Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Review of True Blood's 2x02: "Keep This Party Going"

Written by Brian Buckner
Directed by Michael Lehmann

Pam: “Oh, Eric. You don’t do humble well.”
Eric (re Godric): “I was not being humble. This happens to be true.”

As if we needed this episode to drill home the fact that Eric and modesty are two things that don’t mix. Still, at least he’s aware of the fact that he lacks in the humble department. Self-awareness is a good thing.

Even Lafayette knows a thing or two about being aware of his own nature. Not many people would be comfortable in admitting that they have a low moral compass. One of Lafayette’s later exchanges is that he’s aware of this particular shortcoming and tried to use it to his advantage.

It seemed that the idea of being made into a vampire is far more appealing than being kept prisoner by one or shot by an idiotic employee. Since we last saw her, Ginger is still as dumb as ever and can certainly scream the house down for good measure. If I were Lafayette, I probably would’ve strangled her, gunshot wound or not.

Lafayette’s captivity isn’t a particular plot that can be continuously dragged out. I mean it’s interesting that he has a serious storyline and is getting screen time with the likes of Eric, Pam and Chow but there’s only so much of this that can last before it gets old. Either Lafayette’s about be a dead man in one way or another or Eric is going to have to let him go.

Lafayette to his credit did make two decent attempts of trying to escape. Both times he was subdued by an employee. He also knew how to try and talk his way out of it by trying to use his sexual prowess with Eric and company. With all of them biting on Lafayette, it’s hard to tell what’ll happen next but I don’t think he’s going to be killed that’s for sure.

Another interesting part of Lafayette’s captivity was Eric mentioning Godric. I’ve read “Living Dead In Dallas” so I do know that he’s a vital character and his disappearance will inevitably play a bigger part in later episodes. Lafayette’s lack of information didn’t help Eric and neither did Bill.

Then again, what the hell did Eric expect? He knew damn well that Bill is possessive of Sookie (not an endearing character trait), so he should’ve expected Bill trying to stone block him from using Sookie’s little gift to find Godric. Then again, maybe Eric should’ve also been man enough to go and ask Sookie himself without goading Bill. It would’ve saved some precious time.

Bill certainly had his hands full in this episode. Last week, Sookie looked nearly ready to ditch him after the Uncle Bartlett reveal and this week the two of them were going on about make up sex and arguing over how to deal with Jessica. She’s a teenage girl. I’d rather stick my hands in nuclear waste than deal with one of them. I’m joking by the way. These hands will not be touching radioactive waste at all.

Five episodes in since her debut and Jessica works for me. She might be a brat but she’s a fun one and god knows Bill could do with someone other than Sookie to be worried about. More importantly, she actually seemed to get on better with Sookie in this episode than in the previous one.

When Sookie was feeling guilty about her part in Jessica’s turning as a vampire, Jessica seemed to forgive her rather quickly. It might have also helped that Sookie was there for Jessica when the girl wasn’t coping with not being able to see her family. It was also Sookie’s comforting words that led to a bad idea on her part as well.

Sookie talked about being in her grandmother’s room as a way of grieving. Jessica took that to the next step by persuading Sookie to drive her to her parents. Sookie shouldn’t have done that but she still did and the fact that she was surprised that Jessica decided to interact with her family made me laugh. How the hell could she have not seen that coming?

The meeting with the family was always going to turn sour. Past episodes alluded to the fact that Jessica had a strict upbringing and when her father turned on her, she went to kill him. If it hadn’t been for Bill’s intervention, she most definitely would’ve. Bill warned Sookie that Jessica was a time bomb and without meaning to, Sookie did set her off. Bad Sookie.

Of course the creepiest thing in this episode was the ease Bill seemed to have glamouring Eden into letting him into the Hambry household. It looked like Bill was about to kill Jessica’s father but I don’t think he will. However he was incredibly furious with Jessica and Sookie and that’s going to make the next episode more interesting because of it. Bill can certainly be scary when he’s mad.

Similarly scary are those Fellowship Of The Sun crowd. Don’t be fooled by their bus songs, Christian pop singers, role playing and flag games because this lot are fucking nuts. All you have to do is look at Sarah Newlin’s porcelain smile and realise that something is not right with her.

