we still don’t know why but seeing as we’re closing in on the finale, it won’t be too long until everything about this whole promised land/Nethersphere comes to a head.

As for the monsters of the week themselves – I quite liked the Boneless. The whole idea of messing with dimensions is such a typical Moffat era type of idea that I’m almost surprised it took until now for it to be realised. Unlike the Foretold from last week, this lot did seem to be genuinely nasty and certainly wasted no time in bumping off most of the guest characters before eventually getting banished by the Doctor. Will we see them again? I’m not sure if we should but I definitely think they can be classed as this series most standout creature for the time being, right?

Also in “Flatline”

The Addams Family way in which the Doctor managed to get his shrunken TARDIS off the train tracks was hysterical.

Clara: “Are you tiny in there?”
The Doctor: “No, I’m exactly the same size.”

I’m glad the Doctor confronted Clara about lying to Danny. Hopefully the next episode resolves this whole issue altogether. Also Fenton was one of the nastiest guest characters we’ve had in a long while.

Clara: “Rigsy, this is where we run. Stick with me.”

Danny: “Where are you and are you in trouble?”
Clara: “Uh, I don’t know. I’m fine.”

Sorry folks but Danny actually said ‘got our bench’ rather than ‘what’s up, bitch?’. How did people not hear that right?

Clara (to Fenton): “I’ll tell you who I am. I’m the one chance you’ve got of staying alive, that’s who I am.”

Clara: “You’ll die.”
Rigsy: “Of course I’ll die, now go.”

It seems that where the promised land/Nethersphere/Heaven is, the use of tablets is still a thing.

Clara: “Why can’t you say it? I was the Doctor and I was good.”
The Doctor: “You were an exceptional Doctor. Goodness had nothing to do with it.”

Missy: “Clara, my Clara. I have chosen well.”

Chronology: Present day Bristol. Actually the remaining episodes (Nethersphere aside) look like they’ll be modern day set.

With two exceptional episodes in a row, I’m not sure yet if I want to join the Jamie Mathieson for showrunner bandwagon some fans have jumped on but I definitely want another episode from him next series. I loved last week’s episode but I think having watching it three times that “Flatline” just about edged it a little.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice - Latest Casting Rumour/Possible Spoiler

Now, this one is going to be interesting, assuming it turns out to be true ...

Jena Malone best known for her roles in The Hunger Games and Stepmom has now been rumoured to be appearing in Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, after being spotted on set recently and of course, dyeing her hair red, it seems the actress is now rumoured to be playing Carrie Kelly, who to comic book readers will be known as the female version of Robin from Frank Miller's comics The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Knight Strikes Again.

With parts of Affleck's depiction of Batman in the upcoming movie somewhat based on Miller's take on the character, it is possible that Malone could be playing a somewhat older version of Kelly (in the comics, Carrie is a 13 year old girl, Malone is 29) but it's also possible the actress could be playing another character altogether. Either way, it'll be interesting to see if the movie franchise will actually tackle a Robin that isn't Dick Grayson for the big screen.

More Information:

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice continues to film and will be released in cinemas from March 26th 2016.

Ice Queens

And a look at some of the show I've been watching recently ...

Downton Abbey: While this series has been a bit of an improvement on the previous one, there's still a feeling of not much really happening. How many more times do we need to see a scene where Robert loses his patience with Bunting or Edith pining for her child before something actually materialises? Similarly Mary's relationship with Gillingham has gotten more tedious and the sooner this whole 'Who Killed Green?' plot is put to bed, the better really. Halfway through this series, only the continuously spiky banter with Violet and Isobel and Thomas's storyline are the only things really keeping this series afloat.

Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD: While it may be returning to Channel 4 on Friday, RTE2 have gotten there first and having watched the first two episodes, it's not hard to see the marked improvement the series has enjoyed. The writing has definitely improved and the fallout from the first season and Ward's betrayal has certainly produced a lot of character shifts as well. It's a shame though that Lucy Lawless wasn't kept on but there's some good potential with Nick Blood's volatile Lance Hunter and the more scenes with May and Coulson, the better really.

