Friday, November 13, 2009

Something To Look Forward To (Skins Season 4 Spoilers)

Reasons why I love Afterellen all the more.

It seems that the fourth season of Skins is still being filmed and while it's unlikely that I'll ever care about Cook/Effy/Freddie triangle of boredom, the writers are certainly showing some happy Emily/Naomi action.

The girls share a moment in bed, minus the sex part. Not that the show won't give viewers some girl on girl material. But clearly there's some calmer moments with them this year.

And some snogging between them as well. Their relationship is pretty out in the open. It's only having to deal with the reaction from Emily's parents, especially the mother seeing as Katie has approved them.

Mexican hats, beards and tequillas. More party time on the only show that shows teenagers being genuinely hedonistic at times.

Season 4 debuts on E4 from January 21st 2010 and will have eight episodes. More pictures can be seen here ....

Season 4 Trailer:


Nat said...

Thanks for the trailer and the pics. Forgot its coming soonish. Not hugely excited about season 4, not even sure if I'll watch it to be honest. I'm a little more excited after seeing the trailer, I'll definitely try and watch Thomas's episode (he's my favourite character plus for some obvious reasons from the trailer ;) )but apart from that I'm not sure.

shawnlunn2002 said...

You're welcome. I'm looking forward to Season 4, but I stumbled across the photos by accident and thought that they were blog worthy.

Like you, I'm fond of Thomas so I'm sure his episode will be an interesting one.