Friday, February 23, 2018

Batman 66 - Episodes 17-20 Reviews

Sorry it's been a few weeks since my last post but getting back to this little project, the selection of episodes here range from the debut of a new villain for the show to the debut of my favourite villain of the series too.

1x17: True Or False False

Okay, so False Face isn't entirely new for the show but he's one of those rarer, lesser known DC villains and this one here is it's own iteration for the show with Malachi Throne taking on the role. However this episode alone took some delight in having him credited as ? as we didn't see False Face's real visage, instead the episode relying on him using that melted and creepy looking mask as he plotted against the Dynamic Duo and disguised himself as a few different characters before leaving both Batman and Robin glued to the train tracks. 8/10

1x18: Holy Rat Race

A good concluding part to this two parter, though there's the somewhat cliched trope of False Face's female accomplice, Blaze falling in love with Batman and wanting to redeem herself while also being relegated to damsel in distress as well. The second half does take on a robbery plot line with False Face even disguising himself as Commissioner Gordon at one point before he's taken down. I have to give props to that mask though, it's absolutely terrifying to look at for too long. 7/10

1x19: The Purr-Fect Crime

Ah, the purr-fect two parter. Catwoman is undoubtedly one of the best members of Batman's Rogues Gallery, if not the best as she dips between baddie and anti-heroine but for this show, it's mainly the former with occasional hints of the latter. While this show has given us three versions of the character in it's three season run, the best version for me has always been Julie Newmar's take on the Princess of Plunder. In this story alone, she's deftly introduced by stealing golden statues, shamelessly flirts with Batman before putting both him and Robin in a dangerous pit. Of course, for Catwoman, that's merely her way of saying hello. 9/10

1x20: Better Luck Next Time

Well, Batman and Robin managed to survive the pit of doom and Catwoman herself was a bit too quick to betray her henchmen and keep the loot for herself. The second part of this story is every bit as great as the first one with the focus going to Catwoman's search for Captain Manx's treasure, which ends up costing her given that this episode ended on a rather dark turn. Of course, even if we didn't know or were reminded about cats having nine lives, I think it would've been a safe bet that this wouldn't have been the Dynamic Duo's only encounter with the expert cat burglar. 9/10

Next blog I'll delve into The Penguin Goes Straight/Not Yet, He Ain't and The Ring Of Wax/Give 'Em The Axe.

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