Saturday, April 30, 2011

Soap Discussion - April 2011

Another month comes to an end, so here's some thoughts on the soaps from that month...

Coronation Street: Not necessarily a remarkable month for the show if I'm being honest, apart from the fact that John's unraveling should lead to a good exit next month but apart from that and the double weddings of David/She Demon Kylie and Graeme/Xin, the rest of it was rather tedious with the contrived way of splitting up Eddie/Anna and the somewhat rushed return of Todd with posh totty Jools and Marcus and Sean catching up. I already know where Sean and Marcus's storyline is going as well and I'm not sure I care that much. Still, it's better than anything concerning Steve/Becky/Tracy though.

Emmerdale: Now this was a dull month to be honest that really nothing stood out too much. Cain sleeping with Amy just basically reinforced his inability to keep his dick in his pants and Chariry chickening out on getting even with him irritated me to no end. Also, like Faye, Maisie and Will, Ryan was given a pretty duff exit and the feuding between John and Declan over the farm was anything but riveting. Even the Aaron/Jackson storyline managed to bore but that could be done to my own hang ups about where it's going to go though.

EastEnders: Ah, finally the resolution of the baby swap storyline. Ronnie ended up finally doing the right thing and giving Kat/Alfie back baby Tommy and creating even more ripples as a result. Luckily we had Jean on hand, wasn't it when it came to Kat? Elsewhere, Tanya/Greg's wedding wasn't riveting until she starting kissing Max, Whitney's return just happened and the writers tried to make me care about Heather's lovelife and Mercy being threatened with deportation. Well, I did say tried but it was a better month for the show regardless.

Fair City: Okay spending most of the month being falsely accused of being a paedophile but then ending the month by killing off the rather harmless Sarah was another. You have to hand it to Barry - the man is both horribly unlucky and spectacularly messes up and having Denzo an ally/blackmailer is also just as unfortunate. It's also one of the best storylines they've done this year and anything is better than the show's usual commentary on the character's financial struggles.
Hollyoaks: Silas strikes again. He might have failed to do in Lindsay but he managed to bump off Jenny/Rebecca during her own failed attempts to con him and while I don't feel sorry for either Doug or Brendan, I do like how her death is having major consequences for the characters. Sil;as is definitely shaping up to be one of the best soap villains and given the way he was looking at Mercedes last night, it looks like he has another victim lined up in the next few weeks. On a less positive note though, can the show do away with the Amy/Lee/Leanne triangle already? Maybe Leanne could just bugger off already.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Review of Brothers And Sisters 5x15: "Brody"

Written by Molly Newman
Directed by Matthew Rhys

Nora: “Are you thrilled with how your life turned out?”
Brody: “It’s had its ups and downs but it’s not over yet.”

Maybe they should’ve changed the title of this episode to “Everybody Loves Brody” because it comes to making a first impression, Brody pretty much won everyone over that featured here and it’s easy to see why – Beau Bridges was just perfect casting.

In less than one episode, he made Brody into a far more engaging and nicely drawn character that even if they are plot holes and the foreboding sense of dread that he is actually Sarah’s father, it was pretty damn hard not to like him. He certainly deserves points for the cute dog and his uncanny knack of getting Nora flustered as well.

And this is why I want Brody not be a flash in the pan character. We already got our annual short lived relationship with Nora and Karl, so let Brody actually be the one that goes the distance, even if the show is retooling most of it’s continuity in order to solidify Brody’s overall importance to Nora’s past.

After all, he was the one who got away and according to Nora was deeply unreliable. Both of those issues are more or less hashed out here with Nora and Brody’s interactions but the fact that he left Lily the dog behind him in Nora’s care is a safe indicator that we at least have another appearance due shortly.

If Brody himself wasn’t likeable enough, then Lily the dog was definitely loved. Kevin couldn’t get enough of seeing her and Nora even allowed her to sleep on her bed and I was definitely relieved when she survived her operation as well, which was quite the feat given how Lily was supposed to be here.

Yes, even I’m a sucker for a dog and while it could’ve been seen as a rather convoluted way of trying to endear Brody, the episode highlighted his shortcoming as well without demonising. He wasn’t too sorry to learn that William had been a serial cheater (though he wasn’t a jackass about it either) and his commitment issues were definitely Nora’s main reason for not wanting to let her guard down with him.

It’s a fair point on Nora’s end but this episode then heavily suggested that if Brody hadn’t been so into his baseball, would Nora have actually ended up with William? Every year the show has made William look less and less good and this continued the trend but Brody himself was man enough to admit that things between him and Nota wouldn’t have worked out for them but now could be an option.

However the one thing I am unconvinced of with this episode is Sarah’s paternity. I really don’t want the show to go and change who her father is but it’s pretty likely that that’s exactly what will happen and silly as its sounds, it’s the only strike that Brody has going against him at the moment. Everything else is just muffins in comparison.

Speaking of muffins – poor Joaquin. Every little sack of flour that comes into the world will one day have a future in creating bread, cakes, pastries and of course, muffins but for Joaquin, that future came a little too soon. On paper, this storyline with Paige sounds so inane but on screen, it’s actually quite funny.

Paige desperately took taking care of a sack of flour as a baby by proxy way too seriously but when it came to getting lessons about pregnancy out of wedlock, all she had to do was learn about her grandmother being pregnant with her mother to really drill the point home. Still, Joaquin’s death wasn’t in vain. I hear the muffins he spawned were absolutely yummy. Just ignore Kevin’s reaction when consuming them though.

Paige wasn’t the only playing carer this week as Justin decided to take in a homeless, emotionally volatile army vet named Zach for his troubles. It was a nice thing for Justin to do and I like that he wanted to help Zach as best he could but he could be out of his depth. Still, points to him for being an all around gentleman this week.

As for Tommy and Rose’s departure/new job – eh, it was the weakest part of the episode but truth be told, maybe Tommy and Sarah just aren’t cut out to work with each other. Also I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last we see of them in the season and apart from one argument, Tommy’s exit went smoother than other ones.

Also in “Brody”

Brody is the second character to get an episode named after him, the first being Julia back in the third season, though Rebecca was referred to as “The Other Walker” during the first year.

Kevin (re Joaquin): “Right, so is it a boy or a girl?”
Paige: “Boy!”
Kevin: “How can you tell?”

Kevin playing with paper clips, dressing Joaquin up in a hoodie, his scenes with Lily/Brody and reaction to the muffins were comic gold from Matthew Rhys.

Tommy (to Sarah): “I don’t know what my job title is around here but it’s starting to feel like referee.”

Nora (re Sarah): “Your name came up in conversation.”
Brody: “That must have been one hell of a conversation. She wanted to know if I was her father. Where’d she get that idea?”

Brody had two marriages in the space of ten years and once spooked Ida when sneaking to see Nora. I liked his nickname for her – slugger.

