Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And The Awards Go To The Usual Crowd

The Emmys are only on once a year and they're usually entertaining enough but the cynic in me can't help but scoff at some of the winners speeches for some reason. For a two hour gig, Jimmy Fallon (who I find rather Marmite mostly) did a decent enough job but I don't think there was a win that was that genuinely shocking. Most of the usual candidates (Mad Men, House, Glee, Dexter, etc) were up and the wins attributed to them were deserved and all but the Emmys has almost become more about what everyone is wearing (or who everyone is wearing) rather than the actual ceremony itself. Here's to next year though.

I just knew with the way that Mistresses had been going for the past three episodes that the finale wouldn't match up and it didn't. Why the hell didn't the BBC give this a longer run? Because of that shortcoming, we've been left with a rather rushed finale where Trudi and Katie were at loggerheads over the latter's affair with Richard (your blandness will not be missed) but manage to reach some civility because for half the episode you're almost thinking that Jessica's illness might actually kill her off. As glad as I am that it didn't, this along with Siobhan getting Dominic after leaving it so long. This was a good show but this last series showed that the BBC were more concerned with getting out of the way than ending it satsfyingly.

A week into Ultimate Big Brother and you'd have to admit that it's certainly been eventful enough. Josie walked out after two days, John McRirick was evicted after actually being fun and thanks to an argument with Nadia, Coolio was also forced to leave and there was Michelle and Victor from BB5 having some fun in a bedsit at the expense of the other housemates. Even I felt bad for Nikki when she was terrorised with a clown and there was fun with seeing the likes of Anna Nolan, Craig Philips and Stuart Pilkington over the last few days as a part of tasks and treats for the housemates. However the Chantelle and Preston stuff is a little uncomfortable to watch (not to mention that the usual gossip mags are obsessed with them two getting back together) but I did like Victor, Michelle and Nick's little analysis over the antics of the house dynamics and the former occupants from BB11. So far, this has been fun enough, though I can see a Brian or Chantelle victory come next Friday.

That's it - The Vampires Diairies is really getting interesting. Bonnie's totally a witch and while setting candles alight might not be the most amazing thing on a supernatural themed show, Bonnie is by far the best character on this show and can I have some sympathy for Caroline too? Her relationship with Damon should be enough to show fangirls that dating the latter is a bad thing to do. Elena won pointers in this episode for trying to get Damon away from Caroline but lost them for not sticking to her guns and getting answers from Stefan. Also while Stefan's method of incapacitating Damon was genius, I'm more intrigued by this band of supernatural hunters comprising of Tyler's parents, Caroline's mother and Jenna's reporter ex-boyfriend. Nice to know that some people in Mystic Falls are privy to vampires.

I tried to get into Vexed but the three episodes that BBC2 offered me for the last few Sundays made me wished that I hadn't bothered. The problem with this show has been that it's often not funny enough for a straight up comedy and the crassness often underscored anything dramatic. The last episode with Jack and Kate searching for a kidnapped pop star was probably the better of the three but if this show returns next year, it needs to figure out what it wants to be and stick with it.

- Jon Hamm and Paul Giamatti are both confirmed for appearing in the new season of 30 Rock. Hamm's character will be a love interest for Liz Lemon.
- Carol Burnett has been cast as Sue's mother for the second season of Glee.
- Stephen Collins will apear in Brothers And Sisters as Charlie, a love interest for Saul. He'll also appear in No Ordinary Family as the boss of Julie Benz's character, Stephanie.
- Naoko Mori is another actor attached to the SyFy series, Three Inches.
- Lois Smith has been cast as Tom Scavo's mother in Desperate Housewives. She'll appear in the fifth episode of the new series.

Monday, August 30, 2010

There's A New Housewife In Town

Yeah, the first picture of the new season of Desperate Housewives has been unveiled and it seems that Vanessa Williams is getting the promotional treatment in the cast shots and trailers that I wished had been bestowed on Drea deMatteo last season. Season 7 starts up on ABC from September 26th and will debut on RTE2 and Channel 4 in 2011.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGt0KEAKBPk

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Review of Dexter's 4x02: "Remains To Be Seen"

Written by Charles H. Eglee
Directed by Brian Kirk

Harry: “If you don’t fix this screw up, Harrison’s only memory of his father will be you behind bars.”
Dexter: “It’s not a screw up, I just can’t remember.”

Oh Dexter, there was a time when your attention to detail was almost as unnerving as your precision in dismembering your victims. All through this episode, I had to urge for Dexter to get his shit together but the constant appearances of Harry in this one made sure that I didn’t need to.

With a crash as colossal as Dexter’s in the previous, I almost thought that he would be a little hospital bound and as soon as he starting mentioning Benito during his confused state, I also wondered if the game was going to be up for him. Even Dexter himself was fully convinced that he was going to go to the slammer for this.

The hospital stuff was dealt with in such a quick speed that the episode didn’t really process anyone’s reactions to Dexter being involved in a crash. Apart from Rita later on when she confronted him over lying about the seriousness of his accident, no-one seemed to be aware or that interested in Dexter almost being killed.

In some ways though, that did work in Dexter’s favour. He was clearly more desperate than usual to keep Rita away from his work place and he certainly had moments where he lost his patience with both Masuka and Quinn due to the stress he was going through. Harry’s constant taunting also didn’t help matters.

In fact the way, Harry was used in this episode was both rather clever and supremely annoying. I got that it was a way of highlighting Dexter’s struggle with juggling so many plates in the air (work, fatherhood, killing baddies, etc) but it did seem to be a rather tacked on way of getting the point across as well.

However it did pay off in the end when Dexter realised that he had hidden Benito’s body in the punching bag of his new lair. That was actually one of the best moments in the episode and also rather obvious as well, come to think about it. That being said, Dexter is going to need to get himself together but if things like Benito are going to cause him trouble, then he’s really screwed for what lies ahead, isn’t he?

Lundy being back in the picture in a lot of ways is bad for Dexter. Lundy has that air of suspicion with some of his dialogue with Dexter and the fact that he’s obsessive enough to try and bag Trinity could mean that he might notice something amiss with his former girlfriend’s brother as well.

And then there is Trinity. I can see why John Lithgow bagged an Emmy recently because although Trinity has yet to interact with Dexter, he’s shaping up into a wonderful foe already. I feel in two episodes that as a viewer, I know about him than I ever did with anything concerning the Skinner.

In this episode alone, it was pretty distressing watching how he was selecting poor Tarla as a future victim. He was at the pier while she was there with her family and then later, he contrived to make sure that the both of them had a conversation. I think this is also one of the few times where the show has drawn some real sympathy for the victim – apart from maybe Ellen last season.

Of course, Trinity wasn’t the only bad guy focus of the week as well. There were still the tourist murders and despite Dexter not being on his game at first, he did manage to trace a suspect – Johnny Rose by tracing syphilis to the victim. Now even I’m impressed with Dexter and this tourist killer does make for a decent enough mini-arc for the next few episodes.

As for the interpersonal stuff this year, there are some pros and cons with the characters. Out of all the regulars, he’s my least favourite of the bunch and his pillow talk with Christine along with stealing cash from a victim’s safe haven’t done exactly much to endear in the slightest as a character.

