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Game Of Thrones - Season 1 Review

US Airdate: 17th April-19th June 2011

Winter Is Coming: It’s kind of hard to actually review this series because the one thing that I can guarantee about it is that so much seems to happen and largely at times, all at once. For some people, a series with this much going on might be a worrying thing but you have to admire the confidence in which this series goes about it’s multitude of storylines.

Based on the long selling books from George R.R. Martin, this was definitely the first time HBO have done something quite overtly on the end of the fantasy scale and it easily could’ve been a misfire for them. Thankfully with a great budget, shooting the series in four different countries and some incredible storytelling, this can easily be seen as one of the greatest shows to emerge in the last decade.

The world of Westeros is definitely an interesting, multi-layered place to explore and with so many of the characters driven by greed, revenge, pride and a sense of entitlement, the chaos that often ensues throughout the ten episode first season is certainly expectant in places.

Ned Stark is definitely a typical good man caught in a political situation gone bad as he finds himself becoming Robert Baratheon’s unwitting Hand of the King and ultimately it is not a role that ends well for him or the rest of his family by the time we get to the second half of the season and Robert’s tyrannical son Joffrey succeeds his father to the throne.

Then there are the likes Daenerys – an exiled princess sold to the Dothraki so that her callous brother Viserys can ascend to his rightful place as King. Viserys is living proof that some men really do not deserve to become while Daenerys storylines range from being placed into a submission arranged marriage with barbarian Khal Drogo to finding her own inner strength and a few dragons along the mix.

As for Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow – they are two of the biggest outcasts we get from the first year. The former being a dwarf and brother of incestuous duo Cersei and Jaime Lannister while the latter the bastard son of Ned Stark embarking on a service to the Wall. They’re both characters who are easy to care about due to their own compassionate natures and steely determination but between the two of them; it’s painfully easy to see why Tyrion has struck a chord with so many fans.

In terms of the rest of the characters, I find it amazing how well this show writes for children. Rob Stark is forced into taking over his father role when Ned goes to the South, Bran deals with a bad blow dealt to him in the first episode, Sansa is given a terrible reality check when she realises the man she loves is a monster while Arya is a spirited tomboy who certainly takes no prisoners in her own determination not to fall into the traditional female roles.

Similarly, Joffrey’s also a complete monster but manages to be surprisingly effective and then you have capricious characters such as Littlefinger and Varys as well to watch for throughout the series and the rather wonderful Jorah too as well as the cowardly but sweet Sam as well.

In terms of it’s depiction of female characters, this show nails it on the head. I might not be a fan of Cersei and her horrendous scheming but her reasons behind her actions are often easy to understand as are the more sympathetic Catelyn Stark’s actions too. Also when you consider the characterisations for the likes of Sansa, Arya and Daenerys. That and the rather interesting depiction of Renly’s relationship with Ser Loras and this is a show that effectively covers all kinds of fan bases.

I really don’t want to fall into a cliché here but ultimately, if you haven’t seen the series, you really should amend that and buy the DVD. Especially considering the second season is only a mere day away now. Trust me, even if you hate fantasy with a passion, this is one show you should make the exception for.


HBO tend to be hit and miss with their extras but here, they’ve surpassed themselves. There’s seven commentaries (including one where the actors playing Sansa, Arya and Bran hum the theme tune), 15 character profiles, a fantastic feature in relation to the Dothraki language as well as look into the Night’s Watch, a rundown of the series from book to screen and creating the show open. All of which are worth the price alone.


1x01: Winter Is Coming = 9/10, 1x02: The Kingsroad = 8/10,
1x03: Lord Snow = 8/10, 1x04: Cripples, Bastards And Broken Things = 9/10,
1x05: The Wolf And The Lion = 9/10, 1x06: A Golden Crown = 10/10,
1x07: You Win Or You Die = 8/10, 1x08: The Pointy End = 9/10,
1x09: Baelor = 10/10, 1x10: Fire And Blood = 10/10.

Soap Discussion - March 2012

And here's the penultimate article of the month.

Coronation Street: Ah, what an interesting month. Anyone else who didn't expect the killer of Frank to be his own mother? Of course not, because we all saw that one coming. There was no way the show was going to be ballsy enough to actually have either Carla, Peter, Sally, Kevin or Michelle do Frank in. Still, it's a better storyline than Lewis's presence in Audrey's life causing ructions with her family or the tastless storyline with Eileen/Paul/Lesley or boring Karl and Sunita's idiotic affair. Sort it out, show.

EastEnders: It had to happen - Heather had to die and while I was never fond of the character, even I have a massive issue with her exit. It just seemed needlessly violent and why it had to involve Ben beggars belief. The fact that poor Andrew seems to be in the frame and Shirley continues to be an insufferable bitch doesn't exactly help matters. Anyone else hoping that Hev's death does us all a favour and exits Shirley/puts Ben in jail? I can't be the only one who wants that. Other than that, it's been a fairly routine month with Lauren continuing to pile the booze away, Phil getting released from the slammer and Ian sticking his foot in it with Mandy (whose vile mother we had to endure for a few episodes).

Emmerdale: I'm still losing interest with this show. Even Adam trying to kill Cain wasn't that much fun to watch (maybe Zac took the fun out of it) and implausibility of Aaron willing to take the blame for the fire in the garage is kind of taking the piss. Ashley's continuous abuse and neglect of his father though is an interesting plot point. Other than that, nothing else is standing out at the moment for the show.

Hollyoaks: Still at a good consistency level. Nice that the whole George plot has been mostly resolved, even if the 'faking his death' part seemed a bit implausible but the strength of it has been his friendship with Callum and the support he showed when Ashe fell ill during this week's episodes. Nancy's miscarriage is also another nicely handled storyline as is the subplot of Jacqui trying to help out Phoebe and the whole dynamic with Mercedes, Riley and Mitzeee. All in all, another impressive month. Okay, so Rob and Annalise breaking up is hardly riveting stuff but you can't have everything.

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True Blood - Season 5 Trailers

First off all, I have no idea where this cast shot came from (though I suspect it's one from the second season) but while there are two and a half months left until the arrival of the fifth season, at least HBO are giving us something True Blood related.

Three trailers have been released set in Sookie's house, Bill's kingdom and Fangtasia with sound bites from the crucial moments of the first four seasons. Clearly at this point, we could do with some actual clips from Season 5 but I expect we'll get that within the next month or so. For the time being, these will have to do.

Season 5 Trailers:

Season 5 of True Blood airs on HBO from June.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Review of Ringer's 1x19: "Let's Kill Bridget"

Written by Jay Faerber And Robert Berens
Directed by Jerry Levine

Victor: “Let’s beat them to the punch. Let’s kill Bridget.”

Promises, promises, Victor! No, I don’t want to see Bridget die but it would be nice if Bodaway met a grisly given the shocking lack of development with his character overall and the show could start afresh without that boring inconvenience being a rarely seen but sometimes felt burden on proceedings.

Bridget’s idea of pretending to be herself to testify against Bodaway seemed like an interesting if outlandish idea but Victor managed to topple it by persuading ‘Siobhan’ to pretend to be Bridget getting killed in a drug deal gone wrong in order to exorcise his own demons in relation to the Bodaway case.

The funny part is that Bridget actually went along with the idea and while they were faking a hit, Bridget once again nearly got killed for her trouble by the same guy she interacted with back in the third episode. While it’s nice that the show is tracing back to the origins on the hit set out for Siobhan, it does feel a little bit too late as well to really make an impact.

I don’t think there’s a single person who will be surprised to learn that Catherine was the one responsible for the hit on Siobhan. We’ve already seen the lengths she’ll go to get what she wants and considering that she got a deserved comeuppance from Andrew and Juliet, I would’ve been more shocked if she hadn’t hired her goon again to try and kill ‘Siobhan’.

