Thursday, April 07, 2016

Pretty Bird

You'll know who the title of this blog is referencing, right? Major spoilers, so if you haven't seen these shows, back away now.

Arrow: For months we were wondering which character would be unfortunate enough to end up in the grave and after weeks of initial fan dread, it turned out to be Laurel. I'm not going to pretend I've been the biggest fan of the character but I really do think the writers messed up big time with her exit, even if it finally cemented Damian as a baddie and had some poignant moments to boot. Bear in mind we've also had episodes centering on the Olicity angst, the unwelcome returns of both Cupid and Brie (two useless villains) as well as everyone else finding out the gang's real identities. With five episodes left and more insufferably dull flashbacks to wade through, can we just end this season with Malcolm also dying? Pretty please?

Marvel's Agents OF SHIELD: And it's back. Several months since that moment with Ward becoming something else, the last few episodes have been on a good form. The departures of both Bobbi and Lance were handled well and hopefully their upcoming spin-off fares better than Agent Carter has done. As for the rest of the show - we need more Joey, especially with Mack and I'm fairly lukewarm on Daisy/Lincoln but the Gideon plot is decent enough to watch unfold at the moment as he's proving to be a decent antagonist for Coulson and company.

Once Upon A Time: Memo to the writers: episodes focusing on Hook are dull. Same with Robin for that matter. Now episodes delving into how much of a bastard Rumple really is, having Snow get her fight back (and a past history with Hercules) and the completely rushed but still entertaining 'love' story between Zelena and Hades and you've got some winners there. Speaking of Hades, it's now five episodes in and he's shaped up to be the best villain since Ingrid on the show. The Underbrooke stuff itself is re-energising the show in a pretty good way for now.

Supergirl: So, that crossover with The Flash? If you've seen Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, it was probably a welcome contrast for you but for a meeting of Kara and Barry, it was a truly excellent piece of television along with the tag team baddie duo of Silver Banshee and Livewire. Of course the show has been getting better as it's been going along, doing some interesting things with the usual red kryptonite storyline, bringing Lucy into the fold with both the DEO and Kara's secret and then there's also Alex and Hank on the run to boot. I can't wait to see what the final two episodes bring to the table.

The Flash: Back for two episodes and then it breaks. I really don't know how US viewers put up with these stopping and starting moments. Anyways, the episode focusing on a female speedster was better for setting up Jesse's future (and perhaps hinting at Wally's) than it was for Trajectory herself while Barry going back one year and interacting with Wells/Reverse Flash, Hartley and Eddie again packed more of an emotional punch though. Now to finally tackle the Zoom problem when it returns.

- Patrick J. Adams has bagged a mysterious/recurring role for Legends Of Tomorrow.
- John Simm has been cast as the Benefactor, a recurring role for The Catch.
- Katie Cassidy will be appearing as Black Siren in the two part finale for The Flash.
- Grimm has been renewed for a sixth season by NBC.
- Ricky Whittle has discussed being bullied off The 100 by the showrunner. That show seems to be a hotbed for controversy at this point.
- Kat Graham has revealed she will leave The Vampire Diaries after it's eighth season.
- Elton John will guest star in Nashville.
- Echo Kellum has been promoted to a regular for Arrow's fifth season.

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