That being said, I get the impression that he’s also being set up as a foil for Dexter. There’s already a mutual hostility growing between the two of them and when Dexter rejected Quinn’s attempts to be friend, Quinn certainly began to look at him in a suspicious manner. Though whether or not this will mean that Quinn will end up having a similar fate to Doakes is interesting. Sometimes Quinn is enough to actually make me miss Doakes.

Speaking of something I missed – I really forgot how excellent the chemistry between Deb and Lundy really was. Their pairing in Season 2 had some mixed moments but both Jennifer Carpenter and Keith Carradine were wonderful in this episode that a) I almost want Deb to dump Anton for Lundy and b) I have a nasty feeling that Lundy could be a casualty this season.

Seeing the pair of them interviewing Eddie Noonan and coming up with the mutual conclusion that he was innocent was a little thing but a good affectation of how well they connect. Deb also showed a great sense of disappointment when Lundy didn’t seem to want to get back with her and when Anton came back as well, she practically went into guilty conscience mode by trying to smooth him over this week.

Also when it comes to the smoothing over, I’m still on the fence about Maria and Angel as a pairing. I think they’re sensible to keep their relationship secret for a while but Maria didn’t help matters by getting Angel to step down from the tourist case in the manner that she did. Things like that and the way she was asking Deb for advice aren’t going to help her in the long run but either way, I’ll still watch her and Angel with an open mind.

Also in “Remains To Be Seen”

If John Lithgow is going to be in every single episode this season, why don’t they just make him a regular instead of a guest star?

Female Paramedic: “It’s never as bad as it looks.”
Dexter: “Oh, I’m sure it’s pretty worse.”

Dexter lied to the doctor about Rita being a trained nurse in order to avoid staying in overnight. Rita also folded too quickly when Dexter insisted that he’d phone the hospital to prove he was alright.

Dexter: “I got to go to work and I need one slow day at the job where nobody gets murdered. I already have a killer to clean up – me!”

Masuka: “My keen sense of smell’s telling me you’re wearing new perfume. Anything to do with the return of one special agent Frank Lundy?”
Deb: “I already have a boyfriend who happens to be coming into town tonight and if you smell me again, I’ll punch you in the throat.”

Deb joked about having a previous college experience after Frances gave her another file to look over.

Deb: “I’m sorry this is too fucking weird.”
Lundy: “I can get a sandwich if that makes you comfortable.”
Deb: “No, us!”

Trinity (to little boy): “You better catch up with your mom. You don’t wanna lose her.”

How much of Astor’s rebellious streak will we have to deal with this season and given that Tarla became a target for Trinity, what are the odds that Rita won’t be?

Maria: “So watch the pillow talk with that woman.”
Quinn: “No a problem, lieutenant, talking isn’t what we do best anyway.”

Dexter: “I didn’t want you to worry.”
Rita: “Not doing a good job. I’m worried sick about you.”

Harry was dressed as a cop during one of his appearances in this episode, tying into the last time Dexter forgot something important – Laura Moser’s death.

Lundy: “Your life has changed in so many ways.”
Dexter: “I see that now.”
Lundy: “Trinity is going to kill again. Soon.”

Chronology: Exactly from where “Living The Dream” left off.

Not a bad episode in parts but “Remains To Be Seen” didn’t leave me as engaged as the opening episode did. Okay, I liked anything involving Lundy and Trinity’s certainly a good villain but we’ve had stronger episodes.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

Doctor Who - Series 6 To Air In Two

It was rumoured that during Series 5, the series would be be split in half and while it didn't come to pass then, it has now as Steven Moffat has confirmed that Series 6 will air in both Spring and Autumn 2011, due to a major plot strand. If I had heard about this a few months ago, I might have been disappointed but I'm intrigued and hope that Moffat's plan works wonders for him and viewers alike. ETA: Steven Moffat is saying that it'll be both Series 6 and 7 next year. Intriguing.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sherlock Renewed For 2nd Series

Was there any doubt that there wouldn't be? Expect three more 90 minute episodes with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in 2011. Here's hoping that Andrew Scott flourishes as Moriarty as well.

Details: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/tv/s129/sherlock/news/a269018/bbcs-sherlock-to-return-in-2011.html

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Glee - Season 2 Cast Pics/Trailer

Season 2 of everyone's favourite musical/comedy mash up is starting, so undoubtedly, Fox are itching to promote the heck out of it with these cast shots.

The first one is rather generic and similar to the main one for the first season but the second one is better with the popular pairings - Will/Sue, Kurt/Mercedes, Artie/Tina, Puck/Quinn, Brittany/Santana and Rachel/Finn.

Season 2 starts on FOX from September 21st and should also air on TV3 around the same time for Irish viewers. UK transmission has yet to be confirmed.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's Only A Gameshow - Thank You, Nick Bateman

I never thought I would say this but I'm going to miss Big Brother as well. Tonight's episode just hit that home for me that it really is all over.

Okay, final positions

5th place Andrew: I expected him not to be the first out but I've liked him over the last few weeks and he's certainly been more entertaining than the likes of Shabby, Nathan, etc. I guess in other words, geek pride, yeah?
4th place JJ: He's a bit on the bland side but his interview was nice enough and I don't doubt he'll be appearing topless in several magazanines within the next year, regardless of his previous views on the subject.
3rd place Mario: I wanted him to win but knew he wouldn't. Apart from Josie's victory interview, I enjoyed his the most. Good old moley and one of the better gay guys we've had in the house.
2nd place Dave: I'm not gonna moan too much on this one because I didn't actually watch all that much of his interview and the fact that he'll no longer be on my TV screen is a good thing.
1st place Josie: Was there any doubt that she wasn't going to win? I liked that she said she'd give some of her money for Steve's leg, so sort of glad she did win for that alone.
Ultimate Big Brother lineup

Chantelle and Preston could be interesting, given that not really a lot of time has passed since their seperation (and Preston looked really handsome as well, didn't he?), plus there could be some fireworks between her and Nikki. I sort of don't mind Ulrika and Nick to me is nowhere near as nasty as they've tried to make him out to be - more sly than anything else. Nadia and Brian, I like them but they're making me miss Mario a little as well for some reason and I'm not too fussed about Makosi truth be told, though the hyperbole surrounding her has always baffled me a little. The only ones I don't like are John and Coolio but I can try to ignore them as best I can.

Overall, a good 2 hours 50 minutes for Channel 4.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Look To The Stars

The last few days since the final five were announced for Big Brother have been interesting enough. Maybe not as exciting as what we've previously seen but credit to the show for trying to keep us entertained until tonight's winner is announced and Ultimate Big Brother takes off. I think at this point in the series, we've seen enough of Mario's meat and two veg but at least he's determined to be entertaining in the final throes of all this and his conversations with Andrew are better than Josie lamenting about John James or Dave's open dismissal of evolution when JJ tried to bring it up. Some of the highlights have been good - Andrew being the ultimate yes man and the perfect day as well. At this point, it doesn't matter who actually wins the show because in some ways, it seems clear that the show wants a Josie victory and she's the only one I could see fitting in with past housemates and celebs for Ultimate Big Brother as well.