Kevin (re Brody): “I like him.”
Nora: “You don’t like him. You just like watching me squirm.”

Nora: “I thought you said you had no agenda.”
Brody: “I don’t. Lily was sick to her stomach, so I let myself into the kitchen to make her a little rice to eat.”

Matthew Rhys directed this episode, making it his third in two seasons and he’s due to direct a later one as well.

Tommy: “I didn’t expect to see everybody here.”
Nora: “Evidently, Brody’s a big draw.”

One again, there was no Kitty in this episode but there was also no Luc, Saul or Scotty and I’m sure all of them would’ve loved Brody/Lily too.

Nora: “You have regrets?”
Brody: “Well, my baseball career didn’t turn out exactly as I’d hoped but if I had given up that dream and gotten married, I would’ve made your life miserable.”

Chronology: I’m going to assume it’s around February/March 2012, given when ABC aired this episode.

“Brody” was definitely an episode that felt like the show I fell in love with. The character interactions were spot, the humour flowed naturally and I couldn’t help but find myself warming to a Nora/Brody pairing but I guess it is early days and there’s more to him that needs to be uncovered.

Rating: 9 out of 10.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Sarah Jane – A Tribute To Elisabeth Sladen

Sarah Jane: “Don’t forget me.”
The Doctor: “Oh, Sarah, don’t you forget me.”

It took me a while to watch this tribute to Elisabeth Sladen, who sadly passed away four days before transmission of the sixth series of Doctor Who but congrats to CBBC for coming up with a lovely tribute to the late actress in such short notice.

A host of different people that the actress worked with contributed to this 15 minute programme – recent Doctors such as David Tennant and Matt Smith, former companion actress Katy Manning, Lis’s younger co-stars Daniel Anthony, Tommy Knight and Anjili Mohindra as well as John Barrowman and Russell T. Davies.

The tribute gave up some of the best clips from Sarah Jane’s 37 year TV run as well as some interesting comments. John Barrowman wisely noted how a lot of modern day companions are influenced by Sarah Jane and it’s easy to see where he’s coming from as well and David Tennant lamented about the character being part of his childhood.

Most touching was Barney Edwards talking about the celebration of the character’s impact (and the actress) as opposed to mourning her loss but I did get a laugh out of Katy Manning labelling Sarah Jane the ultimate Who girl (or something to that effect). Definitely the highlight of the 15 minutes here.

- Lots of clips were used from both Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures but none from K9 And Company.
- Nice use of Adele and Elvis Costello here, musically.
- Poor Daniel Anthony and Tommy Knight looked drained during this.
- Shame Tom Baker didn’t make a contribution but what he had written about Elisabeth Sladen was lovely.

Definitely worth watching but an all too sad a reminder that one of the most iconic and influence companions is sadly no longer with us. Fandom is a sadder place without our Sarah Jane Smith.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Review of Doctor Who's 6x01: "The Impossible Astronaut"

Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Toby Haynes

Amy: “Get down.”
The Doctor: “What are you doing?”
Amy: “Saving your life.”

So, after the success of his first year, it looks like Steven Moffat was in the mood to take a gamble and boy, does it pay off. We’re used to lighter, one-part season openers so a darker, two-parter for an opening story this year was definitely the way to go about things.

I know there have been some complaints from viewers that Moffat’s version of the show isn’t high in emotional content or that he overused the timey-wimey elements in his storytelling but with the latter, it’s again used to great and slightly confusing effect and with the former, this story is seeping with emotional bits without diluting the action along the way.

The most interesting thing isn’t the cheeky methods that the Doctor enabled to draw attention himself to his friends or the fact that River basically treats Stormcage as a holiday camp but more the fact that both Amy and Rory have not been travelling with the bow tie wearing alien for a bit.

Setting this story in America was a breath of fresh air too. We’ve had enough openers based in London and while I do want to see a bit more of Leadworth this year, I really loved the epic backdrop that filming in Utah set for this story. I also love the fact that Moffat introduced both the Silence and killed the Doctor within the first ten minutes with aplomb.

The Doctor’s death was interesting – a future version of him was killed by an Apollo astronaut coming out of the water and Amy, Rory and River were put in the unenviable position of having to keep that a secret from the present day Doctor. That wasn’t easy either given how quickly annoyed he became by their twitchiness in the TARDIS.

I loved that it was Amy who had to be the one to get the Doctor to play ball and attend the mysterious summons back in 1969. Not only does it highlight the strength of their relationship but you could just tell during that scene when Amy was swearing on fish fingers and custards that more was going on with her.

Also interesting was that despite four envelopes being passed out, it was actually five people who became crucial to this storyline. The TARDIS team aside, the arrival of loose cannon FBI guy, Canton Everett Delaware III now meant that Mark Sheppard can add another sci-fi credit to his impressive CV but seriously, he’s an excellent character and interacted with the gang fantastically.

It was Canton who actually gave the Doctor a fair chance when the gang broke into the Oval office and spooked Nixon and it was also a relief that he took to the wonders of the TARDIS with reasonable ease but when you have Rory giving you the lowdown, I guess I can see why Canton wasn’t that shocked by it after all.

As for the central storyline itself – there was a little girl hounding Nixon for helping, a killer Astronaut and the even more dangerous race the Silence. When it came to the last of the three, I can’t help but wonder if Steven Moffat will actually be able to make a sinister alien race that could outrival the Daleks for sinister behaviour.

The Silence played on one of Moffat’s strengths – being seen. People forget them when they’re not looking as demonstrated by Amy, Rory, River and the ill fated Joy and maybe it was the BBC ads featuring them but aesthetically, they’re a nasty looking bunch. Plus the lack of mouths doesn’t mean they’re not quick with conversation.

They could’ve easily killed Amy in the bathroom but instead they menaced her into telling the Doctor everything he knows and doesn’t and they only went to attack Rory and River after the latter managed to activate that TARDIS we saw from “The Lodger” and with that, another mystery was nicely set in place.

As for the little girl being the astronaut, that did surprise but I guess the trailer for the next episode more or less proved that if River couldn’t stop that astronaut, then Amy’s shots aren’t going to make much a difference either but I could Amy making her own attempts of rewriting time and trying to save the Doctor’s life.

However the shocking ending wasn’t even the best bit of the episode – I can’t tell if it was Amy revealing that she was pregnant to the Doctor or River giving Rory some pretty deep insight into who she really is but either way, both of those scenes had me absolutely gripped for different reasons.

I’ll admit that in the past I had reservations with River Song once upon a time but now, not so much. I think it’s because Alex Kingston has electric chemistry with Matt Smith but also because River to me, feels less like a gimmick and more of a real character. Seeing her be vulnerable to Rory about her relationship to the Doctor was beautifully acted but it was also a nice counterbalance to the flirting between the Doctor and River as well in this one – which I did enjoy.

