Thursday, January 30, 2014

Recap/Review: American Horror Story: Coven - The Seven Wonders

After 13 weeks and over four months, the last episode of American Horror Story: Coven aired and well, expect a positive review, folks.

Written by Douglas Petrie
Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

Always Open With A Song: Like many, I enjoyed Stevie Nicks appearing a few episodes back and it was nice that she opened this episode by singing The Seven Wonders in the house as Zoe, Madison, Queenie and Misty were psyching themselves up for battle. This show might not be Glee (and nor would I want it to be), but this was a fun way of opening up the episode and it was also gorgeously shot moment as well. Definitely one of a few choice scenes I wanted to rewatch over and over again.

And The Next Supreme Is: Cordelia Foxx/Goode. While I wanted it to be Misty, it kind of made sense that Cordy would end up being the next Supreme and it certainly explained a lot of the messed up dynamic both her and Fiona had as well. What I liked though was that Cordelia appointed both Zoe and Queenie as her council members, outed the existence of witches, appointed Kyle as the butler, respected Myrtle's wishes and showed more compassion to Fiona than she possibly deserved. We might never get to see the full effects but it's clear that unlike her homicidal mother that Cordelia really is going to be a smashing Supreme. Outcome wise, definitely a satisfying one.

Haha: As for Fiona, this episode showed that she actually faked the whole being murdered by the Axeman to smoke out her successor. On the plus side, she did actually die for real after showing some humanity with her successor. Even better was that she's now stuck in her own personal hell by being forever shacked up with the Axeman, while Papa Legba laughs on at her misfortune. Considering that Fiona spent all of this season being a horrible Supreme and a human being, this was a pretty deserved fate for her. That being said, while it might be hell, it also was arguably less severe than what happened to both LaLaurie and Marie in the previous episode.

This Competition Got Bitchy: Before Cordelia's Supremacy was made apparent, we still had Zoe, Misty, Queenie and Madison having to perform most of the Seven Wonders and somewhat suffering for it. Zoe got killed and when Madison refused to bring her back, Kyle killed her in response. Of course, Cordelia ended up saving Zoe but can I say I am extremely pissed off with Misty's exit? How come someone so sweet is now stuck in a place where she has to dissect a frog for eternity? Stating the obvious here, but poor Misty so did not deserve that. It was only thing about the episode that genuinely annoyed me. Zoe and Madison's deaths (even if the former didn't stick) didn't bother me at all though. Misty on the other hand - waahh!

DaVinci Was A Warlock: Quite someone tell Tom Riley - it can be a future plot line for DaVinci's Demons. Of all the random things that Myrtle said all season (and she's said a lot), this one particularly amused me. Joining Madison, Fiona and Misty, Myrtle was another pernament casualty in this episode but one of her volition so that Cordelia's Supremacy wouldn't be tainted with her past misdeeds. Myrtle's death was a little sad but I wasn't too bothered with losing her (sorry but losing Misty saddened/annoyed me more), though she had some great moments in this episode. Plus her genuine motherly love for Cordelia was key in the latter coming into her Supremacy as well, so I'm grateful to Myrtle for that alone. As finales go, this is easily the best one the series has done so far.

Season 3 Finale Ryan Murphy Interview:

It's been a fun series to watch and recap and while Season 4 is months away and rumoured to be set in the 1950s, I'll be reviewing/recapping it as well.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Looking For The Right Show

And here's a look at some of the shows I've been watching the last while.

Broadchurch: It might seem unusual talking about this show, nearly a year since it's original transmission but it's recently aired on Irish television and I thought I'd see what the fuss was really about. Three episodes in and it's not bad. It's not hard to feel for the Latimers, given that their son has been murdered and the double act with the more straitlaced Ellie Millers and the abrasive Alec Hardy works well enough with both Olivia Colman and David Tennant on fine form and there's a good mix of characters within the community as well to add to things. That being said, it's not particularly original and it's influences (The Killing, anyone?) are a bit too obvious at times. I will watch the remaining five episodes, despite already know who the killer actually is.

Devious Maids: I caught the final two episodes a while ago and forgot to mention them in my previous TV jumble blog. Overall, I've enjoyed this series as much as I did Desperate Housewives not so long ago. The reveal and wrap up of Flora's murder mystery, coupled with Rosie winding up into some legal bother thanks to a vengeful Peri means the show at least has some good plotlines for the second season but I do hope that like it's predecessor, Lifetime doesn't try to extend this show beyond it's natural life.

Girls: If there was an award for polarising show with often awful female characters, this show would always win it. Lena Dunham's baby is back for a third season and while I've mostly liked the first three episodes, not a whole lot has really changed. Hannah's still self absorbed as ever, Marnie is still a whinger (lovely singing voice aside), Shoshanna's still terminally annoying in her female Sheldon style way and Jessa's still a raging sociopath. Business as usual, along with Ray being a background character (minus a piss poor fight scene with Hannah's editor) and Adam being slightly less crazy than in previous seasons. On the plus side, the show can still attract decent guest stars with both Richard E.Grant and Rita Wilson popping up in the first two episodes and being somewhat more interesting than the main characters.

