Saturday, February 06, 2016

Supergirl: The Flash To Appear

It was rumoured for the longest while and a couple of days ago, it was finally confirmed - Kara Danvers is going to meet Barry Allen.

In the eighteenth episode of Supergirl, titled World's Finest, Grant Gustin's loveable speedster Barry Allen/The Flash will pop up in National City. Now we don't know if this is going to be Barry jumping through different Earth dimensions like he's currently doing in his own show but given that Legends Of Tomorrow recently confirmed the existence of both Batman and Superman in their universe, it's likely that Supergirl also exists within this verse as well (makes sense too).

In less than a year, this is the second crossover with DC characters from different shows and networks. We already had John Constantine rock up in Arrow back in November and he fitted there like a glove and I can imagine that Barry will easily fit into Kara's world and maybe at some point we can get Kara appearing in The Flash too.

Either way, this is very exciting news and kind of show that the DC TV universe is continuing to expand in some rather fun ways.

Press Release:

US viewers can catch The Flash appearing in Supergirl on March 28th on CBS.

Friday, February 05, 2016

My Review of Legends Of Tomorrow's 1x03: "Blood Ties"

Written by Marc Guggenheim & Chris Fedak
Directed by Dermott Downs

Savage: "I pity you. You have no idea what it's like to have people willing to follow you up to the gates of hell."
Rip: "Actually I have a little bit of an idea."

If the first part of the pilot episode was very much Rip's story, then this episode certainly had elements of exploring him more while also making sure the rest of the main players (except Kendra) weren't left behind with nothing to do either.

First though, Rip - he's reckless, almost stupidly so and this episode highlighted it in a massive way by the fact that it was his own carelessness that put his family into Vandal Savage's cross hairs in the first place. Why the bloody hell did he tell Vandal the names of his wife and son? He knows the guy doesn't stay dead for long, so passing on that sort of information to someone as dangerous as Savage seemed like an irrevocably stupid thing to do.

For a guy who has lectured the rest of his team (something which they ignore) about messing with the timelines, Rip did exactly that in this episode alone. Maybe Rip should think before opening his mouth next time. On the plus side though, all of his scenes with Sara and Savage were the best part of the episode.

I liked that for the first time in this series, we're exploring the effects of Sara's resurrection. Her blood lust came into full display here by her merciless killings of Vandal's various henchmen - first at the bank and then at Savage's place towards the end of the episode. I don't think Sara is a monster either but she's certainly an unknown quantity with the effects of the Lazarus Pit still playing the role they currently are in her life.

As for Savage - well, Rip did kill him but it's hard to care because we've got several episodes left and we know the only person who actually kill Savage and have him stay dead is Kendra, who spent most of this episode suffering the effects of being stabbed by her own dagger. Of course this was where both Stein and Ray stepped in as the latter used his suit to destroy the shards internally while at the same time getting over some confidence issues and dealing with a rather thorny relationship with Stein himself.

Then there was Heatwave and Cold wanting to use Jackson's help in getting a hold of a certain diamond. Like Rip, Cold messed with the timelines in a bid to try and prevent his father from going to prison and becoming an abusive asshole but it didn't make any difference. I did like the subplot quite a bit and the various mixing up of team members with different plots is certainly keeping things fresh for the show at the moment. I do wonder though if it might have the odd episode not focusing on stopping Savage though.

- Shallow comment but how hot did both Rip and Sara look during their undercover stints in this episode? I also liked that Cold ditched the parka for something else this week too.
- No Arrow or The Flash people appearance in this episode, though there were clips from both shows at the start and a Thea mention.
- Heatwave isn't stupid. He knew what 'thick' meant after all and seemed to display some logical advice to Cold during their plot. We also had Carter's funeral when Savage wasn't drinking blood from his corpse.
- Chronology this week, 1700 BC Ancient Egypt and Leipzig, Germany in 1975. We are moving to 1986 next week though.

This was another fun episode. Effectively, Blood Ties had three different but relevant to each other plots, all of which connected quite nicely. I do like the mixing up with team members per episode and I do feel for the most part the show is doing a great job defining all of the characters pretty well. However the odd episode without Savage might help things as well.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Galavant - Season 2: Episodes 6-10 Reviews

And so as we get to the second half of Galavant's fun and inspired second season, things certainly take some rather interesting twists and turns.

Episode 6: About Last Knight

We've had some rumblings about Galavant having a less than desirable father and in this very episode, we actually met him and he's played by Greg Wise. Arnold spends most of the episode acknowledging that he wasn't the best of parental figures (though clearly he's liked by others) to his son and they kind of patch things up while Isabella banishes the wedding planner. Of course the big moment of the episode is Sid's reunion with Galavant and the way things end in this particular episode. Music highlights include Today We Rise and He Was There.

