Thursday, February 04, 2016

Galavant - Season 2: Episodes 6-10 Reviews

And so as we get to the second half of Galavant's fun and inspired second season, things certainly take some rather interesting twists and turns.

Episode 6: About Last Knight

We've had some rumblings about Galavant having a less than desirable father and in this very episode, we actually met him and he's played by Greg Wise. Arnold spends most of the episode acknowledging that he wasn't the best of parental figures (though clearly he's liked by others) to his son and they kind of patch things up while Isabella banishes the wedding planner. Of course the big moment of the episode is Sid's reunion with Galavant and the way things end in this particular episode. Music highlights include Today We Rise and He Was There.

Episode 7: Love And Death

Thanks to Sid, Galavant did spend most of this episode hovering between life and death and seeing so many familiar (and not so familiar) faces during his brief moments in limbo. On the plus side, Richard, Roberta and Sid did take him to a healer (Reece Shearsmith putting in a fun but within his comfort zone kind of performance) and the issue of Richard's virginity served as a valuable plot point while both him and Roberta got closer. Then there was the wedding planner getting cosy with Gareth and Madalena. Music highlights Time Is Of The Essence and Goodbye.

Episode 8: Do The D'DEW

It's war time, bitches! Yup, now we've got thanks to that wedding planner's meddling, both Madalena and Isabella are out to war with each other and they finally got their animosity out in a beautifully and hilariously daft musical sequence while Madalena delved further into the dark side, Gareth showed some hesitance, Galavant raised an army of the undead and Richard and Roberta's budding relationship hit a brief snag. Oh and there's something involving a sword and the one true king to unite them all. Music highlights, well, obviously that's I Really Don't Like You but there's also Finally and A Dark Season to boot.

Episode 9: Battle Of The Three Armies

With this episode, it was less of a bloodbath and more a hilarity fest as Isabella and Madalena set their armies on each other while Galavant and Richard with their zombies then stepped in the middle of things. Of course, things really took a fun turn when it turned out that the wedding planner could control the dead and Madalena embraced her evil side even more than usual. There's also a rather sweet reunion with Galavant and Isabella but no more sweeter than Richard and Gareth though. Music highlights include A Good Day To Die and Do The D'Dew. The latter one being ridiculously catchier than others we've had this season.

Episode 10: The One True King (To Unite Them All)

And it's the finale. Will Galavant and company return for a third season? It's hard to say but for a last episode, this felt like a really good place to end things. Richard overcame his cowardice, defeated the wedding planner, turned out to be right about Tad Cooper and saved Roberta from Spinster Island. Galavant also married Isabella, the latter's parents got their kingdom back and Gareth and Sid teamed up to save Madalena from her evil self. If the show doesn't come back for a third season, then it ended on a creative high but truthfully, I really want one more hit of this infectiously daft series. Music highlights include Will My Day Ever Come, A Real Life Happily Ever After and Season 2 Finale.

That was fun. If this show comes back for a third season, I'll certainly be watching.

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