Looking: I've been somewhat unfairly comparing this show to Girls more than Queer As Folk and after watching the first episode, I probably should knock that right off. For one thing - all three main characters - lovelorn Patrick and his friends Agustin and Dom are a hell of a lot more likeable than Hannah and company and while this series isn't particularly groundbreaking, it was something of a breath of fresh air to watch as well. Patrick's quest for love is certainly a nice draw and Jonathan Groff makes for a likeable leading man but while Patrick is instantly likeable, I do think both Agustin and Dom might arguably overshadow him as the series progresses though. Definitely one I'll be watching for the remainder of the season.

The Musketeers: Anyone else think it's a bit weird this show is airing in a Sunday 9pm timeslot? Despite the fact that it's doing well there, rating wise, it seems more like it should be in the same Saturday slot previously occupied by Doctor Who/Robin Hood/Merlin/Atlantis etc. Having watched the first two episodes, so far it's pretty decent if not spectacular stuff. The four leads are likeable and engaging enough as the Musketeers in question and Peter Capaldi makes for a decent antagonist with his take on Cardinal Richelieu. Watchable stuff but not mind blowing. At least not yet anyways.

The Spoils of Babylon: I watched the first two episodes of this miniseries and I've got to be honest, I'm not entirely sure I really want to continue beyond that. I don't mind the spoofy nature of the show but there are times when it's a a bit jarring and I'm not sure if I want to care about the 'love' story between 'siblings' Devon and Cynthia Morehouse, despite some great performances from Toby Maguire and Kristen Wiig. Maybe the next few episodes will keep me glued but somehow I doubt it.

- John Simm, James Fraim and Mira Sorvino will be starring in the upcoming BBCAmerica drama, Intruders.
- Rose McGowen will reprise the role of Cora for the 18th episode of Once Upon A Time's third season.
- Danielle Panabaker and Rick Cosnett have signed on for The Flash.
- Starz have ordered ballet drama, Flesh And Bone, starring Sarah Hay in the lead role of Claire.
- J. August Richards's Mike will be transformed into Deathlok in an upcoming episode of Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
- Family Tree and Hello Ladies have been axed by HBO.
- PBS will not move Downton Abbey's transmission closer to the UK's.
- Episode 20 of Supernatural's ninth season will serve as a backdoor for a spin-off series. Jared Padalecki has described it as a reward for the show's more passionate fans.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Doctor Who - 12th Doctor Costume Revealed/Series 8 Filming Spoilers

With filming nearly completed for the first episode of Series 8 of Doctor Who, the BBC have finally revealed the costume for Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor ...

Minus the frills, there's certainly an element of Jon Pertwee when it comes to Capaldi's costume. It's definitely enough of a contrast from Matt Smith's outfits over his three year run and the cardigan and buttoned up white shirt is a good move as well. It might not be the most showy of costumes but I have a feeling it will look better when seen in action and more promotional pictures over the next few months.

Meanwhile over the last few weeks, we've had filming pictures of Peter Capaldi's Doctor on horseback, Clara (Jenna Coleman) wearing some Victorian gear and the Paternoster Gang in action. With filming for the first episode near completion (and Phil Ford's episode due for production next), more spoilers have been unveiled. According to sources, we can expect a phone call from the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) from Trenzalore, which helps ease the transition of Doctors for Clara as well. Also along with some rumours of a male companion and the return of a familiar enemy, this looks like it's going to be a fantastic first year for the Twelfth Doctor and his Impossible Girl.

Series 8 Filming Pictures:

Series 8 of Doctor Who continues filming and will air during Autumn 2014 on BBC1.

Monday, January 27, 2014

24: Live Another Day - Casting Information/Spoilers

I wasn't the most die hard of 24 fans and when it ended after eight seasons and a television movie, like many I felt it was overdue ending. However, like many I am also curious about FOX bringing the show back for a ninth season of twelve episodes, titled Live Another Day. Here's what we seem to know so far.

In terms of role reprising, we already know that Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer), Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe O'Brien), William Devine (James Heller) and Kim Raver (Audrey Raines) are all returning to the mini-series, which will open with a double bill episode. From the synopsis online, it seems that four years have passed since the eighth season and Jack has been hiding in London (where this season is being shot) while Chloe has been abetting Jack.

Other cast members in this production includes Dexter actress, Yvonne Strahovski as impulsve CIA field operative, Kate Morgan, QI's Stephen Fry as Prime Minister Trevor Davies, Judy Davis as Margot, a woman with terrorist links, Tate Donovan as Mark Boudreau, the husband of Audrey as well as Benjamin Bratt, Joseph Millson, Giles Matthey, Duncan Pow and Ross McCall.


24: Live Another Day will premiere on FOX from May 5th with a double bill and will air on Sky1 shortly afterwards.