Once Upon A Time: I'm currently catching up with the spin-off, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland but the first three episodes of the parent show's fourth season has been some of their best yet. While I wasn't keen on Frozen forming the narrative for the first half of this season, I have to admit the additions of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff etc have been brilliantly handled and having Elizabeth Mitchell as the Snow Queen has also been a great touch to this season. I will admit that while the likes of Rumple, Regina and even Snow herself have been a little underused, this has been a strong slew of episodes so far.

Scandal: The fourth season has aired at least four episodes in the US and with SkyLiving, we're still at least six episodes away from the third season finishing up. The last few episodes alone have seen the death of Sally's husband, the possible imminent death of Cyrus's spouse, Olivia's father getting one hell of a demotion, Fitz being an ass and some more flashbacks on Mellie and her relationship with Andrew as well as the tense atmosphere between Huck and Quinn. There are times when I do feel like I'm getting whiplash as everything seems to be moving so fast but at the same time, this continues to be a gripping series.

The Vampire Diaries: I did some cheating here and decided to watch the remaining episodes to the fifth season online and they've been something of a mixed bag. The finale itself was excellent and it'll be interesting to see how Damon and Bonnie get out of their little predicament but I haven't been too interested in the Travellers and Enzo's storyline took something of a cliched route at times. Plus the less angst between Damon and Elena, the better. Those two have managed to become the most tedious couple on the show at the moment. On the plus side, at least Liv and Luke managed to make it out of the season alive and I do enjoy Stefan and Caroline's scenes together.

- ABC have acquired the rights to gay soccer themed comedy Men In Shorts, inspired by Robbie Rogers.
- Gotham will now air for 22 episodes instead of 16. Nicholas D'Agosto has been cast as Harvey Dent.
- Fans of Friends will be able to watch all 10 seasons of the show on Netflix from January.
- Season 5 of Game Of Thrones will feature it's first flashback scene.
- Archie Panjabi is leaving The Good Wife.
- A remake of Bewitched is in the works.
- Alexandra Breckenridge has joined the cast of The Walking Dead in an undisclosed role for now.
- American Horror Story has been renewed for a fifth season.
- How To Get Away With Murder has gotten a season order of 15 episodes and will air Tuesdays 10pm on Universal from October 21st for UK viewers.
- Andy Mientus will play gay villain The Pied Piper in The Flash.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Recap/Review: American Horror Story: Freak Show - Massacres And Matinees

It's the second episode and things are certainly moving along nicely as a few new characters are thrown into the mix.

Written by Tim Minear
Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

Mr & Mrs Strongmen: With Michael Chiklis and Angela Bassett's names already in the opening credits, this was the very episode to actually introduce both characters - volatile strongman, Dell Toledo and his wife, Desiree, a three breasted hermaphrodite. While Desiree seems reasonably okay so far (even making suggestions for Bette and Dot), Toledo is already presented as an aggressive loose cannon who has previously killed in Chicago and wasted no time in bulldozing over Elsa with the matinee idea and beating the snot out of Jimmy as well for good measure. It was also revealed that he's Jimmy's father and Ethel's ex-husband, so she wasn't best pleased to see him again.

Your Own Clown: The best thing about this whole plot was the fact that Dandy managed to freak or annoy the shit out of twisty during their encounter in the former's house. If Dandy's behaviour is so off-putting, it unnerves a homicidal non speaking maniac like Twisty. Actually throughout this episode, both Dandy and his overbearing mother creeped me out far more than Twisty's slaughtering antics but the whole teaming up of Dandy and Twisty just cannot end well, can it?

Criminally Good: Last week it was Elsa giving us an okay version of Life On Mars and this week, despite Bette being unable to sing to save her life, Dot on the other hand (the twin I find I'm liking the most as is Jimmy by the looks of it) ended up singing a bloody brilliant version of Fiona Apple's Criminal, much to Elsa's chagrin. I like that Dot did find her voice in this episode and while I do feel bad for Bette, I don't like that she's being so easily manipulated by a clearly threatened Elsa as well. Still, do I need to say that Sarah Paulson is the best thing about this season? No, but I'm going to anyway.

