Saturday, September 05, 2009

Doctor Who Greatest Moments: The Enemies

Narrated by Jo Whiley
Directed by Gillane Seaborne

David Tennant: “John Simm as the Master was probably insane.”

The last in the series and a look at the enemies that have threatened The Doctor in the last four seasons was exactly how this series needed to end. So many enemies, only sixty minutes to actually get the goods on the big players. This is pretty much where this one got it right.

Starting with The Master, throwing the Cybermen in the middle and then ending with the Daleks and Davros nicely spaced out our four main Big Bads for The Doctor. They are his most significant opponents and they got enough focus in this episode.

I love The Master like so many viewers and it’s great to see David Tennant express the paradoxical relationship that The Doctor and The Master have. They’re the best of enemies and Whiley wasn’t particularly subtle when mentioning the possibility of The Master returning. Yeah, in another three and a half months, Jo but thanks for that one no less.

The Cybermen got less focus of the main four villains but at least we had guest stars like Tracy Ann Oberman and David Morrissey talk about their experiences with the emotionless creatures but to no surprise at all, the Daleks and their evil creator Davros were the appropriate end monsters to discuss. Complain about the excess Daleks appearance on the new series all you want but there are one of the biggest things we identify Doctor Who with besides it’s leading character.

All the monsters in the middle of the four big ones nicely filled out the rest of the episode. Remembering the likes of Slitheen, Sycorax, Krillitane, the possessed from “42” and that unknown monster from “Midnight” certainly brought out some of the livelier discussions from the guest cast.

- Still some lifted bits of interviews in this one but only from David Tennant and thankfully, not too often.
- John Barrowman’s gushing about Davros was sweet as well as his praise for Russell for bringing back The Master.
- However, no contributions from John Simm and Julian Bleach? At least we got Derek Jacobi.
- Some sections were “Mind Games” and “Deadly Disguises” in this one.

Quote From The Master

Derek Jacobi: “I would have liked to have been around longer to have indulged in the criminality of The Master but I wasn’t allowed to.”

Better than the previous two but I think we should’ve had something deeper with this set of Confidentials.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

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