Friday, January 24, 2014

My Review of Revenge's 3x13: "Hatred"

Written by Gretchen J. Berg And Aaron Harberts
Directed by John Terlesky

Emily (to Daniel): “I’m not doing all of this because I’m a bored housewife. I’m fighting to win you back.”

I apologise for the tardiness of this review but I’ve been ill for the last few days, so I’ve only caught up with this episode and I have to admit, this was something of an odd but brilliant one though.

I liked seeing Emily and Daniel wage war on each other. Daniel thought he had gained the upper hand by rubbing his relationship with Sara in Emily’s face and then firing the staff but aside from that cruel act he had already committed, Emily really managed to outdo him in this episode.

The way Emily managed to take Sara out of the equation was pretty sly but it did the job though. Using Sara’s mother in order to guilt her into ending things with Daniel was an extremely smart move and one that Sara succumbed to pretty easily. Maybe deep down, Sara knew that Daniel just wasn’t worth being disowned by her own mother over.

Of course by doing that, Emily pretty much broke any feelings that Daniel might have had for her. He seemed to have no problem shoving her to a bed after she broke him and Sara up and he proved to be a royal bastard when he gloated about sterilising her as well. It’s really amazing how much the last few episodes have made Daniel into a loathsome piece of work, isn’t it?

As for Emily – this was an odd episode for her. When she wasn’t wreaking psychological warfare on Daniel, she also spent a good while of the episode blacking out as well. Did she hit her head off the pool or is this after effect of being nearly killed by her horrible husband? Either way, it led to a confrontation with Aiden and weirdly enough, Emily waking up in Conrad’s bed of all places in the South Fork Inn.

I don’t believe for a second that Emily and Conrad actually did anything together (though I wouldn’t put it past him to let her believe they did) but it was certainly an odd enough way of ending the episode. Well, there’s that and the arrival of Conrad’s first wife, who aside from some very predictable clashes with Victoria, I’m not all that bothered about getting to know to be honest.

Speaking of Victoria – I think she was actually telling Patrick the truth about being attacked by Jimmy. She might be a manipulator of the highest order but it makes a lot of sense that she would’ve gone to massive lengths to conceal the truth from Patrick for so long until this episode made it impossible for her to keep lying to him anymore.

It’s actually the first time this season that Patrick and Victoria’s bond didn’t seem so creepy but if Patrick can try to kill Conrad for less and even commit a bout of arson in this episode, I think it’s a safe bet that he might end up doing something drastic when he actually does confront his estranged father.

Also in “Hatred”

Margaux had zero hesitation in replacing Daniel with his own father in order to save her company from going bust.

Conrad (to Emily): “When your paramour betrays you as Daniel will, come find me at the South Fork.”

Keeping with Margaux for a bit, it seems that her and Jack are now going to be moving in together as well.

Victoria: “You’re poking a dangerous bear there.”
Daniel: “I can handle it.”
Victoria: “I’m talking about Emily. She’s waging psychological warfare on this family.”

Margaux: “I assume Satan will want the corner office.”
Conrad: “I have no desire to punch a clock, just my boy.”

Niko moved in with Nolan and Aiden this week when she wasn’t cauterizing Emily and figuring out who really killed her father. Perhaps Aiden should’ve just been honest with her.

Victoria (to Patrick): “Don’t let these circumstanced define you in the way they’ve defined me.”

Standout music: Mikky Eko’s “We Must Be Killers” played during the last few minutes of the episode.

Daniel: “Thanks to you, I’m dead inside.”
Emily: “So I am. We did this to each other, Daniel. You took from me, so I took from you. Don’t you see, we belong together?”

Chronology: Some time since “Endurance” has passed.

Definitely one of the more interesting episodes but at the same time, while watching “Hatred”, I just don’t see why Emily doesn’t get out of Grayson Manor and stay with Nolan for the time being. Clearly being in the same house as her enemies clearly isn’t doing her the world of good at the moment.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Recap/Review: American Horror Story: Coven - Go To Hell

No-one gets away with sin. Eventually everybody pays. Everybody suffers - those are some grim words there for you but as this episode went on to prove, Papa Legba wasn't lying about those getting their just desserts.

Written by Jessica Sharzer
Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

Makeover Time: All season I've praised Kathy Bates for playing such a horrible piece of work as Delphine LaLaurie and while her fate seemed pretty obvious in this episode, it didn't stop LaLaurie for going out on a 'high' as such either. Before getting her just desserts, she hacked Marie to pieces, reclaimed her home (after nearly killing the tour guide) and then gloated over things with Queenie as well. All season long, LaLaurie has been overdue a decent comeuppance and this episode more than made up for it.

Time To Pay The Price: And LaLaurie's fate ended up being trapped in her own home for all of eternity watching as Marie tortured the living daylights out of her daughters, which also ended up being a punishment for Marie too. Legba certainly made sure that the both of them suffered and all because Queenie wanted to rescue Marie and ultimately stop LaLaurie. By doing that, she effectively damned them both and going by Legba's cryptic comments at the end, how long will it be before everyone else pays the price too for their sins? Even Queenie sealed her own fate by reaching out to this bloke.