Andrew and Juliet scheming together in order to get Catherine out of their lives was certainly the most satisfying thing to happen on this show in quite a while. Catherine more or less deserved what happened to her and it gave Andrew a chance to be a little bit crafty and menacing and along with calling Victor out on his incompetence made this a good episode for Andrew.

Getting back to Victor for a bit – I’m not surprised he got suspended and while he was talking about his guilt over Shaylene’s death, I did feel a little bad for him but not as much as I think I should’ve though. However, it is interesting to see both him and Bridget actually working together than against each other.

Speaking of those working with Bridget – I find it nice that Solomon seems to have a genuine concern for Bridget’s safety. While I would prefer to find out what actually happened to Malcolm at this point, it is good that Solomon is at least trying to look out for Bridget. With three episodes left though, we better learn what’s truly happened to both Malcolm and Olivia at this point.

As for Henry – why is it that when he showed a conscience, tried to reason with Siobhan and protect his father in law, that things go horribly for him? Perhaps Tim knew well and good that Henry was a crap husband to Gemma because I’m not sure I can think of any other reason he would see his son in law go to jail for accidently killing Tyler. Then again, given how manipulative Siobhan is, perhaps she was the one who called the cops on Henry.

Also in “Let’s Kill Bridget”

This is one of the best episode titles we’ve had and mainly because there was a point to it. It wasn’t just a snappy title for the sake of it.

Bridget (to Andrew): “This isn’t about me. This is about my sister and the mess she’s made. If you want to blame anyone, you blame Bridget.”

I knew the sequence where Siobhan shot Bridget was going to be a dream sequence. We also got flashbacks of Bridget/Shaylene, Bridget/Victor and Juliet/Andrew in this one.

Juliet (to Andrew): “Daddy, don’t be so Welsh. You can say you got shot. It will give you more street cred.”

Catherine (to Juliet): “Oh, who cares? Palm Springs is for gays and old people.”

Speaking of gays, weren’t we meant to get a gay character in the second half of the season? Unless it’s Solomon.

Victor: “Where is this coming from?”
Bridget: “Bodaway’s hurt too many people. My sister might have been willing to testify but I am.”

Andrew: “Catherine, you are many things but pure?”
Catherine: “Well, by my standards.”

Catherine got conned out of 10 million, courtesy of Andrew and Juliet’s scheming, so does that mean she’s completely cleaned out now?

Siobhan (to Bridget): “Andrew loves you. What do you have that I don’t? Henry’s right. I need to move on. I need to forgive you but I can’t.”

Victor (to Bridget): “Who wants you dead?”

Chronology: From where the previous episode left off.

“Let’s Kill Bridget” was certainly more enjoyable than the last one but I guess my heart’s no longer really in it with this show. Things like Victor’s plan or Catherine’s reveal should be more satisfying but nineteen episodes in, it’s losing me.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Top 40 TV Characters Part 1

I was meant to do this a while back but now seems like a good time to do this. Basically a list of forty of my favourite characters from 40 shows I watch. I'll try and keep this as varied as humanly possible.

36: Miranda Hobbs (Cynthia Nixon) - Sex And The City

One of those guilty pleasure shows I have watched and while I've always found the obsession in the media with Carrie to be borderline disturbing at times (she's the only character to have shown no character growth), I've always loved Miranda. That fun, cynical, non conventional lawyer was the best bloody thing on the show and surely, I cannot be the only one to think so?

37: Victor/Anthony Ceccoli (Enver Gjokaj) - Dollhouse

It was sort of hard picking a favourite from this series what with Topher's geekery not making him particularly endearing or Paul being flat out dull at times, so Victor seemed like the perfect male character on the show. It's also a good thing, considering that he actually managed to make it out of the show alive too. Oh, screw it, it was him and his relationship with Sierra that gave this show more emotional heart than anything involving Echo.

38: Vince Tyler (Craig Kelly) - Queer As Folk

I never took to either Stuart or Nathan and while there's a part of me that hated RTD's horrid way of having Vince ditching nice guy Cameron in favour of Stuart, Vince was probably the closest to a character on this show I could relate to. His enthusiasm for a certain show certainly matches/practically usurps mine and damn, I found him a lot more interested in Stuart.

39: Alice Pieszecki (Leisha Hailey) - The L Word

Easily the best character on the show and one of the few to also call Jenny out on her pretentious bullshit at times, Alice is the kind of quirky, loveable character that feels like a genuine person than an exaggerated caricature. While the majority of the characters on the show had their moments, Alice certainly managed to stand out the most with her snarky quips and biting observations around her.

40: Kim Daniels - Sugar Rush

Long before Skins treated viewers to the excellence of Naomily, Kim Daniels was certainly the young gay teenager than the likes of LJ and Tumblr exploded over. Despite the show only running two series, Kim's ups and downs with her crazy family, volatile best mate Sugar and her turbulent love life certainly made for fun viewing. She wasn't particularly a saint as a character but she was never unbelievable though.

Part 2 will probably come towards the end of the week.

Monday, March 26, 2012

My Review of Being Human's 4x08: "The War Child"

Written by Toby Whithouse
Directed by Philip John

Annie (to Mr Snow): “Give me back my fucking baby!”

Oh, Annie, who knew you could have such a wicked tongue on you? No, seriously if it wasn’t Hal embracing his inner potty mouth for most of this episode, that line would’ve been kind of shocking but we all know the real shock that happened in this episode, don’t we?

I’d love to say that Annie exiting this show was actually a massive shock but seeing as it’s been telegraphed all season long, it’s more inevitable that her journey would come to an end in this episode. However, even I didn’t actually expect her to blow up the Old Ones and baby Eve in order to prevent the former from taking over the world.

It’s really hard what to make of the situation – morally what Annie was incredibly dark and barbaric but at the same time, by committing such an atrocious act she managed to ensure the world was safe. Also by doing that act, she cancelled the older version of Eve out and went through her own door with the baby version in hand.

Lenora Crichlow was a trooper to stick throughout the entire fourth series and while there were times when it looked like Annie might have been overshadowed a little by Tom and Hal’s growing friendship, I think this was a good way to end her time on the show. It’s just a small pity that we didn’t actually get to see Mitchell, George or Nina but then again, I wasn’t expecting too.

Despite Annie’s murder of Eve, the episode did highlight the struggle she had with even entertaining the idea. She got defensive when explaining to Tom and Hal about her role in the prophecy and even when Cutler attempted to kill Eve, Annie’s first instincts were to protect the child rather than kill.

Speaking of Cutler – I knew he wasn’t going to make it out of this episode alive. I did however assume that it would’ve been either Hal or Mr Snow who did him in but Annie staking him after he got the chemical peel from hell worked too. I was curious as to what happened when vampires entered a home uninvited and now I know it’s rather grisly. I’m gonna miss Cutler but I think it was right that his story ended here though.

As for Mr Snow though – it’s amazing what a TV series can do. Anyone who’s read my Sherlock reviews will know that Mark Gatiss doesn’t really do it for me as Mycroft but here, I absolutely loved him as Snow. He was kind of like this show’s equivalent of Russell Edgington with a bit more of a debonair wit about him too.

Snow’s creepy determination to prevent Eve’s death maintained the reality that she was necessary for the vampires to take over the world but it was his scenes with Hal and Annie that impressed the most. I’m kind of disappointed in a way that Snow did perish because I would’ve loved more scenes with him and Hal.

