Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My Review of Gotham's 2x21: "A Legion Of Horribles"

Written by Jordan Harper
Directed by Rob Bailey

Fish (to Strange): "My name is Fish Mooney, bitch."

And she's back. It literally took nearly this season and despite the fact that Hugo has been reviving and become responsible for a hefty chunk of some of the villains of late, I have to admit that I was looking forward to seeing Fish Mooney back among the land of the living.

Did we need her back as a character? Truthfully not really. Fish had a great-ish arc in the first season and her previous encounter with Oswald saw a fitting enough end for her character. What can the show do with her now? It seems maybe more than expected if she can get an orderly to make her a grilled cheese sandwich without applying too much pressure on the bloke.

Strange's experiments have been erratic at best but Fish is something of a true success for him. Not only did she come back with her own memories intact but she might have some powers as well to boot along with some brain abnormalities. I'm a little surprise we didn't get a reunion with her and Oswald but given the trailer for the finale, that is certainly coming pretty fast though.

As for Strange, once again, he managed to outsmart Gordon, Bruce and Lucius as their attempts of rescuing Selina saw them being captured instead. While Nygma got to have fun threatening both Bruce and Lucius with a slow death, Strange really upped the ante by having a very earlier version of what was Clayface be morphed into Gordon in order to keep the GCPD out of their hair.

I have to admit that I've loved Strange during the second half of this season and he certainly seemed to be holding all the cards except for the fact that he's got a masked woman/superiors to answer to as well. I do wonder if this lot are going to be the show's answer to the Court of Owls or whatever but either way, I think we've just gotten a glimmer of the next half season threat for the show will be.

As for Selina, she managed to escape a fiery death courtesy of a brainwashed Bridget but only because she went along with playing the role of servant. I bet anything it's going to be Selina and 'Firefly' who'll end up saving Gordon, Bruce and Lucius next week.

Also in "A Legion Of Horribles"

Along with the introduction of the Basil Karlo version of Clayface and Fish's return, we also got to see Ivy once again.

Reporter: "How long are you acting Captain?"
Bullock: "Until literally the second that anyone else wants the job."

I really do think the show is going to go there and make Bullock the next Commissioner. Again, it's a great move if they do.

Strange (re Fish): "How much more damage can she possibly do? She's dead."

Strange: "So you want a reason. Someone to blame."
Bruce: "In their case, I think there was someone to blame."
Strange: "Oh, so do I. Sugar?"

I think Peabody might have a darker streak that Strange. She's certainly showed that in her scenes with Nygma and Lucius this week. Strange also used cuttlefish on Fish during his attempts to revive her.

Lucius: "You're doing good so far."
Peabody: "I'm so relieved. This way."

Fish (to an orderly): "You wanna make yourself useful, make me a cheese sandwich."

No Oswald, Butch, Tabitha, Barbara or Barnes this week. I wouldn't be surprised if one of those characters is killed off in the finale.

Nygma (to Lucius): "You were always a smart cookie, Foxy."

Gordon: "You belong in your own asylum, Strange."
Strange: "And you James Gordon belong in the past."

Chronology: Not long from where Unleashed left off.

A Legion Of Horribles was a good set up for the finale. While it's unlikely that Bruce, Gordon, Selina and Lucius are in serious danger, I am going to miss this Indian Hill/Strange arc when it comes to it's natural conclusion as well.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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