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Nip/Tuck - Seasons 1-5

Season 1 Overview

An impressive debut season, though at first I wasn’t sure that this would be the kind of series I would watch regularly. The idea of a series revolving around two plastic surgeons wasn’t something that screamed out to be at first but the writing was stellar, the cases were touching and at the time, the love triangle between Sean/Christian/Julia at the time was intriguing, even though the paternity of Matt certainly changed things. Characters like Liz, Gina and even Kimber added something to the first year as did the villainous Escobar Gallardo.

Episode Ratings

1x01: Pilot = 8/10, 1x02: Mandi/Randi =7/10,
1x03: Nanette Babcock = 8/10, 1x04: Sophia Lopez = 8/10,
1x05: Kurt Dempsey = 9/10, 1x06: Megan O’Hara =10/10,
1x07: Cliff Mantegna =7/10, 1x08: Cara Fitzgerald = 9/10,
1x09: Sophia Lopez Part 2 =8/10, 1x10: Adelle Coffin = 10/10,
1x11: Montana/Sassy/Justice = 7/10, 1x12: Antonia Ramos = 8/10,
1x13: Escobar Gallardo =8/10.

Season 2 Overview

One of many shows that go to prove how brilliant second seasons can be. Sean and Christian very nearly decimated their own business when it was revealed that Matt was actually the latter’s. Julia’s marriage fell to pieces and the manipulative Ava virtually rang rings around everyone (though we really could’ve done with her relationship with Matt and her unhinged kid, Adrian). Plus, this also debuted the Carver and he became a signature villain in the third season. Gina also had Wilbur taken off her, Liz had an abortion and Kimber ventured into the porn industry.

Episode Ratings

2x01: Erica Noughton =8/10, 2x02: Christian Troy =6/10,
2x03: Manya Mabika =9/10, 2x04: Mrs Grubman =8/10,
2x05: Joel Gideon =7/10, 2x06: Bobbi Broderick =8/10,
2x07: Naomi Gaines =9/10, 2x08: Agatha Ripp =10/10,
2x09: Rose And Raven Rosenberg =8/10, 2x10: Kimber Henry =7/10,
2x11: Natasha Charles = 8/10, 2x12: Julia McNamara =10/10,
2x13: Oona Wentworth =7/10, 2x14: Trudy Nye =8/10,
2x15: Sean McNamara =9/10, 2x16: Joan Rivers =9/10.

Season 3 Overview

By far, one of two of the less engaging of the first five seasons, the third year had some hit and miss qualities. The Carver storyline which was ripe for potential was sort of dragged out and the reveal of it being bisexual Quentin wasn’t exactly a shock to the system. Then again, we did have Liz being underused, Julia and Gina’s business in De La Mer being short lived, Matt dating a racist, Sean and Christian briefly separating and Julia getting pregnant again.

Episode Ratings

3x01: Momma Boone =9/10, 3x02: Kiki =8/10,
3x03: Derek, Alex And Gary = 8/10, 3x04: Rhea Reynolds =9/10,
3x05: Granville Trapp =9/10, 3x06: Frankenlaura =7/10,
3x07: Ben White =6/10, 3x08: Tommy Bolton =8/10,
3x09: Hannah Tedesco =9/10, 3x10: Madison Berg =10/10,
3x11: Abby Mays =8/10, 3x12: Sal Perri =7/10,
3x13: Joy Kringle =8/10, 3x14: Cherry Peck =9/10,
3x15: Quentin Costa =9/10.

Season 4 Overview

Okay, now this was definitely better. I personally enjoyed former call girl Michelle hooking up with Christian, I enjoyed the organ harvesting plot. James made for a good female villain, while Escobar got bumped off by his own wife. Again we did have to endure Sean and Julia breaking up but the plot involving Connor was engaging and at least the writers made some effort to explore Liz’s love life. Matt and Kimber’s union was definitely something else that I didn’t expect to see on the show.

Episode Ratings

4x01: Cindy Plumb =9/10, 4x02: Blu Mondae =7/10,
4x03: Monica Wilder =8/10, 4x04: Shari Noble =10/10,
4x05: Dawn Budge =8/10, 4x06: Faith Wolper =9/10,
4x07: Burt Landau =6/10, 4x08: Connor McNamara =10/10,
4x09: Liz Cruz =7/10, 4x10: Merrill Bobolit =9/10,
4x11: Connor McNamara 2026 =10/10, 4x12: Diana Lubey =7/10,
4x13: Reefer =7/10, 4x14: Willy Ward =9/10,
4x15: Galla Gallardo =9/10.

Season 5 Overview

By far, the weakest season of the five, the move to LA should’ve heightened the show but it didn’t. Eden sucked as a villain, Julia/Olivia’s relationship was over too quickly, Christian’s competitiveness with Sean got tiring and I wasn’t best pleased with him and Liz hooking up (though the cancer plot and Gina’s death had their moments). Sean also attracted two psychos in both Colleen and Theodora as well while Kimber got back into porn and Matt just annoyed me a great many times in the season.

Episode Rating

5x01: Carly Summers =9/10, 5x02: Joyce And Sharon Monroe =8/10,
5x03: Everett Poe =8/10, 5x04: Dawn Budge Part 2 =7/10,
5x05: Chaz Darling =7/10, 5x06: Damien Sands =8/10,
5x07: Dr Joshua Lee =9/10, 5x08: Duke Collins =8/10,
5x09: Rachel Ben Natan = 6/10, 5x10: Magda And Jeff =10/10,
5x11: Kyle Ainge =9/10, 5x12: Lulu Grandiron =7/10,
5x13: August Waldon =8/10, 5x14: Candy Richards =7/10,
5x15: Ronnie Chase =7/10, 5x16: Gene Shelly =7/10,
5x17: Roxy St. James =6/10, 5x18: Ricky Wells =8/10,
5x19: Manny Skerritt =9/10, 5x20: Budi Sabri =8/10,
5x21: Allegra Caldarello =8/10,
5x22: Giselle Blaylock And Legend Chandler = 7/10.

All episode reviews can be found on both my TV TOME page and SHAWNLUNN2002TVHITS, both of which are linked on this blog.

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