Mark Gatiss and Damien Molony played off each other well and I almost got the implication that Snow might have been Hal’s maker. I’m probably way off base but the fact that Snow had a strong hold over Hal was something that didn’t really get explored in this episode. It was largely mentioned but apart from Snow making it out sound like Hal was his puppet and the latter’s desperation to stay away from him, we really didn’t get much of it.

Annie and Snow were also captivating to watch. Snow made the classic villainous mistake of underestimating Annie’s intentions towards Eve’s welfare and it cost him his life. I guess this should now mean that the Old Ones are out of the equation but in this show’s effortless methods of adapting, I can’t wait to see what Mr Rook and his band of domestic staff are going to bring for the next series. It might be nice to have another main Big Bad that isn’t a supernatural threat.

Last but not least – Hal ended up bound to a chair while Tom and Alex attempted to wean him off the blood (seriously, drinking Alex’s maggot fused blood was disgusting). Already the dynamic for next series is set up and it’s going to be a great one. Alex will ultimately work as a character because like Tom/George and Hal/Mitchell, she’s not replicating Annie. Also when it comes to being a ghost, it’s nice to see that she’s a bit of a quick learner as well and we still have to learn about her own unfinished business too.

Also in “The War Child”

A fifth series was confirmed for the series straight after the episode aired but it will only have six episodes. Still, better than nothing though.

Hal: “Unfinished business tends to be more life affirming than beating someone up.”
Alex: “Not if you’re Scottish.”

Hal wasn't in danger from Tom – in fact he lured Tom into the van after Alex got everyone else out of the building.

Mr Snow (to Cutler): “I was planning just to take the world. I didn’t realise I need you to give it to me.”

Annie: “Who is that?”
Alex (re Hal): “Erm, this is Alex, that drank my blood.”

The prequel for this episode was of Mr Snow with his werewolf ally Milo discussing Annie. I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing Milo again next series. Oh and we got a flash forward to 2022 where an 11 year old Eve escaped from Snow.

Hal: “You really are one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever met.”
Tom: “All right, calm down.”

Alex (to Annie): “Well, you’re just like a bloke really. Well, a bloke with tits or to put it in another way – my dad.”

Annie taught Alex to move stuff and also she managed to Rentaghost Hal out of the building. Well, he isn’t a living thing.

Milo: “It’s simple survival, Tom. You find the biggest kid in the playground and you stand next to them.”

Cutler (to Eve): “So, this is how it ends. This is what it was all for.”

Tom wasn’t building a swimming all along – he was gathering materials for a bomb. That proved to be handy but Honolulu Heights could do with a swimming pool though.

Mr Snow: “Tell me, if you admire humans so much, why do you keep inflicting your failures upon them?”
Hal: “Because one day, I believe I will win.”

Mr Snow (to Hal): “We’ve come to rescue you as you knew we would. Why haven’t I told you to join me? Because I have you already, heart and mind.”

Thank you BBC3 for that lovely four minute tribute to Annie’s last moments and interview with Lenora Crichlow.

Eve: “Go on, they’re expecting you.”
Annie: “Who?”
Eve: “Who do you think?”

Hal: “Then why are you doing this?”
Tom: “Cos you’re my best mate.”

Chronology: From where “Making History” left off and Mr Rook and company retrieved Alex’s body as well.

As a finale went, “The War Child” was a good way to end the series. It’s been an interesting four years but with the entire original cast no longer with us and a new order in the show, I can’t wait to see where things go from here with Tom, Hal and Alex.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Doctor Who - Series 7 Trailer Better Quality

Over the weekend, a slightly grainy version of the Series 7 of Doctor Who was released but it's Monday and a HQ one has finally surfaced. Some of the highlights seem to be ...

Is it me or does it look like Chris Chibnall's episode is going to be something of an Egyptian themed one? Some of the robots that also seem to be in the episode remind me of ones that were used in The Sarah Jane Adventures back in 2010.

Ben Browder seems to be the Sheriff of Toby Whithouse's story and it's the first of two American based episodes we're getting in the first half of this series. Amy might be critical of the Doctor taking stupid lessons but her handling of a gun is surprisingly terrible after last season. Also the Reckoner seems like a very interesting villainous character as well and I swear that saloon girl looks like River (but it isn't).

Another episode, another moment for Amy and now Rupert Graves character to start brandishing some guns for desired effect. I hope Amy's gun skills in this one are good compared to the third episode of this upcoming series.

The Doctor, Rory and Brian Williams looking at some robots. Is Mark Williams playing Rory's father? Please let it be true. I want to see someone from Rory's family before the fifth episode of this series airs and the Ponds are no more and he's perfect casting as well.

A Dalek in the snowy tundra and the Doctor spotting it. This could be some extra footage filmed with the intention of it being added to the first episode (where the Daleks return) or maybe they make another appearance in the third episode? Either way, I can't wait to see what Moffat plans to do with them this series. Oh and unrelated but Matt, Karen and Arthur will be attending this year's Comic Con as well.

Series 7 HQ Trailer:

Series 7 of Doctor Who will air in late 2012/early 2013.

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Doctor Who - 2012 Convention/Series 7 Spoilers & Trailer

It's hard to deny that this has been certainly an interesting and informative week in relation to the seventh series of Doctor Who. Some further bits and pieces.

First of all, there's an official cast shot of Jenna-Louise Coleman standing in front of the TARDIS and while the identity of her character's name has yet to be revealed, we can reveal that she will begin filming her series from May onwards. It seems that Jenna's character however can at least out talk Matt Smith's Doctor and the speculation in relation to who she might be playing has been interesting to read. I can't wait to see her in action during Christmas but viewers can see Jenna playing a different role tonight 9pm on ITV in Titanic.

Meanwhile, the two day convention in Cardiff has certainly pulled out some more spoilers for viewers. Not only did we get a trailer for what's been filmed so far of the new series (7x02 and 7x03) but it's also been confirmed that the Daleks will be returning for the first episode of Series 7 and that Amy/Rory's departure episode will feature Weeping Angels and be filmed in New York. Moffat's also been quick emphasize that this time not everyone will get out alive. There's still no confirmation on Alex Kingston reprising her role as River but I'm still hopeful that she's returning to see off her parents and impart some wisdom for the new girl soon to board the TARDIS. Oh and expect a Goodbye Ponds music video from Karen and Arthur as well.

Jenna-Louise Coleman Interview:
Steven Moffat/Jenna-Louise Coleman Interview:
Series 7 Trailer:
Convention Report Day 1:

Series 7 of Doctor Who will air in late 2012/early 2013.

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First Look: The Scapegoat

It's been an interesting time for Matthew Rhys. Less than a year since the cancellation of Brothers And Sisters, the Welsh actor has appeared in The Mystery Of Edwin Drood on BBC2 back in January and is set to star in a KGB themed series named The Americans for FX in the US.

However before than, he'll also be appearing in The Scapegoat - a two hour movie version of Daphne du Maurier's book in which he'll be playing the roles of John Standing and Johnny Spence, a production which also stars Sheridan Smith, Andrew Scott and Eileen Atkins, due to air next month. A brief synopsis has been released ...

The film is set in 1952 as Britain prepares for the Coronation, John Standing, a teacher who is out of work, meets his doppelganger Johnny Spence, a failed businessman. Standing finds himself living out Spence's life and dealing with the women in it, his wife, mother, sister, daughter, and two mistresses.

Although a date hasn't been set in stone, it is believed that the movie will air next month at some point and clips of it have recently emerged in the ITV drama trailer. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing this.

ITV Drama Trailer:

The Scapegoat will air on ITV in April and is also due a cinema release.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Review of Ringer's 1x18: "That Woman's Never Been A Victim Her Entire Life"

Written by Hank Chilton
Directed by Scott White

Henry (to Siobhan, re Andrew/Bridget): “You’re right – they are in love because it seems without you, your family is tighter than ever.”