Why Am I Here?: This episode was actually one of the best ones for Queenie so far. Not only was she pro-active for a change but a lot less whiny as well. I did like her educating Fiona on Papa Legba, helping Cordelia retrieve Misty from the cemetery and generally finishing off both Marie and LaLaurie's respective character arcs as well. Overall, a great one for Queenie.

Supremely Dead Now: With both Marie and LaLaurie getting their respective comeuppances, the biggest shock was that Fiona actually did too. I knew her relationship with the Axeman would end violently but I assumed that it would be him dying at her hands rather than the other way around. I have zero sympathy for Fiona and her death was pretty deserved too. To be fair, Fiona pretty much had it coming and it's nice to see this show's general affection for Jessica Lange not get in the way of Fiona actually getting her comeuppance for once. After all, if she hadn't been killed, she would've bumped off the rest of the coven in order to maintain her Supremacy status.

The Coven That Slays Together: Probably should stay together as well. Now, this was a great episode for the Coven as a whole. Fiona was taken out of the picture, distractions like LaLaurie/Marie were gone, no Witch hunters posed a threat and they all banded together to pretty much kill the Axeman quite epically as well. However the highlight of the episode, apart from Cordelia orchestrating her own mother's downfall was seeing Misty knocking seven shades of crap out of Madison. Now that was supremely entertaining to watch but if next week's finale doesn't finally answer who the next Supreme is, then it will be a bad way to end the series.

 Next week, it's finale time and hopefully an answer as to whom the next Supreme is too.

Monday, January 20, 2014

E4 Commissions ALT

Following the end of Misfits, it's actually something of a relief that E4 have decided to commission another genre show and ALT sounds interesting enough.

So far, just a pilot, ALT by Being Human's Jamie Mathieson stars both Gethin Anthony (Game Of Thrones) and Craig Roberts (Submarine) as former friends Danny and Milo, both of whom wind up transported to a parallel universe. The synopsis is as follows ....

"Imagine: that mate you dumped months ago because he's a tool, rings you out of the blue and asks for help. You go round and he's tripping. Banging on about parallel worlds and killers with swords and you're not really listening to be honest.

"And the next thing you know the world's changed. Literally changed. Your girlfriend, who was kind of the love of your life, no longer even recognises you. Dead relatives are suddenly alive again. And someone who looks just like you is living your life. Badly.

The pilot will be directed by Ben Caron.

More Details:

ALT is expected to air on E4 during Spring 2014.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Gotham/Batman Vs. Superman - Update/Casting Rumours

It's been a while since I've discussed anything Batman related (been currently buying/watching some of The Animated Series over the last while on DVD) but there has been some interesting developments though in this particular universe.

First of all, Gal Gadot (Fast & Furious 6) has been cast as Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie (which we're going to have to wait even longer for now). Like I've said before, this is looking less like a sequel to Man Of Steel and more a thinly veiled Justice League movie but given the troubles both the big and small screen have had in recent years to get this particular heroine onscreen, perhaps this is a turnaround of sorts. Elsewhere there were rumours that Girls actor Adam Driver was in in the running for Nightwing but the actor has denied this since. The movie however, which was meant to appear in 2015 has now been pushed to May 2016 instead.

Less confirmed however is Sons Of Anarchy actor Donal Logue playing the role of Detective Jim Gordon in the upcoming FOX series, Gotham. So far the actor has denied his involvement in the project but it has been confirmed that casting for a ten year old version of Bruce Wayne will be happening as well as backstories for some of the city's legendary of villains. it will also (not surprisingly) take some inspiration from Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy.

Meanwhile, the 1966 Batman TV series, starring Adam West and Burt Ward as the caped crusader and the boy wonder will also be getting a DVD release this year as well. While an official date has yet to be properly confirmed, we can thank Conan O'Brien for leaking that the series will be finally getting released. I just hope we get more concrete details on this soon. I definitely want to own this version of the Dark Knight on DVD.

Batman Vs. Superman News:
Gotham News:
Batman 1966 Series DVD News:

I'll keep you updated with any further Batman movie/television news as well as some reviews over the next while, folks.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Penny Dreadful - New Trailer/Airdate Confirmed

Vanessa (to Ethan): It's an invitation.

It might be a few months away but after an initial concept trailer and behind the scenes stuff, Showtime have finally released some proper clips for their upcoming psychosexual series, Penny Dreadful. Once again, it seems that Eva Green's Vanessa Ives is the main character and within the fifty second trailer she's telling Josh Hartnett's Ethan Chandler about the two worlds that really exist. We see wolves, contortionists, sex orgies and certain paintings to name a few of the exciting things that Vanessa seems to be alluding to so heavily.