In a lot of ways, I am glad that Mistresses is coming to an end because this dour as hell third season is testing my patience. I don't expect laughs a minute but it would be nice for at least one of these girls to crack a fecking smile. However, this episode just saw everything getting worse - Richard confessed to Trudi he loved someone else and died before trying to stop Katie from leaving. Siobhan apparently can't go on a date with a nice photograph because Dominic seems incapable of giving her the right message (which in turns is making me sympethetic with dippy Alice) and Jessica finds out that Mark borrowed money from Siobhan, kicked him out and then realised she was pregnant. I'm not having much hope for this final episode and you know something is wrong when Joanna Lumley herself is adding nothing of interest to the series.

Speaking of disappointments, it's a shame that after six seasons and 100 episodes that Nip/Tuck too has ended on such a low note. Maybe I've been spoiled with finales to the likes of Lost and Ashes To Ashes this year but I expected more from Nip/Tuck. Matt using his own child to get Ava to run away with him was horrid to watch and after all these years, you know there's something terrible about Sean and Christian's friendship when the best thing for it was for them to go their seperate ways. Still, I did like the last supper between most of the characters as well as Liz being made a partner in the business but for me, this was an extremely disappointing last ever episode.

Nine seasons in and it took Smallville this long to do an episode mostly based at a sci-fi convention? Ah well, it was mainly background anyways as well as another excuse to get Lois into a skimpy costume (like this show needs any) but it was also a good one for Chloe and the freak of the week who was a kid that became a superhero and then a monster as well. The stuff with Clark and Zatanna had more of a punch to it than the latter's previous appearance but overall, it's not the most engaging episode we've had this season.

I have to admit that I'm still mixed about The Vampire Diaries. It's enjoyable enough but I swear if I have to listen to Stefan wax lyrical about wanting to protect Elena, I'll start up a drinking game. Here's a tip - how about telling the girl that you're a vampire, Stefan and that your brother is nuts. Damon finally got a lot more interesting this week when he killed that jerk of a football coach, which was a nice way of showing us that he can be dangerous, rather than just implying it. Bonnie's still the best character on this show though and I want to learn more about her witchy ancestors more than I want see the Stefan/Elena/Damon triangle. Also the football related stuff in the episode held no interest for me.

The X Factor and it's hyperbole will be the source of media coverage for the next four months and one can only hope that a decent winner with a decent song can be picked this year. As first episodes went, Geri Halliwell really proved a lot, didn't she? She proved that a) citing that you're the one to discover Cheryl Cole does not make you interesting and b) that she can bloody talk. It also didn't help that her judging skills left nothing to be desired as well. I can only hope that Natalie Imbruglia, Pixie Lott, Nicole Scherzinger and Katy Perry are much better. As for some of the acts, if I never hear of Shirlena again, it won't be a moment too soon. As for the auto-tuning scandal, nothing surprises me anymore.

- John Glover will be reprising his role as Lionel Luthor in Smallville this year. Here's hoping that Michael Rosenbaum agrees to appear as well.
- True Blood's second season will air on Channel 4 from September 16th.
- James Remar will be appearing in the upcoming season of Private Practice. His character will have a connection with Pete.
- James Masters will be starring in a series for SyFy called Three Inches, playing Troy, a leader of unlikely superheroes. He's also in the 200th episode of Smallville.
- Jennifer Aniston will be appearing as a therapist in the second season of Cougar Town.

Monday, August 23, 2010

My Review of True Blood's 3x10: "I Smell A Rat"

Written by Kate Barnow And Elizabeth R. Finch
Directed by Michael Lehmann

Eric: “Do what you want; I won’t be around much longer anyway. I wish you the best, Sookie Stackhouse.”

And for those who have been frustrated that the majority of this season hasn’t been pandering to Sookie and Eric from a shipper perspective, this episode should make you happy and frustrated in equal measure. Eric Northman really does love Sookie Stackhouse but he’s got a terrible way of showing it.

I knew that as soon as Pam had told him to find a way of using Sookie due to Russell’s growing interest in the girl that Eric would resort to something reckless. Why the fuck couldn’t he just sit Sookie down and explain to her why Russell is so interested in her? It would’ve been a lot better than deciding to keep her prisoner in Fangtasia.

Also, in my eyes because of Eric’s actions, he’s every bit as bad as Bill if not worse in the matter. He loves Sookie but treats her like she’s something he’s got the right to imprison instead of actually trying to save himself in the process.

Russell’s not going to be won over if Eric handed Sookie to him on a platter right about now. The only way Russell won’t be a threat is if Eric mans up and just kills him already. Another thing that would have been better than keeping Sookie captive.

It’s annoying as well because Eric and Sookie do have an interesting chemistry. The blood bond and dreams aside, even I realise that there’s a part of Sookie that’s attracted to Eric of her own mind but Eric doesn’t make himself look like a very good choice when he treats Sookie in such a rotten manner to be honest.

The dream sequence and later, the very real kiss between Sookie and Eric wasn’t something I had been waiting for a long time to see. They were certainly highlights of the episode and while I understand Eric’s motive and genuinely believe that he doesn’t want to harm Sookie, it’s episodes like this that make it hard for me as a viewer to get behind an Eric/Sookie pairing.

Pam raised some good points about Eric making wills and being inactive and while her harsh words brought out the worst in Eric at the end, I did agree with her. Pam definitely cares for her maker a lot more than he seemed to care about his own survival at the start of the episode.

And then there’s the rivalry between Eric and Bill, which in this episode made the both of them come across as irritating assholes to the very end. I hate that Bill openly lied about Sophie-Anne’s motives and the extent of his own knowledge to Sookie on her fairy lineage but Eric’s actions at the end proved that he’s just as bad as Bill in that regard as well.

Also for some odd reason, it didn’t feel right that Bill was basically explaining to Sookie about who she was. I really felt that those scenes belonged to Claudine and if there was an episode that essentially needed her, it was this one. Claudine talked about protecting Sookie before, so now it’s about damn time we actually saw it onscreen for once.

When Sookie wasn’t getting an information dump on her family tree, wondering about Bill’s true feelings towards or being held prisoner, she had some interesting scenes with Jason and Tara. I loved that she finally copped onto the fact that Tara went through a horrid ordeal at the hands of Franklin and she was right to tell Jason to confess about shooting Eggs.

There was never going to be a good time for Tara to find out that Jason killed Eggs and while this was definitely one of the worst times to tell her, I’m still glad that she knew. I know it’s going to sour things between her and Jason after she tried to kiss him and praised him for saving her but Jason was genuinely trying to do the right thing and ease his conscience by telling her the truth about Eggs.

Tara fleeing was probably the only reaction she could’ve given at this point. She was tired and broken from everything else that had happened to her and judging by the preview for the next episode, it does look like Andy will bear a fair chunk of her anger. Whether or not Tara decides to send Jason to prison because of this will be an interesting thing. I hope she doesn’t though and at least gives Jason a chance to explain himself.

It’s amazing that Jason’s plot was more interesting this week but that’s because he worked better with his moments between Tara and Sookie than he has done with the Hotshot plot and Crystal. Also in a weird way, Crystal was actually a lot more interesting in this episode because she was largely kept away from Jason.

