Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Superman: The Animated Series - Episodes 13-16 Reviews

Capping off the first season finale with the first three episodes of the second season as Superman faces another encounter with the Parasite, people from Krypton's past and a monster.

Episode 13: Two's A Crowd

I liked Parasite's debut earlier in the season so having him back for a second episode where he's actually more of a grudging ally/slight pawn for another baddie was an interesting enough move. The baddie in question being Earl Garver (Brian Cox) who has hidden a bomb and tried to use Parasite for his own motives before the latter had a change of heart. Also despite the lack of Lois in this episode, I did enjoy the team up with Superman and Maggie Sawyer here. 8/10

Episode 14: Blast From The Past Part 1

Kicking off the second season, it was time to delve into something a little Krypton related and having Superman release former criminal Mala (Leslie Easterbrook) take her under his wing was always going to be a disaster. It didn't really take Mala long from wanting to be Superman's partner in crime to deciding to take over the Earth when he spurned her advances for Lois. This one then ended with Jax Ur (Ron Perlman) being released from the Phantom Zone and ready to cause havoc. 8/10

Episode 15: Blast From The Past Part 2

Ah, the second part of this story and the momentum is maintained pretty well with a brief trip to the Phantom Zone for Superman and a near victory for both Mala and Jax Ur. Of course, both are shortlived and the villainous duo are sent back to the Phantom Zone for their own good while Superman considers the name Fortress of Solitude for his sanctuary. Lois has some good one liners in this episode but ultimately there should be better stuff ahead for her. 8/10

Episode 16: The Prometheon

Aside from the fact that this episode set up a future problem for Superman with the character of the General (Charles Napier), I really didn't care for this one. Don't get me wrong, the humanoid creature thingy looked decent enough, there was some fun action scenes and the last bit was a little sinister but other than that, I just didn't really find the episode that engaging to be honest. Very much a filler one. 5/10.

Next blog I'll delve into Livewire, Speed Demons, Identity Crisis and Target.

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