Other information that has recently appeared is that Billie Piper's character, Brona Croft will be from Belfast while Helen McCrory's character, Madame Kali is a spiritualist while Simon Beale Russell's character, Ferdinand Lyle is an eccentric Egyptologist. It's also been revealed that the show itself will be set in 1891 while exploring tones that the country is grappling with. It certainly looks like it's going to be quite the monster mash alright.

Season 1 Trailer:

Penny Dreadful will air Sundays at 9pm on Showtime from May 11th and will premiere on SkyAtlantic shortly afterwards.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Recap/Review: American Horror Story: Coven - Protect The Coven

We're getting closer to the finale and with some faces returning, this was something of a hit and miss episode. Still interesting though.

Written by Jennifer Salt
Directed by Bradley Buecker

Pure Evil: Last week was a LaLaurie free zone, so this episode more than made up for her absence in the worst way possible. I've constantly praised Kathy Bates for her brilliant performance but if Delphine doesn't die a painful death in the finale, I am not gonna be a happy viewer. In this episode we saw her first torture and murder of a black man in 1830 upon moving to New Orleans and in the present day, restored to her horrible self by Queenie (why?), she did the same thing again to an unfortunate gardener while being manipulated by Spalding to take Marie out of the equation. While I don't particularly like Marie, even I don't want to see her being tortured royally by LaLaurie for the remainder of the season either.

A Hero Is She: Poor Cordelia. It has to suck being told by your mother and Queenie (who was a right bitch in this episode) that you're basically useless. Cordelia, taking the advice a little too much to heart then decided her best course of action was to blind herself again so she could get her other sight back. I'm not actually sure if this worked (we didn't see the results) but I am hoping that she comes out on top pretty soon because let's face it, the poor girl's been crapped on a lot this season. Even Lana emerged victorious at times during Asylum whereas Cordelia hasn't had that luxury yet.

Or You Can Die: Papa Legba wasn't joking when he said that Fiona and Marie together were big trouble and along with the Axeman (who finally did something useful), they proved that spectacularly when their meeting with the Corporation resulted in a gruesome (ish) bloodbath. I'm still wondering though how sincere both Fiona and Marie's new found friendship really is and I'm also waiting for the moment where the former's relationship with the Axeman sours as well. Does that make me sound cynical? Nah, not really. They're valid concerns/questions after all.

Don't Break The Boy: Finally the not so thrilling triangle between Zoe/Kyle/Madison came to an end when Kyle made it abundantly clear that it was Zoe he loved and not Madison. Of course, Madison proving that she's as much as a fruitloop as Fiona didn't exactly take the news well and after some coercion from Myrtle (who seriously has gone up in my estimations as a character), Zoe and Kyle did the sensible thing and legged it from the house of doom. Undoubtedly though, something or someone will coax them back and at least Zoe is finally questioning the possibility of being the Supreme as well. Again though, I wish the show would answer that question now. It's been too dragged out at this rate.

Go Myrtle: It's amazing how I've gone from indifference towards Myrtle to actively liking her so much in the space of this whole season but there you go. Aside from some ridiculous OTT moments with the character, she did have some choice moments with Zoe, Cordelia and Fiona this week and I did like her verbal smackdown of Madison as well. As for the rest of the episode - Queenie now also thinks she's the next Supreme, Zoe found out quickly that Fiona and Marie murdered Nan and despite mentioning Misty, no-one made the effort to go and look for her. Thankfully the trailer for next week has given us hope on the swamp goddess front though.

Next week, it looks like Fiona's reign is coming to an end, Queenie goes looking for Marie with hellish consequences and someone else is back too.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Game Of Thrones - Season 4 Official Trailer

Daenerys (to Jorah): They have a choice. They can live in my new world or they can die in their old one.

You wait for ages for a trailer for the upcoming fourth season of Game Of Thrones and finally one arrives and already you're wishing it was April already. I seriously cannot be the only one, right? Warning, some major spoilers to follow for both the series and the books.

Last time we saw her, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) had gained a lot of followers and this season it seems that she will journey into Mereen as well as potentially falling out with Jorah (Iain Glen) over some of her decisions as well. She seems keen to rule as queen before getting to her real destination. We also know that Joel Fry will be playing the role of Hizdahr zo Loraq, a character that will be prominent to Dany's storyline this upcoming season.

Another prominent storyline to look forward to this season will be the wedding of Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) and Margaery (Natalie Dormer). Yes, the one that fans have labelled as the 'Purple Wedding' for reasons that are apparent if you've read the books. It's certainly going to be one of two most talked about moments this season and also one that will have major consequences for several characters for the remainder of the season as well.

Keeping with some of the new characters to be introduced this upcoming season - the one I am looking forward to the most is bisexual warrior, Oberyn Martell/the Red Viper (Pedro Pascall), who comes to Tyrion's (Peter Dinklage) assistance much later in the season and it seems like he's going to be an interesting one to watch if the trailer is anything to go by. Also expect to see Rome actress Indira Varma playing the role of Ellaria Sand while Doctor Who/Sherlock's Mark Gatiss will be playing the minor role of Tycho Nestoris during the fourth season.