Saving The Show: Despite taking centre stage in the first episode, this wasn't a big one for Elsa really. Sure, she was threatened by Dot's talents, seemed to undermine Jimmy's manliness and ignored warning signs about Toledo (even she admitted he was going to be a problem), Elsa didn't do a great deal in this one. And she didn't seem that put out that Jimmy's plan to get rid of Toledo resulted in bird head biting Meep getting killed as a result. Speaking of Jimmy, I empathized with him in this episode. He's desperately trying to prove that being a freak shouldn't be a bad thing and at every turn, it wasn't panning out for me. He might have killed a cop but other than that, he does seem like a nice bloke,

Almost Out Of There: Poor Bonnie and the little boy who were held up in the camper van of hell nearly escaped this week, only for dandy to round them up again with Twisty. The opening sequence was pretty freaky as well with Twisty dispatching of two people in less than six minutes but mainly, a set up for next week's two parter was set up with all the Halloween paraphernalia on display. Oh and we got Patti LaBelle as Gloria's maid, who sadly judging by what she revealed about Dandy's private activities will probably not be around for long either.

Next week, both Stanley and Maggie arrive on the scene, Halloween is the setting and a certain legend turns out to be very much real.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Review of Revenge's 4x03: "Ashes"

Written by Alex Taub
Directed by Colin Bucksey

Victoria (to Emily): “I owe you so much more than a quick death. Buckle up, sweetheart.”

Well, this wasn’t a very exciting episode, was it? Victoria might think she sounded bad ass with that threat to Emily but if anything, it just served as another reminder of how unjustified her quest for vengeance against Emily really is. Another comeuppance for Victoria can’t come soon enough to be honest.

In this episode alone, she was especially annoying – first with over praising Charlotte and making it look like the latter was the one to exonerate David while at the same time, continuing to paint Emily as a menace – one that David almost tried to kill as well for good measure.

Of course on top of that, we also had to see Victoria begging for money – first to Daniel, which failed as he’s broke and then to Margaux, which succeeded because the latter foolishly bought into Victoria’s claims of affection for her. I like Margaux but every time she’s in a scene with Daniel or Victoria nowadays, it’s like the poor woman’s intelligence goes out the window, which I’m less fond.

As for David trying to kill Emily – it was the lamest would be assassination attempt the show has done but I want to believe David’s hesitance came from hopefully realising that Emily was actually Amanda. If he could recognise Charlotte as his daughter from just her eyes, then hopefully he did the same here with Emily.

Speaking of Emily, I was really disappointed with her this week. I get that she feels bad about Charlotte being lied to and all that, but I really disliked Charlotte ended up suffering no consequences for her arson of the Stowaway and attempted murder of her half-sister. Part of the reason why Charlotte is the way she is that she’s never suffered some true consequences and both Jack and Nolan were right to call Emily out on not wanting to drop Charlotte in it.

As for Daniel – aside from his meeting with Victoria, it’s almost like he exists on a different show nowadays. I honestly couldn’t care less that he’s unemployable and the fact that Louise (having been spurned by Victoria) was able to play him so easily just proved that he’s even more of an idiot than before. I’m not really sure what to make of Louise either, character wise.

Also in “Ashes”

So the police probably suspect that the Stowaway burning down is the result of arson but are happy to believe the bad wiring excuse from Jack? Only in the land of television.

David: “What about Emily Thorne? What if she finds you first?”
Victoria: “She better hope she doesn’t.”

Margaux’s hair looked a little better in this episode. It’s still not her best look but she’s the only other likeable female character outside of Emily though.

Victoria (re Emily): “Don’t you worry. That pathological creature is going to get what she deserves.”
Charlotte: “And what about me? Will I?”

Emily (to Charlotte): “I know you’re in a bad place and it’s a place I helped put you in but I want you to know whether you believe me or no, I am truly sorry.”

Ben: “You’re not ever gonna want company, are you?”
Emily: “Probably not.”

Emily turned down Ben’s pretty bad attempt of asking her out. I’m not sure I actually like Ben, something seems off with him, character wise.

Emily (re Carl): “He thought the world of you.”
Jack: “That’s why he didn’t want me to have it.”

Standout music: Nothing really stood out for me this week.

Louise: “Wanna ponder life in deep silence? Find a cave.”
Daniel: “That’s good advice.”

Chronology: From where “Disclosure” left off.

