Wednesday, August 29, 2018

What's Your Emergency?

A round up of some of the more recent shows I've been watching.

911: The latest Ryan Murphy series that I've been playing catch up with (I will catch up with Pose at some point) and it's a pretty madcap one as we see the likes of a 911 operator in Abby (with a nice backstory with an elderly mother), firefighters Buck and Bobby along with policewoman Athena (who has a gay husband). For a show, there's certainly some of Murphy's trademark moments and there's definitely a nice diversity too along with a subtle burning relationship with Abby and Buck as well.

Jessica Jones: I don't think this second season has been bad as such but it's certainly lacked the focus of the first season. Alisa is a different type of antagonist, what with her being Jessica's mother but unlike Kilgrave, she's too sympathetic to actually be a true baddie while IGH have been largely faceless, Karl also rather sympathetic (due to his love for Alisa) and Pryce being downright ineffectual to pose any real threat. I have liked the subplots with Malcolm, Trish and Jeri but again, there is a lack of focus here.

Killing Eve: This is due to air on both BBC3 and BBC1 next month but in an odd twist, RTE2 have managed to a) air it before both channels and b) given it a primetime slot as they started off with a double bill. While I could never get into Fleabag as a series, Phoebe Waller-Bridge has done wonders with adapting the Villanelle books for the small screen with Jodie Comer giving a bewitching performance as psychopath assassin Villanelle while Sandra Oh (who has bagged herself an Emmy nod) is similarly as captivating MI5/6 agent, Eve Polastri on the hunt for Villanelle. The first two episodes have set the cat and mouse antics with the two up well and there's an engaging bunch of supporting players to match. I can see why this show has generated quite the fanbase to be honest.

Krypton: Of all the prequel shows we could have had, I don't think there was a single Superman fan out there who was clamouring for a series centred on the Man of Steel's grandfather, Seg El but SyFy and David Goyer seemed to think there was an audience for it. Given that it's already gotten a second season, perhaps they were on to something but watching the first two episodes on E4, I'm still a little indifferent on the show. The acting is fine, the writing is somewhat average at best, there's an attempt to make the show a little Game Of Thrones lite and the reliance of characters such as Adam Strange and Brainiac does make me wonder if this show is actually necessary. It's nicely shot though I am lukewarm on the love story between Seg El and Lyta Zod.

Orange Is The New Black: I'm now eight episodes into this season and yet we need to see both Carol and Barb actually make moves and show why they're running the max everyone is in. I've had more than enough screen time for Badison and she still bores me as a character. I hate the new guards (except for the two ginger ones) and I'm neutral on the Daya/Daddy thing as well. Red's potential team up with Carol to get back at Freda should be interesting and it's amusing that Piper is now starting to think of a memoir. There's also been some good stuff with Black Cindy/Flaca being paired up for a radio station, Tiffany going to Florida with Suzanne and Freda but other than that, something big really needs to happen now.

- Tyler Hoechlin will reprise his Superman role for the upcoming Arrowverse crossover featuring both Batwoman and Lois Lane.
- The Big Bang Theory will end after it's upcoming twelfth season.
- True Detective's third season will premiere in January on HBO and SkyAtlantic.
- A second season for Sharp Objects isn't off the table it seems.
- Viewers can expect Bane to appear in the final season of Gotham.
- Roseanne will be killed in upcoming spin off series, The Connors.
- Courtney Cox and Katey Sagal will be in the ninth season of Shameless.
- Brendan Fraser will now play Robotman for the upcoming Doom Patrol series. Diane Guerrero will play Crazy Jane and Jovian Wade will be Cyborg.

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