Wednesday, March 21, 2018

My Review of Legends Of Tomorrow's 3x15: "Necromancing The Stone"

Written by Grainne Godfree & Morgan Faust
Directed by April Mullen

Constantine (to Gary): "Well, tonight squire, I'm all yours."

I tried to resist the slash ship (no, I really didn't) but this episode made it nigh on impossible for that. I thought we had already struck male/male ship gold earlier in the season when we learned that Citizen Cold and The Ray were a couple but this surprising pairing between John Constantine and Gary Green over Dungeons & Dragons I did not see coming. That kiss alone also was an unexpected treat for this delightful episode.

I think Constantine is probably the first person in a while that has actually taken Gary a tiny bit seriously as he waffled on rather enthusiastically while at the same time also helping both Ava and John try and figure out how to help the rest of the Legends from a Death Totem possessed Sara while at the same time, the show went out of it's way to seed the future for our bisexual demonologist will involve a bit of time and space travelling.

If we didn't already know that Matt Ryan was going to be made a regular next season, this episode certainly told us this. There was more emphasis on the Newcastle Incident and Astra with Mallus using the latter to prey on John at one point while Sara even extended an invitation to join the Waverider. Note that John didn't exactly say no to the offer either and he'll be back for the finale along with a lot of other people too.

With Constantine in full arrogant swagger, the scenes between him and Ava were even more delightful. I know his presence slightly worries some AvaLance fans but this episode alone went out of it's way to tell them they needn't worry. In fact, despite Sara breaking up with Ava after her little trip to the dark side this week, the episode did end on a hopeful note so I wouldn't be too shocked when Sara and Ava reunite and they'll probably do that next week.

I thought this was a strong episode for Ava, character wise too. She was determined to save Sara and her scenes with John and Gary were the highlight of the episode. I'm also not surprised that it was Ava who actually got Sara back to the light despite Mallus/Nora seriously tempting Sara to the dark side as well.

As for Sara - anyone else think her Death Totem look was a mix up of Dark and Light Willow from Buffy's final two seasons?  She certainly knocked out Ray quite savagely as well as the psychological warfare on Zari, Wally and Nate as well with those visions of Behrad, Jessie and Henry. I am glad though the gang did quickly forgive her when she came back and that Amaya encouraged Mick to use the Fire Totem in order to save the day. Mick was the only logical person who could wield that particular totem considering we don't have Jax on the ship anymore. It was also nice to see him step up as the hero as well. More of that please with Mick.

- They really are having fun with Beebo as well with Gary having socks of him and John talking about doing a spell on the toy as well.
- It was nice to actually have Nora in an episode without Damien in the background. We still have to see her in action using Amaya's Totem before the latter reclaims it.
-  Wally was smart enough to try and use his powers against, like Nate should've done. I assume that Nate having steel powers also played a role in him not being able to use the Earth Totem.
- Chronology: New York 2018 for the Constantine scenes but there was some offscreen adventures with the likes of DaVinci, Laika and Einstein to name a few. Also three weeks since the events of Daddy Darhkest.

Necromancing The Stone tread quite a dark path into Sara's psyche as she put her whole team in danger but it was also one of the strongest episodes this season with some genuinely funny moments and an inspired team up of Constantine, Gary and Ava. With three episodes left, I do think it's time we see Mallus in physical form fairly soon.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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