Episode 7: Love And Death

Thanks to Sid, Galavant did spend most of this episode hovering between life and death and seeing so many familiar (and not so familiar) faces during his brief moments in limbo. On the plus side, Richard, Roberta and Sid did take him to a healer (Reece Shearsmith putting in a fun but within his comfort zone kind of performance) and the issue of Richard's virginity served as a valuable plot point while both him and Roberta got closer. Then there was the wedding planner getting cosy with Gareth and Madalena. Music highlights Time Is Of The Essence and Goodbye.

Episode 8: Do The D'DEW

It's war time, bitches! Yup, now we've got thanks to that wedding planner's meddling, both Madalena and Isabella are out to war with each other and they finally got their animosity out in a beautifully and hilariously daft musical sequence while Madalena delved further into the dark side, Gareth showed some hesitance, Galavant raised an army of the undead and Richard and Roberta's budding relationship hit a brief snag. Oh and there's something involving a sword and the one true king to unite them all. Music highlights, well, obviously that's I Really Don't Like You but there's also Finally and A Dark Season to boot.

Episode 9: Battle Of The Three Armies

With this episode, it was less of a bloodbath and more a hilarity fest as Isabella and Madalena set their armies on each other while Galavant and Richard with their zombies then stepped in the middle of things. Of course, things really took a fun turn when it turned out that the wedding planner could control the dead and Madalena embraced her evil side even more than usual. There's also a rather sweet reunion with Galavant and Isabella but no more sweeter than Richard and Gareth though. Music highlights include A Good Day To Die and Do The D'Dew. The latter one being ridiculously catchier than others we've had this season.

Episode 10: The One True King (To Unite Them All)

And it's the finale. Will Galavant and company return for a third season? It's hard to say but for a last episode, this felt like a really good place to end things. Richard overcame his cowardice, defeated the wedding planner, turned out to be right about Tad Cooper and saved Roberta from Spinster Island. Galavant also married Isabella, the latter's parents got their kingdom back and Gareth and Sid teamed up to save Madalena from her evil self. If the show doesn't come back for a third season, then it ended on a creative high but truthfully, I really want one more hit of this infectiously daft series. Music highlights include Will My Day Ever Come, A Real Life Happily Ever After and Season 2 Finale.

That was fun. If this show comes back for a third season, I'll certainly be watching.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Justice League Action - Cartoon Network Ordered Series

If the thought of having Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman sharing the big screen together in next month's Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice wasn't enough for you, then a small screen animated series is also on the way, courtesy of Cartoon Network.

From the press release itself ....

Cartoon Network has ordered Justice League Action, a new animated series from Warner Bros. Animation based on DC Comics’ iconic team of superheroes, led by Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Each episode will be 11 minutes long, following a similar format to Cartoon Network’s other DC-based animated show, Teen Titans Go, and will feature a rotating roster of DC Comics heroes, who will battle everything from threats in space to the bizarre forces of magic.

The series will feature the return of Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman, a role he began in the critically-acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series in the ’90s and has subsequently reprised in numerous animated shows, films and games […] Mark Hamill will also return to voice The Joker, with James Woods playing Lex Luthor, and Diedrich Bader portraying Booster Gold.

Sounds like it should be a rather fun series to watch, plus having both Conroy and Hamill reprise their roles is a good motivator to give the series a go.

Press Release:

Justice League Action will air on Cartoon Network later in 2016. Date to be confirmed.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

How About A Smile?

It's been over a month since I've last done a TV jumble blog and for my last hit in this month, here's one for you.

Agent Carter: Season 2 of the not exactly a rating juggernaut but still good show has arrived and while UK viewers are only an episode or two behind, things have gotten off to a promising enough start. The action has moved to LA this time around with most of the first season cast back and the rapport between Peggy and Jarvis is as wonderful as ever (we even met the latter's wife). The main storyline in the first episode, surrounding a mystery mystery worked pretty well and it does seem like there's an interesting arc being set up for the rest of the season as well.

Beowulf: You wait ages for ITV to do some more genre television and then all of a sudden, you've got two of them in less than a few weeks from each other. Unfortunately, just like Jekyll & Hyde, it does look like this is going to be a one and done only series, given the lacklustre ratings for it. It's a shame in a way because while it did seem a little too heavily influenced by Game Of Thrones (the title sequence practically rips off the HBO hit), I found the opening episode enjoyable enough. I'll admit I haven't seen subsequent episodes so I don't know if things took an upturn, quality wise or the very opposite. I do hope that if this show does get axed (and I'll be surprised if it doesn't) that ITV aren't discouraged from trying more genre drama though.