As for Amy being pregnancy – how could this not surprise anyone? The episode wasn’t subtle about the hints – weight comments, clutching stomach, etc but if you’re gonna have a married couple travel in the TARDIS (or back again), then this is a storyline that was probably always going to surface one way or another.

As for theories, I’m going to be totally controversial and assume that a) the baby’s father is Rory and b) the baby could possibly be River but it could also not be as well. Both are valid theories, mind but with this revelation now out in the open, does this mean that Amy and Rory’s time travelling days are about to end?

Also in “The Impossible Astronaut”

The tribute to Elisabeth Sladen at the start of the episode was lovely but where was the one for Nicholas Courtney? Hopefully we see one next week.

Rory: “Hey, nice hat.”
The Doctor: “I wear a Stetson now. Stetsons are cool.”
River: “Hello, sweetie.”

I know she’s still a recurring character but I’m beginning to wish they would add Alex Kingston’s name to the opening credits whenever River appears.

The Doctor (to Amy/Rory/River): “I’ve been running, faster than I ever have and I’ve been running my whole life. Now it’s time for me to stop.”

Older Canton: “I believe I can save you some time. That most certainly is the Doctor and he is most certainly dead.”

Amy and Rory didn’t seem to be living in Leadworth when we first saw them and the Doctor was getting his painting down naked and hanging out in Nazi Germany as well.

Amy: “What do we do, Rory?”
River: “We’re his friends. We do what the Doctor’s friends always do – as we’re told.”

River: “This is cold, even by your standards, this is cold.”
The Doctor: “Or hello as people used to say.”

The Doctor who was killed by the astronaut was 1103 but the Doctor we then met was 909 and hadn’t done Jim the Fish with River. I loved the Easter Island stuff as well.

The Doctor: “Swear to me. Swear to me on something that matters.”
Amy: “Fish fingers and custard.”
The Doctor: “My life in your hands, Amelia Pond.”

Nixon: “You are my second choice for this, Mr Delaware.”
Canton: “That’s okay; you were my second choice for president, Mr Nixon.”

Canton talked about getting married being a crime – closeted homosexual or interracial marriage? Also Mark Sheppard’s father, William Morgan Sheppard played the older Canton first seen in the episode.

The Doctor: “These are my top operative – the legs, the nose and Mrs Robinson.”
River: “I hate you.”
The Doctor: “No, you don’t.”

Silence: “Joy. Her name was Joy. Yours is Amelia. You will tell the Doctor.”
Amy: “Tell him what?”
Silence: “What he must know and what he must never know.”

This episode managed to get in reference to two founding fathers fancying the Doctor, two Doctor Who jokes and a Star Trek reference. Bravo show. Oh and Laurel And Hardy. Can’t forget that too.

Canton (re the TARDIS): “It’s bigger on the inside.”
Rory: “You get used to it.”

The Doctor: “Shout if you get into trouble.”
River: “Don’t worry, I’m quite the screamer. Now there’s a spoiler for you.”

Standout music: Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”. I’ve been addicted to that song for months now, so thanks show for that one.

River (to Rory): “I live for the days I see him but I know that every time I do, he’d be one step further away. The day’s coming when I look into that man’s eyes, my Doctor and he won’t have the faintest idea who I am. And I think it’s going to kill me.”

Amy: “Doctor, I’m pregnant.”

Chronology: July 1969 for most of the episode but also around 2011 for the first quarter of the episode too.

As a season opener, “The Impossible Astronaut” is a sumptuous feast. Gorgeous location shots, a fantastically mind bending storyline, beautiful character interactions and growth (except for Nixon, who is underused here) and one creepy as hell monsters with the Silence. Without a doubt, the best opening episode the series has done since 2005.

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Neglecting The Neglected Here

Okay, because I'll be distracted by some bloke in a bow tie and his three mates this weekend, here's a look at some of the stuff I've watched over the last week ...

Desperate Housewives: I need to catch up with an episode later tonight but I did like the last episode that dealt with the consequences of Beth's death and actually humanised Paul for the first time this season. It's just too bad that the poor woman's death served an opportunity for Felicia to get free from jail but I did like that Paul allowed his wife to die, so that Susan could get a transplant, which means that plotline is now coming to an end. Other good plotlines included Andrew's alcoholism (even if came out of nowhere) and Bree trying to help him as well as Gabby learning a bit more about Renee's past. I have to admit that Renee is beginning to improve as a character too but the Lynette/Tom storyline bored me senseless yet again.

Game Of Thrones: You have to hand it to SkyAtlantic for being so quick on the ball with airing this series a day after HBO did. The first episode of this fantasy epic was alright, moved rather slowly in places and because I've never read the books, it did take a while to actually keep up with what was going on. The incestuous brother/sister duo harming Ned's son at the end of the episode was nasty as was the poor girl pawned off by her brother for an army. In terms of characters, the only ones I've liked so far as Ned, John Snow and Tyrien, the randy little imp. With a further nine episodes, I do think I'll be sticking with the show though.

Glee: When you do an episode about neglected artists, it's probably wise to actually do an episode about neglected artists. Which means doing songs by Jack Johnson, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin or current chart fave, Adele doesn't count as neglected. Tina seemed to be the only to actually get the memo and the poor girl didn't even get to sing. As episodes go, this one was more lightweight with Sue assembling the worst supervillains going, Sunshine reminding us how well she can sing, Mercedes fighting for attention in the dumbest way possible and Will/Holly coming to a predictable break up. On the plus side, there was the joy of Santana threatening Karofsky and Brittany's knowledge of feline diseases to keep the episode going.

V: Ah, now I am really enjoying this series. Can we please have a third season, ABC? This episode might not have been the best one going but it was decent enough. We had Erica and the gang finally meeting Eli and Anna at her scheming best as she paid a holy visit this episode. Also, I really want Erica's new partner not to be a threat but the show kind of eviscerated that one quickly. That woman doesn't have the greatest of luck, does she? The downside was Tyler trashing the church but I've given up on that character so his doltish behaviour no longer shocks me.
The Walking Dead: Solid second episode. One criticism is that the show tends to move at a snails pace in parts but two episodes in and I can definitely understand the hype for the series. This one was certainly interesting with the gang actually using an interesting method to try and blend in with the zombies, just too bad that it didn't last for too long. As for Rick, he's still a likeable enough leading man but how much longer will we have to wait before he's reunited with his family?