I felt bad for her when Calvin rejected her for not wanting to procreate with Felton and for him blaming her for Lafayette using V to save his pathetic existence but I was actually surprised that she revealed herself as a panther to Jason. After weeks of this plot going nowhere, it’s nice to actually get some bloody progression as well. Here’s hoping for Crystal’s sake that Jason doesn’t reject her after all.

Speaking of advance plotting, it’s typical that Russell’s on air slaughter of a news anchor gave slimy Steve Newlin further justification behind his anti-vampire stance and also furthered Arlene’s own bigotry as well. I know I should berate Jessica for slamming a pregnant woman in a corner but Arlene’s stupidity and downright selfishness never ceases to annoy me.

She finally plucked up the courage to tell Terry that the baby was Rene’s and when Terry insisted that he would love the child like his own, she decided to go to Holly to find a way to end her pregnancy. Was Arlene dropped on her head multiple times over as a kid or has the hot sun and hair dye sapped her brain because either way, her stupidity does defy logic at this point? I never liked Arlene all that much but I will hate her if she does get rid of the baby now.

As for Sam, I wasn’t expecting such a dark back-story but I am really interested given how well it’s being intertwined with his present day story. Past Sam didn’t mind pulling cons and killing the couple that screwed him over and present Sam is drinking himself into oblivion and seems on the verge of a major self-destruction, one that Tommy’s influence could end encouraging even more if Sam really takes any heed of his little brother.

I lost respect for Tommy in this episode anyways with his attempts to try it on with Jessica and attack Hoyt whilst in pit bull form. I absolutely loved Jessica tossing Tommy into the air and finally putting her doubts away and taking Hoyt back. It sure as hell took her long enough to do and there seemed to be a parallel with Jessica feeding Hoyt her own blood like Bill did with Sookie back in the first season.

Finally, Lafayette and Jesus are continuing to be a mixed couple for me. Great chemistry between the actors and I love that the V trip gave us some needed information on the fact that both Lafayette and Jesus each come with their own magical histories (which was more of a shocking than Sookie’s fairy lineage) but it doesn’t explain Jesus’s intentions towards Lafayette all that much either.

Also Russell had more of a low key appearance in this episode as well. All he did was pick up a prostitute that looked like Talbot, waxed lyrical about his dead husband and then impale the prostitute for his troubles. I guess I want the more commanding and scary Russell rather than the melancholy one in this episode.

Also in “I Smell A Rat”

We’ve gone from having no magical characters on this show to have three. As well as Lafayette and Jesus, Holly also mentioned to Sam that she was a Wiccan.

Sookie: “I’m a fairy? How fucking lame!”
Bill: “Fairy is one of the names.”

Sookie’s fairy lineage is seemingly consistent with the books – she’s intoxicating to vampires (who apparently have wiped out most of the fae kind) and it’s down to the fact that a fairy mated with a female relative. It’s gonna be Adelle, huh?

Sam: “What is this?”
Man: “This would be you getting screwed.”
Sam (to Woman): “Are you in on this?”

Sookie: “If my blood is so delicious, does that make your feelings for me based on ...”
Bill: “No! Oh, it definitely drew me to you at first but we grew into something much deeper. You must know that.”

The woman Sam was with looked very similar to Daphne and the flashbacks themselves took place in 2003.

Jessica (to Arlene): “Okay, we get it – you don’t like vampires. Well, I don’t like narrow minded, skinny bitches with bad dye jobs but at least I have the courtesy to keep my mouth shut about it, most of the time. I suggest you do the same.”

Lafayette (to Jesus): “Yesterday morning you made coffee. I thought today we’d graduate to juice and pancakes.”

Jesus’s grandfather was into the dark arts and we learned that Lafayette’s great grandmother was a conjurer.

Sookie: “Will your blood ever wear off? I’m tired of dreaming about you.”
Eric: “It’s not just the blood. You know you have feelings for me.”
Sookie: “Eww.”

Jason: “Tara, you know I ain’t that deep.”
Tara: “For some reason you like pretending that you’re too dumb to know better, do better.”

Jason got angry with Bill and rescinded his invitation during this episode. Hoyt also dumped Summer before declaring his feelings for Jessica again and Pam’s full name is Pamela Swynford de Beaufort.

Sookie: “What do you mean you’re not gonna be around much longer?”
Eric: “Don’t pretend you care about me, this is about Bill. Deep down you know you shouldn’t trust him.”

Jessica: “Hoyt, I love you too, now drink my blood.”

Standout music: Patty Griffin’s “I Smell A Rat”.

Russell (to Tony): “Talbot, you saved me from the world, from myself. I was a fool to trust him and I’m more sorry than I ever could say.”

Chronology: From where Sookie and Bill left off in “Everything Is Broken”.

“I Smell A Rat” isn’t one of the stronger episodes of the season but there’s enough ticking over to keep the hour moving at a nice pace. It’s also nice to see weaker plots such as Sam’s and the Hotshot stuff gather pace as well.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

Glee - Oops, She's Appearing In This One Too

It's been hyped for a while that Britney Spears would be making an appearance in the second season of Glee and here she is reenacting her hit with Madonna. Well, dippy cheerleader, Brittany (Heather Morrison).

Britney is one of a couple of themed episode viewers can expect in the upcoming season of Glee. There's also episodes dedicated to George Michael and Rocky Horror Picture Show and with the second season rumouring to feature the likes of Leona Lewis, a new Christian character, boyfriend for Kurt and a love triangle between Will, Emma and the latter's dentist, there's also the hint that Santana and Brittany may have a thing as well. Irish viewers are supposed to be getting it at the same time as US viewers but whether or not, Season 2 lives up to it's first year remains to be seen.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Review of Dexter's 4x01: "Living The Dream"

Written by Clyde Philips
Directed by Marcos Siega

Dexter (to Harrison): “Wanna know a secret? Daddy kills people, well, bad people. Not really anyone else I can tell about that. Daddy’s not going anywhere, buddy. I already lost my innocence, I’m not gonna sacrifice yours.”

Why the hell did it take FXUK to air this season? The last time this show was on TV, it was over a year and I’ve been reviewing many a thing since then. In terms of opening episodes, this actually delivered a lot more than I bargained for to be honest.

Where do I start first? Probably best to discuss the fact that Dexter’s now a father officially on the show. He’s been a pretty good parental figure for Cody and Astor and now with Harrison in his and Rita’s lives, he’s determined to be a good father at any cost and unfortunately if this episode is anything to go, it shows that even someone as meticulous as Dexter is going to have a hard time coping with things.

The fact that he brought the wrong evidence to a court case put him in an awkward position with Quinn and managed to ensure that Benito Gomez walked free. In spite of the fact that the writers seem determined to make me dislike Quinn, I had to admit I understood why he got so mad when Dexter dropped the ball the way he did.

Being a good father seems more important to Dexter than it would be in the past because while he’s forgiven Harry, there’s always the lingering impression that Dexter doesn’t want to fail Harrison in the same way that he felt Harry failed him. It’s an admirable trait and there’s certainly a lot to behold with Dexter’s efforts.

