Thursday, February 28, 2013

Soap Discussion - February 2013

Last post for the blog and it's a soap one ...

Coronation Street: While the show might have been in the papers for worse reasons this month, at least the quality of the programme seems to be in a decent place. Tyrone and Fiz's plan to run off mightn't have gone to plan but at least the outcome of the former's storyline with Kirsty will reach it's conclusion within the next month. More pressing was the show giving Gail yet another reason to get on her high horse of Nick and Kylie and while Gloria continues to be an unlikeable character, the brief appearance of Timothy West as her ill fated lover, Eric was fairly entertaining. The less said about bratty Faye though the better.

EastEnders: Is Alfie Moon really the sort of fella that two women like Kat and Roxy end up scrapping over? Are any of the men in Walford really worth fighting for? This seems to be a theme this month with Zainab and Ayesha over Masood (and both of them left) and Tanya and Kirsty over Max as well. Maybe I'm missing something here. On a creepier note, I knew Phil's attachment to Lexi would go and take a sinister turn and his attempts to sabotage Lola's attempts of being a mum are stretching my patience. I know this show and realism don't go hand in hand but every once in a while it would be nice if the writers at least attempted it.

Emmerdale: The show is getting better, especially given the Edna and Brenda storylines but it does seem like the writers are struggling a bit with Cain and Moira as a couple and I'm not sure if we really needed to have Charity sleeping with Declan but then again, soaps don't like to have couples actually communicate their problems and come up with solutions to both character's actual marriages to Jai and Katie. Still, it's better than Debbie's continuous obnoxious behaviour or Belle's timely teen rebellion.

Hollyoaks: I know I'm going to be unpopular for saying this but I can't actually wait for Brendan to leave. Although there were times this month where I felt bad for him (Kevin's recent claim being one of them), his stories in general have exhausted and tested my patience and when his relationship with Ste isn't going around in circles, then Walker's scheming and Seamus's skulking around has also continued to bore me. On the plus side, Mitzeee got a decent if rushed exit, the consequences of Esther's bullying saga have been dished out and the Osbournes financial woes haven't been too tiresome to watch and I kind of like John Paul and Doug as mates/friends with benefits. Now can we please find out what happened between Jacqui and Trudy before the former leaves next month?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In The Flesh - Zombies Come To BBC3

With Being Human nearing towards it's end, it's nice to see that supernatural type of television isn't going to be entirely nonexistent on BBC3 as we've got a new series coming up called In The Flesh ...

The three part series focuses on a young man named Kieren Walker (Luke Newberry), a sufferer of partially deceased syndrome or a zombie, who is then having to be reintegrated into society along with fellow sufferers such as Amy (Emily Bevan), Rick (David Walmsley) and his sister Jem (Harriet Cains). However, while their condition can be managed with certain drugs, it does seem that not everyone in the community is welcoming of zombies as a group have made it their mission to take a stand from the partially deceased.

Having watched the trailer, I have to admit that I'm quite impressed with the series. Created by first time writer, Dominic Mitchell, it does seem that In The Flesh, if it's given a chance to shine could be a worthy successor to Being Human and will hopefully avoid the same fate that befell The Fades. In terms of reviewing the series, I might just give it a go, depending on my reaction to the first episode but it will definitely get mentioned in this blog again.

Press Release:

In The Flesh will air Sundays at 10pm on BBC3 from March 17th.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Musketeers - Cast Announced

Although The Musketeers will not be airing until 2014, it seems that the BBC finally announced who the main cast for this 10 part series will be and it's a familiar bunch of actors.

Former Skins actor Luke Pasqualino will be playing the role of D'Artagnan. The 23 year old who has also appeared in a Battlestar Galactica prequel and guest starred in The Borgias has bagged the one of the leading role in the upcoming BBC series created by former Primeval runner Adrian Hodges. Of course, he's not the only familiar actor in the mix.

Santiago Cabrera, best known for his roles in Heroes and Merlin as well as a recent guest appearance on Dexter will be playing the role of Aramis, which hopefully for the actor will not be as short lived as some of the roles he's done in the past but it's nice to see him attached to another BBC show.

Tom Burke meanwhile has been cast in the role of Athos. The actor is mainly for the recent cancelled BBC2 drama, The Hour but I'm sure by this time next year he'll be more known for this upcoming role and then there's the casting of ...

Howard Charles in the role of Porthos. I think this might be the actor's first television role as his credits mainly seem to be theatre based but again by this time next year, he'll definitely be a well known face to the UK public and I trust all four of these actors together are going to be an interesting bunch of Musketeers.

Last but definitely by no means least, The Thick Of It's Peter Capaldi has been cast as the shadowy Cardinal Richlieu in the "fresh and contemporary take" on Alexandre Dumas's classic novel. Other cast members announced include Tamla Kari (Cuckoo), Maimie McCoy (Wallander), and Hugo Speer (Bedlam). With both this and the upcoming Atlantis, it really does look like the BBC are doing their best to maintain their current interest in genre television. I definitely will be watching this show when it airs next year.

Press Release:

The Musketeers will air on BBC1 in 2014.

Monday, February 25, 2013

My Review of Being Human's 5x04: "The Greater Good"

Written by John Jackson
Directed by Daniel O’Hara

Hal (to Crumb, re Lord Harry): “He was here, wasn’t he? Every day he’s getting nearer, like a tidal wave. It’s not long now. He’s going to destroy everything.”

Oh dear. Reading the reactions online from Hal’s little moment when tied to a chair about his evil side coming through to Crumb has definitely been interesting. It seems that we’ve got the debate as to whether or not Lord Harry is resurfacing because vampires genuinely cannot change or because of Captain Hatch’s growing presence in the Barry Grand Hotel but either way, it’s an interesting point of discussion.

Changing Crumb into a vampire proved that Hal has been on a slippery slope for a while and with killing Larry last week and ending this episode by drinking from the flask that Mr Rook had given him back at the start of the series, it does seem like Lord Harry really isn’t that far behind.

As interesting as I find the prospect of seeing Lord Harry in full action and as brilliant as Damien Molony was during that scene in the basement with Crumb, a part of me is really hoping that somehow, Hal can actually beat his evil side (as this episode made it very Angel/Angelus) and be a better man because there was certainly a lot that showed that Hal is capable of being better as a person/vampire.

For a start, he finally took responsibility for both Crumb and Alan and did his very best to try and get them off the blood. Even when Crumb staked an unrepentant Alan, Hal still did his best to try and keep his progeny on the right track, even going as far as to tell Crumb about one of his reverting times and an old lover of his as well. It seems that when it comes to women, Hal certainly has a type and they’re the strong willed sort.

I did wonder whether or not this show would attempt anything with Hal and Alex given their current circumstances but it seems that it very much just might do so. Crumb found himself enraged that Alex only went on a date with him more for Hal’s peace of mind rather than having an actual interest in him and both Hal and Alex seemed to protest a little too much when Crumb accused them of having feelings for each other as well.

