Friday, February 02, 2018

Batman 66 - Episodes 13-16 Reviews

In the episodes I'm about to look into, we've got the quest to punish a jury, steal a cowl while at the same time, someone also starts recruiting the youth for the criminal life.

1x13: The Thirteenth Hat

Another familiar member of the Rogue Gallery makes their debut in this two parter, but instead of the whimsical and unsettling version of Jervis Tetch/The Mad Hatter, David Wayne's take on the character is a lot less interested in Alice In Wonderland type of hijinks and themes and more interested in getting revenge on both the Jury and Batman who previously sent him to prison. His revenge plan is pretty decent too, considering that he managed to pose as sculptor Marbot and the first part of this story ends with Robin tied up and Batman encased into some Super-Fast Hardening Plaster. 8/10

1x14: Batman Stands Pat

Onto the second part of this story and things did look dire enough for the Dynamic Duo, except that Batman held his breath and broke out of his entombment rather sharpish. This episode was of course great for Alfred who managed to go undercover while Jervis was attempting to abduct the final juror, even if the ploy was quickly seen through and a trap was set for Batman. I have to admit that I do slightly prefer this take on Tetch more than Gotham's version or the usual depictions we tend to have with the character. 8/10

1x15: The Joker Goes To School

And he's back. With the Riddler getting his second story in no short time at all, the Joker has also returned and for this two part story, it seems that he's looking towards the younger population of Gotham to lure into a world of crime. With cohorts such as  Nick and Two-Bits (both high school dropouts) and head cheerleader Susie on his side, it's not like he's lacking in assistants. Heck, Susie herself even plays her role in getting both Batman and Robin at the end of this one to boot. 7/10

1x16: He Meets His Match, The Grisly Ghoul

I think the obvious highlight in this episode and hence the image I'm using as well is having Burt Ward trying to play Dick Grayson as a would be rebel to both Susie and the Joker's other henchman, Nick. He's totally unconvincing but it's not a bad thing in the slightest as Susie's loyalty to the Joker is tested after he tries to murder her for following his orders. I have to admit, it's pretty dark seeing this Joker nearly kill a teenager, even if his plan ultimately fails but it does give the episode something of a boost nonetheless and it helped to add a little menace to this Joker as well. 8/10

Next blog I'll delve into True Or Face False/Holy Rat Race and The Purr-Fect Crime/Better Luck Next Time.

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