As for Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) - he's back on the Wall but it's not long before there's an attack on the wall by the Wildings, including a scorned Ygritte (Rose Leslie) and going by past events such as Baelor, Blackwater and the Red Wedding, this attack could happen during the second last episode of the season.

Other clips in the episode include scenes between Tywin (Charles Dance) and Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), Cersei (Lena Headey) fearing for her son's safety, both Arya (Maisie Williams) and Bran (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) going along their own individual paths as well as Melisandre (Carice Van Houten) being her usual cryptic self as well as Yara (Gemma Whelan) continuing her mission to rescue Theon (Alfie Allen) and Littlefinger (Aidan Gillen) trying to figure out some alliances. Based on the remainder of the third book, A Storm Of Storms and possibly taking in elements of the fourth one, A Feast For Crows, it certainly looks like the fourth season is going to be another powerhouse season to watch.

Season 4 Trailer:

Game Of Thrones - Season 4 will air Sundays 9pm on HBO from April 6th and Mondays 9pm on SkyAtlantic from April 7th.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Review of Revenge's 3x12: "Endurance"

Written by Sallie Patrick
Directed by Sanford Bookstaver

Emily: “I know it was you, Daniel.”

I have to admit, for the first half of this episode I had a horrible feeling we were going to be going down the old Misery route with Emily as Sheldon and either Victoria or Niko getting a little overenthusiastic in the Annie Wilkes role but suffice to say, this episode took a different turn of events than expected though.

Nolan really must work in mysterious ways because his switcheroo with the Infinity Box happened at a rapid pace, even by this show usual standards. One minute he was feigning intoxication, the next minute he was being knocked out by mummy’s boy Patrick (whom he got his own revenge on later) and then Victoria then believed she was right about Emily being a grifter all along.

Had Victoria been smart, she would’ve used this ‘information’ to get Emily out of the Hamptons straight away. Instead she foolishly chose to gloat and Emily managed to barely regain the upper hand by placing a bounty on Lydia (still not feeling sorry for her) and confront Daniel on the fact that he shot her.

I’m not sure if actually continuing with her sham marriage to Daniel is the way to go forward with her revenge plan now that both Daniel and Victoria are more aware of her devious nature but at least Emily’s motives have gotten that bit more personal for wanting to take the Graysons down once and for all.

I know some people are saying that Emily should be blaming herself for her overcomplicated plan failing on her but Daniel had a choice when he shot her and she certainly doesn’t deserve to be unable to have children because of his callous actions either. The way Daniel is going, I will be genuinely surprised if he makes it out of the season alive. If Aiden and Jack don’t kill him, Emily just might and I wouldn’t honestly blame.

I also didn’t like seeing Victoria gloating about Emily being unable to have children as well. Even for Victoria that was a remarkably low blow and it didn’t help either that Aiden wasn’t as supportive when Emily explained why she had to continue with her revenge against the Graysons now.

Speaking of Aiden – anyone else get the impression that Niko knows he bumped off her father? The way she kept talking about Takeda’s death, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she just re-entered Aiden’s life in order to get back at him. She certainly didn’t seem too concerned with Emily and wasn’t exactly that broken up about learning about their split either. Basically, I think Aiden might have bitten off more than he can chew with Niko.

As a character though, I did like her scenes with Emily and she’s certainly done more in two episodes than Charlotte’s done all season. I just get the feeling that Niko will end up becoming more of a problem to Emily and Aiden than an actual asset to them. Prove me wrong, show.

Keeping with the female characters – this was something of a mixed bag for Margaux. I did like that she believed Jack when he told her about Daniel shooting Emily but at the same time, she also became easily swayed by Emily’s public damning of Lydia as well. I’m not sure where else they can go with the character though unless they actually bring her up to speed with Emily’s agenda with the Graysons but at the moment, there’s also no real reason for them to do that though.

Also in “Endurance”

Nolan dressed as a candy striper to visit Emily is another one of his daft outfits. At the same time, only Nolan can pull that sort of outfit off.

Emily: “Where am I?”
Victoria: “Well, Grayson manor of course. Welcome home.”

I’m guessing Conrad’s interference with Voulez’s latest issue has something to do with trying to help Lydia. He did practically beg Emily to exonerate her as well.

Emily: “Who do you work for?”
Niko: “Just myself and the memory of my father.”

I enjoyed seeing Jack punching Daniel this week but Sara loses points for being so easily won around by the latter as well. She’s as bad as Patrick really.

Conrad: “Your memories will return, Emily and when they do, I suggest you come to me first. You’ve taken two bullets to the stomach. Going forward, I’d watch your back.”

Patrick (re Victoria): “She actually slapped me.”
Nolan: “And you didn’t enjoy it?”

I loved the walkie talkie in the stuffed dog. Was it deliberate that the stuffed dog in question looked like Sammy?