Despite being incredible tired, he took his son on a drive to try and settle him down, seems to be responsible for getting up during the nights when Harrison cries and even had to hurry up killing Benito so he could go and get milk for his kids. Who needs bad boy vampires when you have a serial killer that you could actually leave alone with your kids in the shape and form of Dexter?

That being said, I got kind of annoyed that Rita wasn’t making more of an effort with Harrison though. I know she’s a stay at home parent and seemingly happy to keep in with her neighbours but her phoning during his legal work to settle Harrison was a bit on the annoying side. It’s been noted by other people that the writing for Rita has taken something of a hit and I have to admit that I see it here to be honest.

It’s a shame because I do like her and Dexter as a couple and I get that looking after a baby is hard work but it did seem like Rita should’ve picked up on Dexter being exhausted and maybe given him a chance to rest at least once during the opening episode.

As for the crash at the end of the episode, I actually didn’t see that coming until the cryptic visions of Harry emerged. Undoubtedly Dexter will probably be fine but the fact that he had severed pieces of Benito in plastic bags in his trunk is going to cause him a lot of problems when the police and ambulances come to his aid. That’s what happens when you don’t get a decent sleep.

And the thing about this episode was that Dexter’s problems kept amplifying. After the Skinner proving to be a disappointing foe last year, it seems that the Trinity killer is someone that won’t disappoint. John Lithgow pretty much scared the shit out of me in the space of three minutes in one episode compared to the Skinner in twelve episodes.

Trinity is definitely an interesting menace in the way that he sets up the scene and picked his victims. The part where he even got in the bath with them was the first time upon watching this show that I had to turn away at different points because it really freaked me out. His fastidiousness is also something that Dexter seemed to envy as well. It looks like Dexter has a worthy opponent in his corner.

With the Trinity killer however came the return of Lundy. Keith Carradine was one of many brilliant things about the show’s second season, so having him back was worth it just for both Dexter and Deb’s reactions alone. I detected an air of suspicion between Dexter and Lundy but regardless of that, Lundy did seem to want Dexter in on trying to track down the Trinity killer and those two as a team up could be a lot of fun to be honest.

Deb’s reaction to Lundy spoke a lot of volumes as well. Her relationship with Anton is sweet but because of her promotion, there’s the likelihood that the two of them may end up going their seperate ways. I don’t actually want Deb and Anton to break up but the show does seem to have an inability for Deb to stay in a nice relationship for long and Lundy’s return will definitely complicate things for her and Anton, to put it mildly.

Speaking of complicated, Angel’s also gotten himself involved with Maria of all people and while it’s rather leftfield, there’s a nice enough rapport between David Zayas and Lauren Velez to make it work perhaps. I also get why Angel and Maria are keen to keep their romance under wraps but with Masuka around, I bet it’ll get exposed way before the halfway point of the season.

As for Quinn’s potential romance with Christine the journalist, I don’t see that particularly ending well either. Last year because of his own incompetence, Yuki nearly had him and this year, I have a feeling that getting involved with Christine could also be a career threat as well.

Also in “Living The Dream”

Desmond Harrington who plays Quinn has been made a regular cast member and John Lithgow is a special guest on the series.

Dexter: “Alright, Harrison, the driving thing didn’t work, the singing thing didn’t work. Are you planning on both of us not sleeping for the next three months? Apparently so.”

It’s a bit of a copout that we didn’t get to see Rita actually giving birth but maybe it’s a good thing at the same to just cut into Dexter being a hands on father from the first episode.

Deb: “You screwed up?”
Dexter: “Big time.”
Deb: “Should I be worried?”
Dexter: “No, I’ll be okay.”

Dexter: “Quinn’s a good cop, I need a good kill and sometimes, one just falls into your lap.”

There was a new cop in the station as well during the discussion of the tourist kills and through him, we found that Angel and Barbara have broken up.

Dexter: “I’m going home to my family.”
Masuka: “Vastly overrated.”

Cody: “When I grow up, I wanna be just like you. Do what I want when I want.”
Dexter: “You and me both.”

Astor seems to have gotten into that annoying phase of trying to rebel against Rita over an iPod, which was something I could’ve done without in this episode.

Lundy: “Dexter, how’s my favourite blood spatter analyst?”
Dexter: “Uh great, how’s my favourite serial killer hunter?”

Suzanne: “Harry always said the only word that wasn’t in his vocabulary was no.”
Deb: “Did you say no to him?”
Suzanne: “Dear, I said yes to him all the time. Shit, hundreds of times. The only problem was ...”

Nice to see that Deb was making an effort into investigating all of Harry’s informants but I was nearly screaming at the screen for her to pick up the Laura Moser file.

Dexter: “The perfect husband would’ve gotten rid of his old apartment but I kill people. Not exactly the perfect husband.”

Cop: “Do you know your ABC’s?”
Dexter: “Course I do.”
Cop: “Then give them to me backwards.”

Trinity naturally kills in three and according to Lundy and Dexter; he’s also the most successful serial killer to have gotten away with murder. Dexter couldn’t help but look impressed at one point.

Lundy: “Hello Debra.”
Deb: “Motherfucking fuck.”
Lundy: “Nice to see you too.”

Dexter (re Harrison): “If I want to be around for my son, I have to do this right. I’m killing for two now.”

Chronology: Not specified but I remember reading that it was supposed to be six months from where “Do You Take Dexter Morgan?” left off.

Solid opening episode, “Living The Dream” definitely made a point of emphasising that you really can’t have it all but if there’s one person determined enough to beat the odds, it’ll be Dexter of course.

Rating: 9 out of 10.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Big Brother 11 - The Final Five

Okay so last night's episode finally saw John James, Corin, Sam and Steve all get evicted and we finally have our final five who each all stand a chance of being a part of Tuesday's Ultimate Big Brother. My thoughts on the remaining housemates left.

Mario Mugan: I was really surprised and pleased to see that he didn't get evicted last night but what was up with the booing he generated in BBBM? Come on, Mario's had moments where he can be a little petulant but he's been one of the nicer housemates this year and it would be rather ironic if he won it, considering how much of a fan of the show he is and the fact that two months on, people still refer to him as the Mole.

Josie Gibson: I've liked her more this week than I have in the last few months. She's stood up to John James over Corin and is actually a better person without him around her. Plus it does seem blatantly obvious that the producers want her to win. I don't really care if she does but I'd like to see Mario bag it.

Andrew Edmonds: I like Andrew, he's been a mostly entertaining enough housemate and we do need a geek in the mix, even if it's one lusting after Josie as well. I don't think he'll win it though but he does seem to be liked by everyone else in the house.

JJ Bird: Probably the only one left in the house that teen girls fancy but he's been in that house over a month and hasn't done anything memorable. Being the sidekick of John James might keep you from being evicted but it certainly doesn't make him interesting. Then again, he might surprise me in the next few days.

Dave Vaughan: How the hell did he not kicked out of this last night? Dave still being on this show defies logic. Maybe the Christian vote kept him in but if he does win this, then this will be the worst victory ever.

As for the rest, I was glad to see the back of John James, disappointed that both Sam and Corin had to leave but wasn't bothered about Steve's departure.

