Saturday, October 07, 2017

My Review of How To Get Away With Murder's 4x02: "I'm Not Her"

Written by Maya Goldsmith
Directed by Paris Barclay

Annalise (to Isaac, re Jasmine): "It was my first case back and I won it. That's why I wanted to tell you about it because it felt good."

Well, this was a good one. Not particularly subtle in it's white privilege commentary but seeing as this is a show that can actually pull off that social commentary with conviction, I'm more than okay with it to an extent as both Connor and Asher check their privilege and Annalise represents an old friend this week.

I really liked Jasmine back in the latter half of Season 3 and I'm glad she was brought back for this episode. Her scenes with Annalise were a delight as both L. Scott Caldwell and Viola Davis played off each other brilliantly in this one. I'll admit that Jasmine's backstory was somewhat cliched (drug addict, prostitute, etc) but it was still effectively done.

Not only did it help Annalise get her lawyer mojo back in the court room but it also helped with her therapy session with Isaac this week. I'm not surprised there was some initial conflict with the two and I'm still not sure of Isaac's motives either but I did love seeing Annalise talk about her own past history with Sam though when she actually opened up to Isaac.

Speaking of Isaac, we went into the flashforward again as Frank tried to comfort Laurel and learned that not only is the latter's baby missing but so is Annalise. Of course when we didn't have Isaac on the phone demanding Annalise to answer him, we also had Bonnie finding a lot of blood on the elevator of Annalise's apartment block as well. That certainly escalated quickly.

Keeping with Laurel for a bit - this week she vented some more at Connor before eventually deciding to forgive him over Wes while at the same time, getting Michaela to play spy for her as the latter got hired (along with Simon) in the same law firm that represents Laurel's father. I did like that Laurel told Michaela about her theory of her father killing Wes too but is he responsble for her baby and Annalise being missing though?

As for the rest of the episode - both Connor and Asher couldn't get into law firms and seemed to be in a funk themselves. The former didn't want to be a lawyer for a bit while the latter allowed himself to get easily wound up by Simon, which led to Michaela wonderfully decimating Simon in the process. As for Bonnie, Frank and Nate - two of them got a bit closer while one of them continued to help out Annalise with her accepting their help. None of them though seem to be able to function with Annalise to a point.

- Control Oli Delete - props to Oliver setting up his own tech firm but I'm not sure about that title though for a company.
- We learned that Connor's dad was a law during that job fair the Keating 4 and Simon attended this week.
- Laurel seems to be permanently holed in Wes's apartment right now.
- Chronology: Two weeks since I'm Going Away.

Another solid episode. I liked a lot of what I'm Not Her set out to do and the mystery is interesting enough this season but will it be as compelling as last year's one though? Some great character moments throughout this one as well.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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