Well, it had to happen at some point. Henry would finally say something that would make me think he has something of a brain in there after all and reading Siobhan the riot act was a nice way of making him a bit more endearing than usual.

I liked that Henry seemingly figured out that Andrew was never going to actually have Siobhan killed and also that he was perceptive enough to see how much of a good influence Bridget’s presence has been in Andrew’s life. That, coupled with giving the flash drive to his father in and Henry had a lot going for him in this episode.

On the negative side, despite his concerns with Siobhan’s antics, he still managed to be talked around again with her and we also learned rather hastily that Henry was actually the one responsible for Tyler’s death rather than Olivia. I’m not really sure how I feel about that reveal – I’m neither disappointed nor amazed by it and that can’t be a good sign.

Another negative with Henry was that he stopped Siobhan from finally telling Andrew what she had been up to and while I got why he did that, I think we’re overdue Andrew becoming privy to what’s really be going on over the last few months with him and the woman he’s been sharing a bed with.

Speaking of Bridget, while there’s a part of me that is pleased her and Andrew made things up, I can’t help but think it was rather rushed though. At least Bridget had the sense to ask Andrew about his altercation with Malcolm and Andrew had enough sense to tell her the truth about it too. I believe Andrew when he said that he only paid Malcolm to leave rather than kill him.

As for Malcolm’s whereabouts – I really hope he isn’t dead but given that Victor’s incompetence and Olivia’s sinister antics put Malcolm in danger, I’m not particularly hopeful that he will make it alive. Eventually Bodaway is going to have to make some kind of an impact as a villain and sadly, Malcolm being killed by him may be enough to actually achieve that.

Speaking of Bodaway – I assume the whole fiasco with those fortune teller cards, Remy/May and that dry cleaners that Victor is so interested in are all connected to him, yes? We’re eighteen episodes into this series and Bodaway still needs to make a move by now. Unless he was responsible for the failed hit on Bridget/Siobhan that is.

Last but not least – thank you Juliet for telling Bridget about your horrible scheme with your mother. Now with any luck it can be used to get Catherine out of the show, especially given that she’s beginning to outstay her welcome and also as a viewer, I think it’s a plot we can now wrap in favour of actually concentrating on Bridget and Siobhan finally crossing paths in the next few episodes.

Also in “That Woman’s Never Been A Victim Her Entire Life”

Just like last week, Andrew is the one responsible for uttering the title of the episode.

Victor: “How old are you?”
FBI Agent: “Thirty five.”
Victor: “Yeah, lose my invite to your next birthday party.”

Who was watching Catherine and Juliet before the latter attempted to sneak away and where exactly is Olivia hiding?

Henry: “How did it happen?”
Bridget: “Someone tried to shoot me and Andrew saved me.”
Henry: “Andrew saved you? Who’d want to shoot you?”

Bridget: “Someone is killing to keep your secret Andrew and if it’s not you.”
Andrew: “Olivia’s behind this.”

Are Henry’s kids aware that Siobhan is with their father? I was wondering when Juliet called him and he was talking about someone looking after them.

Andrew (re Olivia): “That woman’s never been a victim her entire life.”
Bridget: “We need to find her.”

Catherine (to Juliet): “We are getting what we always wanted – freedom from those two vampires.”

I’m glad Bridget told Andrew about her attack in the opening episode. At least we now definitely know he wasn’t responsible for it.

Henry: “I want us to be together.”
Siobhan: “I promise I won’t hide anything from you anymore.”

Chronology: From where “What We Have Is Worth The Pain” left off.

I hate to admit it but boredom has set it and I’m losing patience with this show. One or two moments aside, “That Woman’s Never Been A Victim Her Entire Life” is still treading water. Even next week’s episode is looking more like a chore than a joy to watch.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Doctor Who - Jenna-Louise Coleman Is The New Girl

Well, after months of speculation, the BBC have finally announced that the new companion will be played by Jenna-Louise Coleman. The actress famous for her roles in Emmerdale and this week's ITV Titanic production will make her debut during the Christmas episode.

Steven Moffat has confirmed that six episodes will air in 2012 for the seventh series with the remaining eight to air in 2013. Amy and Rory will depart in the fifth episode of the new series, set to feature the return of the Weeping Angels.

Press Release:

Fantastic casting and welcome aboard Jenna, I'm sure you're going to be an amazing companion.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Look: Titanic

Or as the Radio Times have aptly titled it - Drownton Abbey. Come on, it's not difficult to see where they've drawn the conclusions from. It's written by Julian Fellowes and if you took these people out of the Titanic and placed them in a certain stately home, well you can see where I'm going with this one.

For the next four Sundays, Titanic will show us the depiction of both upper class and steerage passengers fight for survival as the infamous ship and with an interesting cast featuring the likes of Linus Roache, Toby Jones, Lyndsey Marshall and Maria Doyle Kennedy, it seems like an interesting way of commemorating 100 years since the sinking of the infamous ship.

ITV Site:
Titanic airs Sundays at 9pm on ITV1 and TV3 from March 25th.

Monday, March 19, 2012

My Review of Being Human's 4x07: "Making History"

Written by Toby Whithouse
Directed by Daniel O’Hara

Hal (to Cutler): “Do you understand what I’ve done? I’ve set you free but I don’t want you to thank me.”

Er, yeah, cos what every squeamish newly made vampire wants is his maker to kill his wife and then trick him into drinking said wife’s blood as well. I’d dread to think what Hal at his worst does when it comes to Christmas and birthday presents if the sadistic death of poor Rachel Cutler is anything to go by.

Of course it’d take him around 60 years but Cutler managed to pay back in kind with the same damn trick, only this time substituting Rachel for Alex but even that grisly piece of business aside, there would be an interesting outcome to behold.

I mentioned on a forum a few days ago that if Annie doesn’t make it into the next series (which is increasingly looking that way) that perhaps either the adult version of Eve or Alex would take on the ghost mantle for the show and low and behold, it looks like it’s going to be the latter. Considering that I like Alex, this works well for at least me.

I think the way Alex actually handled being brutally murdered when she wasn’t being creeped out by a blood drinking Hal was rather remarkable. She rightly gave Hal a piece of her mind but aided him when he needed her help, managed to stay out of Cutler’s way and even put her family’s grief above her own.

The scene where she realised that she was definitely dead was a nice turning point for Kate Bracken and the fact that Alex is tonally different to Annie means that yet again, Whithouse is deftly skilled at adapting his show without diluting it. Surely when this show does end, there will be another one that can do with his services?

As for the reveal of Hal being Cutler’s maker – was anyone genuinely surprised? It seemed pretty obvious for a while now and it was interesting to see how the roles between them have reversed. Hal destroyed Cutler’s life and humanity in many ways and Cutler attempted to do the same with Hal as well.

For all the foreshadowing that Hal was going to be the one true danger to Eve, it’s amazing how Eve changing Hal’s destiny (as well as her own) has lessened that threat. Even with his erratic behaviour and cruel streak towards Tom, Hal managed to at least try his damndest to be a hero in this episode.

Cutler’s plan for having Tom to transform into a wolf and attack people so vampires would seem like the more pleasing alternative was clever but both Hal and Alex actually managed to put a stop to it. Despite the cliff hanger moment, I don’t actually believe that Tom in wolf form will kill Hal. How Hal will survive I’m not sure but I’m certainly interested in finding out.

Meanwhile the Annie and Eve plots of the week certainly forwarded a lot of stuff we needed to know. Eve was the nemesis all along and in her world, both Tom and Hal’s destinies were far different to what we’ve been watching for the last few weeks. Even the reveal about Annie being the knife that takes out the war child is far darker than anything Hal could’ve done if he had been the nemesis.