- Cassidy Freeman has admitted that her character Tess Mercer will have scenes with Lex Luthor in the series finale of Smallville.
- In news that won't shock but Games Of Thrones has been renewed for a second season after the success of the premiere episode.
- BBCAmerica will be co-producing the fourth season of Being Human with the BBC.
- Jim Carrey is the latest guest star for the finale for the US version of The Office. Others include Catherine Tate, Ray Romano, Will Arnett and James Spader.
- Former Heroes actor Masi Oka is writing and starring in a pilot for SyFy called The Correctors.
- Kevin Alejandro will appear in the season finale of Bones, playing the role of Hercules 'The Tornado' Maldanado.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Review of Brothers And Sisters 5x14: "The One That Got Away"

Written by Gina Lucita Monreal And David Babcock
Directed by Michael Morris

Kevin: “You know, people make mistakes, especially when it comes to love.”
Scotty: “Oh come on, do you really think that’s true?”
Kevin: “Yeah, in it’s own peculiar way. You should forgive him, Scotty.”
Scotty: “Well, people have forgiven me in the past.”

Now I would if the quote above was a massive indicator of how big Kevin and Scotty’s role was in this Valentine’s episode but the right kick in the nuts is that sadly, neither of them have big roles in this episode. They’re just supporting players but their only scene together is one of two scenes where this episode was bliss. The rest was fine but hardly riveting stuff though.

I’m going to rant here because I want to get it out of my system but if Saul and Jonathan can share a tender kiss on the lips (which was lovely), then why the heck can’t Kevin and Scotty anymore? Every other couple was allowed to have that bit of physical affection and it felt somewhat jarring that they couldn’t.

Still, at least their only scene together was sweet. It’s not the first time that Kevin’s made some perceptive comments on the nature of love and his joking at Scotty’s expense was funny without being nasty. Plus it was nice to have the pair of them have a scene where parenting wasn’t the topic of the day. Can we have more scenes like that, writers?

As for Saul – you’re in your seventies and a bit less flighty than the rest of your family. Next time, try not serving Jonathan something that he’s allergic to just because Frank N. Beans the food critic is getting a little frisky with your boyfriend. Those types of pranks are no longer funny on Desperate Housewives and you should know better.

However I’m surprised at Jonathan. He was foolish to try and make Saul jealous but he must really like him to have actually stayed with him at the end. Both Ron Rifkin and Richard Chamberlain played their scenes rather nicely and Kevin/Scotty grumbles aside, I thought it was nice that we got to see Saul/Jonathan kiss. I don’t imagine it’ll happen often but it was a nice move on the show’s part, so I’m gonna praise them there.

That being said with praise comes some deserved criticism as well – who’s the daddy? Remember back in the second season when the same plot with Rebecca and David pretty much blew up in the writers’ faces? I certainly remember it and I can’t for the life of me fathom out why the series would even think of venturing there with Sarah.

I defended Rose in my previous review but now, I really am struggling to understand why she opened up this can of worms. When it comes to the Walkers, secrets like this are usually best left alone and I didn’t need Justin’s snarky comment to Sarah to remind me of it but at the same time, I appreciated it.

I also found it rather funny that Tommy was hissy with Rose over her snooping but yet it was him who went and dropped the bomb on Sarah’s lap. I might have found her refusal to believe Nora a bit aggravating but I understood where she was coming from though. It’s not like Nora hasn’t lied to her children in the past, has it?

As for Brody potentially being Sarah’s father – I hope the show doesn’t actually go there but I’m convinced that they’re going. Otherwise, why even tease the possibility that Sarah might not be William or have her come face to face with Brody at the end of the episode as well? And that’s not even mentioning Nora’s pining for Brody in both her radio segments this week either.

Brody must be some guy to have Nora all flustered and quick to deny anything to Sarah. Here’s hoping that next week’s episode finally lays this issue to rest, because happy as I am for Sarah to have storylines that don’t centre on Luc, the radio station or her kids, I’m not sure this is the way to go.

Speaking of Luc, talk about going over the top? I get that he wanted to cook a nice meal for Sarah and get back in with her emotionally but why didn’t he just try something else? Maybe Justin’s advice on romance sounded a bit caveman like but I did think that he raised a good point. On the plus side, Justin and Luc’s scenes together was mostly harmless fun.

As for Tommy and Rose, I’m still not too bothered with them as a couple. Rose did learn a harsh lesson this week with her meddling but at the same time, I’m beginning to wonder what her motives are when it comes to the Walkers. She does seem overly interested in their business and private lives. Even Holly had more self-restraint – just about!

Also in “The One That Got Away”

Robert mentioned last season that he had the Walkers looked into when he met Kitty, so that has to mean that he might have known about Brody, right?

Nora: “Sarah, I was emoting, that’s what I get paid for.”
Sarah: “No, mom, you get paid to be the concerned but ever positive mother that none of us really have but we all need, especially on holidays.”

I couldn’t have been the only one who wasn’t surprised that Karl had left the station but I can see why his departure might have added to Sarah’s headaches.

Justin (to Luc/Scotty): “I get romance. I just don’t think you need shock and awe to prove it.”

Saul: “Let me ask you something – are you in love with him?”
Nora: “Well, you tell me – are you in love with Jonathan?”

Both Jonathan and Kevin are allergic to shrimp. For a moment at the end of the episode, I did think Kevin had eaten it before I realised he was messing with Scotty.

Sarah: “Tommy, it is exhausting letting you in and out of this family.”
Tommy: “At least I know I’m part of this family.”

Sarah: “What is this, my birth certificate? What are you, the FBI?”
Rose: “It’s so easy to find this stuff.”

William didn’t originally sign Sarah’s birth certificate, rousing Rose’s suspicions and Kevin got the charming new moniker of airport head.

Justin: “Sarah, you gotta let this go. I mean going all DNA in this family, trust me, don’t do it.”
Kevin: “The kid’s right, can we please?”
Sarah: “No, Kevin, I’m not gonna let you all jump on the mom bandwagon and put this under the rug.”

Rose: “I feel terrible.”
Nora: “Well, good.”
Rose: “I don’t know what to do.”
Nora: “Why don’t you do what we all do – have a glass of wine and wait for the dust to settle? And if you’re gonna be a part of this family, you need to get over it. Stop crying.”

Standout music: Keane’s “Hamburg Song” and yet again, there was no Kitty in this episode.

Jonathan: “Hard as it is to believe, you’re the one I’m interested in too.”
Saul: “Oh God, why didn’t you say anything?”
Jonathan: “Sorry but we’re all afraid of taking the first step.”

Kevin: “I’m glad I came home.”
Scotty: “Me too. Happy Valentine’s day.”
Kevin: “Happy Valentine’s day.”

Chronology: February 14th 2012 of course.

As Valentine’s day episodes go, “The One That Got Away” does the job nicely but I guess the lack of physical affection between Kevin and Scotty in this one slightly soured it more than most episodes as well as the dread I have over the Sarah plotline too.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Tear, Sarah Jane?

I don't usually do blogs about deaths but like many Doctor Who/The Sarah Jane Adventures fans, I was saddened and shocked to hear that actress Elisabeth Sladen has passed away. The actress, 63 died of cancer yesterday morning and had been ill for months. She is the second companion actor to have passed away this year, following the death of Nicholas Courtney (The Brigadier) in February.

