Saturday, February 08, 2014

Film Short: Three Minutes

Written And Directed by James Moran

Man (to camera): "Come on, this doesn't even make any sense. If I don't know what I did, then what's the point?"

I don't usually review shorts (though I might review some in the future) but given the Doctor Who and Torchwood connection that is writer and director, James Moran (The Fires Of Pompeii, Sleeper, etc), I thought I'd give this one a whirl.

While it might actually be longer than the title suggests (nearly six minutes but who's counting, eh?), the short pretty much featured an office worker (played by Emmerdale's Daniel Brocklebank) bound and gagged to a chair in a locked room with a bomb with about three minutes to save himself.

I'm not gonna tell you whether or not the unnamed male character actually makes it out of the short alive but the one thing I was curious about (that didn't get answered) was as to why he ended up in that predicament in the first place. Did he piss off a former lover or business partner? It's hard to tell really but for a one man show, Brocklebank did a pretty neat job. I've always liked him as an actor and it's a pity he hasn't popped up in some more mainstream stuff (aside from an EastEnders appearance a few years ago).

Short wise, this was a pretty solid and engaging one and given that Moran has an upcoming feature called Crazy For You with Rory Williams himself, aka Arthur Darvill, there's a good possibility I will review another one of Mr Moran's fine works.

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