In terms of the actual scenes between Lenora Crichlow and Gina Bramhill, some really lovely acting there. I liked how Eve referred to Annie with both exasperation and love, which is very much the sort of feelings most of us have with Annie. I also have a feeling that when Annie does complete her mission, she will have to cross over.

Last but not least, the arrival of the Old Ones seemed rather incidental compared to the rest of the episode. I will say that Mark Gatiss looks delightfully creepy as figure head Mr Snow and I certainly can’t wait to see what chaos Snow and the rest of the Old Ones bring now that they’re finally here.

Also in “Making History”

Gina Bramhill is finally credited as Eve for this episode and while Mark Gatiss’s character is not named on screen, he is playing Mr Snow.

Cutler: “My God.”
Hal: “It’s you?”

Hal’s full name is Henry Yorke and Cutler’s first name is Nick. Cutler was made because Hal wanted new legal representation. We saw more of Hal and Cutler in this week’s prequel.

Annie: “Just tell me so I can go.”
Eve: “I have to show you.”
Annie: “Show me what?”
Eve: “My present, your future.”

Hal (to Cutler): “You’re becoming the drunk who never buys a round. All we require is everything.”

Damien Molony’s popularity on this show is definitely rising because the Live Q&A nearly broke the BBC site.

Annie: “Do people here have jet packs?”
Eve: “No, mostly everyone is dead.”

Cutler (to Hal): “You marooned me in a different world. Talk about burning my bridges.”

I loved seeing Tom using Allison’s flash card technique in this episode. I do hope Allison returns if this show gets a fifth run.

Hal: “I like your mouth.”
Alex: “Oh, thanks sugar. I’m sure that sounded less creepy in your head.”

Eve (to Annie): “We’re done now. I’m talking you home and I’ll you what you need to do.”

There was a lot of character mentions in this episode – Mitchell, George, Nina, McNair, Herrick, Lia, Allison and Gilbert, mainly through Eve.

Hal (to Tom): “We can raid the dressing box and pretend to be human but ultimately, what’s the point? Sooner or later, we all go back to being the monsters we truly are.”

Eve (to Annie): “Remember, there will come a moment when you have to choose between letting me live and letting me die. If you want to stop this happening, you have to let me die.”

Eve had an ‘H’ mark due to Hal’s regime in her version of events as well as the nemesis burn.

Alex (to Hal): “You know for someone who works in the service industry, you have terrible people skills.”

Mr Snow: “Well then, who’s hungry?”

Chronology: A few days from where “Puppy Love” left off I guess.

As a penultimate episode, “Making History” certainly delivered a lot, didn’t it? We’ve got a new ghost in Alex, a horrible destiny for Annie and Eve, Tom wanting to better himself and the much needed back story on Cutler and Hal’s relationship. Mr Snow and company are really gonna have to deliver in the finale now.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Doctor Who - Those Series 7 Companion Rumours

Back in January, one of the tabloids posted a rumour that Sophia Myles, aka Reinette from The Girl In The Fireplace was tipped to become the new companion, following some teasing banter on Twitter with the actress and showrunner, Steven Moffat. Initially, I paid no heed to those rumours but following more Tweets between Sophia and Arthur Darvill and the fact that she was in Spain at the same time (but not the same place apparently) as the Doctor Who crew when they were filming Toby Whithouse's episode, she’s being rumoured as the new companion again. Thinking on it more, it could be either of these possible scenarios …

a) Reinette could briefly return in an episode like Dickens did in The Wedding Of River Song.

b) Sophia will either play a companion whose a spatial genetic multiplicity of Reinette or unconnected to the famous mistress.

c) It’s nonsense and Sophia isn’t returning at all and Moffat and company have been playing us.

Either way, we’ll know soon enough, right? Here's hoping because until they actually confirm/announce the identity of the actor/actress playing the new companion, rumours like this one will persist. Personally I'd be open for Sophia Myles being the next companion more than Reinette returning (and I liked Reinette). What does everyone else think?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

First Look: Hit And Miss

It's been over a year since SkyAtlantic has launched and it's been an interesting year. Not only has the station given us the UK rights to shows such as Boardwalk Empire, Game Of Thrones and Blue Bloods and reran classic shows such as The X Files, The Wire, Six Feet Under and The Sopranos but now it's giving us their own drama in the former of Hit And Miss.

Starring former Big Love (also airing on SkyAtlantic) actress, Chloe Sevigny, the show centres on a hitwoman named Mia who is also revealed to be a pre-op transsexual and when she isn't putting bullets into her targets, Mia also discovers that she's fathered an 11 year old son with her ex-girlfriend Wendy, who is dying of cancer.

I have to admit that despite my confidence in Paul Abbot, I did initially fear this would be a bit on the gimmicky end of the scale but the trailer released a few weeks back has shown that it might be a series definitely worth giving a go. It's certainly got Abbot's trademark stamp all over it and it's nice to see SkyAtlantic branch out with their own dramas as well.

Hit & Miss Trailer:
Press Release:

Hit & Miss will premiere on SkyAtlantic from May 2012.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Going Underground

It may be St Patrick's Day but here's a TV blog for you ...

Desperate Housewives: Why is it when Susan has good intentions she seems to make matters worse? Of course it would take her to go and visit Alejandro's family and draw more suspicion on the girls. Still, Bree's method of dealing with things doesn't seem to be much better either, thanks to Renee's advice being taken the wrong way. At least Lynette and Gabby actually acknowledged some of their shortcomings and it seems we're finally getting close to meeting the person who has been sending Bree the mystery letters.

Grey's Anatomy: My love/hate relationship with this show is still pretty prominent and the most recent 'what if' episode cemented that. Granted it was one of the show's better episodes and the idea of a world with Meredith/Alex and Callie/Owen as couples is interestingly bizarre but usually these type of episodes have some kind of a point to them but the only thing I got from this is that Meredith's mother is irritating in any reality and no-one wants to see a meek and timid version of Bailey. Still, nice that Addison made her annual visit though she was wasted in this one.
Homeland: I am loving this show. Maybe not on the same level as Obama apparently but it's certainly delivering on the hype it's generated with Carrie's methods for trying to find out if Brody has been turned taking some interesting steps. Now that there's an interaction between the pair of them, I can't wait to see what happens next.

Shameless: Ever since Mickey and Carl's respective exits from the show, I've become a little less interested in this but I did catch the finale where most of the cast were stuck underground and it was a decent episode. That being said, it still feels like this show is just going through the motions nowadays and while characters like Ruby, Gloria and Dominic have been decent additions, I still think it's time for this show to come to it's natural end.

Skins: Okay, talk about an improvement. Even with Alo's episode having the plot of him being charged with sleeping with a minor was better than what we've had in previous weeks. However, Liv's episode hit an all time high in terms of quality that even the plot where she imagined being seriously ill made some narrative sense. On the flipside, Franky is becoming increasingly detestable and the return of Matty isn't helping matters. It'd also be nice if Mini told Alo that he's going to be a father as well. Here's hoping the last two episodes are a belter.

The Vampire Diaries: Again, this season is packing in some of the best moments of television. I loved the backstory for the Originals and while I predicted that even Michael wouldn't be enough to take Klaus out during homecoming, I did massively enjoy the turnaround with Stefan getting his own back on Klaus for using him as a puppet for the last few months. If Klaus still has to be on this show, it's nice to see him get outsmarted every now and then. As for the growing bond with Damon and Elena - eh, not a shipper but it's not bothering me as much as the growing distance between Tyler and Caroline.