However the most interesting Crumb really did in this episode was succumb to drinking werewolf blood and dying, just so that he wouldn’t have a future like his recruiter’s. I’m not gonna pretend that Crumb’s death was sad because even though he had a few good scenes, the broad comedy aspects of the character made it difficult to care about him and to be honest, I don’t think I could’ve taken another episode with the character as well.

We’ve had some truly brilliant vampires on this show but Crumb wasn’t one of them and this episode overall brought his storyline to a much needed and swift conclusion. Besides with Hal about to go down a very dangerous path, what could Crumb have really added to the mix? Plus, his actual date with Alex was one of the most painful scenes to watch. The fact that she didn’t stake him herself was a bloody miracle. I certainly would’ve if I had to spend more than five minutes with him.

Thankfully not the guest characters were annoying this week. Sheltered werewolf Bobby was one of the most sympathetic characters we’ve had on the show and it was nice to see Tom going from being a dick to Bobby to reaching out and trying to help him over Rook’s more repressed way of dealing with him. Bobby also worked so well as a guest character because his death at Captain Hatch’s hands made me genuinely sad for the guy.

Speaking of Hatch – getting Rook to use Bobby to try and kill people in the Hotel wasn’t his best move. Hal, Tom and Alex managed to put a stop to it and Hatch made himself known to Alex as well. The more I think about it, the more I honestly do think that out of the trinity, it really will be Alex who’ll end up becoming Hatch’s undoing whereas right now, Tom and Hal do seem too prone into playing into his hands.

Also in “The Greater Good”

No flashback this week but Hal’s mentioning of his relationship with Sylvie definitely felt like a rethread of Lady Mary from the previous episode.

Alex (re Crumb): “So, what are we gonna say?”
Hal: “Stop killing people?”

Together Crumb and Alan seemed more like a couple than two guys trying to score with Alex. I also liked the use of their victim Hazel haunting Crumb and causing him to stake Alan during withdrawal.

Hal (to Alex, re Crumb/Alan): “There’s been enough death and violence. This is where it ends.”

Hazel/Alan (to Crumb): “Really if I wasn’t already dead, I would die laughing.”

Bobby’s obsession with an answering machine was poignant when we learned that it was due to him wanting to hear a message from his mother. That being said, Tom really did get that quickly off EBay.

Bobby: “You’re brilliant.”
Tom: “I think brilliant is a bit – am I? I don’t know like, it’s your decision mate.”

Hal (to Crumb): “I always have a rough idea when I’m about to revert. This time, it came from nowhere.”

It was a little on the heavy handed side with Rook’s Trinity (Joker/Queen/King) and Hatch’s 666 during their card game.

Hal: “All we are doing is marking the time until the inevitable happens.”
Alex: “Kind of like life then?”

Captain Hatch (re Hal/Tom): “Which one are you after?”
Mr Rook: “Neither I’m afraid. For one thing, they seem to have rehabilitated.”

I noticed that even though Alex was mentioned to Rook several times, he didn’t quite seem to be paying attention to being told there’s a ghost living with Tom and Hal.

Mr Rook (re Bobby): “It’s done.”
Captain Hatch: “Relax. It’s for the greater good.”

Captain Hatch (to Mr Rook): “It’s them, you’ve got to do something about them. Hal and Tom, they’ll ruin everything. We’ll never have the chaos we need with them around.”

It seems BBC3 are keen to soften the blow of this show’s imminent ending with the trailer of their upcoming zombie drama, In The Flesh airing after this episode aired. I’ll admit it does look good.

Crumb (to Hal): “Looks like I win.”

Chronology: Not long since the events of “Pie And Prejudice”.

Although it’s probably in some ways a little weaker than the previous three episodes, I do think “The Greater Good” is still a strong episode. I probably could’ve done with less of Crumb and it’s a little frustrating that Hal and Tom seem unaware of Hatch’s antics but at least Alex is becoming privy to his ways.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Game Of Thrones - Season 3 Official Trailer

Melisandre: Death is coming for everyone and everything. The darkness that will swallow the dawn.

We've had a good few trailers that have aired for the third season now but finally last night, one was released with some clips in it. The minute long trailer showed us the arrival of Mance Rayder as well as Catelyn Stark vowing revenge, Joffrey Baratheon lording it over his grandfather and uncle as well as Daenerys with her new supporters/dragons flying around a ship and Melisandre being cryptic about death and a covered man bound to a post, along with Jon Snow and Ygritte getting closer. And those were the smallest of highlights.

Like the trailer for the previous season, this one was accompanied with some music in the form of MS MR's "Bones", which certainly added to the atmosphere as this season really does look like it's going to be epic. Thankfully, we really don't have much longer to wait now for Game Of Thrones third run.

Season 3 Official Trailer:

Season 3 of Game Of Thrones will air Sundays at 9pm on HBO from March 31st and Mondays at 9pm on SkyAtlantic from April 1st.

Friday, February 22, 2013

ABC Casts For Gothica

Another day, another soap style series for ABC (I do love most of them though) and this time around, a more darkish one as well by the name of Gothica.

Tom Ellis (Miranda, The Fades) has bagged the role of Victor Frankenstein in a series that will weave in various stories such as Frankenstein, Dracula, Jekyll & Hyde in a present day setting. Just a week ago, the actor was rumored for a role in the fourth series of Downton Abbey but it seems what may be Julian Fellowes loss is ABC's gain. Ellis's take on Victor will see his character trying in vein to bring back his daughter Anna to life with disastrous results.

In the role of Dorian Gray however will be former Home And Away actor, Chris Egan. The character has been described as beautiful, charming and enigmatic and will also be in a relationship with Grace Van Helsing. Also cast for the series is former Spooks and Smash actor Raza Jaffrey. The Sorcerer's Apprentice's Matt Lopez will pen the pilot for ABC Studios and executive produce alongside the Mark Gordon Co.'s Mark Gordon. Anand Tucker will direct the pilot, which is slated to film in Montreal. I have to admit, I'm really looking forward to this one. Hope it gets picked up for a series and doesn't suffer the same fate as 666 Park Avenue.

More Information:

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crazy Ones - Where Buffy & Mork Meet Up

Yeah, I'm not too big on US sitcoms but it does seem that CBS have a pilot featuring two actors I particularly like.

It seems that Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams will be playing a daughter and father working in the same office in a new show called Crazy Ones. The characters will be working within the advertising world and Political Animals actor James Wolk has also been cast as a potential love interest for Gellar's character as well.

The show so far has only been picked up for a pilot and while it doesn't sound like the most scintillating of series, it will be nice to see Gellar and Williams in a comedy together. I'm also hoping that for the former, it's a success given that Ringer was dropped after one season on the CW. So, are people looking forward to seeing Gellar return to TV again?

More Details:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Review of Revenge's 2x14: "Sacrifice"

Written by Mark B. Perry And Joe Fazzio
Directed by Stefan Schwartz

Emily: “I’m so sorry.”
Amanda: “Don’t be. You’ve given me the one thing I thought I’d never have – a real family.”

One of the sad realities about this show was that at some eventual point we were going to end up losing a character of great importance. First there was Sammy towards the end of the first season and now sadly, Amanda Clarke (or the real Emily Thorne) is no longer with us and that’s a heartbreaker for me.

