Saturday, May 14, 2016

Heading Into New Terrain

I know I need to try and make these jumble blogs a bit more frequent but I've been caught up with some regular reviews. However here is a look at the last batch of things I've been watching.

Arrow: Well, we've got two episodes left, a super powered to the hilt Damien Darhk and Laurel is still dead (though we'll see a version of The Flash next week). We've also got the show running around in circles with more dull flashbacks, Malcolm doing his usual self serving antics and Thea being taken out of the main action. On the plus side, I did like seeing Diggle taking out his annoying brother, Lyla being delightfully snarky and helpful and even watching Felicity working with her criminal father was better than expected. Oh and Oliver, you might want to up your game a little with Damien. Just saying and all.

Game Of Thrones: It's been three episodes in and so far, this show has had something of a creative rebirth. With the show now officially surpassing all of George RR Martin's books (as well as ignoring/merging other plotlines), Season 6 is so far on a really strong note. Even Arya's storyline has picked up tremendously and Ramsay is continuing to even outdo Joffrey for the most despicable character on the show while Daenerys is experiencing a bit of a comedown and Jon wisely decided to abandon the Night's Watch as well. Even the flashbacks to young Ned Stark are adding more to the show. So far this season really is firing on nearly all cylinders.

Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD: Two seasons ago we had Ward turning to the dark side and it did wonders for the characters. Now we've got Daisy being under the influence of HIVE and it doesn't really feel like she's done anything too bad (aside from taking Malick out). Other than that, it doesn't feel anything really exciting is happening. Hive's story is going too slowly that it's losing momentum but on the plus side, at least the show pushed Fitz and Simmons together.

Once Upon A Time: What a way to resolve things. Hook's back from the dead, Arthur got taken down and redeemed and Hades was killed by Zelena. Oh and Robin died. I wish I could be upset by that one but I never really shipped him and Regina to begin with. The last few episodes have had some interesting moments and I have enjoyed most of the flashbacks not to mention the fact that the Underworld storyline was such a step up from the disastrous Dark One/Camelot plot in the first half of the season. I just hope the finale gives the season a satisfying ending though.

Supergirl: I've really enjoyed the first season of this show and with news that it's been picked up for a second season (more on that in a bit), the last two episodes certainly packed a lot into them. I liked the team up of Indigo and Non and I liked seeing Cat and Maxwell even playing their parts to save the day in a way. I also loved every scene Kara had with the rest of the characters and the cliffhanger was a great way to hype things up for next season. This show has proved in the space of twenty episodes that Kara has more than stepped out of the shadow of her more famous cousin.

The Flash: While I'm still enjoying the show a lot more than it's parent series, I am tiring a tiny bit of the Zoom storyline. With two episodes left though, at least Barry finally has an advantage against his faster nemesis and with hints that he won't be the only good speedster on the show (the writers are laying it on thick with Wally and Jessie), and more Earth 2 stuff to look forward to, it does seem like things are progressing rather nicely.

- ABC have cancelled Agent Carter but Hayley Atwell will be starring in Conviction for the network. They've also decided not to pick up Most Wanted as well.
- ABC have also axed Castle, Nashville, The Family, The Muppets and Galavant to name a few. Scandal will also air mid season.
- Supergirl has been renewed for a second season but will now air on the CW instead of CBS and will film in Vancouver instead of Los Angeles.
- Grimm will have a shortened sixth season on NBC. The network have also picked up Charlaine Harris's Midnight, Texas as a series while Heartbeat and Telenovela have been axed.
- FOX have picked up both Star and 24: Legacy as series while cancelling Bordertown, Grandfathered and The Grinder.
- Colton Haynes will return for multiple episodes in Arrow's fifth season while a new character named James will be the antagonist next season.
- Wentworth Miller will not be a regular in Legends Of Tomorrow's second season but will recur in the Berlanti TV universe according to a new contract for the actor.
- Sleepy Hollow has been renewed for a fourth season.
- CBS have cancelled CSI: Cyber after two seasons.
- Riverdale has been ordered to series by the CW.

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