The Final and Ultimate Big Brother air Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Doctor Who/TSJA: Christmas 2010 Pic And Book Cover

Following Matt Smith and Karen Gillan presenting The One Show tonight, an exclusive picture of the 2010 Christmas special appeared for all of 5 seconds. And apart from Karen letting slip that Rory was in it (I should bloody hope so), the only other information that has been released has been casting, thanks to DWM 425. Guest stars for the special include Michael Gambon, Katherine Jenkins, Pooky Quesnel, Leo Bill, Micah Balfour, Baily Pepper and Danny Horn in all undisclosed roles.

Meanwhile The Sarah Jane Adventures continues their book range and it seems that Gary Russell has adaped RTD's upcoming story, Death Of The Doctor featuring Matt Smith's 11th Doctor and Katy Manning as Jo Grant. Pity Jo isn't on the cover too and it's nice to see that 11 is wearing a white shirt and a grey/black bowtie. So looking forward to this particular story.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Death Does Not Become Him

I know I'm late and I apologise but here's my highlights. More to come on Sunday.

Blimey, it's been a mixed few days in the Big Brother house. The house being flooded could be intepreted as a sign that maybe this show should end all the more or it could've been bad workmanship as well, which is the likelier option. Other highlights in the last few day? I'm not gonna say Jo's eviction but I will say that there's a certain glee in seeing virtually everyone in the last few days take John James to task over his treatment of everyone (particularly Corin) and the set of pointless tasks in yesterday's highlights with Sam as a butler and John James becoming crab eyes. I'm also liking that Mario and Corin seem to be getting some actual airtime as well as Josie being a lot more likeable than she has been for weeks. I won't be sad to see this series end but I do hope that John James and Dave are amongst the four gone by tomorrow night.
Now, that was a finale. Misfits has been brilliant to catch up on over the last six weeks and while it's a shame that Sally met her end and everyone else is seemingly none the wiser (except maybe Kelly), the episode had a lot of fun with a purity girl wanting to talk the hedonism out of everyone and pretty much did with Kelly, Alisha and Curtis. I liked that Nathan was the one who resisted it, even if it meant that he had to die, only to wake up in his own coffin. Images like that never stop being scary and I certainly didn't envy Robert Sheehan having to film that. The first season has been a lot of fun and I'm certainly going to be tuning into a second season when E4 airs it later on. Oh and Simon keeping Sally's dead body as a playmate really does prove how creepy that kid is.

The Good Wife has been something that I've been watching on and off for most of the year and has been pretty good. Hardly a series that can be accused of reinventing the wheel but the characters have been well formed, likeable and the plots mostly interesting. Plus the guest stars over the last few weeks, notably Carrie Preston and Alan Cumming have been enjoyable enough, especially as the latter's Gold character served as a reasonable thorn in Alicia's side. The finale seemed to further the Alicia and Will arc that's been dominent with the second of the season, furthered Kalinda's sexuality and also had Amy Acker playing the wife of a man killed because he was about to expose corrupt cops. I'll definitely keep with the series.

Out of the shows I'm highlighting in this blog, why does Mistresses have to be so gloomy? I get that it's probably wise to show the consequences of adultery but even in the first two series we got to see some of the characters have actual fun. With this final series, that's not been happening. Katie can't seem to tolerate her mother, showed anger when she learned her father was a cheat and even snogged Richard. How does Richard pull both Katie and Trudi when he's so bloody boring? Watching him whine and moan about Trudi not wanting to sell her business was a source of tedium and a part of me cheered that she actually got closer to her new business partner as well. As for Siobhan and Jessica, between engaged exes and unwilling to work to get out of debt hubbies, neither of them are having much fun either.

Good news people - Ugly Betty's fourth and final season is finally airing but the stinker is that it's been relegated to E4 and T4 screenings only. It's a shame because I've already seen most of the last year months ago and it's actually very good in places - Season 1 good even. The first two episodes aren't the series best but they did have some high points. Betty trying to settle into her new position was one of them, Daniel trying to get a new assistant was another and of course, the hints that the writers are also going to finally address Justin's sexuality as well. The next 18 episodes are going to be interesting.

- Andrea Bowen will be appearing in Desperate Housewives in the future as well as Joy Lauren, reprising her role as Danielle Katz.
- Anna Gunn has signed up for a guest role in the new season of Lie To Me.
- Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer have posed naked/covered in bood for an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Alan Ball has also mentioned that Hallow (a necromancer/were/medium/witch) will be the main villain for Season 4 of True Blood. The role has yet to be cast.
- An episode of Smallville will force Lois and Clark together in the future.
- Nurse Jackie actor Guillermo Diaz has been cast in an upcoming episode of new ABC series, No Ordinary Family. He'll guest star as Detective Cordero.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

True Blood Gets Racy For Rolling Stone

Like this show isn't raunchy enough, now three of the main actors are getting their bits out for Rolling Stone magazine.

Alexander Skargard, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have bared plenty in three seasons worth of True Blood, so maybe it's not a shock that they do it for a magazine. It's also a hearthy reminder of how influential this show is becoming as well.

The Rolling Stone issue is out on September 2nd and there are some interesting bits from the actors and creator Alan Ball. Here's hoping for some hints for the fourth season as well.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Review of True Blood's 3x09: "Everything Is Broken"

Written by Alexander Woo
Directed by Scott Winant

Russell: “Why would we seek equal rights? You are not our equals. We will eat you after we eat your children. Now time for the weather ... Tiffany?”

I hate joining bandwagons but if Denis O’Hare does not at least get an Emmy nomination next year for the role of Russell Edgington, then there is something seriously wrong with that system. Russell has been single handed the best villain on this show and the last three episodes of this season can only further that belief.

Why does Russell work so well, even above the likes of Rene Lerner, Maryann Forrester and the Fellowship Of The Sun? A lot of it is down to Denis O’Hare. He clearly relishes playing the bad guy in spite of mentioning recently that he hopes that he won’t get typecast and he practically has chemistry with every actor he’s worked with so far this season. He’s even made some of them up their game in some respects as well.

More than that, Russell is the first vampire on the show that has posed a danger on a massive scale. He’s not happy with draining a few people and unlike lower vampires; he also won’t content himself with sitting back in disgust over the idea of vampires becoming more socially acceptable to the human race.

Russell doesn’t seem to view anything outside of vampires as being equal. He openly expressed a few weeks ago that werewolves were no better than pets and his contempt for human dominance accelerated in this episode. The only difference was that this time around, Russell moved past the talking part and actually did something about it.

If Nan Flanagan and the Authority were hoping to keep Russell’s rogue activities on the down low, then they should’ve made more proactive measures into capturing him. Instead they focused their energies on trying to punish, scapegoat and berate Eric that Russell was able to take the most hostile action on television – human death.

I have to admit to flinching a little when Russell ripped out that news anchor’s spine out and the goriness didn’t stop there. Russell was happy to hold on to the spine while he told the whole human race that he intended to eat them and their children because vampires were the superior race. The best thing you can say about Russell is that he doesn’t mince his words.

The worst thing however is that his actions have given ammunition to every single vampire/supernatural hating fanatic out there. If Nan and the Authority thought their work was hard before, then I can’t wait to see what type of damage control they’re gonna have to pull in order to stop this one.