Upstairs Downstairs: I'm struggling with this show to be honest. The characters aren't strong enough, storylines like Blanche/Portia's affair petered out too quickly and the war backdrop doesn't seem to work here as well as it did in Downton Abbey and I couldn't care less if either Hallam or Agnes cheat on each other because it's so bloody hard to care for them as a couple. I'll watch the last two episodes but if this gets a third run, I don't think I'll be watching.

- Revenge has finally snagged a UK broadcaster. E4 will air the series later in the year.
- Grimm has been renewed for a second season, while Luck has been cancelled due to the death of three horses.
- Desperate Housewives have revealed that it's Mike who was the unfortunate casualty.
- Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell will play a spy couple in The Americans, an FX program based during the Cold War.
- Once Upon A Time will premiere on Channel 5 from April 1st at 9pm.
- Freema Agyeman has been cast as Larissa, the mentor of Carrie Bradshaw in the upcoming series, The Carrie Diaries.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Review of Ringer's 1x17: "What We Have Is Worth The Pain"

Written by Scott Nimerfro
Directed by Howard Deutch

Andrew (to Bridget): “You’re in over your head, just admit it.”

Er, Bridget’s been in over her head since the bloody show started and she foolishly reunited with Siobhan but in terms of the naff Ponzi scheme plot, er not so much. This episode tried to give Andrew a bit more facets as a character and sadly, it didn’t succeed all that well for it.

Ioan Gruffudd did the best he could but with a script as wildly inconsistent, it’s like the show wanted us to view Andrew as a serious threat and sympathise with him in equal measure. It really should’ve stuck with the latter because Andrew is just not cut out to be a big menacing presence.

It’s times like this when thinking about Buffy is bad for me. The flashbacks where Andrew actually threatened to kill Siobhan made me inadvertently laugh because in another universe, Sarah Michelle Gellar would’ve put Andrew through a wall for coming out with such a threat, wouldn’t she?

I think it making it worse then was trying to backtrack Andrew’s sudden mean streak by having Juliet be the voice of reason and remind Andrew that Siobhan’s presence in their lives was actually a good thing. It just meant that Andrew got to deliver a rather heartfelt speech to Bridget about loving her before getting shot for his troubles.

I’m not going to entertain the possibility that Andrew might be dead because it’s fairly safe to assume that unlike Tyler, Gemma and perhaps Malcolm that Andrew will survive being gunned down. So, who tried to kill Bridget that Andrew received the ouch end of a bullet for? I’d say there’s a decent list of suspects with decent motives.

Siobhan herself might have finally snapped and wanted to further ensure Andrew’s downfall but similarly both Olivia and Catherine also had their motives this week for wanting “Siobhan” dead as well. With only five episodes left to go, this is definitely one little mystery I can see being solved quicker than anything else.

As for Bridget – I liked that this week she suspected Andrew and Olivia of hurting Malcolm and I also liked the fact that her and Solomon made for a formidable team as well. It’s also kind of relieving that apart from getting his usual paycheck that Solomon isn’t all that bothered about Bridget posing as her sister. In fact, he went to good lengths to protect her this week as well in Malcolm.

As for Malcolm – I hope he’s not dead but I have a nasty feeling that he is. More than likely, Andrew will not have been responsible for it – it’s probably either Olivia’s dirty work or someone from Macawi’s employ got to Malcolm before he could turn himself over to Victor.

Speaking of Victor, that man’s incompetence is reaching ridiculous levels of stupidity. Did he really think that publicly taunting Bodaway was going to work in his favour? I knew the second he did that Malcolm was screwed and I was right. On the plus side, at least he’s taking an interest in Martin/Charles’s dodgy dealings but knowing Victor, he’ll probably screw that up as well for good measure.

Meanwhile as Victor’s stupidity continues to be more apparent, at least Henry is showing some vague common sense. He challenged Siobhan on her myriad of lies and while he seemingly understood her animosity towards Bridget, he didn’t seem entirely convinced that her plans were still the best course of action. Maybe we’re getting a future development where Henry is responsible for Siobhan’s downfall.

Last but not least – nice that Juliet figured out Catherine was the one behind Tessa’s attack but the whole plot of actually meeting/flirting with Cash the basher in the hotel was a bit much though. I liked that Juliet actually tried to be a friend to Tessa in this one and I also liked that she turned on Catherine too. However I don’t think the last course of action is going to do Juliet any good though.

Also in “What We Have Is Worth The Pain”

While it’s nice that Henry is still excited about Siobhan carrying his twins, he still doesn’t seem to be paying attention to the other set he has, is he?

Siobhan: “Come on, Andrew, what are you going to do to me?”
Andrew: “I’ll kill you. I mean it, Siobhan, I’ll see you dead.”

Bridget remembered from the first two episodes of the series the hit man she fought off but if Andrew cancelled the hit, Olivia must have set it up again.

Bodaway: “You find Bridget Kelly?”
Victor: “I’m not even looking for her anymore.”

Juliet (to Andrew): “I’ve been here all morning. It’s a little break in the educational system I like to call Saturday.”

Siobhan is still insisting to Henry that Bridget was responsible for Gemma’s death as well as Sean. Did Henry even know beforehand that Siobhan had a son?

Solomon: “Then end the charade. Go to the police.”
Bridget: “I can’t.”
Solomon: “Why not?”
Bridget: “Because -”
Solomon: “ – Because you’re not Siobhan Martin. You’re Bridget Kelly, aren’t you?”

Henry: “You faked your own death. Siobhan, that’s insane.”
Siobhan: “It was the only way to make it work.”

Who exactly is Olivia in cahoots with? I bet it’s either going to be Catherine or Bodaway or maybe even the real Siobhan? It can only be one of those three, right?

Andrew (to Bridget): “I love you, Siobhan. That’s what I came to tell you. I don’t care how much you hate me right now, I’ll accept it because I believe what we have is worth the pain. I’ll do anything for you.”

Chronology: I think at this point, it’s been nearly six month since the “Pilot” episode.

I wish my excitement for this show could back to the way it was in the first half of the season because “What We Have Is Worth The Pain” has it’s moments but the writing is too inconsistent at this point and it’s looking less and less likely that this show will deliver a satisfying conclusion to these chain of events or go further than this series.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Game Of Thrones - EW Coverage/Season 2 Trailer

With less than three weeks to go, the promotional campaign for Game Of Thrones second season has been nothing short of fantastic to watch. The show certainly continues to cement it's impact with Entertainment Weekly dishing out some lavish covers for Daenerys, Jon Snow, Tyrion and Jamie/Cersei Lannister for good measure and I'm beginning to lose count of the trailers we've been getting over the last few weeks for the new season, but either way, my anticipation for the second season is certainly here.

EW Covers:
More EW Shots:
Season 2 Trailer:

Season 2 airs Sundays 9pm on HBO from April 1st and Mondays at 9pm on SkyAtlantic from April 2nd.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sherlock - Series 3 To Film In 2013

In news that won't surprise anyone (considering Steven Moffat's workload), the third series of Sherlock will not begin filming until early 2013 with transmission slated until later next year, though a date has not been confirmed. I'm not surprised that we're gonna have to wait but with Moriarty not returning to the series, does this mean we'll get Sebastian Moran as the next main nemesis for Sherlock and Watson to overcome. What does everyone else want to see next series?

More Details:

Monday, March 12, 2012

My Review of Being Human's 4x06: "Puppy Love"

Written by John Jackson
Directed by Daniel O’Hara

Tom (re vampires): “You don’t know what these people are like.”
Allison: “And you don’t know what my debating skills are like.”

Okay, this episode has the most shamelessly cheesy of titles due to a certain song it invokes but in terms of actual cheesiness, there’s not much to be had. I mean, yes, there’s a certain cuteness between Tom and geeky werewolf Allison but it’s a kind of cuteness with a little tinge of darkness mixed in too.