Especially given that Amanda was certainly more interesting than other characters but at the same time, it made sense to kill her off. For a while now, Emily has been too fixated on the Initiative and Aiden and not spending enough time dedicating herself to Victoria and Conrad’s deserved destruction. After the events of this episode, both of those Graysons are even more deserving of whatever revenge Emily really can muster up for them.

Granted their involvement in Amanda’s storyline this week was the decision to frame her for Helen Crowley’s murder but at the same time, it was also Conrad who had managed to sick Nate onto Amanda and Jack during their honeymoon and he certainly ramped up the tension by telling Nate to reclaim the incriminating laptop as well.

As a villain, Nate has been nowhere near as fun and interesting as Tyler was last season and to me, his death was long overdue. This episode finally did the right thing by revealing that he was the male body found on Jack’s sunken boat and while Nate managed to wound Jack, he did also manage to get the shit kicked out of him by both Emily and Amanda before blowing up the boat and causing the latter’s death.

I’ve enjoyed Emily and Amanda’s relationship throughout the last season and a half and it’s a shame that this episode brought it to a conclusion. It’s the most interesting relationship on the show aside from Emily and Nolan’s partnership and Victoria and Conrad’s toxic marriage. The scene with Emily comforting Amanda as she died is definitely one of the saddest the show has managed to pull off as well.

I liked that Amanda thanked Emily for giving her a real family as well as ensuring that the latter promised to take care of Jack and baby Carl. Emily finally admitting she loved Amanda as well was a sweet moment too, because from Nolan and Aiden, Amanda has been the only person Emily has been honest with at this point in the show. Amanda will be missed as a character but her death had better ensure that Emily’s focus gets back to the Graysons now.

Speaking of the Graysons, I like that Daniel and Charlotte continue to actually display some genuine morality and standards. Charlotte didn’t want to be part of her parents latest charade and Daniel was disgusted with Amanda being set up for Helen’s death and made into a target by the Initiative.

Victoria and Conrad’s knack for survival might be oddly admirable but this episode further examined why ultimate both of them need to pay for the lives they continue to destroy in their wake. They may be fascinating characters to watch but they’re also extremely abhorrent people. This time I really do hope that Emily takes them down, especially given that Ashley made her privy about Amanda’s blackmail attempt with Conrad.

Last but not least, I know Padma and Aiden’s scenes were cited as the least interesting and while I agree, at least they had a point to them. Aiden was right to try and use Padma as a means of getting to the Initiative but he did show some genuine sympathy for her plight with her father. That might not make for compelling viewing but it at least served a purpose, though I’m not entirely convinced Padma’s father is still alive, even if she did get his finger sent to her.

Also in “Sacrifice”

Some more of the footage from the opening scenes of “Destiny” was used in order to fill out what was going to happen this week.

Conrad: “Congratulations, Victoria, with one bullet, you’ve slaughtered us all.”
Victoria (re Helen): “The bitch had it coming.”

I’m guessing now Emily’s laptop is in the air conditioning box at the Stowaway, hence the script drawing attention to it a few times.

Amanda: “Just promise me you won’t hurt Jack.”
Nate: “Cross my heart, hope to die.”

Victoria: “I’m not ashamed of you, darling, I’m proud of you.”
Charlotte: “Well, I appreciate the sentiment but I’m sorry I can’t fake any more Grayson smiles.”

It was kind of nice seeing Ashley reaching out to Emily about Amanda. I liked seeing that side to her character as well as her disbelief over Conrad’s Gubernatorial campaign.

Jack: “What are you doing?”
Amanda: “Saving you.”

Victoria: “Conrad, your gall never ceases to repulse me. Overt flattery aside, this extravagant soiree not only marks the beginning of your farcical political career but the end of summer and therefore our personal entanglement.”

Trask, the new guy of the Initiative is played by Torchwood actor Burn Gorman, who I like but I’m not sure if he’ll be as interesting as Helen was to be honest.

Nate: “Who the hell are you?”
Emily: “You’ll never know.”

Liked the flashback with Emily and Amanda explaining the significance of the necklace Amanda had to back for but once again, unconvincing wigs with Emily Van Camp.

Emily (to Amanda, re necklace): “I’ll be back for this and I’ll be back for you too, I promise.”

Daniel: “What about Amanda Clarke?”
Victoria: “Poor girl. She chose the wrong enemy.”

Chronology: It’s Labour Day as was mentioned several times in the episode and also due to another Grayson party as well.

Well, “Sacrifice” was certainly a cracker of an episode. Without a doubt, it’s easily the best episode this season and certainly one of the best the series has produced so far. Amanda’s death definitely added some renewed vigour to the show. I’m certainly going to miss her as a character though.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Monday, February 18, 2013

My Review of Being Human's 5x03: "Pie And Prejudice"

Written by Jamie Mathieson
Directed by Philip John

Lady Mary: “How long until you kill again, Hal? How many lives will I be saving when I kill you today?”

Well, I guess we can answer that question by saying that Lady Mary would’ve saved one life had she successfully managed to stake Hal but it seems that would be incorrect, considering that Lord Harry managed to kill someone prior to Lady Mary’s failed assassination attempts but it’s a good point to raise nonetheless.

Hal didn’t necessarily fall off the wagon in spectacular style and make his own equivalent of the Box Tunnel Twenty but his murder of Larry was definitely a shocking moment and the fact that he’s now placed himself into Rook’s hands cannot end well for either of them. Hal, you’ve messed up big time here.

A part of me did feel unsympathetic towards Larry being murdered by Hal. On the surface, he was a manipulative bastard who preyed on Tom’s insecurities and drove him out of Honolulu Heights while refusing to leave the place himself. Then there’s also the fact that he relentlessly pushed Hal’s buttons before giving in and calling Tom and Alex a retard and a slag definitely didn’t do him any favours either.

I really don’t want to sound like I’m actually defending Hal’s actions or making light of the situation but there’s certainly a grey area here to address. Hal might have wanted to kill Larry from the moment they met but when he did become Lord Harry, it was out of trying to protect his homestead with Tom and Alex. Larry spent too much of the time in the episode threatening that dynamic and died because of it.

However, there’s also the worrying point that perhaps Hal’s killing of Larry, whatever his reason may be does serve to prove that perhaps Rook is right about vampires and they can’t be ever truly redeemed. Lady Mary certainly thought the same thing as well when she finally became privy to the fact that she wasn’t Hal’s last victim – hence her fairly justified attempt to kill Hal in the process.

As a guest star, Lady Mary was definitely more successful than Larry and Amanda Hale was an absolute delight as the Regency ghost who only pretended to be posh in order to keep Hal on the straight and narrow. Her scenes with Alex throughout the episode were brilliant to watch but sadly, it did remind us that Hal has form and Lady Mary’s comments about the beast inside him resting might not that off, even if Alex and Tom are determined to believe that Hal is a good man.

I think Hal is certainly capable of trying to be a good man and in this episode, he was trying with his attempts of breaking Larry’s hold over Tom and even comforting the latter in the woods with Alex as well. I really want to think that in spite of the massive shit storm that’s on the way with Captain Hatch and everything else that there might be some hope for Hal but I guess we’ll just have to see, won’t we?

