Wednesday, October 25, 2017

My Review of American Horror Story: Cult - Winter Of Our Discontent

Written by Joshua Green
Directed by Barbara Brown

Kai (to everyone): "Let's all welcome our newest member."

Okay, so the final twist wasn't actually shocking considering what happened throughout the episode but it more than delivered the punch it set out to do nonetheless. Yes, people, Ally has officially joined Kai's batshit crazy cult and the look on Ivy's face really made the moment all the more powerful as well.

I haven't been keen on Ally and her never ending crying for most of this season but this episode was the one where she finally got a spine and delivered. When she found out from Rudy that he was related to Kai and Winter, she flipped her shit and then sold Rudy out to Kai and by doing that, obviously earned herself a spot in the original member dwindling cult.

Speaking of Rudy - I was relieved to find out that he was an actual innocent in all of this. I had thought that maybe Kai was stealing his information and it's nice the theory panned out. It was also nice that Rudy apologised to Ally and tried to make things right for both her and Kai but at the same time, it also resulted in his death, which even Winter seemed horrified by this week. With Rudy dead, Ally is the only one who take Kai out now, unless Winter and Ivy step up to the plate.

I've found Winter to be something of a polarising character this season but this episode (along with last week's to a certain extent), she's finally become interesting with Billie Lourd putting a really great performance here. Winter was determined to defend Kai's intention with Ivy and Beverly (the latter she sold out to Kai) but by the end of this episode, she was certainly done with Kai.

Kai really overstepped the mark when he tried to get her and Samuels to conceive a messiah child and when the latter later attempted to rape Winter, she shot him in the head and blamed Beverly for it. Despite being complicit in the cult's activities, the episode actually managed to generate a lot more sympathy for the character than expected and I wouldn't be shocked if Winter, Ivy and Ally end up making it out of the season alive.

As for Samuels, I really do like Colton Haynes as an actor but if any character deserved to die in this season (aside from Kai), it's certainly him. He went from being a dull, blank slate for most of the season only for his backstory to reveal his corruption as a detective, closeted homosexuality and overt misogyny in one fell swoop. Character wise, he won't be missed at least not by me.

- The 2015 flashback where Kai and Winter took out a Christian guy who was torturing 'sinners' showed that Kai originally had good intentions. That Ricky Springfield cameo though.
- Where the hell has Oz been for the last few episodes? Both Ally and Ivy haven't been looking after him.
- Standout music: All 4-One's I Swear during that horrible near sex scene with Winter, Kai and Samuels.
- Chronology: Three weeks since the previous episode.

Winter Of Our Discontent has just skyrocketed to being my favourite episode this season. It's great that after such a shaky start, this season has well and truly found it's feet and now that Ally is in the cult, things can only get more interesting.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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