Allison really was the perfect type of a girlfriend for Tom – funny, smart, cute as a button, inquisitiveness and definitely excellent when it came to countering vampire threats. In other words, why did she have to be only a one episode guest star? On the plus side, at least she actually survived the episode, so I can hope that at some point she does return and she and Tom give it a proper go.

Tom’s motives for breaking it off with Allison made a lot of sense when you think about his character. This is a man who is chivalrous to the core and even when Allison attempted to seduce him, he knew it wasn’t the right time to have sex with her. Tom also knew how to get Allison from making a big mistake when she faced off with Golda as well.

For a burgeoning love story, Tom and Allison certainly had their moments. It might have been Tom’s new internet fame that got them talking in the first place but at the end of the episode, I think Tom and Allison learned more about themselves and each other than they thought. That’s a good thing, considering they still managed to be unaware of who actually leaked the footage of Tom and George online.

As for the culprit – we know that it’s Cutler and he did a wonderful job of playing dumb when Tom and Allison tried to enlist his help and it was also through them that Cutler managed to get Golda and her annoying minions dusted off, one by one as well for good measure.

Cutler’s slyness continues to make him an interesting and dangerous character and given that Golda was pretty annoying, I am rather pleased that she didn’t make it out of the episode alive. I really hope though for the hype that they’ve been receiving all season that the Old Ones do genuinely live up to it and that Cutler’s plans towards Tom reach their fruition soon and that he interacts with Hal as well.

Speaking of Hal – the growing friendship with Tom and banter with Allison as well, I’m rather pleased that they’re exploring his love life at last. We got lucky once again because Alex was a rather sparky character and while Hal did make the effort to resist killing her, it does appear from next week’s promo that Hal might start succumbing to his dark side again.

Keeping with the dark sides of this episode – Annie just killed a pensioner, what the hell? Okay, Emrys was a cranky so and so and it did look like he was going to attack Eve but there were times when it did seem like Annie wasn’t taking it seriously enough. It’s all well and good driving people like Owen insane, sending Kemp to hell and dispersing Kirby but Emrys was an innocent man and it does seem like Annie’s got some horrible choices ahead of her.

Emrys cryptically pointed out that Annie might have to do something horrible in order to get her door (Emrys got his through some petty revenge on his ex-wife and piano teacher) and then the older version of Eve showed up to basically reveal what I had already assumed at the start of the series.

If the trailers for next week are anything to go by, it’s looking like both Annie and Hal are potential threats towards the baby but I have a feeling that it’s going to be Annie who will pose the bigger danger, especially if the older Eve gets her way.

Also in “Puppy Love”

No flashbacks in this one but a rather nice compare/contrast scene of Tom and Allison’s morning routines.

Hal (re Allison): “That is the weirdest run.”

Hal’s utter glee at sticking to his routines was never more overt than in this episode but I still want to know what Kia-Ora does to him.

Tom: “Facebook?”
Allison: “Don’t tell me you’re still on MySpace.”
Hal: “We’re more Ceefax people.”

Kane (to Cutler, re Golda): “If you touch her, I’ll have to touch you. No, not like that.”

Golda’s other vampire minion couldn’t speak because she bit his tongue during a game of theirs. Anyone else think that Cutler needs to get a better lair than the docks? No, just me then.

Annie (to Eve): “I am supposed to be your protector, not your teething ring.”

Alex: “Okay, you want the big guns, then pull my finger.”
Hal: “Look, I’m sorry, I think I may have misled you. I was just being friendly.”

This week’s exclusive scene gives us a bit more insight into Allison’s general thoughts on werewolves being outed. She also had a Blue Peter badge (which she let Tom keep) and her last name was Larkin.

Emrys (re Allison): “What’s she then?”
Annie: “Werewolf.”
Emrys: “Explains the growler.”

Alex: “So, is this your thing then – museums?”
Hal: “Yes, romantic and educational.”
Alex: “I suppose it’s cheaper than Rohypnol.”

Standout music: Apart from Hal’s singing yet again, I guess the piano version of “Puppy Love”, considering that Annie/Emrys ruined it.

Allison: “You said I was perfect.”
Tom: “You are and I don’t want to change that.”

Eve: “Annie, I’m the baby.”
Annie: “What?”
Eve: “It’s me, Annie, mum, I’m Eve.”

Chronology: Not long since “Hold The Front Page” I suppose.

Well, that was a fun episode. “Puppy Love” was definitely a nice way of giving both Tom and Hal different types of love interests with similar (ish) possibilities for danger but more importantly, it finally seems like the storylines surrounding Eve and the Old Ones are finally going to get underway. Next week’s episode looks reasonably chaotic.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Revenge - PaleyFest 2012/Season 1 Spoilers

Well, we might have another four weeks until the show returns but at yesterday's PaleyFest, we did get some tantalising bits on the final six episodes of Revenge's first year.

- The flashback episode will be set in 2002 and it will be Emily's first encounter with the likes of Lydia, Victoria, et al prior to learning of her father's innocence and it solidifies what her father's diaries have been telling her.
- Mason Treadwell will return in the next episode as part of Victoria's plans to help Daniel out and she will go to great lengths to save her son.
- Episode 18 jumps to December while Episode 19 will wrap up Daniel's trial for murder.
- The finale will ends things on a cliffhanger but weren't we all expecting that?
- Expect the Jack/Emily/Daniel love triangle to steer a certain way pretty soon

- If you're an Emily/Nolan shipper, their relationship will never be romantic or sexual according to creator Mike Kelley who said their relationship was intended to be sibling like. Thank goodness for that.
- There's a distinct possibility that David Clarke may be alive and well. However we won't be finding out for sure yet.
- Expect some vengeance with Victoria and Conrad in their divorce storyline.
- Ashley will have a shift in loyalty, which includes a decision in relation to Emily.
- Episode titles that are flying about for the next four episodes are Doubt, Justice, Absolution and Legacy.

Sounds like the final six episodes are going to be boat load of fun. Now, can a UK station please get the rights to this show already?

PaleyFest Write Up:

Revenge returns on ABC, Wednesdays at 10pm from April 11th.

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Lip Service - Series 2 First Cast Picture

Okay, look what I just found today ...

With Being Human's fourth series drawing to a close (please can we have a fifth one?), BBC3 are finally making some effort to promote Lip Service's upcoming second season. No big trailers have surfaced yet but this cast shot with Sam, Sadie, Frankie, Tess, Cat and new girl Lexi is certainly a good way of getting things going.

Not to be outdone, the latest issue of Diva Magazine also has some interviews with the main cast, which should have some spoilers for the show's second series. I know we've got a slew of new characters, a triangle between Sam/Cat/Frankie to resolve as well as Frankie uncovering her past. However one thing that should be pointed out is that BBC3 are currently on an axing spree and between Lip Service, Being Human and The Fades, only two of those shows will be renewed. Tough times, eh?

Lip Service's second series will air on BBC3 from April.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Series 7 - How Should Amy/Rory Leave?

And here's some pics of filming in Spain. It looks like Toby Whithouse's episode of Doctor Who for Series 7 has well gotten under way.

Over the last few days, we've seen the TARDIS crew out in Madrid filming what has been rumoured to be a Western/Victorian themed episode with a Terminator type of a villain as well for good measure. Meanwhile back in Wales, DWM's Tom Spilsbury has been tweeting about reading the script for the first episode, due to be filmed in the second block.

And with filming for Series 7 already been at it since last month and as many of the press releases are keen to remind us that Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are filming some of the last episodes as Amy and Rory Pond (or Williams or Williams-Pond even), I've read at least two theories in relation to how our favourite Leadworth residents may be leaving the TARDIS for good this time.