As for Larry Chrysler, former weatherman, current werewolf/failure, arch manipulator and general tosser – Julian Barratt was fine in the role and gave a decent performance. I think due to Larry not being very sympathetic and Lady Mary just being so much more interesting as a guest character that he was overshadowed a bit but at least his death opened up another can of worms for the gang.

It should also be pointed out that Larry’s death gave a suicidal Rook a spring in his step too. Who would’ve thought that Hal screwing up again would’ve worked in Rook’s favour? Okay, probably everyone watching the episode but either way, I can’t wait to see what’s going to come out of Hal and Rook’s newly formed partnership in the next few weeks.

Also in “Pie And Prejudice”

I’ve noticed that this year instead of prequels, we’ve been getting revenge scenes with Alex online each week. They’re on the BBC site and YouTube as well.

Alex (re Lady Mary): “You think I would corrupt her?”
Hal: “I think you would corrupt Keith Richards, so if you don’t mind.”

Fans of Hal this week had the treat of him as Acting Manager for the Barry Grand Hotel, in his tweed suit for Lady Mary and even in a dressing gown as well. This show really does pay attention to it’s core audience.

Lady Mary: “You kind of had a thing and you got killed and now you and Hal live together?”
Alex: “Yeah. Oh, now fuck off.”

Larry (re Hal/Alex): “And they don’t mind?”
Tom: “Well, they’ve got their own things going on.”

It seems that somewhere off screen Tom found out about McNair’s former life as a surveyor. I also hated that Larry swindled money that Tom was going to use as a gravestone for McNair.

Lady Mary (re Hal): “I was his last victim.”
Alex: “Is that what he told you?”

Hal (to Larry): “It’s a big house but not that big. How odd you must find our little set up here.”

Lady Mary, proving quite unladylike admitted to being a fan of John Woo, Metallica, Jackie Chan, cage fighting, shoplifting and pushing people over.

Mr Rook (to a chatline): “I don’t have a family. I don’t have any hobbies. The job was my life. Now that’s gone, so I find myself at something of a loose end.”

Lady Mary (to Hal): “You utter wanker.”
Alex: “Not gonna lie, that could’ve gone better.”

This episode was surprisingly absent of both Crumb and Captain Hatch. We also learned that Patsy’s surname was Ritter and Toby Whithouse’s Alistair Frith did a voice cameo in this one.

Alex: “You’re the best out of all of us, Tom. You just don’t realise it.”

Hal: “You want to talk to the real me? Hello, Larry, here I am. Did you want to speak to me?”

Chronology: A few days since “Sticks And Rope” and we learned that Larry had been a werewolf for nine months while Mary a ghost for 250 years.

Although “Pie And Prejudice” did start off a little shaky, it managed to get into it’s groove rather well and the shocker of Hal’s murder of Larry definitely gave the series a brilliant water cooler moment as well. It’s a shame that we’ve only got three episodes left of this show.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Doctor Who - More 50th News

With filming for the biopic nicely underway, more spoilers have been unveiled about what people can expect from Mark Gatiss's An Adventure In Space And Time ...

First of all, Lesley Manville has been cast Heather Hartnell, wife to William Hartnell and last week, the Radio Times posted a filming picture of her and David Bradley in character with the couple's dog. I'm not sure how big Manville's role in the biopic will be but it does make sense that we'll be seeing elements of Hartnell's personal life into the mix as well.

More interestingly though is the casting of Reece Shearsmith (League Of Gentlemen, Psychoville) as Patrick Troughton. I'm actually surprised that parts of the biopic will be covering Troughton but I'm certainly pleased and Shearsmith is good casting as well. I'm still wondering if Gatiss himself will actually appear in the biopic too.

Of course one of the biggest news items about the biopic was the recreation of the iconic London scenes from The Dalek Invasion Of Earth as Mark Gatiss was on set for filming of this particular scene. I'm planning to watch that particular story tonight.

Meanwhile for the show itself, it's been confirmed that the 50th anniversary special will be filmed in 3D and will be getting a cinema release. It is also rumoured to be 90 minutes long and will be directed by Nick Hurran who has previously directed the likes of The God Complex and Asylum Of The Daleks. With filming for the special due to begin in April and hints of a Christmas 2013 special, it's nice to finally be getting some concrete information about the show's anniversary year.

Filming With Mark Gatiss:
Biopic News:

Series 7 Part 2 will air on BBC1 from March 30th and the specials will air in November.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


And here's a look at some of the stuff I've been watching over the last week.

Glee: Well we finally got to the wedding of Will and Emma and needless to say, the event itself didn't exactly pan out so good. In fact, unless you're Will/Emma or Jake/Marley, you had a good time at the wedding. Kurt/Blaine got steamier than usual for this show, Rachel's gotten one hell of a cliche plot and then there's Quinn/Santana as well. I'm not gonna lie - it does feel like a ratings stunt but it was an interesting enough turn of events and far better than Sue being her usual petty self or Tina's inane pursuit of Blaine as well. In terms of songs - the whole Not Getting Married sequence was a work of genius for the show.

My Mad Fat Diary: I hope people are actually watching this one because as a successor to Skins, it's definitely become a rather charming show to watch. The last two episodes have certainly ramped up the intensity of the show as Rae's attempts of keeping her time in hospital seperate from her new friends have seemingly come undone and the slow build up with her and Finn has been interesting to watch. The finale on Monday definitely looks like it'll end the first series on a good note. I hope it gets a second one though.

Nashville: After finding myself incredibly disappointed  with Smash last year and give my general aversion to country music, I wasn't sure about this show but two episodes in - I love it. It's pure, unashamed soap but it's a fun one with interesting enough characters, a great rivalry between the not so vacuous Juliette and the slightly entitled Rayna and the songs are surprisingly catchy enough as well. The political plots with Rayna's husband and father are the weaker parts of the show but other than that, this has definitely become a show worth watching on a Thursday night. Quite fond of Telescope and If I I Didn't Know Better for some reason too.

Once Upon A Time: I loved this episode. I was looking forward to seeing this show's take on Jack And The Beanstalk and like with Ruby's plotline last year, the subversion with Tiny and Jacqueline (nice to see Cassidy Freeman popping up in shows I watch) was brilliant. I guess this means that we've got Tiny as a recurring character now, right? I also found myself enjoying the subplots with Regina back to her scheming ways and Emma, Henry and Gold's trip to New York as well as that mysterious newcomer in town. It's a shame the ratings have been disappointing because this season has been so enjoyable to watch.

The New Normal: I'm still watching this show and I still like it, but again, it does feel like the weakest of Ryan Murphy's current shows on television. However I do like that the show seems to be developing Jane a bit more. She's still an acid tongued bigot at times but she's still interesting to watch and I found myself preferring her over David's mother at times as well. Though I did like seeing David's mother showing her acceptance of Bryan with a rather simple gesture.