I didn't grow up with the Classic Series but once I had seen Sarah Jane Smith in School Reunion and watched her subsequent stories with the Third and Fourth Doctors, I knew there was something about the character and actress that struck a chord and her own foray into a spin-off series gave the character a much needed new audience and to paraphrase the lovely Miss Smith, no one is ever going to forget you.

A true legend sadly no longer with us. I don't know whether the filmed segments of Series 5 of The Sarah Jane Adventures will air either but DWM will be dedicating an issue to the actress later in the year while Doctor Who will also be doing a tribute as well.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

True Blood - More Waiting Sucks/Casting News

Games Of Thrones might be currently dominating HBO's Sunday schedule but in two months time, True Blood will be back to claim the crown again and here's some more of the recent stuff that's being leaked ...

Another Waiting Sucks has emerged this time with Terry and Arlene and strong indicators that their baby may be evil after all. Not sure how I feel about that but there's also a nice behind the scenes look where the cast talk about the witch invasion that is about to fall on Bon Temps and that really does have me excited.

Meanwhile when she isn't playing Sophie-Anne or popping up in Mildred Pierce, Evan Rachel Woods is discussing her sexuality in the latest issue of Esquire magazine. Meanwhile Daniel Buran has joined the series for seven episodes, playing the character of Raoul, the werewolf packmaster of Shreveport.

More Clips:

Season 4 airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO from June 26th.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Doctor Who - Series 6 Hits New York

I swear, this is the last Doctor Who related blog until my review for The Impossible Astronaut but here's something to savour until next Saturday ...

The start of the week saw actors Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and Alex Kingston along with showrunner, Steven Moffat, producers Beth Willis and Piers Wenger and director Toby Haynes heading over to New York to do some promo work for the sixth season with all five of them fielding questions from eager American fans.

During the Q&A section, there were hints from Moffat about John Simm not leaving his role of the Master just yet (I guess we can start the Master coming for Series 7 rumours, can't we?) as well as teasings about the show's past inclusion of LGBT characters as well as more musings on this year's threat, the Silence. Also watch out for an unique rendition of Rebecca Black's Friday to Matt, Karen and Arthur.

Preview Clips For The Impossible Astronaut:
Matt/Karen/Arthur Interview:
Series 6 Q&A:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Review of Brothers And Sisters 5x13: "Safe At Home

Written by Michael J. Cinquemani And John Kazlauskas
Directed by Richard Coad

Saul: “Nora, surprises are supposed to be fun.”
Nora: “Not in this family.”

That may be the case when it comes to the Walkers but for a 100th episode, is it me or could this episode have done with more surprises? I know, there’s Tommy with a new fiancée, Sarah and Luc setting a wedding date, Kevin and Scotty being fatherly with Olivia, a mystery with Brody, a failed relationship for Justin and no Kitty and yet somehow this didn’t feel like a landmark episode.

That’s probably down to the fact that all of the stuff I’ve mentioned in the first paragraph seemed rather standard and could be slotted into any episode in the past five years. 100th episodes are supposed to feel bigger but this didn’t and aside from my major issue with the exclusion of Kitty, I did actually like the episode.

Let’s talk about Tommy and his fiancée first – Rose. It was probably the second biggest hook of the episode. It’s been yonks since we’ve seen Tommy on screen and he seemed really happy with his new woman and wanted money from Sarah to help get a real estate scheme off the ground.

I don’t actually blame Sarah for being a bit put out by it. Tommy hadn’t contacted her in months and did spring it on her but at the same time, Sarah didn’t exactly give him or Rose a half decent chance to explain themselves before launching on the defensive, so in some ways, she was just as bad as Tommy.

Interestingly enough despite their squabbling ruining yet another Walker meal, it actually took them a far shorter time to make up with each other than usual. Hell, Sarah even caved in a little and gave Tommy a job at her media company and Rose showed zero qualms in relocating from Seattle to Pasadena either.

Now as for Rose – I kind of hope she’s harmless. I know the show could make her into a Holly Mark 2 and she certainly did seem to have too much of an interest in the Walkers family tree but she seem sincere enough in wanting to get to know the Walkers and with her lack of boundary issues, she might actually fit in with them pretty well too.

Plus in her defence, both Nora and Sarah were initially rather standoffish with her and that was she ended the episode by showing Tommy that Nora and William lied about when they were married. Maybe she was being harmless again or maybe she’s evil. I doubt we’ll have to wait long to get our answer though.

As for Nora and Brody – I know this show well enough that without Saul’s goading and Rose’s prying, I would’ve easily guessed that they were lovers. Significant ones too if Nora’s general evasiveness was anything to go by in this episode. I can also wisely deduce that it probably won’t be long before Brody re-enters Nora’s life as well, especially given the uncertainty of the show’s future at the minute.

Speaking of uncertainty, I liked the way that Kevin and Scotty are handling becoming parents. They might want to dial the pushiness with Olivia down a notch but both of them have their hearts in the right place and did make an effort to deal with Olivia’s dyslexia as well quite well.

The episode sort of highlighted Olivia’s difficulties well enough but not in a manner that was too patronising and although Nora’s eagerness to meet her was atypical, it was nice to see Olivia being introduced to her grandmother. Again, though I like seeing Kevin and Scotty as parents, I do want other storylines for them too.

Meanwhile I saw Justin and Annie’s break up coming a mile and to be fair, I can’t say I blame Annie for ending things. Justin let his jealousy of Rick get the better of him and Annie put the kibosh on their relationship. She did however do it in a rather nice way, so Justin should count himself lucky that Annie showed more maturity in this episode than he did.

Last but not least, Sarah and Luc were the sort of low point episode wise for me. I don’t hate them as a couple but I don’t care about their sex scenes and I wasn’t too bothered about them setting a date for their wedding. I did however enjoy Luc getting Justin to call Nora so he could spend some time with Sarah. That was pretty clever on his part but overall, their bits were the weaker point of the episode.

Also in “Safe At Home”

I know ABC’s promoting for this show is rubbish at best but they should’ve made an effort with this episode.

Saul: “Tell me why you are giving me this photo?”
Nora: “Because I think it’s a good picture of you.”
Saul: “That’s ridiculous, you keep this. You’re the one who’s obsessed with Brody.”

Actually it’s Nick Brody and it’s that picture of him with Saul and Nora that set Rose’s spidey senses off.

Nora (re Olivia): “Kevin, give her some space, don’t push.”
Kevin: “Hi pot, this is kettle, you’re black.”

Rose: “Tommy told me everything about you.”
Nora: “Well, that’s funny. He’s told me nothing about you.”
Tommy: “Surprise.”

Tommy and Rose have only been together for six months and they’re engaged. That is pretty fast, even for these impulsive people.

Rick: “Control yourself, Justin, I’m taking my shirt off.”
Justin: “I’ll try, she-hulk.”