Theory 1: Amy/Rory fall pregnant again and especially because of what happened to their first born, they come to the mutual decision to leave the Doctor and go back to Leadworth to raise their child.
Theory 2: Amy/Rory learn the true fate of what really happens to River and through the Doctor, they wind up back in the library and living inside the virtual world with their daughter and her crew.

Either of these scenarios fulfills Moffat's promise of a heartbreaking exit for the Ponds but which one of them do people think is the most likely? Which one is the more fitting? Or failing that, if neither of these scenarios appeals, how do you think Amy/Rory should be written out of the series?

Also, last but not least - any theories/hopes as to who our next TARDIS occupant will be?

Pictures: and ...

Friday, March 09, 2012

Skins To End In 2013

In news that I don't think will actually shock anyone but it seems that Skins days are finally numbered. The show currently into it's sixth season will return for a seventh year in 2013, comprised of three two hour movies split into six episodes and that will be the show's very last. It's going to be interesting to see how many actors from the first two generations will be secured for these specials, considering that most of them have moved on in their careers.

The specials are heavily rumoured to feature at least all of three generations, hopefully tying up any needed loose ends from each era. Much as I love the series, I have to admit this isn't devastating news. I think the format has been taken as far as it could and after seven years, I think it will be time to say a final goodbye to Tony, Michelle, Sid, Cassie, Jal, Chris, Anwar, Maxxie, Effy, Pandora, Cook, Freddie, Emily, Naomi, JJ, Thomas, Franky, Mini, Liv, Grace, Alex, Nick, Matty, Rich and Alo. Well, considering that three of them are dead, I guess just goodbye to the others then but either way, it's the end of an era.

More Details:

Thursday, March 08, 2012

My Review of Ringer's 1x16: "You're Way Too Pretty To Go To Jail"

Written by Jay Faerber And Cathryn Humphries
Directed by Joshua Butler

Malcolm: “Honestly I’m a little surprised you’re judging him so harshly, given your own situation.”
Bridget: “I had to pretend to be Siobhan. Now I can’t make things right. It’s exactly how Andrew is feeling. God, I’m such a hypocrite.”

Hmm, I don’t know if I like the idea of Andrew having something of a dark side after all. For Ioan Gruffudd, though, it’s probably a good thing given how passive he’s had to be for the majority of the season as Andrew but I guess I just wanted Andrew to be this nice, decent guy who loved his wife and wasn’t running terrible Ponzi schemes with Olivia.

I get that the scheme was some bizarre way of trying to keep Martin/Charles afloat with their client base and that it easily got out of hand but even I was a little shocked/disappointed when one of the conversations between Andrew and Olivia alluded to the fact that they were going to use extreme tactics when Siobhan had confronted Andrew about it months back.

It’s also been a harsh wake up call for Bridget as well, who went from feeling safe in New York pretending to be her sister to now realising that yet again, she’s in over her head when it comes to things. Trying to placate Andrew and meeting up with Tyler didn’t exactly work in her favour either.

Actually, the placating of Andrew just resulted in her packing a bag and it looking like Andrew threatened her while her attempts of meeting up with Tyler resulted in her being delayed by Henry and discovering the poor guy’s body once again. Oh, well, at least Bridget has Malcolm in her corner.

Well, normally she would’ve but it’s amazing how things kept getting in the way between Bridget and her good friend this week. When they weren’t voicing different opinions on how far Andrew was willing to go to keep his business afloat, Siobhan also managed to drive a wedge between them by pretending to be her sister and acting like an epic bitch to poor Malcolm.

It was rather frustrating that Malcolm didn’t later contact her and figure out that Siobhan was alive and that Bridget has more than just Andrew and Bodaway to worry about but I did like that he was willing to file charges against Bodaway with Victor’s help in order to protect Bridget. Malcolm really is just noble to the very core, isn’t he? I just hope that Andrew’s little visit at the end doesn’t result in bad crap for Malcolm. He’s been through enough already.

Speaking of crap, poor Tyler. I knew once he had outlived his usefulness that he was a dead man and trying to go behind Siobhan’s back to ruin Martin/Charles was a bad idea on his part. Not only did Olivia manage to outsmart him but Tyler wound up dead and she ended up in possession of a certain flash drive that Siobhan was hoping she could get back.

It’s nice to see Olivia step up a little more as a character too. Now it’s possible that she didn’t directly kill Tyler but until further proof, I’m kind of hoping that she did. It would explain the flash drive being in her person and we could easily lose her in later episodes as well. Also I’d rather it was her than Andrew as well.

Last but not least – I wasn’t surprised that Victor actually had a relationship with Shaylene Briggs prior to her death and I wasn’t that surprised that she had been pregnant with his kid as well. It’s not the most original of back stories but it’s a good enough motive for Victor’s determination to put Macawi behind bars and we were overdue something on Victor’s past that tied to the main storylines anyways, so it worked for me.

Also in “You’re Way Too Pretty To Go To Jail”

The title this week was uttered by Olivia when she apprehended Tyler. I guess Tyler is a bit of a pretty boy, isn’t he?

Bridget: “When I came to you before?”
Andrew: “The way things were between us, I was afraid you were gonna turn me in.”

For the first time in a while, Juliet is absent from an episode but the fact that she’s gone with Catherine probably means Andrew’s due to find out he’s been conned by his ex-wife soon.

Bridget: “Has anyone ever told you have amazing eyes?”
Victor: “At least once or twice.”
Bridget: “So, you want me to rock your world?”

Shaylene: “I don’t get it – why me?”
Victor: “I’ve watched you, seen the way you look at people. You’re good at sizing them up, figuring them out.”

Shaylene was Victor’s informant when it came to Bodaway. He recruited her sixteen months ago and she died five months after it.

Andrew (to Olivia): “I don’t care what it takes. Make sure Tyler doesn’t talk.”

Malcolm: “What the hell has gotten into you? Please tell me you’re not using.”
Siobhan: “You would love that, wouldn’t you? You get off on saving me.”

Interesting how peripheral Bridget was in Victor’s flashbacks while in the present day, Henry seemed a little concerned about Bridget’s life in danger. I’m also guessing Torrance is in Bodaway’s pay roll as well.

Olivia: “And Tyler, you’re way too pretty to go to jail.”

Bridget: “Malcolm, I think you might be right. I think Andrew and Olivia are capable of murder.”

Chronology: From where “P.S. You’re An Idiot” left off.

The show is still better to watch but even I have to admit that despite some great moments here and there, “You’re Way Too Pretty To Go To Jail” still isn’t forwarding the storylines fast enough. I guess maybe it’s well past time for Bridget and Siobhan to actually clash at this point.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Doctor Who - Series 7 More Casting Information

Doing the rounds courtesy of the latest issue of DWM and of course, the usual sources on GallifreyBase.Like the picture of Rory, Eleven and Amy? Most people on Tumblr seem to and this week it's been confirmed through Spotlight that Mark Williams will be playing a character named Brian Williams. So, does this finally mean we're seeing Rory's dad? Here's a hoping.

Elsewhere casting for Toby Whithouse's Western themed episode seems to be coming in thick and fast. Not only do we have Adrian Scarborough (Pritchard from Upstairs Downstairs) as a character called Kahler Jex along with Rob Cavazos but also it seems that Farscape/Stargate SG-1's Ben Browder is also appearing in this story too. The first block of episodes are Chris Chibnall (7x02) and Toby Whithouse (7x03), directed by Saul Metzstein while the second block directed by Nick Hurran is two episodes written by Steven Moffat. Presumably the opener and maybe Amy/Rory's exits. This series is shapely up nicely so far.