Utopia: It's nice that this show is airing on Channel 4 rather than E4. It proves that the channel is capable of taking more risks with genre television and this has certainly been a gripping and rather polemic series. The last two episodes have really upped the tension with virtually every character deceiving or being deceived by others that's really hard to know who we're supposed to be siding with her. Jessica's unhinged but she's currently got the manuscript and Becky seems to be the most clean cut of characters but she's being put into a compromising position. It's going to be interesting to see how the finale will resolve this whole saga.

- Jason Ritter has been cast in the US version of Gavin And Stacey (titled Friends And Family) in the Gavin role. Anyone want to place bets on how many episodes this gets to before cancellation?
- BBC1 will be airing a new thriller called Mayday, starring both Aidan Gillen and Sophie Okonedo over the space of five days from March 3rd-7th.
- SkyAtlantic have bought the rights to Alan Ball's series, Banshee and will premiere it in May.
- BBC2 have cancelled The Hour after two series.
- Fans of Community will be delighted to know that SonyTV will be airing the third season in May.
- Both Ripper Street and Mr Selfridges have been commissioned for second series by BBC1 and ITV.
- The US version of The Bridge, starring Diane Kruger, Demian Bichir, Annabeth Gish, Ted Levine and Matthew Lilliard will air on FX.
- Oliver Jackson-Cohen will be joining NBC's Dracula, playing Jonathan Harker.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

BBC Commission More Saturday Night Fantasy Drama

It seems that with Doctor Who being moved about in the schedules at times and Merlin coming to an end at the end of last year, BBC1 have commissioned two new fantasy themed dramas that they're hoping to be worthy successors.

Announced this week was Atlantis, a thirteen episode series created by Merlin and Misfits writer/creator, Howard Overman and executive produced by Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy, the series will focus on the legendary underwater world, bringing to life the Greek myths as a young Jason heads for this world and finds himself doing battle with snake haired goddesses in a world built by drama. Filming for this series will begin in April with Morocco and Wales confirmed as locations for shooting. The series will air in the Autumn this year. Casting has yet to be confirmed but if this show is anything like Merlin, the guy playing Jason will probably spend most of the series without his shirt on.

The other series commissioned by BBC has been revealed as The Musketeers and will be co-produced with BBCAmerica. The series, based on the infamous book will run for ten episodes and is being spearheaded by Primeval creator, Adrian Hodge and will filming for the series has already begun, casting has yet to be announced and the show itself will not air on BBC1 until 2014. There's also some rumours that this show might be taking a note out of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss's version of Sherlock with a modern version of the characters but this has yet to be confirmed.

So which one of these new shows appeals to you most - both, one or the other or neither? I am hoping that the writing is a lot tighter in both of these shows and that both manage to avoid some of the narrative pitfalls both Merlin and Primeval could have at times. Either way, following the wake of Merlin and  Being Human's recent cancellations, it's nice to see that genre television isn't completely dying on BBC nowadays.

Atlantis News:
The Musketeers News:

Atlantis will air on BBC1 from Autumn 2013 and The Musketeers will air in 2014.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Review of Revenge's 2x13: "Union"

Written by Michael Foley And Ted Sullivan
Directed by Wendey Stanzler

Amanda (to Jack): “I would say that I don’t deserve you but if you’ve taught me one thing, it’s that everyone deserves love and hope and security. Without you, I wouldn’t have any of these things.”

It’s the wedding that finally happened and I have to admit that even if Jack and Amanda aren’t the most exciting couple in the world, this was still a rather nice episode for them. I am starting to hope now that when the truth does finally emerge that will be Amanda and not Emily that Jack will end up with but who knows, eh?

Emily did her best this week to put on a brave smile and watch one of the men she loves marry Amanda and while it might not have been the most pleasant of experiences for her, I do think she probably did the right thing in relation to Jack and Amanda. For that alone, my respect for Emily went up a little.

Then there’s also the storylines with Emily and Aiden. I liked that this episode followed up on Aiden being a loose cannon over his allegiance to Emily and his duty to his sister’s death (or not, is Colleen actually dead or what?). Aiden was probably right in anger to doubt Emily’s emotions but it was a little cold of him to abandon her when she was trying to reach out to him.

Of course Aiden ended up coming back to Emily in the end and he even seemed supportive enough when she told him about Daniel wanting to keep his distance her from too. I also got the impression that Aiden was pretty pleased with Daniel’s changing stance with Emily too, though how they’re both going to find another way in with the Graysons is another matter.

Speaking of the Graysons – both Victoria and Conrad made some more questionable choices this week. I think Victoria’s one definitely generated the most attention, given that she killed Helen Crowley after the woman threatened Daniel’s future safety but at the same time, Conrad’s deal with Nate (and ducking out of it) also seems to have caused problems too.

I really don’t care about Nate’s vendetta with the Porters and I’m hoping that by next week, we’ll have confirmation that he’s the mystery body found on Jack’s boat. Also given that he’s about go after Jack and Amanda in a big way, I think it is virtually a safe bet that Nate will be a goner after all.

As for Padma, well, I’ll give this show it’s due. They didn’t waste time in revealing that her only motive for helping find Carrion for the Initiative was due to them holding her father prisoner. I liked that Nolan managed to suss that one out pretty fast and that he also didn’t waste time in confronting Padma about it but can he really trust her?

I do believe that Padma’s feelings for Nolan are genuine but at the same time, the Initiative have her father and Nolan has been duped by them before, so who knows what else they’ll resort to in order to get that bloody programme from Nolan. Also, it’s entirely impossible to believe that Padma may also become a casualty in all of this as well.

Also in “Union”

The flashbacks scenes of Amanda and Jack’s pretend wedding as kids with Sammy and David was rather sweet.

Emily: “In it’s purest form, a union can become the very proof of our essence. When that bond is broken, our essence is forever changed.”

Amanda stole Emily’s laptop and used some footage in order to blackmail Conrad into signing back the Stowaway to Jack. I bet Emily’s gonna love that when she finds out.

David: “The whole world is against me. Victoria, are you there?”
Victoria: “I’m sorry, David, there’s nothing I can do for you. Please don’t call me again.”

Nolan (to Padma): “I know the what, I just can’t figure out the why. So, how’s your father doing these days?”

Helen took some great pleasure in taunting Victoria over David before getting shot by her. I have admit, I was expecting a bigger character death than Helen.

Conrad: “So it has been you all along?”
Amanda: “I haven’t even begun to make you and your family suffer for what they’ve done.”

Aiden: “I’m sorry if I’m not as cold and calculated as you. I can’t turn my feelings off like a flick of a switch.”
Emily: “Is that what you think – that I don’t feel? That I don’t miss my father every single day? That I don’t mourn for the life I could’ve had? But that’s why people like you and me fight because it gives us something to live for when everything else has been taken away. I thought you understood that.”

Standout music: Takka Takka’s “A Bad Sign (Highs & Lows).”

Victoria: “You monster.”
Helen: “Takes one to know one, huh? You know it’ll almost be a shame when I finally have to dispense with you.”

Chronology: A couple of days since “Collusion”.

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s been a while since the last episode but “Union” was easily one of the best ones we’ve had this season. Brilliant dialogue, nice character moments, lovely flashbacks. I guess this is an indicator of the show getting back on track, right?

