Monday, February 10, 2014

Glee - 100th Episode Details/UK Ban (Possibly)

It's been a while since I've really discussed Glee, having been wrapped up in Ryan Murphy's other baby, American Horror Story but with the show's imminent return, it's time for another blog on the matter.

Well, the show will be back pretty soon with the first two episodes rumoured to be titled, Frenemies and Trio. After that we'll see episodes such as City Of Angels, 100 and New Directions. However the biggest news items seems to be less about the show's milestone 100th episode and more about the fact that the show may get banned from being aired in the UK in the future due to a rights issue with a comedy club also named The Glee Club. If this does happen, I guess UK viewers will have to seek the remainder of the show online but I honestly can't see it coming to that.

Elsewhere, getting back to the 100th episode (really, it's titled 100?), it seems that along with the returns of Quinn, Brittany, Puck, Mike and Mercedes for the episode, Gwyneth Paltrow will be reprising her role as Holly Holliday for the milestone episode while Kristin Chenowith will also be reappearing as April Rhodes with some familiar songs being sung in this episode as well. After that though, the show will be moving to New York on a more permanent basis for the remainder of the show's lifespan. All things said, I think that's a wise idea. Audiences seem to have tired of the McKinley antics for a while now and although it'll be a bit contrived, keeping things NY based with the majority of the cast will probably be easier in the long run.

Season 5 Spoilers:

Glee returns to FOX Tuesdays at 8pm from February 25th. Not sure when Sky will air the remaining episodes of the fifth season.

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