Thursday, April 21, 2016

My Review of Empire's 2x14: "Time Shall Unfold"

Written by Ayanna Floyd Davis
Directed by Cherien Dabis

Jamal: "This family uses the term as if we're in some Shakespearian play. Technically if we're talking about heirs, we need to find Lola."

I'm surprised we had to wait this long for Anika to finally reveal that she was pregnant but between bumping off Camilla/Mimi and Lucious delving into his past and continuing to piss off everyone in the present, this episode finally got round to it and all because Andre and Rhonda caught Anika puking in the toilet.

I'm not sure if Anika really does just want a family for her kid but I don't blame her for threatening Lucious. He broke into her house and tried to buy his potential grandson and was pretty hypocritical towards her sleeping with Hakeem but at the same time, I can see wanting to get back in with the Lyon due to the fact that she is carrying the 'heir' to the throne at this point.

Leading to another thing - did this episode really rule out Lola? I thought last season she was supposed to actually be Lucious's offspring rather than Jamal but this episode saw Thirsty steal a hair sample from the child and Lucious then tell everyone that she was fathered by someone who isn't a Lyon. It seems more likely for Lucious to be lying than for this to be true but either way, it was a bit strange the episode dealt with the whole thing.

Keeping with Lucious, he really did play dirty this week to undermine Hakeem. Messing with Anthony and Cleopatra, planting drugs and getting equipment confiscated was one thing but he really went to town to humiliate Hakeem during the Shareholders meeting. It's lucky Cookie was able to step in at the eleventh hour but ultimately Hakeem found himself getting voted out and Lucious will inevitably get back in too.

Of course that wasn't the only shocking thing Lucious did in this episode. He took Andre to see his grandmother's grave, explained a bit more about Leah's condition and then the episode ended with a scene in Philadelphia where we learned that Leah is anything but dead. I can't wait to see this one blow up in Lucious's face when it's undoubtedly discovered.

As for Jamal, I quite liked his scenes with Freda in this episode. It seems that pairing her up (musically) with Jamal has actually done the character a world of good even if Cookie is dreading the fact that Freda might find out what really happened to her father. The subplot with viral rapper Stacey though was a little tedious but other than that, I like the budding friendship between Jamal and Freda though.

Also in "Time Shall Unfold"

Lucious's generating acclaim again with the Dwight Walker video. And next week we're finally getting the Acer awards out of the way.

Rhonda: "Are you pregnant?"
Andre: "Who's the father?"
Anika: "It's Hakeem's."

The toy lion Lucious gave Anika was a nice touch. We also found out that she never slept with Beretti as well.

Hakeem: "You gonna take me out like Jamal or treat me like garbage like Dre but know this old man, I ain't never bowing to you."
Lucious: "I thought you might say something like that."

Cookie (to Hakeem): "You don't know how to use a condom, stupid?"

I did get a laugh out of Jamal making that Shakespeare reference in this episode, given that it's an obvious influence for the series.

Anika: "What took you so long?"
Lucious: "Well, if I knew you felt like that, I'd have come sooner."

Standout music: Jamal/Freda's "Last Night" and Tiana's "Body Speak".

Thirsty: "As long as everything's dandy, I won't bother."

Chronology: Not long from where The Tameness Of A Wolf left off. I also notice that Porscha herself along with Jake Hamilton does a After Show thing for each episode now.

Well, that was an interesting episode. I certainly didn't see certain moments from Time Shall Unfold coming but I was definitely gripped by the whole hour, even if Cookie is the one who should be running the company rather than Lucious will inevitably do again.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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