Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Reign Sort Of Supreme

My last TV jumble blog (probably) for the year and a look into some of the show I've been watching in the last few weeks.

Arrow: To be fair, this season has been mostly good and now that Cayden James has made himself known and seems to be assembling his own little gang of semi-baddies, it does look like he'll be a proper threat for the second half of the season. However there are still some problems with the show - the overt Olicity pandering (that reception scene was 10 minutes too long), the fact that Curtis, Dinah and Rene do not work as characters so them abandoning Team Arrow doesn't really work and the show not knowing what to do with Thea and even Diggle to a point. We could also do with a bit more of Black Siren too.

Once Upon A Time: This season still feels like it's lacking without most of the older cast but admittedly, things have taken a turn for the better. Having Gothel revealed as the Big Bad instead of Victoria along with Drizella's own scheming machinations has done wonders for the last few episodes along with a decent backstory for Rapunzel and introduction of Nick to add to the guy candy of the show as well as Zelena's welcomed return, not to mention a surprising love story between Alice and Robin. Other than that though, the show still can't make the Henry/Jacinda romance compelling while Tiana needs a better role than "supportive" best friend but at least more characters are waking up and Anastasia might be Gothel's downfall when the show returns in March.

Stranger Things: Last time, I mentioned this show, I had just watched the first episode of the second season. Since then, I've finished the entire season and I have to admit, it was just as great as the first year. It was nice to see Will get more screen time, even if the poor kid was playing host to a dangerous creature while Max and Bob turned out to be brilliant additions to the show (poor Bob). It was also nice to see Steve step up this season along with Dustin and Lucas getting bigger roles and Mike and Eleven's reunion at the end. Unlike some fans, I also enjoyed seeing the latter meet her sister for that one episode and I'm intrigued to see where the show will go when it comes back next season.

Supergirl: Outside of the crossover and angst, there hasn't been too much that's really advanced this season. We've had Kara having to deal with Mon El returning with new wife, Imra in tow along with Alex reeling from Maggie's departure but the Reign storyline itself has been more of a slow build until the character fully came into form for the mid-season finale to beat the crap out of Supergirl. Samantha's transition into Reign isn't that different from Smallville's depiction of Doomsday back in it's eighth season but it's been a decent enough trip. Saying that though, the show needs to give the likes of Wynn, Lena and Jimmy better material and Morgan Edge could do with being slightly less one dimensional as a secondary antagonist.

The Flash: Can I say that not having a speedster as the main villain has done this show the world of good? Clifford DeVoe and his wife have been the best and nuanced baddies we've had in a while and now that one of them has jumped bodies and framed Barry for murder, things really have spiced up for the second half of the season.Outside of that, Ralph has been a decent comedy character for the team, Amunet's been a fun antagonist for Caitlin and I've enjoyed Iris being the leader of the team as well though it does seem like the show seems to have no idea what to do with Wally this season.

- BBCAmerica have cancelled Dirk Gently after two seasons.
- Legends Of Tomorrow will air Mondays 8pm from February, Supergirl will return in April in it's old slot, though some episodes will air in January.
- UK/Irish viewers will be able to watch Black Lightning on Netflix next month.
- NBC are planning to revive The Office (why?) for the 2018-2019 TV season.
- James D'Arcy has a recurring role in the seventh season of Homeland.
- Jamie Murray will be playing a vampire with connections to Elijah in the final season of The Originals.
- Netflix will be doing the dark reboot of Sabrina.
- Krypton will air on SyFy from March. Full date to be confirmed though.

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