Olivia (re supermarket sweep): “Do we have to play that game again?”
Scotty: “Was it lame?”
Olivia: “Kinda.”

What was the name of the gecko that Kevin and Scotty bought for Olivia? I can’t pronoun it, let alone spell it.

Tommy: “Are you serious?”
Sarah: “Come on, what could be more fun than fighting with you every day?”

Chronology: I think it was still January but I know that Nora/William was revealed to have married on June 15th 1967, rather than January like Tommy believed.

Rose: “What is his name?”
Nora: “Brody. His name was Brody.”

Standout music: The Weepies “Add My Efforts” during the start of the episode.

For a 100th episode, “Safe At Home” is rather charming but at the same time, it should’ve been bigger and more eventful and it should’ve featured Kitty as well. It just seemed so weird to celebrate a landmark episode and not have her in it.

Rating: 9 out of 10.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

To Skin Her Or Not To

And here's another TV jumble of the stuff I have been watching the last fortnight.

V: I don't know why but I am actually enjoying this series a lot. Yes, there have been better updates on classic sci-fi shows but for some reason, I think this one is really finding itself rather nicely. The last two episodes have certainly seen Anna at her gloriously manipulative best, all the while trying to prove Diana wrong at every turn and it's nice to see how desperate Lisa is becoming to not turn out like her mother. The fifth column stuff took a gory turn with Erica and company's torture of a Visitor agent (even I had a hard time watching those scenes) but overall, I am really hoping that this show actually pulls a miracle and bags a third year. I can wish, right?

Desperate Housewives: Oh, Beth Young - I started off not liking you and over the last few episodes, feeling quite bad for you. The housewives were bitches to you, your husband callously delighted in telling you he killed your aunt and your mother heartlessly disowned you. Beth's solution to all these woes - shoot herself in the hospital so that Susan can get a kidney. Pretty strange way of going about things but not for this show. And to be fair, this was also in an episode where Susan and Mike shagged in the woods, Gabby and Lee competed with their kids in a talent show, Lynette pulled a childish prank on Renee and Bree basically bullied everyone into getting tested for Susan. The funny part was that this was also the second episode of the season as well as being the show's 150th episode too. Imagine that!

The Walking Dead: It's weird how long it's actually taken me to watch this show. FXUK have aired it twice already and Channel 5 started it on Sunday, so I finally decided to catch up with it. Was it worth it? I guess so. There was a lot I liked here - the main cast are likeable, Andrew Lincoln is a good everyman hero type with Rick Grimes, the zombies look great and there's a genuine menace in the air as a result of their invasion, so overall, I think I could be hooked to this show. The next couple of episodes will be the decider for me.

Shameless US: I'm going to have to eat some humble pie here because for over the last few weeks, the US version of this popular Brit one has actually gotten better. The cast have certainly found their groove (okay, maybe not Steve/Jimmy but everyone else has) and the stories being retold are working very well too. Also, while the image of a punked out Karen shagging Frank and putting it online is one that I can easily do without (along with this version of Monica, whose as bad as her UK counterpart), I am rather pleased that this series has gotten a second run. I like Kash way more in this one than in the UK one and Kevin/Veronica are definitely the better pairing in this show too.

Being Human US: Not a bad slew of final episodes here and like Shameless US, this one has certainly come leaps and bounds as well. I'm glad that the series went and bumped off Marcus, Rebecca and Bishop like the UK one did but I am surprised that we're getting the werewolf baby plot with Josh/Nora so quickly, given that we have yet to see the fruits of both George and Nina's labours. As a gang though, Josh, Aidan, Sally and Nora are also coming along rather nicely too and I did like the subplots of Aidan's relationship with Selene as well.

Boardwalk Empire: This series really seemed to go by so quickly, didn't it? I watch pretty much most of the first season as I could and I definitely got why the show has become as acclaimed as it had been. The characters are certainly rich and multi-layered and if we ever needed a successor to The Sopranos, then this show certainly fills that void and the last scene with Nucky and Margaret was an interesting ending for the first year.

- Jonathan Groff is reprising his role as Jesse for three episodes in the last throes of the second season of Glee. Holly will also be singing Adele's Tuning Tables when the show returns next week.
- Expect another child added to the Walker clan as well as the return of Tyler in the last four episodes of Brothers And Sisters. Plus an incredibly terrible retcon concerning Sarah.
- Robert Sheehan will not be returning for the third season of Misfits. Instead a new character called Rudi will be introduced, though the role has yet to be cast.
- Desperate Housewives will be coming back for an eighth season, according to new reports and Vanessa Williams will also be sticking with the series.
- Kathy Griffin will be guest starring in an upcoming episode of Drop Dead Diva.
- An advertising company have had to apologise after placing ads for The Walking Dead next to a funeral parlour.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Doctor Who - Series 6 Radio Times Guide

Radio Times have decided to do their usual guide for the new series of Doctor Who a week early, due to the Royal Wedding getting the cover for next week, so without further ado, here's what to expect in the first half of Series 6 ....

6x01/6x02: The Impossible Astronaut/Day Of The Moon

Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Toby Haynes

Is there anything about this American two-parter we don't know about? Let's see, there's the threat that between the Doctor, Amy, Rory and River, one of them will die, you've got President Nixon and Mark Sheppard playing FBI agent Canton Everett Delaware III as well as the introduction of the Silence (above pictured). Add in a future version of the Doctor and Amy discovering something she's forced to keep secret as well as that TARDIS from The Lodger and you definitely have the trapping of an unforgettable two-part adventure.

6x03: The Curse Of The Black Spot

Written by Steve Thompson
Directed by Jeremy Webb

Sherlock writer Steve Thompson tackles this Pirate themed episode and given that another Pirates Of The Carribean movie is out this year, it's a rather timely episode, isn't it? This one feature Hugh Bonneville as Pirate captain, Avery as well as Lily Cole as a Selkie/Mermaid creature that possesses people, including Rory at one point. Also, watch out for Amy's swashbuckling skills in this one.

6x04: The Doctor's Wife

Written by Neil Gaiman
Directed by Richard Clark

Originally meant for last season, this audaciously titled episode has yet to actually reveal as to whether or not it literally lives up to it's title. Either way, Suranne Jones looks absolutely stunning as Idris (old friend with a new face, according to Gaiman) and it's also the one where the Ood return, Amy/Rory have an interesting conversation about Time Lords and the Doctor does battle with a mysterious voice as they talk about Time Lord deaths. It's definitely the one I'm looking forward to the most and Michael Sheen voices a role in this one too.

6x05/6x06: The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People

Written by Matthew Graham
Directed by Julian Simpson

Described as a mash up of The Thing and Made In Dagenham, this two parter from Fear Her scribe, Matthew Graham certainly explores the more rebellious aspects of cloning amidst an alien shape changer and industrial disputes. There's also something of a shocking cliffhanger or two in this story that will prove to be important later on in the series as well. Expect guest appearances from Marshall Lancaster, Raquel Cassidy and Sarah Smart in this one.

