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My Review of Angel's 6x22: "Aftermath Part 5"

Written by Kelley Armstrong
Artwork by Dave Ross

Kate (to Angel): “That’s the kid from the gang house. The one they killed. Only … older. So what are we seeing? The ghost of Christmas future?”
Female Power That Be: “More like the ghost of tragedies averted.”

It’s the last issue of this arc and following the previous where we learned that those annoying clerks were actually Elohim, this is one of those issues that should prove to be quite interesting.

Basically the irritating duo seem to consider themselves to be celestial referees, only there to keep the balance between the demonic and the divine at a reasonable pace, carnage wise. It’s also them that we can sort of blame for the Potentates being missing and all.

Angel’s analogy of penalty boxes reminded me of my primary school days when kids had to stand in a designated box for misbehaving the like. The worst that ever happened in my school might have been fighting. With Potentates, is a time out really an effective to stop them from going all kill happy?

I don’t think it is and the annoying clerk duo though not against the Potentates actually fighting do seem to have a strong opinion on how they do it. If evil can use extreme tactics to get things done, can’t good do the same?

Angel did get something of a crash course with the Potentates when a few of them attacked him for no reason. Even James found himself to be an outcast amongst the people he resided with in the heavenly plains, though one of his former comrades was sticking up for him.

It’s not too much of a shock then that other Potentates refuse to take kindly to Kate, Connor and Desdemona. The latter in particular generated attention due to the Potentates realising that she was also part jaguar in the mix. Seems that they’re sticklers for those little details.

The best part was Connor letting rip on them over their treatment of Desdemona before the two of them decided to make their exit. Connor and Angel also seemed to be on different sides in regards to the Potentates as well while Angel and Kate were led by a gang lad into an interesting predicament.

Angel, Kate and James all expected to find a demon in the midst. Having it revealed that the Potentates were killing humans did add an interesting twist to the storyline. It seemed that as well as ridding LA from the demons that threaten the city, the Potentates are also doing the same with human threats.

It’s a hard thing to debate. Angel is right in telling them that they don’t have the right to kill humans but at the same time, the humans in question are dangerous and I didn’t need the Power who came in Cordy’s placement to drill that information into my head. Angel and the gang (including James) breaking protocol should have some interesting consequences in following issues.

Also in “Aftermath Part 5”

The cover I bought had Angel, Kate and Gwen surrounded by Potentates. Kate actually looked like the Kate we know but Gwen wasn’t in this issue.

Female Boss: “We monitor and mediate between the divine and the demonic, ensuring that everyone plays fair. And when they do not … we cry foul.”
Angel: “So you’ve put the Potentates in the penalty box?”
Female Boss: “Excellent analogy.”
Male Boss: “We’ll have to remember that one.”

It just occurred to me that pencil guy Dave Ross should suspiciously similar to a certain Dalek creator.

James: “Nice way to treat your rescuer.”
Potentate: “Rescuer? Aren’t you?”
James: “Jamaerah. It’s been a while I know but I’m back and ready to help.”
Angel: “Not the most popular Angel on the cloud, were you?”

Connor (to Potentate): “If you want our help, you’d better watch your mouth, Angel or not.”
Desdemona: “Forget it; I’ve got my own work to do anyway. My own mess to clean up. And I’m having trouble holding form anyway.”

Connor showed an attraction to Desdemona in this issue. I guess older supernatural women are his thing.

Angel (re Connor): “Every time I think we’re getting close. I do something that pushes him away again.”
Kate: “I’ve heard of that condition. It’s called fatherhood.”

Kate: “I don’t understand.”
James: “They were sent to clean up.”
Kate: “Clean up? This – this isn’t cleaning up. This is slaughter.”
Angel: “Get your bosses on the line. And I want answers.”

Why wasn’t Cordelia able to appear again in this issue? Are she and the Powers That Be having differing opinions on the Potentates? That would explain why she was quickly scooped away in the previous issue.

Connor: “How old are you anyway?”
Desdemona: “Too old for you.”
Connor: “I wasn’t -”
Desdemona: “Sure you were. Have you ever worked with a woman you didn’t want to bed?”
Connor: “Hey!”
Desdemona: “Just an observation.”

In Connor’s defence, he’s worked with Kate, Justine, Nina, Illyria and Fred without having a sexual attraction to any of them. Whereas he and Cordy/Gwen were groin buddies and he did fancy Faith.

Angel: “I get the idea.”
Female Power That Be: “No, Angel, I don’t think you do. Not really. Los Angeles is falling into the abyss. It has been for years. We have a chance to stop the cycle.”

Male Boss (re James/Kate/Connor/Desdemona): “What will you do with them?”
Angel: “Same thing I’ve always done. Fight.”
Female Boss: “For good?”
Angel: “For justice. For what’s right. It’s the only thing I can do.”

The next issue “Become What You Are”, a one-shot for Gunn is out next week.

As a wrap to the five parter, “Aftermath Part 5” doesn’t resolve much but it certainly confused me a bit. I don’t know where this comic season is going to go because apart from trying to keep LA safe, the character arcs haven’t been very well defined and at this point, that’s worrying. As a whole this arc has been better than the previous one and I do have high hopes for the Drusilla two parter as well.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

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