As for Russell actually succeeding in his vow to basically annihilate the human race, realistically, it ain’t gonna work. Sure, he’ll manage to slaughter/turn a few of them (even influential ones too) but truthfully, he’s living on borrowed time and he knows it. If Nan and the Authority don’t kill him, then maybe Eric will get lucky and do it. If so, Russell’s gonna be the first villain on this show to die that I will miss.

As for his reaction to Talbot’s death, I veered between actually feeling bad for him (how messed up is that?) and then finding myself snickering as he carried a glass urn of Talbot’s gooey remains around the place. However I still have that horrid piece of fear that Russell might try and settle the score with Eric by targeting either Pam or Sookie as a result of Talbot being killed.

With the surprising lack of Pam in the previous episode, this one actually made up for it in a way. Both she and Eric were forced into a lockdown thanks to Nan’s orders and there was also a wonderful exchange between the two of them. The fact that Eric wants Pam to make a vampire makes actual sense – he genuinely believes that Russell could kill him. More to the point, we are due a proper look into Pam’s backstory and it’s time that this season delivered on that note.

Speaking of delivering, the writers aren’t being particularly subtle over the fact that Sookie has fairy lineage. Much as I liked the reappearance of Claudine in this episode, I really hope that she actually comes into our world as well. Her presumption that Bill might have killed Sookie when he entered the fairy world was pretty fair, even if the reason for his entry was because he had ingested enough of Sookie’s blood to make it possible. Fairies don’t seem to have a particularly liking for vampires and Claudine herself seemed unsure of Bill.

At least until the moment where he actually managed to talk to her into telling him what Sookie happened to be. It’s nice that Bill got that information but he better do the right thing and enlighten Sookie as well. The fact that he lied about his reasons for compiling a dossier on her though was a major no-no. As if he’s going to be able to maintain, especially when Eric has been waiting and contriving to split Bill and Sookie up.

The post sex stuff with Bill and Sookie wasn’t that bad really. I know some fans viewed a certain scene between them as something that should’ve been with another vampire but I honestly didn’t care all that much to be honest. Though I did laugh when Sookie expressed that she would like not to have to be getting of corpses in her house.

However the best Sookie related stuff in this episode was with Hadley. I like that Hadley is seemingly getting more fleshed out as a character and I’m also willing to believe that she’s genuinely remorseful with ratting Sookie’s abilities to Sophie-Anne but it feels like all their scenes in this episode should’ve featured Jason in them as well.

The introduction of Hunter was a surprise move. I’m still getting used to reading him in the more recent of books but I did like the breezy way it was confirmed that Hunter was telepathic as well. Much as taking her child away from his father is wrong, I actually do side with Hadley wanting to protect him. It actually makes me admire her a little as well.

Hadley wasn’t the only mother with child issues in this episode as well. Even though I generally cannot stand Arlene, I really felt bad for her when she opened up to Holly about her fears of bringing an evil child into the world. Would this show really go there and actually be all Rosemary’s Baby on us? I think I’d almost prefer it to new pal/waitress Holly helping Arlene into aborting the baby. Terry could forgive Arlene for carrying another man’s child and lying about it but I don’t think he could forgive Arlene having an abortion.

As for Holly, if she’s not getting involved in Arlene’s baby problems, she’s also being there for Tara. The fact that Holly was a rape victim took me by surprise but it was nice that by sharing her story that there was something of a positive effect with Tara in the process. I loved that even though Tara wasn’t the one who staked Franklin (hello Jason and your wooden bullets), she still managed to stand up to the scary fecker before he became goo. Franklin’s been one of the most successful characters we’ve had this season but personally, I’m glad that he’s out of Tara’s life now.

In terms of least successful characters, I am growing impatient with this Hotshot crew more and more. Even Crystal is losing massive sympathy points with the way she kept playing both Jason and Felton off each other and while I could understand her distraught after Sam kicked the shit out of Calvin, I just wish they would forward the plot with her inbred family already.

Also in “Everything Is Broken”

How come we haven’t seen Sophie-Anne in the last two episodes? Given that she’s basically being kept against her will, it’s a little odd seeing as Hadley has come and gone twice.

Sookie: “Normal couples do not do this, Bill Compton.”
Bill: “I thought you’d given up on being like normal couples?”

I don’t really want to bash Bill here but why didn’t he check up on Jessica to see if she was alright? This maker thing really doesn’t come naturally to him, does it?

Jesus: “What is it this time?”
Lafayette: “I guess you can stay.”
Jesus: “Good answer.”

Jason: “Could you not make me a rapist?”
Crystal: “I’m sorry. It was the best I could think of.”

Jesus discussed jaguar tattoos in this episode, which is making think that he’s into or involved with either magic or shifters. Ruby Jean also made more allusions to Lafayette and power as well.

Eric (to Nan): “With all respect, I did not report Russell Edgington to you because I want him to die at my own hands and I have waited a thousand years for this.”

Andy: “I’ve got ulcers so big, coffee’s coming out of my belly button.”
Jason: “Is that even possible?”

Why was Andy keeping all that V in his desk? Don’t tell me he’s going to be the next person on this show to get hooked on the stuff? At this point, Arlene and Terry will be the only regulars that haven’t tried it.

Sookie: “You don’t have to be scared. Your momma loves you very much.”
Hunter: “Momma’s real scared too. Momma’s more scared than me.”

Arlene (to Holly): “I’ve got a time bomb inside me. Six and a half months left fooling myself and everybody else before the best man I’ve ever let through my door gets blown to smithereens. How am I supposed to live with that?”

Tommy was a prick to both Arlene and Sam in this episode and I hated that Sam might have attacked Calvin because Tommy cited him as a pushover. I also hate Hoyt being with Summer after admitting to Jessica that he can’t stand her.

Claudine: “You killed Sookie.”
Bill: “I haven’t.”
Claudine: “You’ve taken her blood. I can see it in you.”

Pam: “We’ve been through so much, so long. It can’t end this quickly.”
Eric: “Everything ends, even the immortal.”

Eric mentioned being a Virgo in this episode and Pam talked about with him for a 100 years. Claudine also indicated that she’s protected Sookie from past dangers as well.

Jesus: “A visit from the chef? Wow, it’s my lucky day.”
Lafayette: “I wanted to meet the sick fuck who ordered a veggie burger with bacon.”

Jessica (re Summer): “Does she at least make you happy?”
Hoyt: “I hate her. I fucking hate her.”

Franklin: “Why do you wanna die so much? Why do you want me to kill you?”
Tara: “Because the second I’m gone, I’m rid of you forever. I’ll be free and you’ll have nothing.”

Standout music: Bob Dylan’s “Everything Is Broken” and Los Infernos “Dead And Gone”.

Russell: “In the end we are nothing like you. We are immortal because we drink the true blood. Blood that is organic, living and human.”

Chronology: From where “Night On The Sun” left off.

Another stunning episode. “Everything Is Broken” might not be doing much to ignite that Hotshot plot but it’s certainly upping the ante with Russell’s machinations, Sookie’s origins, Lafayette’s new relationship and even moments with Tara and Sam help make this episode a classic one.