6x07: A Good Man Goes To War

Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Peter Hoar

The mid-season finale to the sixth season and the one where there will be consequences for harming Amy as the Doctor and Rory blaze the galaxy to save the women in both their lives. This one is also the one where we finally find out who River is and as well as the slightly new looking Cybermen with Centurion Rory, expect appearances of Dorium, Silurians and Sontarans in this one as well. We could be possibly seeing the formation of the Alliance from last series here.

Series 6 begins on BBC1 at 6pm from April 23rd to June 4th. The second half will premiere in September.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Genius Of Seth MacFarlane?

Oh, FXUK and BBC3 - your neverending love/obsession/bloody hard on for Seth Macfarlane means that I can't go a single day without seeing one of his show. American Dad: I wasn't initially impressed with this show and most of the time, I'm either watching repeats or not knowing what season I'm watching but either way, the show has won me over but the characters are the same steretypes and then some - sexist caveman Stan, hot, bored housewife Francine, sexually liberated freedom fighter, nerdy loser Steve, alcholic alien Roger and Nazi fish Klaus but there's definitely a fun, pithy humour to this show that's making it a better watch than MacFarlane's first creation.
Family Guy: A year ago, I would've preferred this one to American Dad but now Family Guy slightly loses out. It's still a good show though I kinda wish that BBC3 would get a move on and air the current season as I've nearly rewatched all the first eight seasons over and over. In terms of characters, the show continues to strike gold with dog Brian and psychotic baby Stewie but loutish Peter is still a little hit and miss for me at times. Lois and Chris are funny enough but aren't the jokes at Meg's expense a little old now? Then again, maybe not.

The Cleveland Show: It's the one that I've watched the least of the three MacFarlane shows on TV and also the one I like the least. It's not as funny as the other shows and Cleveland is a weak character to base a spin-off on but it's better than some other animated shows. Maybe I should give it a bit more attention but overall, Seth MacFarlane is definitely someone who should keep making TV.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Big Brother Returns - Why?

There used to be a time when the cancellation of a show meant the cancellation of a show but after months of speculation, Channel 5 have confirmed that they will be resurrecting Big Brother, having signed a two year contract with Endemol.

A four week celebrity edition is expected to air as early as August 2011 with a 12 week regular version, expected to also follow as soon as. There's also another celebrity version then earmarked for 2012 and given that C5 have paid a hefty 200 million for the rights of this, they better hope they have a sucess on their hands, otherwise it really will be money badly spent.

I'm not going to be too negative about this but I'm struggling to see if this is a good idea. The reasons why Channel 4 pulled the plug on this last year after a good 11th series and Ultimate Big Brother serving as a reminder of the show's glory days was because the series had creatively ran out of steam and viewers were switching off in their droves.

Channel 5 are really going to have think their strategy in order to justify bringing this back but given that it's unlikely most of the old crew associated with the series (including Davina McCall) are unlikely to be involved in the running of this, then it's good luck to them. They will need it and if they can make this show as compelling as it was when it first started, then they'll be borderline miracle workers.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

My Review of Brothers And Sisters 5x12: "Thanks For The Memories"

Written by Cliff Olin And Brian Studler
Directed by Michael Mayers

Nora: “I have an idea of how you can get rid of all this stuff.”
Holly: “I’m all ears.”

Who would thought that after 99 episodes in the show’s history that now would’ve been the one to have finally seen Holly go? I’m almost surprised that they didn’t wait for the 100th one but as exits go, this was something of an interesting departure of one of the most polarising characters on the show.

I’ve never been a big fan of Holly and there have been times when I would’ve happily seen any of the Walkers chuck her in front of the first truck to pass but for me to actually enjoy this episode and somewhat care a little that she’s finally decided to get away from LA and the Walkers is certainly something.

The episode started off with Holly having reservations about leaving with David to see Rebecca in New York and the second Nora suggested that Holly move in with her was the same one where my cynicism kicked in. Nora might not hate Holly but would she really want her to live with her either?

The comedy this season has been over the place. Some episodes, the antics were misguided (yes, the one with Gabriella), but here it was rather perfect. Even when she wasn’t trying to, Nora managed to drive Holly up the wall so much that I was more surprised that Holly didn’t punch her halfway through the episode. Instead Nora’s crazy antics served to remind Holly that it was time to move on.

Sure she was scared and sure it might have been a little cheesy that her and Nora got some therapy out of burning boxes of Holly’s life but I actually enjoyed both Sally Field and Patricia Wettig’s scenes together in this one. Even Holly’s last scene in her empty house with Nora, Saul, Sarah and Justin was somewhat effective but here’s the real kicker for me.

As well as Holly’s departure is handled in this episode, I actually think it’s for the best that she’s finally gone from the show. The writers were clearly struggling to keep her on this season and as exits go, this one is rather nice and understated.

However what I do find rather amusing about Holly’s departure is that she managed to inadvertently kick start another mystery and all because she happened to have an old photo of Nora that William must have left at one point for some strange reason. I mean what man is going to give his mistress a picture of his wife to have, right? But it did raise the mystery of William stalking Nora while she was dating a man named Brody.

It’s like every season, the writers have to come with newer ways to highlight how much of a jerk William Walker could be. More importantly, it doesn’t take a wild genius to assume that we’ll be meeting the mysterious Brody sometime soon. Otherwise why would such a fuss be made over him if we weren’t?

Speaking of fuss, I have to admit that Kevin and Scotty’s parenting storyline certainly had its pros and cons this week. The cons being how painfully clichéd the whole storyline involving Olivia was in general but the pros were that they got to learn some harsh lessons about Olivia through her stealing, Paige’s deceptiveness and Sarah’s mothering insight.

Weirdly, this was the best use for Sarah in a while. I like Luc a lot but this episode proves that Sarah is a far better character when she isn’t obsessing over the small details in their relationship and while she was a bit of a drill sergeant with Paige over sneaking a boy over, I do think she was on fine form with both Kevin and Scotty in relation to Olivia.

I don’t mind Olivia and I can understand her trust issues given what she’s been put through, so for the most part, I did enjoy this plot and it was nice to see Kevin and Scotty coming to grips with parenthood in a believable manner. I guess I’m pretty on this one for the time being.

Another storyline that I have hopes for is the one involving Saul and Jonathan. I think Ron Rifkin and Richard Chamberlain play off well with each other and I loved that Jonathan actually opened up to Saul and took some responsibility. Plus their flirting with each other was rather sweet as well. It’s nice to see Saul have a storyline, so here’s hoping the writers keep Jonathan around for the foreseeable future.