Jessica Jones: Okay, I finished this show up a few weeks ago and I can honestly say that it is without a doubt, it's Marvel's best TV offering at the moment (or streaming offering, whatever). The second half of the first season gave some brilliant insight into all of the characters, truly upped the ante between Jessica and Kilgrave, alluded towards Luke Cage's inevitable solo show and even showed some great character growth for both Malcolm and Trish as Kilgrave caused a lot of carnage before being taken out of the question. If there was a weak point, it usually involved Simpson but even he couldn't deter the overall excellence of this show. Thank goodness it's coming back for seconds.

Supergirl: With the second half of this season yet to air on Sky1 (along with Arrow, The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow), the first three returning episodes were certainly excellent to watch. While I thought the show copped out a bit with Cat learning about Kara and Supergirl being the same person and then having her tricked into thinking she was wrong, I did like the introduction of her other son, Adam and the episode that focused on Winn's Toyman father was brilliant too. However the best bits were the focus on Martian Manhunter/Hank's harrowing backstory and Maxwell becoming more than aware of Supergirl's identity, making him into a bigger problem than he had been in previous episodes.

The X-Files: And it's back. Fourteen years since the last series (and eight since the second movie), the show has returned to TV screens and I have to admit, I didn't realise how much I had actually missed seeing Mulder and Scully. While I enjoyed the show when it was on the air, I wasn't as religious about watching it as I had been with other shows but The X-Files has always been a classic series and one that's heavily influenced so many modern shows and with 20 million viewers returning to catch up with the FBI's most infamous of agents, I bet FOX will be desperate to get Chris Carter, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson back for more episodes. The first two episodes themselves felt both like a reboot for the series and an actual continuation from where things had last left off with Mulder and Scully investigating more alien and government conspiracy, brooding about their son William and encountering talk show hosts like Tad O'Malley (Joel McHale) for starters. I know the episodes generated some mixed reviews but I honestly thought they were a return to form compared to some of the shakier seasons and hopefully the remaining four will also deliver as well as the opening two did.

- Jada Pinkett Smith will be reprising her role as Fish Mooney for multiple episodes in Gotham's second season. The second half of the season has title of Wrath Of The Villains.
- UK viewers can catch The X-Files, Mondays 9pm from February 8th on Channel 5.
- American Horror Story's sixth season will not be focusing on Slender Man despite recent rumours.
- Vixen will appear in episode 15 of Arrow's fourth season. Stephen Amell will play an older version of Green Arrow in an upcoming Legends Of Tomorrow episode.
- Gilmore Girls is officially coming back for an eighth season, courtesy of Netflix with the original cast.
- Mike Colter revealed that Iron Fist has been cast. A Punisher spin-off is also being considered by Netflix ahead of the character's appearance in the second season of Daredevil.
- Ricky Whittle has been cast in the lead role of Shadow for Starz's upcoming adaptation of American Gods.
- Corey Hawkins and Miranda Otto have been cast as the leads for 24: Legacy.

Friday, January 29, 2016

My Review of Legends Of Tomorrow's 1x02: "Pilot Part 2"

Written by Phil Klemmer & Marc Guggenheim & Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg
Directed by Glen Winter

Kendra (to Carter): "I'm not afraid of my past. I'm just unwilling to believe you're my future. The more you keep repeating we're destined to be together, the more I wanna prove you wrong."

One of the issues that I've had so far in both the Arrow/The Flash crossover episodes and even the first part of this pilot was the whole destiny between Kendra and Carter. I haven't felt the connection between them and the show itself reflected that even with Kendra struggling to connect with Carter as well, until this episode kind of resolved the problem in an unexpected way.

As characters, both Hawkman and Hawkgirl are meant to die over and over again with the goal of finding each other. It's a never ending circle they're trapped in along with Vandal Savage but actually having Carter die in this episode was not something I expected. I mean, I expected him to die because character wise, there's more scope with Kendra than him but I thought his death might have been kept until later in this season. His demise in this one however has opened up possibilities.

It's nothing against the actor but at the same time, Carter's death just didn't affect me. I felt a bit bad for Kendra and it did certainly make Savage feel a bit more of a threat but I hadn't connected with the character enough for it to be truly affecting. Even the gang's "for Carter" speech at the end wasn't quite as effecting but prior to his death, at least Kendra was remembering more of her past and we do know she's the one who can actually take Savage out in the long run, so that's something.

The rest of the episode along with Carter's death was seeing our gang of misfits screwing up massively in the past. An arms deal in Norway 1975 went massively awry due to both Stein's own arrogance and Ray leaving bits of his suit behind while a meeting with a younger Marty also caused some near catastrophes as well.