Rating: 9 out of 10

Monday, February 11, 2013

My Review of Being Human's 5x02: "Sticks And Rope"

Written by Daragh Carville
Directed by Philip John

Alex: “Tonight we’re all gonna party like it’s 1899, yay ha. You’re not yaying, Hal.”
Hal: “Yay?”

One of the things I was hoping for with the fifth series was that we’d get some exploration into Alex’s family and while it was always a safe guarantee that it would happen, I am glad the writers chose this episode to be the one to do it in.

After a rather Hal centred first episode, it was fair that Alex got the spotlight this week and throughout the hour, Kate Bracken is a bloody joy as Alex begins the process of letting her family move on from her death while dealing with some troublesome Men With Sticks And Rope and of course, Victorian kid, Oliver.

Oliver managed to be that successful mixture of both horribly obnoxious and sympathetic which made it very easy to see how he could get on Alex’s nerves but at the same time inspire her to look after him and make sure he completed his business. Alex might not be Clara Oswin Oswald when it comes to looking after kids but she’s a lot better at it than both Tom and Hal gave her credit for.

She could certainly tell with general ease when Oliver was acting up and certainly had no problem with trying to discipline him as well but more to the point – she took an interest in his death. At first not entirely for selfless reasons but she did get Oliver to open up about Albert’s death and his own suicide and she certainly didn’t hold it against when he had been revealed as a trap either.

It also tied in nicely to the fact that Hatch has clearly earmarked Alex as a threat too. It was him who sent the Men With Sticks And Rope and it was also him who views Alex as a threat more than either Hal or Tom, both of whom he can’t get enough. I’m really intrigued as to why ghosts are such an inconvenience for Hatch and I can’t wait to see what other lengths he’ll resort to get Alex out of the way.

Alex’s confrontation with the Men With Sticks And Rope was definitely the best part of the episode. Mainly due to the scene feeling genuinely creepy and atmospheric but more to the point that Alex seemed to outsmart them and gave both Tom and Hal the heads up about the whole ‘He Will Rise’ thing. Now all she has to do is get Hatch in her sights and potentially take him out because Hal and Tom certainly seem to be giving him a lot of ammunition at the moment.

Speaking of Tom and Hal – this was an amusing episode for them. They might not have been their most mature over the whole Employee Of The Month competition (due to Hatch’s meddling) but the food fight scene with them was hilarious and it was nice that in spite of his standoffish attitude at times that Hal actually stuck up for Tom. It certainly made up for the implication that he seems to think Tom is incompetent for the most part.

Two episodes into the new series and I really do think that Tom, Hal and Alex are working nicely as a trio. It’s a shame that it’s been announced that this series will be their last one together but as a unit, they’re definitely shining brightly. I don’t even miss the original gang and I loved them to bits.

As for the baddies of the weeks, again it’s Captain Hatch who’s winning really. Patsy might have annoyed the crap out of me but even I felt really bad for her when she became Hatch’s latest victim and that speech Phil Davis delivered at the end of the episode was truly brilliant writing too.

Less brilliant on the writing front though was the RPG banter between a disillusioned Alan and Crumb on the beach. It doesn’t help that I can’t warm to either character but the whole Crumb situation as a whole has become frustrating. Both Hal and Rook (or one of them at least) should simply take him out or curb his bloodlust instead of either putting him in situations where he kills loved one (Rook) or rejected him (Hal). I think it’s safe to say that two episodes, Crumb is one villain that needs to go and soon.

Also in “Sticks And Rope”

The episode opened with a flashback of Alex and her younger brother Decky, whom she didn’t take to Dodgems. That was something she’d later do with Oliver.

Tom: “What did you do before?”
Alex: “Looked after my brothers. Been out on the piss with my mates. Got off with inappropriate people.”

Alex wanted to be a concert pianist before she died and it seems that she’s a fan of Diagnosis Murder as well. I did laugh at her referring to Oliver as Niles though.

Captain Hatch (re Sophie): “I keep thinking was it something I said?”
Patsy: “Oh Captain, she was devoted to you. Now we’ll have no more maudlin from you now. It’s a new era.”

Hal: “Tom, you don’t know who you’re provoking here.”
Tom: “I know who I’m provoking, Mr Runner Up, Mr Silver Medal.”

Tom’s impression of Hal was pretty spot on and I did find it interesting that Hal seemingly has a dancer’s back. Maybe we can get a demonstration of his dancing.

Alex: “So why did you come out of hiding?”
Oliver: “Because I saw you. I know you’re not much to look at but you can’t have everything.”

Mr Rook: “Your hour approaches, Mr Crumb.”

Crumb killing his sister and niece better have some emotional consequences later on. Rook’s desperation to his organisation going though doesn’t seem to be impressing Alistair.

Hal: “Problem is, I’ve never been bad at anything in my life, so I was wondering if you could help me.”
Alex: “Oh, what because I’m the leading expert of fucking things up?”

Hal: “I don’t like to discuss my past.”
Captain Hatch: “You see that breaks my heart. That says you’re ashamed.”

Hatch really knew how to play on both Tom and Hal’s social standing in getting them to turn on each other. Plus that tableau of his came in use when he was getting his pals after Alex.

Hal: “I have killed men and women and children, so just think how easy it would be to kill you.”
Crumb: “Well, that’s something we have in common then.”

Sticks & Rope Guy (to Alex): “You’re too late. The end has begun. Night will fall and he will rise.”

Oliver and his family originally used to own Honolulu Heights but it was only due to Alex’s presence in the house that he was used as a weapon.

Captain Hatch (to Patsy): “Everything you love will die and everything you’re scared of will come true.”

Chronology: Three months since the events of “Making History”.

Well, “Sticks And Rope” was certainly an interesting episode. While I could’ve done with the RPG talk and the OTT antics of Crumb, it was an episode that served Alex pretty well and it’s nice to see that Hatch is subtle in his menacing antics too.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Game Of Thrones - Season 3 Chaos Trailer

Littlefinger: Chaos isn't a pit, chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try it again. The fall breaks them.

After some complains online about the lack of proper promotion for the third season, HBO have upped their game with this lovely and cryptic concept trailer for Season 3 of Game Of Thrones. The 40 second trailer features the majority of the main characters in the third season, along with a stunning narration from Aidan Gillen's Littlefinger.

Currently I'm actually reading the books that will inspire the upcoming third season and with this trailer alone, my anticipation for Season 3 is definitely increasing. It also doesn't help that SkyAtlantic seem to be reminding us every minute that it's coming back or that I just can't get into Girls as a show either.

Season 3 Chaos Trailer:

Season 3 of Game Of Thrones will air Sundays 9pm on HBO from March 31st and Mondays 9pm on SkyAtlantic from April 1st.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

An Adventure In Space And Time - More Casting Announced

With the first week of filming for An Adventure In Space And Time completed, further casting has been revealed for the 90 minute biopic.

Relatively unknown actress Claudia Grant has been cast as Carole Ann Ford. Grant's casting was reported by the same agency that is ran by William Hartnell's real life granddaughter, Jessica Carney. Recent filming have also had the sets look like the same sets back in 1963 when the original cast were photographed together as well.