Victoria (to Emily): “Fate can be so cruel.”

Jack: “It wasn’t Lydia who shot Emily, it was Daniel.”
Margaux: “Why would you think that?”
Jack: “I know that because Emily told me.”

Standout music: Anyone know the songs in this episode? I’ve looked online and I can’t seem to find the names of them anywhere.

Emily (to Aiden, re Graysons): “They took my father, my mother, my best friend and now this.”

Chronology: From where “Homecoming” more or less left off.

Certainly a bit better than the previous episode. I do like that there was a consequence for Emily’s shooting but even with “Endurance”, I’m not sure how much of an advantage she’s going to be able to maintain living in Grayson Manor if she doesn’t do something and fast.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Monday, January 13, 2014

My Review of Sherlock's 3x03: "His Last Vow"

Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Nick Hurran

Moriarty: "Did you miss me?"

Well, if there's one way to upstage a promising new villain like Charles Augustus Magnussen, it's probably by making sure that the former big nemesis re-emerged only seconds after the new guy was rather quickly dispatched with in such a passionless manner. I hate to admit it but despite a rather sublime performance by Lars Mikkelson, something about CAM was lacking for me as a baddie.

Sure, he was pretty creepy in parts (pissing in a fireplace, licking Smallwood's face and flicking Watson's face, etc) but aside from the not remotely subtle homage to media tycoons like Rupert Murdoch and being partially responsible for Mary revealing her true identity, I kind of felt like he was something of a wasted villain as well.

He gloated a few times about being the second most powerful man in Britain outside of Mycroft but another thing that lacked about CAM was that unlike Moriarty, I don't think he was as well integrated in the series. Back in Series 1, Moriarty's presence was definitely felt before Sherlock and Watson encountered him at the swimming pool. The same cannot really be said about CAM and his rather swift death was another way of highlighting that of course.

On the plus side, this episode did manage to reveal some more information about Mary, cause a tiny bit of a rift within her marriage to Watson (she shot Sherlock, naughty girl!) but at the same, both her and the unborn baby made it out of the episode alive. I'm glad because there were so many fans assuming she'd be a goner in this one and it did look like it too. Thankfully though, she's staying and it's a good thing because Mary has undoubtedly been the best thing about this whole series now.

As for Moriarty - is he really back from the dead or is there something else going on here? I love seeing Andrew Scott as much as the next person but it's going to take some explaining to justify having Moriarty back in the mix for the next series. It could work well in the show's favour but it also blow up in it's face. It's moments like these that kind of make me resent having to wait two years for the next batch of episodes.

- Was anyone shocked that Molly called off her engagement to Tom? Nope, didn't think so.
- Clever way of adding Agra into Mary's storyline this week as well. She worked for the CIA, didn't she? At least in this version of events.
- The gang (Sherlock, Watson, Mary, Mycroft, Billy) spending Christmas with Sherlock and Mycroft's parents was a hoot. It seems that Mummy Holmes is the genius in that family.
- I did love Sherlock's nicknames in this episode - "Shezza" and "Sherl" and Janine and Sherlock using each other was kind of amusing as well.
- Not enough screen time for Lestrade and Mrs Hudson in this one but I did like learning more about the latter's former antics though.
- Trust Moriarty to announce his return in a very public manner. The boy's a right show off.

Overall, while I do think the previous story was the best one we've had this series, His Last Vow was a great way of ending the series and making sure that you'd want to tune in for the next series. I really do hope Moffat and company know what they're doing with Moriarty though, assuming he's back for real. Oh and can we have Irene again too?

Rating: 8 out of 10

Saturday, January 11, 2014

DaVinci's Demons - Season 2 Airdate/Spoilers/New Trailer

DaVinci (to Riario): I never believed that I would be facing an end at all.

DaVinci's Demons may have been a show that divided viewers more than it wowed them in it's first season (despite advertisers being more than keen to remind us that it came from David S. Goyer, who was involved in The Dark Knight trilogy) but the first trailer for it's upcoming second season back in October was tantalising enough. The trailer now released following the cast's recent attendance at the Television Critics Association 2014 however does show some further signs that perhaps it's second season might be worth a gander.

For a start, not only are we having the Same Genius in a New World (this season's slogan), but throughout the ten episode second season, it seems that both DaVinci (Tom Riley) and Count Riario (Blake Ritson) are going to be forced into working together as well, while audience members will finally figure what exactly makes Lucrezia (Laura Haddock) tick as a character too as she will become the glue of the season. Goyer also has mentioned that the show has found it's tone now and that the second year will be darker compared to it's first one but that it's always been a historical fantasy series. However, the trailer had an odd sense of finality to it and the move to a different day does make me wonder about the show's immediate future.

Season 2 Trailer:
Season 2 Cast Pictures:

DaVinci's Demons second season will air Saturdays at 9pm on Starz from March 22nd and will debut on FOXUK, Fridays 10pm from March 28th.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Recap/Review: American Horror Story: Coven - The Magical Delights Of Stevie Nicks

After a month's break, we're back for the final four episodes of American Horror Story: Coven and despite the title, this one didn't mince about with the killings.

