Monday, June 11, 2018

Sense8 - Amor Vincit Omnia

Written by Lana Wachowski & David Mitchell & Aleksandar Hemon
Directed by Lana Wachowski

Rajan (to Kala and the Clusters): "My God, I didn't think such things were possible."

Last year after a trailblazing second season, Netflix unfortunately bore the bad news of cancelling this show. A month later, fans got a brief reprieve when Netflix also announced a two hour series finale to wrap up the show. Add an extra thirty minutes into the mix and they made good on their promise.

Yup, this was one hell of an extended series finale but it certainly didn't waste any time though. First of all, the gang had kidnapped both Whispers and Jonas the last time we saw them and they were determined to rescue Wolfgang. While it took over half of this special to do that, the journey to getting to that point was something else altogether.

We got a better insight into Wolfgang's childhood and it was certainly messier than previously thought but more importantly, we did see him trying to save himself before the exchange for Whispers went predictably awry with Lila in a nightclub. Speaking of Lila, she somewhat stepped up a little as an antagonist here with Whispers mostly reduced to be a pathetic nonentity of a baddie. I mean, there was a moment where he nearly got away from Amanita and Daniella but other than that, he wasn't quite the villain of the piece.

Lila stepped into that role a little better, managing to strong arm the Chairman (who despite some focus on did lack a little as a baddie too) into getting her own way but as this episode needed to wrap things up, the Chairman, Whispers and Lila were all disposed off rather quickly. Normally this would be something to complain about but I found there was more than enough to keep this episode going and their deaths did happen at the end of Jonas and Angelica's long game plan coming to fruition though.

The highlight of this finale wasn't just seeing all the Clusters working together to stop the BPO. It was seeing them bringing everyone else into the mix as well. This show has done wonders with it's supporting cast and it was fantastic to see Hernando, Amanita, Daniella, Rajan, Bug, Mun, Felix and Diego all step into the fray to help save the day along with the Old Man of Hoy, Puck and his Clusters and even new BPO lady River promising a better era for the shady organisation as well as Zakia popping as well afterwards.

Then there was Nomi and Amanita's wedding in Paris. It was a beautiful way to end things, except for the fact that following both Demons and Happy Fucking New Year, one more orgy had to take place and it was as tastefully done and as sexy as the previous two we've seen and with a certain final image, it's really timely this special came out in the month of Pride.

- The title aptly means Love Conquers All. If that isn't a perfect title for this show's finale, I don't know what else would've been.
- The show featured Linda Perry in a brief scene and also had a For The Fans dedication to it.
- Standout music: Clean Bandit's Rather Be and Experience by Ludovico Einaudi during a certain scene.
- Chronology: From where You Want A War more or less left off.

It's felt like so much ground has been covered and it's felt like it's too soon for this show to be ending. Conflicting feelings no doubt but for a final episode, Amor Vincit Omnia certainly was a tribute to this breathtaking show. An exquisite ending for an exquisite show. Will, Riley, Nomi, Lito, Capheus, Sun, Wolfgang, Kala and all of your friends and lovers will be missed. It's a shame that Netflix didn't see this through for the five season plan it was meant to be but at least we got this beautiful finale.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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