Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Atlantis - Series 2 First News

While filming for the second season of BBC1 Saturday night fantasy drama, Atlantis began back in April, I've neglected to point out some of the stuff that viewers can expect from the upcoming series.

First of all, the cast themselves have suggested that the new series will air in a later timeslot and will have an overall darker tone. Considering that some of the lighthearted comedy was at times even worse than Merlin's lighter moments, this might not be such a bad thing in a way. Fans of Medusa will be delighted to know that Jemima Rooper will be reappearing in the upcoming series, but for less episodes and starting around the eighth episode. I'm guessing they're fully going to go with Medusa being evil then.

In terms of new characters though, Being Human's Amy Manson will be appearing in the new series as Medea while In The Flesh's Emmett Scanlan also tweeted recently that he had filmed an episode for the show. Other guest characters include Peter De Jersey (Broadchurch) and Robert Pugh (Game Of Thrones) and Vincent Regan (300) as Dion. After a divisive first series, here's hoping the second run will be made of stronger stuff.

Series 2 Spoilers: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/tv/s230/atlantis/news/a595353/jemima-rooper-on-atlantis-series-2-its-darker-and-more-adult.html#~oPmVES1FQXnMgg

Atlantis's second series will air later in the year on BBC1. An airdate has not yet been confirmed.

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