Former Waterloo Road actor Jamie Glover has been cast as William Russell. Glover is the son of both Isla Blair and Julian Glover, both of whom have previously appeared in the Classic Series and the film editor of this 90 minute biopic has been confirmed as Philip Kloss who has previously worked on Tennant era episodes like The Doctor's Daughter and The End Of Time as well as Torchwood.

And for the casting of Jacqueline Hill we have got Jemma Powell, whom most viewers will recognise from things such as Alice In Wonderland and Foyle's War. I have to admit the resemblance that Powell has to Hill is strikingly good. Of course the most interesting casting that has been announced for this biopic is ...

William Russell. Yes, the original Ian Chesterton himself will be appearing in the biopic playing a character named Harry. No further details have been given about his character but this is certainly a massive coup for the special, huh?

More Details:

An Adventure In Space And Time is due to air on BBC2 over the Autumn period.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Being Human To End After Five Series

Is it me or am I getting serious deja vu here? First Merlin ends after five series and now it seems that Being Human's fifth series will now indeed be it's last one after all.

The supernatural drama, currently airing on Sundays at 10pm will conclude with it's epic finale as series regulars Tom McNair (Michael Socha), Alex Millar (Kate Bracken) and Hal Yorke (Damien Molony) will do battle with the Devil/Captain Hatch as played by Phil Davis. The show debuted in 2008 with a pilot and became a series the following year and like many UK shows over the years had changed it's lineup but still managed to prove that there was plenty of life in it.

Creator Toby Whithouse responded to the show's ending on his BBC blog, thanking his cast and crew and pointing out that it was a miracle the show ever got made and in the way that he wanted it to be as well. I have to admit that while I did sadly expect Series 5 to actually be the show's final year and while there are rumours that Whithouse himself will be working on an upcoming spy drama for BBC1, this does feel like another blow in UK genre television, which does seem to be slightly dwindling these days. Also, given BBC3's increasingly dire lineup as well, I can only hope that upcoming zombie drama, In The Flesh takes off. Otherwise we'll be lumbered with more 'gems' like Sun, Sex And Suspicious Parents. I'll miss this show.

Series 5 Ending:
Toby Whithouse's Thoughts: 
Series 5 New Trailer:

Being Human's fifth series currently airs Sundays 10pm on BBC3 until March 10th and will be released on DVD from April 1st.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Dates - Upcoming Channel 4 Series

Remember last year BBC1 aired a series called True Love that centred on various relationships and entanglements? I wouldn't blame you if the answer was no, given the crap timeslot/lack of promotion it was given but it seems that Channel 4 are doing their own variation of it.

Dates, created by Skins man Bryan Elsley will focus on two handers centering on various relationships and it seems that the casting for this show has gone underway. Sherlock star Andrew Scott will be playing a Christian called Christian as he's sat across a table from a school teacher named Jenny, played by Mrs Briggs Sheridan Smith. Not the first time these two have played a couple given that they were one in ITV's adaptation of The Scapegoat in 2012.

Other casting includes former Merlin actress, Katie McGrath as well as Game Of Thrones actress Oona Chaplin, True Love's Gemma Chan and Two Pints actor Will Mellor to name a few. I hope that unlike the BBC equivalent, more focus and care is put into this upcoming series and I do hope that given Elsley's previous record with LGBT characters in Skins that this show is able to produce something equally as satisfying.

More Information:

Filming for Dates is currently underway with transmission on Channel 4 due for Summer 2013.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Thurderbirds Are Go ... In 2015

It seems that the once famous show is going to be returning to ITV in 2015, a whopping 50 years since it's original debut and teaming up with Pukeko Pictures and Weta Workshop , the newest version of Thunderbirds will be a mixture of CGI and live action sets.

This isn't the first time we've been promised another TV version of the show. One was originally planned back in 2009 but was ultimately scrapped by Michael Grade at the time when he was working on ITV. Hopefully this version will really take off, be a roaring success and erase the memories of the lacklustre 2004 movie.

More Information:

Monday, February 04, 2013

My Review of Being Human's 5x01: "The Trinity"

Written by Toby Whithouse
Directed by Philip John

Captain Hatch (to Patsy): “Oh you carry on, my love. In fact, I haven’t felt this good in years.”

Trios are a deadly thing and when it comes to giving us a trio of new villains to contend with, then the fifth series of this show has definitely hit the ground running with a selection of three very distinct adversaries for our new supernatural trinity.

The first baddie – Old Nick himself, otherwise known as Captain Hatch. Superbly played by Phil Davis, Hatch was the character who got the least amount of screen time in this episode but still managed to be the most dangerous of the bunch with the little he was given as well.

Hal, Lady Catherine and Emil royally cocked up by putting the essence of the Devil into the body of a mad man and the fact that he’s spent over ninety years hiding in plain sight has been rather interesting too. The Devil is pretty clich├ęd as villains go but credit given to this show in it’s softly, softly approach to dealing with him.

His bad tempered, racist banter aside, Phil Davis really managed to make Hatch into a terrifying presence by the way he whispered into Sophie’s ear and got her to scribe ‘He Will Rise’ in her own blood. It’s that type of subtlety that has worked with the villains of this show in the past and the very one that will seemingly work again with Hatch too. Already I’m finding myself compelled and horrified by the man but as I was saying, Hatch is only one of three villains the show is contending with this year.

The second batch of villains are the Men In Grey, lead the enigmatic Dominic Rook and unlike Kemp from the second series, this episode nicely went out of it’s way to prove they’re not complete fanatics. While Rook recognises the dangers with the supernatural community, he’s flexible enough to extend an olive branch to Hal as well.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about Hal refusing to Rook’s proposition of keeping the vampires in line. In some respects, he probably made the right decision but at the same time, Rook was right to point out how chaotic vampires seem to be without some form of structure. Even Hal himself is a great example of that, hence his rotas and routines that have mostly kept him dry for the last half a century.

Of course, while Hal managed to get away from Rook unscathed, Rook himself did show a ruthless streak with the inventive murder of an uncooperative Martin and the fact that he’s currently holding our third villain of this series in captivity is proof that perhaps Hal, Tom and Alex might want to watch their step when dealing with Rook. He might not be the Devil but he’s definitely formidable in his own right, that’s for sure.

Last but not least on the baddie front – there’s Ian “Crumb” Cram, an insurance worker who Hal recklessly made into a vampire out of guilt but out of all three villains, he might the most polarising of the bunch. He’s certainly not awful and the whole “victim who gets superpowers” back story they have for Crumb is interesting but there were times in the episode where he could be a bit too broad comedy for my liking.

Hal keeping Crumb bound and gagged in the basement might have worked had Alex not been manipulated by Crumb into releasing him but at the same time, Crumb really could go either way as a threat. He’s the least threatening of the three (despite killing a co-worker of his) but he’s clearly also being designed as the most sympathetic of the bunch as well, given the plethora of detail we were given about him as well.

As for the rest of the trinity themes in this episode – Hal really does like his vampire/werewolf/ghost dynamics, doesn’t he? His partnerships with ghost Emil Parsons and werewolf leader, Lady Catherine Glass ended horribly when they tried to stop the Devil from feeding on the vampire/werewolf conflict and his current dynamic with Tom and Alex, while excellent is still not without it’s problems.

