Wednesday, March 14, 2018

My Review of Legends Of Tomorrow's 3x14: "Amazing Grace"

Written by Matthew Maala & Tyron B. Carter
Directed by David Geddes

Elvis (to the ghosts): "Come on in. All are welcome here."

Well, this was another fabulous episode. Having the King himself appear, bringing in the final totem and the death of a rat all made for one hell of a great episode. This is what I've consistently grown to love about this show. All these strange ingredients that shouldn't work but ultimately do but where do I start?

I guess the obvious place is to talk about the King himself - Elvis Presley. Guest star Luke Bilyk might not entirely look like the infamous rock and roller but I think he did a fantastic job in the role that Nate's fanboying while a tiny bit much actually worked a treat even if you had Amaya's gentle scepticism to counter the former's overt enthusiasm.

I did like that Amaya had her own connection with Elvis when he was talking about his own twin brother, Jesse (who we briefly saw as a ghost here) and his comments about objects connecting to the deceased clearly resonated with her. It was also perfect considering that the final totem was actually in Elvis's guitar as well.

Having Death be the final totem actually makes a lot of sense and this episode we saw it cause chaos by raising the dead before Elvis sang them back to existence. Also if the trailer for next week hadn't given things away, then I think we all could've guessed that Sara will end up being the one who'll have to wield that particular totem fairly soon to deal with Mallus.

As for the rat part of the episode - alas, poor Axel. I had forgotten about the little guy, so having him die here came as a bit of a shock. I love that Ray actually organised a funeral for Axel and that Mick and Sara attended it too with the former being genuinely mournful for losing another friend. Plots like this shouldn't work so well but on this show even a funeral for a rodent seems to provide some of the best moments for our main characters.

Keeping with great moments, I am loving Wally's addition to this show. This was basically his first episode as a team member and they already found a way for him to use his speedster powers and actually take the slow path in order to solve a problem (reasoning with Elvis's uncle). Anyone who was worried the guy was going to be shortchanged on this show really shouldn't be if this episode is anything to go by. Plus, his budding friendship with Zari is pretty fun to watch as well.

- I liked the music store owner talking to Elvis about Robert Johnson at the beginning of this one. Now that's another future episode possibility in the making.
- Zari feigning ignorance over Ray's chore chart was funny. Constantine also got a shout out here, which nicely sets up his return next week.
- No Ava, Gary, Rip, Damien, Nora or Kuasa this week. I was genuinely surprised that Damien and Nora alone didn't pop up to snatch the death totem.
- Chronology: 1950 Memphis for most of this episode.

Amazing Grace definitely pushed the lines of cheesiness even for this show and there were times when it really could've been too much but I think they did well getting the right heartfelt moments and pushing the main storyline along. I also think there's no doubt that Nate and Amaya will definitely be going back to Zambezi together at some point too.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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