Thursday, August 20, 2009

Doctor Who Greatest Moments: The Doctor

Narrated by Jo Whiley
Directed by Gillane Seaborne

David Morrissey (re The Doctor): “He has very human qualities and very conflicting qualities because he isn’t human.”

We’re still three months away from “The Waters Of Mars” and given the spoilers that have been leaked for the last few specials and even Season Five, it’s nice to have any bit of Doctor Who material on television, even if it is a new Confidential of sorts.

Usually I don’t review the Confidentials but seeing as this is one of three and the next two deal with companion and villains, I was persuaded to write something on it. That also means that I’ll write something on the next two as well.

So, an hour dedicated to telling us how brilliant, baffling, dangerous and ever changeable The Doctor is? Count me in. While I was hoping that this would actually cover all Ten on screen Doctors and give us some possibly tantalising hints on the Eleventh incarnation, I wasn’t too disappointed with the respective on the first four seasons.

For starters, having David Tennant, John Barrowman and Freema Agyeman was one thing but what made this interesting to watch was the other guests. David Morrissey, Georgia Moffett, Tom Goodman-Hill, Ryan Sampson, Mark Gatiss and Tracy Ann Oberman all contributed beautifully, mainly talking about their respective plots and the pros and cons of being around The Doctor.

We’ve already seen that in 30 seasons of materials. There’s fun and excitement at every turn but there’s also destruction and doom, so travelling with a Time Lord is definitely a mixed bag. Still, you totally travel with The Doctor though.

- Things were broken down into various sections such as “The Cleverest Man In The Room”, “Meddling With Time” and “Carry On Doctor”.
- Is it me or do Mark Gatiss and David Morrissey sound quite similar? The latter also has a hairdo like Christopher Eccleston did in the first season.
- Speaking of, I got more into this when we were seeing clips of the Ninth Doctor.
- No Russell T. Davies, Julie Gardner or Steven Moffat. I assume that Billie Piper and Catherine Tate are in next week’s edition.

Quote From The Doctor

David Tennant (re The Doctor): “At the same time our humanity acts as a check for The Doctor.”

Fun, fairly insightful but also like a greatest hits as one poster on Gallifrey Base described. Looking forward to the next two instalments.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


marksvigil said...

Hey Shawn, Well done! As long as you write the way you do then I don't mind spending an hour reading how terrific this episode is.

shawnlunn2002 said...

Thanks, Mark nice to heasr from you. These Confidentials aren't my usual thing but I'm feeling a little Who deprived and The Waters Of Mars isn't until November.