Both Tom and Alex had reasons to be wary and actually mad at Hal, what with him turning Crumb and his “tangential” involvement in the latter’s death as well. However, with the lads both working in the Barry Grand Hotel (this year’s main location and Hatch’s current residence) and Alex sticking around in spite of her family getting her body back, I don’t see why this current trio can’t be as successful as our previous. They’re certainly every bit as interesting and believable as the previous lot at the very least.

Also in “The Trinity”

BBC3 for some reason have decided to air this at the slightly later time of 10pm, though that might so it doesn’t conflict with current hit, Ripper Street on BBC1.

Hal (to Lady Catherine): “Obviously there’s nothing we enjoy more than a good rough and tumble.”

Did anyone else think the manageress (Patsy) hot for Hal was a bit of a meta commentary on how audiences in general have taken to the character?

Mr Rook: “Malevolence and greed are hard wired into your DNA.”
Hetty: “Yeah, and your mum is so fat, her blood type is Ragu.”

Alex (to Tom/Hal, re her father): “I’m not letting a good man die of grief just to protect the fucking Twilight franchise.”

Hetty gave information about Hal to Rook, Eve was mentioned in this episode and we learned that Alex’s surname was Millar, her father was called Brendan and that the Men In Grey made it look like she drowned.

Hal: “I don’t need blood anymore. I’ve been dry for over sixty years.”
Mr Rook: “You’re sweating, Hal. Your hands are shaking.”

Lady Catherine: “If this is a trick, I shall plunge this into your calcified heart.”
Hal: “And you wonder why you’re single.”

Toby Whithouse made a cameo in this episode as a Home Secretary telling Mr Rook that his funds were going to be cut.

Crumb: “You’re going to bum me now.”
Hal: “Ian, I have no intention of bumming you.”

Mr Rook (to Alistair): “This isn’t about my career, these are monsters. You can’t just let them run wild without supervision, without restraint. They’re time bombs.”

Hal explained a lot to Crumb about the vampire’s history with the Devil but it does make me wonder a bit more about werewolves’ origins now too.

Alex (to Mr Rook): “You stole my death. You’re in my sights now, pal. One day, I’m gonna watch you die.”

Crumb (to Mr Rook): “I’m the world’s worst nightmare – the victim who gets superpowers.”

Chronology: A month since the events of “The War Child” as well as 1918, Northern France for the Hal/Emil/Catherine flashbacks.

Is it me or was “The Trinity” the most busiest of episodes we’ve ever had on this show? I’m not knocking it but I’m struggling to remember any other episode that had this much going on, almost all at once. On the plus side, at least there wasn’t a single boring plot and at times, this was scary, touching, funny and character driven. An excellent return for the show and proof that the complete loss of the original cast hasn’t hurt the series one bit.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Calender Boys

And here's a look at some of the show I've been watching in recent weeks. Warning: Spoilers as per usual.

American Horror Story: What is it with this show and finales? The first one ended on a strangely bittersweet note but the second one managed to give us a final season that makes the whole season question worthy on itself? It was a rather ballsy move, unlike Lana pulling the trigger on her son, which I think we all saw coming, didn't we? I'm not gonna lie - I've enjoyed this second season more than it's first and I was pretty satisfied/intrigued with the respected endings given to Lana, Kit and Jude. I can't wait to see what the third season is going to give us. Easily one of the best show on television. Sorry, Homeland, but you've been beaten here.

Glee: It's interesting that I'm discussing three Ryan Murphy shows in one blog but chalk that up to timing rather than a calculated move on my part (no, honest). Anyways the recent two episodes of this show, while still burdened with the same narrative problems (such as out of nowhere crushes with Blaine/Sam/Tina), still managed to give us two interesting episodes. The Naked one in particular was nowhere near as gimmicky as it could've been and while I certainly didn't mind seeing the male cast as calender boys, I have to admit the other highlights have been English boy Adam, the girls belting out Locked Out Of Heaven as well as the Rachel/Santana/Quinn's version of Love Song. However the one thing I do find extremely surprisingly is how likeable Finn has been as well for the last while. Have the writers finally turned a corner with him, character wise?

Mrs Brown's Boys: And while my guilty pleasure show at the moment ends tonight on RTE1 (BBC1 on Monday), the last two episodes have continued to be a belly full of fun. Yes, this show can be crass and predictably at times, such as that vibrating phone, Rory being a dab hand with handcuffs and Cathy falsely assuming one of the family is adopted but it's still funnier than any other comedy on the BBC at the moment. I can't wait to see what the last episode will give us.

My Mad Fat Diary: Three episodes in and I'm still enjoying this show. The 90's nostalgia aside, it's just a well written and fantastically fun show to watch with a good blend of serious edges too. I liked that the last two episodes focused on explaining about Archie and Chloe (though the former's secret I think could be seen coming a mile off) and Rae's interactions with both her mother and shrink have certainly gotten more interesting to watch as well. This so far has been a wonderful homemade series for E4 and I do hope that there's going to be a second run of episodes for it. It's certainly deserving of it.

The New Normal: Okay, I'm still enjoying this show but I'll admit it's probably the weakest of Ryan Murphy's main three and like Glee at times, has a tendency to a little heavy handed with it's messages but at least Bryan and David continue to be a believable couple and it's hard to dislike Goldie/Shania and despite that Nana being a bit too cartoonish, Ellen Barkin is still easily the best performer in the show. It's just that we're not seeing more to our main players other than their desire to become fathers and I kind of wish we got a little more there.

Utopia: I like a good conspiracy/genre show as much as the next person and this one is definitely one of the most interesting things Channel 4 have produced in a while (along with My Mad Fat Diary) as a manuscripts seems to have changed the lives of several different people over the space of three episodes. The main characters are interesting and sympathetic enough and the main antagonists so far do seem to be a scary bunch but while the central story is fantastic, is it the type of show that should be just one series or is there really enough to make it go for another run? At the moment, it's a little hard to tell.

- In news that won't shock anyone, Lily Rabe will also be returning for the third season of American Horror Story. Also rumoured to be returning is Taissa Farmiga from the first season.
- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has labelled the characters on Girls as 'ignorant'. I guess it's not just me who has issues with this show then.
- Expect a massive death in an upcoming episode of Revenge. In fact, you can thank/blame the Daily Mail for spoiling who dies actually.
- Ellen Muth will be appearing in the upcoming Hannibal series, playing a character named Georgia, though not a Grim Reaper this time.
- Rosanne Barr is developing a sitcom for NBC.
- Angel Coulby and Keeley Hawes will be appearing in the SkyAtlantic version of The Bridge. HBO will also be doing their own version of the show and a second series of the original version will air this year too.
- The Syndicate will be remade for US television as well as Pulling. Both due to air on ABC.
- Jamie Dornan will be reappearing in Once Upon A Time, though when hasn't been specified.
- Felicia Day will be making another appearance on Supernatural. I guess the producers really do love her character.
- Californication, Shameless and House Of Lies have all been renewed for further seasons by Showtime.