Saturday, February 13, 2016

Recap/Review: How To Get Away With Murder's 2x10: What Happened To You, Annalise?

And we're back. Three months since the moment Wes shot Annalise, we're into the final hurdle of episodes as things opened up on a rather confused note with this particular installment.

Written by J.C. Lee
Directed by Laura Innes

Holding The 'Baby'? Yeah, the weird bit of this episode was Annalise convinced that a woman named Rose dropped her baby off at Keating Manor and then took off while Bonnie was doing her level best to convince Annalise that there's no baby at all. Like I said, a bit of an odd one but given that Annalise was shot by Wes and only a fortnight has passed since then, we were given moments where it did look like she was losing the plot a little bit. Then those flashbacks happened.

Taking The Rap: Two flashbacks actually - first of all, we had Laurel covering for Wes and pretending to be the one who shot Annalise, which everyone seemed to accept a little too readily for my liking but then there was the stuff with Christophe, which this episode seemed to confirm was Wes when we saw a heavily pregnant Annalise meet his mother, Rose in flashbacks about ten years ago. You don't have to be a genius to see that Annalise intentionally gravitated towards Rose but considering how in and out of it she was this week, it's hard to know whether she was being confronted by Wes or not. Either way, this Christophe mystery is moving along nonetheless.

Second In Command: Bonnie might have been the one taking care of Annalise in this episode and Frank might have tried his hardest to keep her out of court but it seemed like Laurel was the one whom Annalise was truly relying on this week. Mostly in relation to Wes, whom Laurel managed to get back into the real world and interact with the rest of the cast. I guess in situations like this, having someone like Laurel is probably for the best, right?

All Over The Place: The courtroom scenes this week definitely felt like some of the most erratic we've had on the show. One moment, it looked like Catherine was about to be sent down for an actual crime she didn't commit, then the next minute we had Catherine manipulated into turning against Philip while Caleb spent most of the episode glaring daggers at both Michaela and Annalise. I'm not sure where they're going to go but the sooner we find out who actually killed the Hapstalls, the better though.

Unwanted Houseguest: Good news, Asher's moved in with Connor and Oliver. Bad news, he spent most of the episode criticising Oliver's music collection (Flashdance soundtrack, anyone?), downing booze every minute and going on about his father being potentially murdered. Is it horrible that I don't care about Millstone Sr being killed? Maybe Asher should be a bit more concerned about getting away with killing Sinclair but aside from the moping, there were some feel good/family type moments with the main characters at two different points in this episode, so that's something.

Next week, we've got a case about someone on death row.

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