Written by James Wong
Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

Sometimes Meet Your Heroes: With all the mentioning of Stevie Nicks this season, it's not too much of a shock to the system that we finally got an episode to feature her. Although her personality was slightly toned down to fit in with the tone of the episode, I did get a kick of seeing her and Misty fangirling each other and Misty's faith in Stevie when Madison tried to use the woman's lyrics in a negative light was pretty great too. The final moment where Stevie was singing to Fiona was also a great way of closing the episode too. As for Misty, that little stunt Madison pulled better not be the end of her. Madison doesn't deserve to be the Supreme.

Just Name Her Already: I know there's three episode left but given how the lack of identity of the Supreme is turning these girls into monsters and murderers, perhaps it should be revealed who it is and fast. Both Nan and Madison seem a little too adamant that they're next in line after Fiona and both of them resorted to murder this week. I might not have been greatly sympathetic towards Joan getting killed by Nan (she did murder her own son, after all) but I'm still a lot pissed if Madison succeeded in bumping off Misty. However, at least one of these two have been ruled out that for Supreme.

The Best Of Frenemies: If there's anything worse than Fiona and Marie being enemies, it's seeing the two of them bonding together. Marie not only put her differences aside with the Coven but she informed her of her involvement with Hank, told Fiona about the price of her immortality and more disturbingly, banded together with Fiona to drown Nan in a bath in order to sate Papa Legba (Lance Reddick). Basically everyone left in that coven is royally fucked now that these two are the best of friends.

Papa's Coming For You: Keeping up with this season's not so positive portrayal of the male species (Kyle/Luke excluded of course), the scary as hell Papa Lagba was revealed as the reason for Marie being alive all these years. All she has to do is give him an innocent soul a year to keep their end of the bargin but it seems that instead of slaughtering another child, she just helped to kill Nan this time around. I did laugh at the bit where Fiona tried to make a deal and Papa pointed out that she didn't have a soul. I don't think that surprised anyone really. Still, Fiona and Marie as a team has becoming a frightening prospect very quickly, even by this show's rather whiplash style standards.

Everything Else: Aside from the major plot points, we still don't know whether or not Queenie survived blowing Hank Foxx/Henry Renard's head off, we had Fiona and Marie cause some havoc for the corporation, Cordelia largely doubting/feeling sorry for herself with Myrtle not being able to comfort her, Zoe mostly reacting to things, Madison no longer having a heart murmur, Nan's powers growing prior to her death while both Kyle and LaLaurie were suspiciously absent from proceedings as well. Thankfully there was enough stuff going on that neither character was really missed.

Next week, Nan gets buried and both Marie and Axeman tell Fiona to take out the next Supreme while Cordelia has to make a sacrifice of her own.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Doctor Who - Series 8 Begins Filming

Well, the Matt Smith era is well and truly over for Doctor Who and after two brief appearances in The Day Of the Doctor and The Time Of The Doctor, Peter Capaldi has begun filming for his first series as the Twelfth Doctor, along with Jenna Coleman reprising her role as Clara Oswald.

The first picture of the Twelfth Doctor and Clara together and it seems that the first episode, written by Steven Moffat is also the first one to be filmed. This means we're going to have to wait another while to actually see Capaldi's costume but we do know that the first block will contained the first two episodes (the second one penned by Phil Ford, who has previously co-scribed, The Waters Of Mars as well as The Sarah Jane Adventures) directed by Ben Wheatley.

The first episode of the upcoming eighth series will also feature the return of the Paternoster Gang. Seen on set yesterday were Neve McIntosh (Madame Vastra), Catrin Stewart (Jenny Flint) and Dan Starkey (Strax) and it seems that the three characters not only will be assisting the Doctor and Clara during the former's transition into his current incarnation but they've also got some weapons of their own. Weapons that include a sonic hat pin, a gauntlet and a Lorgnette as well. Of course, they're not the only returning characters for Capaldi's debut episode either.

It's been heavily rumoured that the Clockwork Droids, last seen in the second series story The Girl In The Fireplace are appearing in this episode. I'm not sure if they've got a major role (though I am assuming they do) but they're an interesting antagonist to reuse again though if it's true they're coming back. Other confirmed rumours for the upcoming eighth year are that the series will have no split, that writers such as Neil Cross, Gareth Roberts and Mark Gatiss will be penning upcoming episodes and other directors also include Douglas McKinnon and Paul Murphy. The producers for this series also include Brian Minchin, Nikki Wilson and Peter Bennett, who previously worked on the show when Russell T. Davies was in charge. So far, looks like we've got an exciting debut series for the Twelfth Doctor in our midst.

Series 8 Press Release:
Series 8 Filming Pictures:

Series 8 of Doctor Who is currently being filmed and is expected to air on BBC1 around August/September 2014.