Saturday, September 27, 2014

Revenge - Season 4 Preview

I apologise for not doing a blog in relation to the upcoming season of Revenge much earlier but I was hoping that we were going to be getting some nice cast shots for the new season. It seems apart from ones promoting both James Tupper (David) and Karine Vanasse (Margaux), ABC haven't exactly pushed out the boat here.

It seems this season's tagline is "what goes around comes around" with Victoria setting Emily in her sights. Here's the problem - unlike Emily back in the first season, not enough has happened to even justify the idea that Victoria is entitled to any revenge at all. Still though, aside from Nolan, Emily and Victoria's ongoing hatred for one another will continue to keep the show going but here's a question though ...

 .... isn't actually having David Clarke in the show alive somewhat undermining to the show's general mission statement? I mean, I like Tupper as an actor but having David be alive and not actually bothering to contact Emily/Amanda after all these years is a pretty douchey thing for the character to do. More to the point, it does kind of fly in the face of the last three seasons as well. I'm not sure how his overall presence (despite his named being cleared) will actually work in the show's favour to be honest.

As for the trailers for the new season, too many of them focused on recapping the previous seasons and showing very little in the way of new footage but the most recent one did seem to offer some interesting bits - such as new character Ben (Brian Hallisay0 shirtless, Jack as a cop (huh?), more Emily/Victoria moments (the latter getting handy with a shotgun), David lurking about the place, Margaux with an unflattering haircut, Nolan, Daniel and even what appears to be Charlotte unconscious. I can't help thinking that perhaps ABC have fallen a little out of love with the series, considering that the promotion has been far less than lead in show, Once Upon A Time. That's a shame, isn't it? The titles for the first six episodes are Renaissance, Disclosure, Ashes, Meteor, Repercussions and Damage.

Season 4 Trailer:

Revenge's fourth season airs Sundays 10pm from September 28th on ABC and will premiere on both E4 and RTE2 from January 2015.


Firefly said...

Hi. Thanks for the post. It was great. I know this is somewhat unorthodox, but for the rest of us Revenge fanatics in other parts of the world, we sit on eggshells waiting to watch. WHERE can I watch the show online or download the episode, considering I stay in a different country....Please help!

shawnlunn2002 said...

You can try places like project free tv or watchseries. Hope that helps.