Friday, November 20, 2009

That Man Is Dead (Doctor Who Christmas 2009/Season 5 Spoilers)

It's been five days since the last spoiler blog. That's what happens when things get interesting.

First promotional picture for The End Of Time with Wilfred Mott (Bernard Cribbins), The Doctor (David Tennant) and The Master (John Simm). One word - brilliant!

Outgoing Doctor (David Tennant) in one of the silliest things that the Doctor has ever worn. Tonight's preview for The End Of Time Part 1 (originally rumoured to be The Last Days Of Planet Earth, which sounds a little better if not strictly true) aired tonight. Some pointers.

- When you're summoned, it's usually best not to take a detour, especially when you're getting stuff about your song ending and someone knocking four times. No wonder Ood Sigma wasn't in the mood for the Doctor's jesting.

- The Ood we saw in the trailer is the Elder Ood. They've advanced in the last 100 years and have bad dreams. Nice to see that this alarmed the Doctor.

- 'That man is dead?' Doctor, you ever learn? Every time you bleat on about something or someone being dead, they usually show up and prove you wrong. Like the Master laughing maniacally in the shared dream thing with the Ood there.

- They are returning? Has to be the Time Lords. Now is the perfect them to reintroduce them en masse, isn't it?

- I wanted some Donna in those scenes (they were four and five). Still, only 35 days to go.

The clip can be seen here ...

Meanwhile some more Season 5 filming photos have shown up. Hey, I'm in heavy looking forward to Eleventh Doctor/Amy Pond mode while coming to terms with Tenth Doctor's imminent departure. I'm a bit weird in that way.

Rory (Arthur Darvill) and Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) head into a lovely red mini. From some of the rumours I've read, Rory's a recurring character in the fifth season. I think he's also Amy's boyfriend/brother.

Rory and Amy share an embrace. Well danger can be a clear motivator for getting close to a companion.
It may be sunny in November but clearly The Doctor (Matt Smith) is feeling a bit cold himself. From the pictures taken today by the usual suspects (thank you, Alun Vega and the Willows for making me aware), this is the touching up bit of the first episode.

A bit of a rear shot from the newest actor to play The Doctor. Just cause. Hey, we if we get to see Amy in mini-skirts, it's only fair we see The Doctor from behind. There's been some rumours about the titles of the episodes. One of the titles rumoured for the first one is supposed to be The Eleventh Hour, which is a little anvilicious for my liking. Then again by early January, all the main titles should start leaking anyways.

More can be seen here ...

Filming video can be seen here ...