Saturday, January 28, 2017

My Review of How To Get Away With Murder's 3x10: "We're Bad People"

Written by Sarah L. Thompson
Directed by Jennifer Getzinger

Annalise (to Bonnie): "Doesn't matter who did it only person locked up is me."

Another return this week and it seems that I might have saved the best one for last, review wise. Last time the show was on the air, Wes was dead and Annalise was pinned for his murder and with five more episodes to go, this is clearly the arc for the second half of this season.

I have to admit I'm still a little shocked the show killed one of the Keating Five but I did love the various reactions towards Wes's death in the episode itself along with the numerous flashbacks on display with him as well. If anything it made me accept a little more than even if Wes is dead, he's still an integral part of the show.

Most of the characters were upset with Wes being dead, except for Connor who made a point of vocalising his lack of concern to the point where Asher even smacked him big time in front of Laurel and Michaela. While I'm glad the show had Connor being honest with his feelings, even I thought that he overstepped the mark in a big way, so I didn't mind Asher punching him this time around.

I did however like that in his flashback with Wes that Connor had actually opened up with the latter about seeing a therapist while in the present day coming clean to Oliver about sleeping with Thomas. I do think Oliver a little quick to forgive Connor there but I also liked that Connor, Michaela and Asher also mended fences as well by the end of things.

Keeping with the flashbacks - Michaela's one with Wes was one of the most telling. I liked that Wes pointed out that they barely interacted when she was advising him on Laurel but I also liked seeing Michaela being there for Laurel in the present day while also expressing some regret over her last conversation with her mother.

Then there was Laurel herself. She was grieving for Wes and in a lot of pain. The episode had her appropriately lash out at Frank, even if the latter wasn't responsible for Wes as demonstrated by his willingness to hand himself over and that somewhat cryptic encounter with Wes at the end of this episode too. I definitely think we can rule Frank out as Wes's killer here.

However while it'll be another five episodes before we know who the killer is, the one person being framed as Wes's murderer is Annalise herself. This week things got worse and worse for her as she was refused bail and it seems that Atwood and her team are on their own little witch hunt to send Annalise down for Wes's death along with other things.

I don't need to say that once again, Viola Davis delivered but yeah, I'll say it, because it's true. All of Annalise's scenes with her cellmates and Bonnie show the dispirited side to the character along with her flashback moment with Wes and Meggy as well. While I don't want to see Annalise go to prison, there's no denying that Viola continues to bring her A game in all the scenes.

- Asher's flashback involved Wes having to bail him out when he mistook another girl for Michaela.
- We didn't get to see a lot of Meggy's grief in the episode but at least there was one moment where Connor asked if she was okay, which I liked.
- Both Eve and Hannah were mentioned in this episode and for a moment, I thought we might have seen at least one of them.
- Chronology: From where Who's Dead left off.

We're Bad People certainly kicked things off for the second half nice. Enjoying a bit of a ratings spike with the returns of the other two popular Shondaland shows, it's going to be interesting to see how they will resolve this Wes arc in the next five weeks.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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