Thursday, April 20, 2017

Back In Jail Again

A look into some of the shows I've been watching over the last few weeks.

Arrow: With the show set to return for it's final batch of episodes next week, the previous two were rather good offerings. Not only did we have Oliver temporarily broken down by Prometheus but we also had the latter's identity publicly exposed when the gang finally realised that having Bratva around to solve the problem wasn't such a bright idea. As well as that there was also Felicity sinking deeper into the whole Helix subplot and that looks set to take more focus in the next two episodes. We still could do with more of Thea though.

Once Upon A Time: I've seen five more episodes since the last blog and things have certainly heated up a bit. The show finally cured the ongoing Snow/Charming sleeping curse problem, wrote out both the other Evil Queen and Robin, temporary got rid of Hook, brought back Aladdin, Jasmine, Jafar, Ariel, Tinkerbell, Blackbeard etc. It also delved more into the lingering threat for the remainder of the season and thankfully, it's the Black Fairy because Gideon is too mopey and boring to really work as a threat. The scenery chewing Black Fairy on the other hand is something of a better adversary for Emma as the last few episodes have been hammering home the final battle thing for a bit now.

Prison Break: And it's back. As the TV revivals continue apace (Twin Peaks next month too), FOX decided to serve a fifth helping of this prison drama and the issue of Michael Scofield actually being dead doesn't factor because he's alive and stuck in a prison in Yemen and when Lincoln and other past characters aren't trying to break him out, Michael is also making friends (a gay character, another guy called Whip, etc) to do the same thing along with some other political prisoner type. I have to admit that while it's nice to see the gang nearly all back, the main plot is feeling a bit too reminiscent of 24 for my liking so far. On the other hand, I'm also intrigued by the grudging alliance between Sara and Kellermen though and T-Bag's new hand.

Santa Clarita Diet: I somewhat put off watching the final two episodes of this show for a bit but last week, I got round to watching them and I have to say, it was a solid way to end the first season. I liked the introduction of Portia deRossi's scientist character and I definitely liked the consequences of Sheila becoming more feral as well while poor Joel ended up getting locked up by the end of the last episode. Story wise, I think the show has covered itself well for it's second season in that regard.

Supergirl: Kara/Mon El - this series Olicity? Nope, not really but since becoming a couple not so long ago, they've generated some controversy as a pairing, especially as the last two episodes introduced Mon El's parents and let's just say that Rhea isn't someone you'd want as a mother in law. As a villain though, you can tell that Teri Hatcher is having fun in the role and it's great that she's going to be around at least for the final few episodes as well. Other than that, we've had subplots with Winn's girlfriend and Alex/Maggie meeting the latter's ex for good measure too.

The Flash: After the delightful musical crossover with Supergirl, things took another magical twist with Abra Kadabra popping up on the show. Aside from being one of the best guest villains going and more doom surrounding Iris's impending death, the episode's biggest highlight was the arrival of Killer Frost at the very end. It's been a while coming and the season has teased it for the longest while but at long last we're finally going to see what the show will do now that Caitlin has succumbed to the dark side.

- Ricky Martin has been cast as Antonio D'Amico, the long term lover of Edgar Ramirez's Gianni Versace for the third season of American Crime Story.
- Billie Lourd, Alison Wright and Billy Eichner will be appearing in the seventh season of American Horror Story.
- Katie Cassidy, Juliana Harkavy and Rick Gonzalez will be regulars for the sixth season of Arrow.
- A trailer for the Krypton prequel series has emerged online.
- Both Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas are leaving Once Upon A Time.
- Marvel have a series focusing on Squirrel Girl called New Warriors in the works.
- The Big Bang Theory has been picked up for a further two seasons and a Sheldon prequel spin-off will also be in the works.
- Freeform also have commissioned a mermaid series named Siren.

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