Friday, September 25, 2009

Brothers And Sisters - Season 4 Cast Shots

Thank Christ. ABC have finally released cast shots for Brothers And Sisters fourth season. Thanks to marea67 for alerting me on LiveJournal.

Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys) with longer but just as cute hair as last season.

Scotty Wandall (Luke Macfarlane) with his arms folded.

Justin Walker (Dave Annable) exuding some testerone there.

Ryan Lafferty (Luke Grimes) certainly looking better with shorter hair. Hopefully that means some better storylines as well this season.

The entire Season 4 cast out in the sunshine. Maybe the new season will be upbeat, despite the rumours surrounding Kitty. God, this is going to be good.

More cast photos here ...


Nat said...

Yay!! Finally!! I wonder if they were just waiting for Rachel Griffiths to be back from her maternity leave?? She looks amazing, in both individual and group pic.

Any love these new pics, weird not to have Tommy and Julia in them though- and when was Luke Grimes added to the cast?? I thought he was just recurring this season?? Obviously I missed that.

The individual ones are okay, not sure I like the background for the younger cast members, its a bit random, the background for the older ones is better.

Love the main cast photo, nice and upbeat like you said though a lot of them look very moody especially Calista Flockhart, though she usually does in promo pics. Rob Lowe has weird hair.

Can you tell from my long comment, how excited I am we finally have these?! Thanks for posting!!

shawnlunn2002 said...

Me too, I'd thought we'd never get them given how ABC haven't been that forthcoming.

I like the one with Ryan. Short hair does something for him and the main one is quite cute.

Kitty's getting a heavy storyline this season as well. Rob Lowe has the electrocuted look. Plus it's really jet black as well.

Luke Grimes was announced as a regular a few months ago and it's weird not seeing Tommy/Julia I agree.

Rachel Griffiths is very pretty. I've seen a preview of Sarah in the premiere, really hilarious

Nat said...

A few months ago?! I really must've missed that series regular announcement!! I knew he would come back but the last time I heard they were still ummm-ing and ahh-ing over whether he should be regular or recurring considering his unpopularity. Hopefully they'll find a better storyline for him this year. I hope that he bounds with at least one of the other siblings, maybe Sarah since they're working together. He does look cute in his photo

Is the preview of Sarah the dating one?! Its really funny, I like the idea of Sarah internet dating, it makes a lot of sense.

shawnlunn2002 said...

I know there was some umming and ahhing about Ryan but I think the goal was to be a regular. Hopefully they'll find an organic way to fit him. I thought there was also a bit of a Ryan/Kitty connection as well. That could be fun. Anything's better than him sandwiched between Justin and Rebecca.

I was referring to internet dating one. I like Sarah's lighter storylines because as good as Rachel Griffiths is with dramtic storylines, she's also very funny and it's nice to see that. We didn't get it often on Six Feet Under.

Nat said...

I think the Kitty/Ryan pairing is one that could work since they seemed to get on when they met in the last season. Plus she is the one sibling who never truly got on with Rebecca like all the others so it would be role reversal (especially since Justin was the one who got on with Rebecca and not Ryan)

Want to just mention how great you blog now looks, really cool. Mentioned it on my blog but haven't got around to doing so on yours!

shawnlunn2002 said...

Thanks about the blog. Currently experiencing some computer problems so reviews are delayed until my computer is fixed. Ryan interacting with Kitty is more interesting than him fixating on Rebecca.