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Rex Is Not Your Lawyer - Exclusive Clip

And for those of you who want to see something from that abandoned/failed pilot that David Tennant did last year, a clip of Rex Is Not Your Lawyer has made it online in the last few days. I ain't gonna lie, I wasn't exactly sad to hear that NBC refused to pick this one up and after the clip, I'm still feeling that way. David, you dodged a bullet there and yeah, the US accent wasn't your best.

RINYL Clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4cqRsvu9t0

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The She Devil Returns

The only other time I'll discuss this show and you've got to wonder about the power of same sex snogging for sweeps episodes in America. Except isn't it usually a heterosexual female character making out with another girl for ratings? Oddly, Gossip Girl decided to have the avowedly straight Chuck Bass make out with a guy in order to benefit Blair's insane attempts to become queen bee at university. Okay, the snog scene is pretty brief and there was interesting moment where Chuck alluded to the fact that he's had some past experience with men but given that Ed Westwick seems to whisper everything he says, it took me a while to make it out. As for the rest of the episode, I'm sure something happened but it wasn't interesting enough for me to pay attention to it.
After last week's triumphant first part of the Justice League saga, I thought Smallville was on fire in spite of the icy villain we got here. The second part was actually as solid as the previous one and I'm liking the plot involving Checkmate and Pam Grier's Amanda Waller. We've been lacking a decent villainess for a while now and Wallers has the potential to be a lethal force as well and it's nice that the ninth season isn't solely relying on Zod for obstacles with Clark stepping up to the hero template. However, I wasn't remotely shocked to see Tess being a part of Checkmate, though at this rate she's still veering between good and evil without picking a side. Also if Doctor Fate's words are anything to go by, can we hope that a) Lex isn't dead and b) that Michael Rosenbaum at some point will reappear in the series?

As Nip/Tuck continues to reach the end (last episode in two days, people), it seems that returning Ava is the way to go. Since Teddy met her end with a serial killer, the sixth season hasn't had any villains and Ava's probably the biggest success story the show's had on that front. Famke Janssen has barely changed that much since her last appearance and Ava certainly can tug all the strings going. She nearly got Sean to operate on her disease laden baby and even managed to manipulate Matt into bed and away from his own wedding. I do hope that she's more interesting in the last episode as well. As for Julia, um, yawn. I hated watching both Sean and Christian professing their love for her because she was getting married. At least she had the sense to tell them where to go on that one.

Okay, I am giving The Vampire Diaries a reasonable chance here but I am still being fairly hot and cold with it. Neither Damon nor Stefan are emerging as anything beyond caricatures and no offence to Ian Somerhalder, but I just don't find him remotely threatening/dangerous as Damon and the voice over stuff with Stefan and Elena was something I could've done without. Luckily though, there's a lot I do like. Elena's brother isn't that bad, Aunt Jenny is actually more likeable than expected, Bonnie's the most interesting character on the show, Matt's sympathetic and rightly suspicious of Stefan and the ending with Damon biting into Caroline was pretty effective. Still not a threat to True Blood however.

- Denis O'Hare has revealed that Russell will revert to Pagan way in the final four episodes of True Blood but that his storyline will not be wrapped up. Expect to see him next season then.
- David Tennant's abandoned pilot, Rex Is Not Your Lawyer has had a clip of it leaked online. I'll reveal it in the next blog.
- Greg Berlanti has revealed that his new series, No Ordinary Family will feature gay characters in it. The series debuts on ABC in September.
- Five actors have already been cast for Alan Ball's new pilot for HBO, All Signs Of Death, based on the novel by Charles Hueston. These include Mercedes Masohn, Ron Yuan, Jeremy Ray Valdez, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali and and Kelsey Ford as well as previously casted Ben Whishaw and Clayne Crawford.
- ABC are developing their own version of Spooks. Given that they fucked up Life On Mars, you have wonder why they'd bother.

Tuesday, I'll cover Big Brother, Misfits, Mistresses, The Good Wife and Ugly Betty.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ultimate Big Brother - Who Goes In You Decide

On August 24th, five of the regular housemates will be stuck in the house with a few contestants from both the civilian and celebrity versions of previous Big Brother seasons. Here's a list of the people who we might get subjected to again. Interesting to see that years 4, 6 and 9 aren't on that list as well as the people already booted from 11.

Michelle Bass (BB5): Blonde bunny boiler with a creepy use for the word, 'chicken'. Let's not, eh?
Brian Belo (BB8): Winner of his series, so does he really need to go back in? I suppose he was alright.
Siavash Sabbaghpour (BB10): I literally do not remember this guy. That can't be good, right?
Craig Philips (BB1): First ever winner and one of the more likeable people, so I wouldn't mind seeing him in there.
Alex Sibley (BB3): Bit of a neat freak but wasn't that exciting, was he?
Dane Bowers (CBB): This guy will just appear on anything, won't he?
Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace (BB7): One of my faves from the 7th series, so hopefully we see her in it. Plus Alan Carr's skits of her are funny.
Brian Dowling (BB2): He's barely off the telly. Last seen on an Irish reality show about a salon. Could see him in this.
Nikki Grahame (BB7): She got booted out twice during BB7 because she was a shouty bint but she'll draw viewers, even ones who can't tolerate her. Though it could be nice to see her or Charley tear John James down to size.
Nadia Almada (BB5): She's allegedly doing a song for Eurovision next year so if she doesn't sing on the show, then maybe.
Pete Bennett (BB7): Another winner from the series? Not sure to be honest.
Charley Uchea (BB8): See Nikki Grahame.
Nick Bateman (BB1): A villain, that's what we need. If Nick were actually interesting, that is.
Chantelle Houghton (CBB): Erm, no.
John McCririck (CBB): Again, no. If I have to see him in his undercrackers again, I'm suing Endemol and Channel 4.

Either way, regardless of who actually wins the series, the important thing is that it's coming to an end folks. That's probably the biggest victory of them all.

First Look: Skins US

So, a US version of Skins on MTV has been discussed for a while now and it seems that we finally have a cast for it.

I've been trying to find out who these guys are but nowhere seems to be disclosing it. On the plus, at least they've cast actual teenagers for the roles. For the first season, it'll be based on the characters, Tony, Michelle, Sid, Cassie, Jal, Chris, Anwar, Effy and Tea.

Sorry boys but there's no Maxxie in this one. Instead, we get a lesbian cheerleader named Tea (played by Sofia Black D'Elia) who takes the guys out on a Big Lesbian Night out in the opening episode and is supposed to be a match for Tony.

I'm actually not that bothered with Maxxie getting the boot (though I do hope a gay male surfaces at some point) and if Bryan Elsley can actually keep this show from not straying into the similar bland territory of MTV's reality fodders, this might actually be a decent version of the UK series. According to Elsley, the writing staff contains a fair chunk of young women and gay men.

Skins US debuts on MTV from 2011 and with Series 5 of the UK version of the series, we'll certainly be spoiled for choice.

Bryan Elsley/Sophia Black D'Elia Interview: http://www.afterellen.com/tv/2010/08/sofia-black-delia-and-bryan-elsley-tell-us-why-you-should-give-us-skins-a-chance