I did however like a lot of the pairings in this episode. Okay, the Kendra/Carter scenes lacked a little even if they were plot necessary but the joy of Stein, Sara and Jackson interacting with the younger version of Stein was absolutely priceless. Sara really has emerged as the star of the show with Caity Lotz clearly having such a ball exploring the newer facets of her unpredictable assassin and also finding some perfect comic timing as well. Especially during a moment where younger Stein got a literal bong hit too.

Then there was the scenes with Ray, Cold and Heatwave. Personally I actually liked both Cold and Heatwave taking Ray down a few notches and I also liked getting a bit more insight into Cold as a character. Ray himself also improves a lot as a character when his hubris is challenged and considering that he messed up a bit (leaving bits of his suit, setting off an alarm etc), it's nice to have other characters call him out when it's needed.

As for Rip, he was mostly background in this episode. Any scene he did appear in was purely to scold members of the team for screwing, effectively playing the straight man but he also showed Stein that the latter hadn't wrecked his own future as well. Rip probably wasn't as well used in this one as he was in the first part but he still had his moments though.

- Keeping with the crossovers, Damien Darkh popped up in this episode briefly. I hope we get to see Zoom or Reverse Flash next.
- Sara flirting with the younger Stein was so funny. Central City being potentially destroyed in 2016 is a bit worrying.
- I'm guessing despite Carter biting it in this one, we'll be seeing other versions of him for most of the season though.
- Chronology wise, more or less in Norway and Ivy Town in 1975 this week.

The second part of this pilot certainly helped to explain the mostly known time travel rules churned out by every show/movie but it did it well and with some genuinely funny moments, character insight and a nice curve ball in the status quo as well. I'm definitely sticking with this series.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Galavant - Season 2: Episodes 1-5 Reviews

It's the little show that could and did by coming back with a second season on ABC in spite of some bad ratings. Fortunately, the fun is also back with the show too.

Episode 1: A New Season AKA Suck It Cancellation Bear

It's a new season and what a better way to acknowledge that fact by highlighting the show narrowly avoiding cancellation in an opening song. Everything has changed though. Madalena is ruling Valencia with Gareth not quite king yet and Sid being stuck in the middle, Isabella is about to marry a boy king, the chef, Jester and Gwynne have new employment and then there's the joy of seeing both Galavant and King Richard becoming the best of frenemies as they hide out in a gay bar run by Kylie Minogue (I'm not kidding here) called the Enchanted Forest. Music highlights include Off With His Shirt and of course A New Season.

Episode 2: World's Best Kiss

This one focused on several funny things - King Richard being followed by a unicorn, Galavant and Isabella having the world's worst miscommunication as their perfect kiss was heavily discussed by every other character while Madalena and Gareth managed to find some common ground with a little help from Sidney. Look out for an amusing cameo by Simon Callow and this show's method of Face Time as well. Music highlights include World's Best Kiss and of course, Let's Agree To Disagree.

Episode 3: Aw, Hell The King

This episode starts with Matt Lucas being put to better use (and with a cheerful song) here than he was in the recent Doctor Who Christmas special and then you've got Gareth feeling guilty over his betrayal of Richard and Isabella at the mercy of a mischievous wedding planner played by Robert Lindsay. Keeping with Richard, he was in for a shock this week when he learned what happened to his former kingdom while the episode debuts a potential love interest (and third member of the gang) in Roberta (Clare Foster). Music highlights include Build A New Tomorrow and If I Were A Jolly Blacksmith.

Episode 4: Bewitched, Bothered And Belittled

It's another fairly big Madalena episode as we see her getting roasted by two vile sisters who also tormented her as a child but on the plus side, the experience does bring her and Gareth closer and gets her a little in touch with her own feelings while Gwynne and Chef adjust to their new status and Isabella is a little too happy about the wedding she previously didn't want any part of. There was also the amusing subplot of Galavant trying and failing to set up both Richard and Roberta. Music highlights include Serenade (Maybe You Won't Die Alone) and What Am I Feeling?

Episode 5: Giants Vs. Dwarves

First of all, the main quarrel between Galavant and Richard and them joining different teams who really didn't differ in size was hilarious, especially with Roberta as peacemaker in the mix. A good performance from Nick Frost as a giant in this episode but he's outdone by Sheridan Smith who popped up as bisexual ladette princess Jubilee, who gave us a song and managed to release the wedding planner's hold on Isabella purely by accident. Of course, the downside in this episode had Gareth breaking the bro code and getting Sidney into some deep trouble with Madalena but bless, he's in love though. Music highlights in this one included My Dragon Pal And Me, Dwarves Vs. Giants and of course, Different Kind Of Princess.

I'll do the final five episodes of the second season by next week.