It wasn’t awful but at the same time, “Ashes” wasn’t anything to write home about either. I guess there’s this feeling that this show really should end now because after David and Emily are reunited, where else can it go? It also didn’t help that this episode felt a bit too paint by the number as well for its own good.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Review of Gotham's 1x04: "Arkham"

Written by Ken Woodruff
Directed by TJ Scott

Bruce: “Do you really believe that? Do you believe Gotham can be saved?”
Gordon: “I believe it’s worth trying.”

In the first three episodes, we’ve already met four members of the Rogues Gallery and had been introduced to two of the verse’s most notorious mob bosses in Falcone and Maroni. Now this was the episode to introduce Arkham and perhaps not shockingly enough, it also became the pawn for both mob bosses in their quest to seize control of the city.

I found it rather amusing that both Maroni and Falcone decided to use the same hitman to take out opposing councilmen and the hitman in question certainly made an impression, even more than the Balloonman from the previous episode.

Gladwell’s method of attacking his victims with a spike like object before coming up with other ways to finish them off certainly proved that he wasn’t messing about. I’m not sure I really needed to see one of his victims being lit up like a Christmas tree but it was a surprisingly gruesome moment in an episode that had its fair share of them.

It was only however when Gladwell attacked the Mayor did he become undone in the episode but despite being shot, both Maroni and Falcone got some possession over the area surrounding Arkham. However it was the former who was the more fortunate of the bunch while the latter had to settle for housing at the moment.

This battle between Maroni and Falcone was definitely the talking point out the episode. It angered Bruce who didn’t want either of them getting their hands on Arkham and soiling his parents memories but at the same time, it also highlighted that the Mayor is as powerless against the mob as the GCPD seem to be as well.

The only other person who actually managed to benefit from this episode was Oswald. He might not have won over Gordon with his double agent offer but he did manage to cause more friction between Maroni and Falcone as well as getting a job promotion and fleecing the former for good measure. While the show probably should slow down a bit with Oswald raking up the body count, I do like that he’s getting a little smarter at this whole criminal game as well.

As for Fish, it seemed that she wasn’t bullshitting when she told Bullock that she always had a Plan B. While it would’ve been better had the Sapphic material stemmed more from Renee and Barbara than Fish trying to get girls to seduce her as though she were a man, at least her plan made some sense.

In the last episode, she made sure that Falcone’s mistress was hurt, while in this episode she wanted a seductive weapon to use against him as well. She didn’t care that the girl who ended up getting the job (in a literal beat down with the other girl) couldn’t sing, all she wanted was someone hungry and susceptible enough to mould into a weapon against Falcone. Whether or not Fish’s plan will actually work will depend on how easily Falcone is turned by a pretty face though.

Also in “Arkham”

While it was nice that we got to see the asylum, I do wish we had actually gotten to see inside it though.

Oswald: “Men.”
Barbara: “Don’t I know?”

Oswald pretended to be Peter Humboldt when talking to Barbara. He also used food to kill his accomplices at the end of the episode.

Fish: “Not bad but keep looking.”
Butch: “Really boss? That’s a good looking girl.”
Fish: “Look at me. I ain’t looking for no girl. I’m looking for a weapon.”

Gladwell (to Zeller): “And you know what they say, the customer is always right.”

While GCPD seems to have some very old computers, the office in where Gladwell was working had actual type writers.

Bruce: “Bad dream.”
Alfred: “Was I in it?”
Bruce: “Not this time.”

Gordon (re Renee): “Why does she keep coming to you? What is it between you and her?”
Barbara: “Years before I was with you, she and I were in a relationship.”

I liked that Barbara admitted to Gordon that her and Renee had dated but she does need more to do that play the worried love interest though.

Bullock: “Lazy? Maybe I work smarter than you. Ever consider that?”
Gordon: “Yeah, I considered it.”

Fish: “Don’t worry about me, Harvey. I always have a Plan B.”

Nygma got one scene here where he managed to identify Gladwell’s weapon and again irritate Bullock. Selina, Renee, Crispus and Falcone were missing from this episode.

Oswald (to Gordon): “I told you detective, Gotham is my home.”

Barbara: “You’re gonna have to make a choice, Jim. You either let me in or you let me go.”

Chronology: From where “The Balloonman” left off.

An extremely enjoyable episode. “Arkham” may not have shown us a lot of it’s most infamous building, but it certainly provided enough foreshadowing to the chaos and madness this place will both behold and cause as well.

Rating: 8 out of 10