In a more worrying storyline - what the hell is up with Kitty? Her relationship with Seth came to an end, she acted evasive when Sarah quizzed her about going to DC and she handed Evan over to Courtney, which as Robert reminders went, worked for me but it’s still baffling though. Is she sick again or is it something less tragic? Either way, it’s certainly interesting though.

As for the subplot about Justin facing a lawsuit and Annie getting her ex-boyfriend/doctor friend, Rick to resolve, it wasn’t that interesting and very little time was spent on it. That being said, I think we’re meant to assume that Rick’s presence means something bad for Justin and Annie though.

Also in “Thanks For The Memories”

Patricia Wettig officially left the show after this episode aired. ABC did a press release confirming her departure the day after.

Nora: “How can I help?”
David (re Holly): “Well you can get her to move these boxes in the garage.”

It’s pretty appropriate that Patricia Wettig’s real life son, Cliff Olin co-wrote this episode but I’m surprised that Ken Olin himself didn’t direct it.

Nora: “I wanted to make sure you were alright.”
Holly: “No, you wanted to Nora Walker me into going to New York.”
Nora: “I had no idea I was a verb.”

Sarah (re Paige): “I thought she burned the restaurant down or something.” Kevin: “Well, sorry for overreacting.”

I thought it was interesting that the boy Sarah assumed was gay – Philip had a girlfriend but the one Sarah thought was interesting in Paige – Sean wasn’t.

Scotty: “There are so many things we’re gonna have to deal with as parents. Don’t obsess over something I can do.”
Kevin: “Fine.”

Jonathan: “But you’re right. I came here for forgiveness but that was still about me. I pride myself for being a better person than before but my behaviour has been so selfish as it ever was. I won’t bother you again. Take care, Saul.”

When did Saul start working at a shelter for gay and lesbians? It hadn’t been mentioned in previous episodes as far as I can recall.

Holly: “God, you are a cross between Martha Stewart and Joseph Stalin. Who gives a crap whether the gluten bind or not?”
Nora: “Once you taste that pasta, you’ll be glad you went the extra mile.”

Standout music: Augustana’s “Twenty Years”.

Kevin: “I think we’re gonna be fine.”
Olivia: “Thanks for the gummy bears.”

Chronology: Not too long since “Scandalized”.

“Thanks For The Memories” certainly had some cheesy moments but it was also one of the strongest episodes that the season has offered so far as well. Here’s hoping the 100th episode will be a blinder.

Rating: 9 out of 10.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

True Blood - Season 4 Waiting Sucks Teasers

On June 26th, the fourth season of True Blood will debut on HBO and the cable station in the last month have been dutiful in releasing some teasers to get fans in the mood. Here are my thoughts on some of them. New Coven: Bill and Eric are together discussing the rise of a coven in Bon Temps that has the ability to control the dead. Bill seems more worried than Eric about it, which is ironic when you consider a fate that is about to fall on Eric in this season. I think this clip is from the opening episode, She's Not There. Naked And Memory Lost: Eric's in the woods, supposedly nude and bereft of his memories. Clearly this show is wisely going to pursue the amnesiac storyline from the fourth book and this clip is definitely from the second episode, You Smell Like Dinner. Chances of Marnie/Hallow being responsible? Totally! Rebirth: Jason's sweating and bound to a bed and thinks he's dying. Actually, according to Crystal, he's being reborn, so it's looking likely that he's going to become a werepanther this season. This clip is from the third episode, If You Love Me, Then Why Am I Dying? Jealous Boyfriend: Sam is comforting new character Luna and she warns him that not only is her ex-boyfriend a were, but he's also a pretty damn jealous guy, which probably should worry Sam to a degree. So far, he seems a little unfazed by it. This clip is from the fourth episode. Fix My Maker: Easily the most interesting one of the bunch. Pam's in the woods and she's pretty agressive in trying to get Marnie/Hallow into fixing Eric's current state. Interesting that Lafayette, Jesus and Tara seem more on Marnie/Hallow's side than they are Pam's. This one is from the fourth episode too.

Waiting Sucks Clips:

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Torchwood - Miracle Day First Look

Well, there's three months to go but we're getting some progress on Torchwood's fourth year, otherwise known as Miracle Day.

This poster pretty signifies that death is not an option and the trailer released during the weekend also plays on the notion of death's end being a bad thing for the world as well. In terms of more spoilers, I can reveal that Academy Award winner Gregory Nicotero is designing an alien for the upcoming season.
Above is a picture from possibly the first episode with Jack, Gwen, Esther and Rex but more cast shots are expected to surface pretty soon as well. Also, another thing that can be confirmed is that Murray Gold will be scoring the fourth season as well. Below is also the trailer that Starz are using to promote Miracle Day as well, which will air on the channel and BBC1 from July 8th.

Season 4 Trailer:

Monday, April 04, 2011

Doctor Who - Series 6 Press Launch/DWM 433 Cover Spoilers

If you couldn't tell that Series 6 of Doctor Who was coming, well you certainly should be able to now as DWM decide to celebrate the arrival of the new series in style, as well as an ominous threat as well to the system ...

The issue - 433, which comes out on Thursday has four covers - The Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Pond and River Song and personally for me, I'll just grab the first one available because honestly, they all look superb. And then there's that spoiler on the cover - one of them will die? But is that really true and if so, will it be a death that actually sticks?

The Doctor: Sure, they could kill him off but given that Matt Smith has not only been heavily rumoured to continue the role in 2012 but has also talked about his own ideas for the 50th anniversary in 2013, I can't see the Doctor actually dying and staying that way, even if River has been cryptically going on about killing the best man she's ever known. More importantly if being erased from the universe and then literally wished back into existence from Amy can't keep him down, what chance does death have of doing it?
Amy Pond: Oh, Amy, you poor thing. You've already seen Rory die twice on you and you er, died as well yourself but could death be a pernament thing for you this year? Maybe not, especially given that we've seen filming pics of Amy well beyond The Impossible Astronaut/Day Of The Moon. And besides, if the trailers from last week are anything to go by, Amy could be the one causing death rather than becoming one of it's victims.

Rory Pond (ne Williams): Rory is not only supposed to be the companion that audiences see as an identification figure but he's also become the poor guy who gets killed twice a season. Could a third one actually stick? Let's hope not, eh? Personally, I want to see him and Amy leave the series happy and married rather than one or both of them dead.

River Song: International woman of mystery, a mystery that this year is supposed to finally resolve but could she also die here? Moffat's repeatedly said that her fate from Series 4 was inevitable but given his love of timey-wimey, whose to say that River doesn't experience death in the opener? Whoever does die however, I can guarantee that it's not going to be a death that sticks for any of them but it's certainly enough to amp up excitement for the series. Similiarly exciting are the reports from the press screening of the first two episodes linked below as well as detailed synopsises from the BBC website released. Only 19 days to go now before everything changes.

BBC Synopsises: