Friday, August 05, 2016

My Review of New Blood's 1x07: "Case 3, Part 2"

Written by Anthony Horowitz & Daniel Fajemisin & Marlon Smith
Directed by Bill Eagles

Lorca (re Stefan/Rash): "Those two little bastards? I'll tell you why. Because I've got them where I want them. Now they're paying me money but one day, I promise you, I'm really going to make them pay."

Ooh, if that wasn't a set up for a potential second series, then I don't know what was. Of course, Stefan and Rash brought Daniel Lorca down but not without unwittingly moving into one of his apartments and the man has now promised revenge. I have to admit this was a nice way of ending this episode and adding some hope for another one.

Of course, it wasn't just Lorca who came a cropper in this one. After things got predictable in relation to Lisa, David and their charity scams (along with the obvious reveal of Lisa actually having Michael killed), we got to see a truly life or death situation with Stefan and Rash and that burning car.

Naturally both of them survived long enough to move into their new humble abode with both Stefan's former housemates and Leila helping to christen the place in a pretty fun final little moment. It might have taken seven episodes but if the show gets a second series, we can enjoy seeing how Stefan and Rash actually cope with living with each other as well as working with each other.

As for Leila, she certainly got some horrible heat over Michael's death thanks to Lisa's scheming but overall, the episode ended with her bouncing back and there were even some nice moments for Alison, Eleanor and even Derek in this episode. Derek's reaction in particular to meeting Stefan for the first time was actually pretty funny as well.

- Peri Brown herself, Nicola Bryant was the TV journalist interviewing David at the start of the episode.
- I'm surprised that Alison's uncle Peter didn't play some kind of a role in this case as he did with the previous two.
- The use of 11/12/13 (December 11th 2013) was actually pretty clever. More so than Stefan 'hacking' skills.

This show has been something of a mixed bag. It's been blessed with two likeable leading actors/characters but it's struggled a bit to develop other characters and some of the stories could've been done in less episodes but if it gets a second run, I can see myself watching it again though. This was a satisfying way of rounding the series up for the time being though.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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