Wednesday, April 05, 2017

My Review of Legends Of Tomorrow's 2x17: "Aruba"

Written by Phil Klemmer & Marc Guggenheim
Directed by Rob Seidenglaz

Sara (to the gang): "Guys, I think we've broke time."

Somewhere Barry Allen is thinking "not just me then". Yup, the latest season finale of this wonderfully daft show saw the gang solve a few problems while also managing to create many others in the wake of their rule breaking.

First of all, there was the gang reuniting with Rip and fixing the Waverider's shrunken state with Ray's suit and then there was the gang also deciding to go back to 1916 to stop Eobard and company from nabbing the spear in the first place. And that predictably went to hell.

Aside from having two sets of Legends meeting and clashing with one another before banding together, Eobard upped the ante by killing one of the Rays and also by bringing as many versions of himself as he could get at one time but even with that amount of back up, it certainly wasn't his day as Sara proved to be his undoing.

Grabbing a hold of the spear and being briefly tempted by Laurel, Sara came up with the clever solution of depowering the spear and taking Eobard out with Black Flash. It was a bold move but along with Eobard dying and the rest of the Legion of Doom sent back to their respective times with their memories erased, it was a great way of tying up those loose ends as both Ray and Amaya also came back to life.

However a departure still had to happen in this one and it came in the shape of Rip simply jumping ship for pastures new. It's a shame to lose the character but the reasoning behind his exit is believable enough as the gang have outgrown him a little. That being said, I'm still hoping that we do see him again next season, even if he's not a regular though.

As for the last few minutes of this episodes, Mick's plans to go to Aruba went awry pretty fast as the gang ended up in 2017 LA with dinosaurs on the loose. Come to think it, we've had dinosaurs in two episodes where it's kind of had a point to it so it's going to be exciting to see how the gang fix this particular mess next season.

- Sara and Laurel were watching The Wizard of Oz and Amaya had a pair of ruby slippers.
- There will be some new regular next season but we've yet to find out who though.
- I do wonder if this episode should be the last we see of either Malcolm, Eobard or Damien altogether.
- Chronology: 1916 France and 2017 LA by the end of this episode.

Aruba wasn't quite as good as the previous episode or last season's finale but it certainly ended the season on a satisfying note and certainly set up enough to get me back for next year as well. How the gang will fix this mess though.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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Anonymous said...

That reminds me of the ending of Power Rangers Super Dino Charge.