When Jason got a little too into the role playing session on stage, Sarah didn’t exactly hide her excitement. Actually there was a few times throughout the episode where she was perving over Jason and I doubt it’ll be long before the two of them are actually at it. If Steve Newlin hates vampires so much, I don’t think he’s going to be particularly happy with Jason copping off with his wife.

As for the little rivalry between Jason and Luke, that was something I didn’t actually expect. Luke went from wanting to be bunk mates with Jason to viewing him as a threat. I’m hoping that the more Jason interacts with these Fellowship freaks that he’ll realise that they’re probably more dangerous than any vampire out there. Jason has to get smart at some point, yes?

Speaking of smart, is Tara’s budding relationship with Eggs a rational thing for her? Evidence would suggest not in spite of the fact that there’s actually some good chemistry between the pair of them. Given how much Eggs seems to be in Maryann’s clutches, it’s hard to actually trust him, even if his feelings for Tara do seem to be sincere.

As for Maryann, the episodes keep passing and she keeps intriguing me more and more. Michelle Forbes is absolutely brilliant in this role and can I just say – how bloody hungry is Maryann? Take her to an all you can eat buffet and she’d put Homer Simpson to shame. Even I couldn’t polish off that amount of food.

The interplay between her and Sam is wonderful. The more he tried to get rid of her, the more she turned the tables on him. He asked her to leave Merlotte’s; she ate most of his food. He threatened her; she pulled the whammy and turned him into dog form. Sam, you’re going to have to up the ante because this one’s dangerous.

Especially given the fact that not only can she turn Sam into doggy form whenever the mood takes her but she’s pretty good at starting orgies as well. The only person she might not be able to pull that stuff on would naturally be Sookie and given their brief interaction, I think both Sookie and Maryann are aware that something’s off with the other.

Also in “Keep This Party Going”

It seems vampires can change their appearance to a degree. Eric’s hair is thankfully shorter and looking all the better for it.

Sookie: “Another first.”
Bill: “What do you mean?”
Sookie: “We’ve never had make up sex before.”
Bill: “How does it compare to ‘you thought I was dead sex?’”

Lafayette used one of Royce’s bones to break through his own restraints. After Bill’s glamour of Eden, that might be the second creepiest scene of this episode.

Tara (to Eggs): “When it comes to men, I’ve got a history with the cart out in front so long the horse can’t see it. So now I’m trying to get it right.”

Sam: “You’re late.”
Tara: “Sorry.”
Maryann: “Am I in time?”

We found out in this episode that Egg’s done time in prison for drugs, assault and robbery. He’s been a busy boy.

Maryann (re Sookie): “I see what you mean, Tara. She’s an old soul, isn’t she?”

Jessica: “I just saw my parents on TV.”
Sookie: “Oh, I’m sorry.”
Jessica: “I finally get why they never wanted me to watch it in the first place. It’s horrible.”

It was nice that Sookie asked Tara to move in with her and financially, it does make sense as well. Plus we saw Jason thinking about Amy/Eddie, Daphne’s incompetent and Arlene and Terry have their sweet moments. And a store assistant thought Eric and Bill were a couple.

Eric: “We made a deal, your human and I. That if I didn’t kill anyone she would work for me as often as I like. You remember that don’t you?”
Bill: “Taking her across state lines is a far cry from taking her to Fangtasia for the evening.”
Eric: “I’m only asking your permission out of respect. If I want her, I can simply take her. Is no your final answer?”
Bill: “It is.”
Eric: “Poorly played Bill.”

Maryann: “Abracadabra Sam. What I just did to you, I can do anytime, anywhere, so unless you want your customers to know your little secret you better think twice before you ever threaten me again. Do we understand each other?”

Standout music: “Keep This Party Going” by the B-52’s and “Jesus Asked Me Out Today” by Amanda and the God Rockets for comedy effect.

Jessica: “Go ahead, Daddy, get your belt but this time, I’ll be ready.”

Chronology: Takes place from where “Nothing But The Blood” left off.

“Keep This Party Going” certainly lived up to its title if we look at the craziness Maryann caused in Merlotte’s but overall, I’m liking this season. So far, no second season slump that has affected recent shows and hopefully there’s none to come.

Rating: 9 out of 10.

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