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My Review of True Blood's 1x11: "To Love Is To Bury"

Written And Directed by Nancy Oliver

Sookie: “I rescind your invitation.”
Bill: “Sookie, don’t please. Sookie, please.”

I hate to admit but if there was ever a time in which Bill should’ve had his invitation rescinded by Sookie, was now the best time? I can already guess that when the killer strikes at Sookie again, she’s going to regret giving Bill the heavy ho.

In fact a lot of the reasons why I find Sookie giving Bill his marching orders wrong are down to the fact that she’s unaware that he made a vampire. That really would be the best reason for such an action. Here it was because Bill and Sam got into a scrap (after Bill caught Sookie and Sam kissing) and she was largely mad at Bill not being by her side.

Sookie and Sam really did get close in this episode. Last week she spent most of her time fuming at Sam for not being honest with her about being a shape shifter. This week, they’re flirting, teasing each other and playing detective. Now, here are two people who really should be friends and nothing more.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of their scenes together were enjoyable but I just don’t think of Sookie and Sam as a couple. The fact that both of them are complicated and wanted simplicity also seemed rather drilled out as well.

As a detective team, they found out more about one of the victims that either Andy or Bud have been able to come up with all season. So, the girl in Sookie’s visions turned out to be a fang banger and Sookie used some gentle blackmail to get a bigoted officer to fax over a picture of the dead girl’s brother that conveniently will be spotted at the worst time.

If I hadn’t read “Dead Until Dark”, I might have been shocked to learn that Rene was the killer but maybe it’s appropriate. I’ve noticed in past episodes that Rene does have his own anti-vampire attitude, even if it hasn’t been as overt as Arlene, Jason or anyone else on the show, it’s been there.

Plus in the previous episode, he made his stance on vampires clear to Sookie when he danced with her and Jason filled him in all on Amy’s V addiction as well. I so wanted Amy to get her comeuppance but not through being another in a long line of victims from Rene. Being strangled to death while high – does that constitute as painless?

Amy didn’t exactly go out on a high in this episode, even if she was off her face. She spent way too much time attempting to justify her actions towards, was pretty abusive towards Jason and even after grovelling with a slap up, she still managed to get Jason to go on one last V trip with her. Jason really should’ve booted her out the door.

However once again, because Amy got killed, Jason was in the firing line. The interesting thing is that now he’s convinced he murdered Amy, along with Maudette and Dawn but adamant about not killing Adelle. Even though Jason has done a lot to annoy as a character, it’s really hard not to feel bad for him here. It’s also like all of Sookie’s possible defenders have been pulled away from her. Except Sam.

Speaking of Sookie’s men, Bill was largely separated from his girl due to his new duties as a maker. I gotta say with angst flowing all over the place, why would any vampire want to turn a teenager into one of them? Jessica proved the point that it’s not necessarily a great idea.

Deborah Ann Woll is a good piece of casting for the role of Jessica. Delightfully bratty, Jessica’s non stop tantrums about wanting to kill and basking in a newfound sense of liberation versus vampire obligation which included brushing up on her swearing gave Bill plenty of ripe opportunities to look on exasperated at the girl. Of course, brattiness only works in moderation, so Jessica will have to get good characterisation if she’s a keeper.

I also couldn’t help but love both Pam and Eric sort of taking pleasure in Bill’s task. It’s clear that he feels responsible for Jessica but she’s a teenage girl and while some of Eric’s methods worked a bit, Jessica is going to be hard work for Bill. Plus, Sookie is going to be pissed when she finds out that Bill made Jessica.

Also in the pissed stakes was Tara. Drinking and driving always gets you punished and being belligerent to Kenya got Tara locked up for the night in jail. Tara does seem to be on a slight destructive course but Lettie Mae seemed too cold for me. If it was for Tara, Lettie Mae might be dead during her alcoholic bouts.

With Lettie Mae callously washing her hands off Tara, it was interesting that Maryann stepped in and was keen to save Tara. Nice to know the naked woman with a razorback has a name, a purpose and a house you could literally get lost in. However the trailer for the next episode strongly indicated that Maryann might not be all that she seems. Tara really can’t catch a break, can she?

All in what seems like a lifetime since he’s had anything big to do; Lafayette now added blackmail to his list. You know, I don’t endorse blackmail but come on, how could anyone not be angry with a senator like David Finch? Lafayette certainly was and warned him accordingly.

The problem with David was on one had, he slamming vampire/gay rights but on the other, he’s sleeping with men and needing V. He’d be doing a better service for his constituents if he actually told the truth. Lafayette might be playing a dangerous enough game in trying to take on David but boo to hypocritical closeted politicians all the more.

Also in “To Love Is To Bury”

Nancy Oliver was a script writer for Seasons 3-5 of Six Feet Under, writing some incredible episodes like “Untitled” and “Ecotone”. It’s great that she directed this one as well.

Bill: “I find myself doubting whether you were ever truly human.”
Pam: “Thank you.”

Bill was supposed to have sex with Jessica as a part of his ritual with her. He even slept in the ground with her.

Jason: “Yankee bitch.”
Amy: “Dumb fucking hillbilly.”

Lafayette (re David): “Did you just hear what he said?”
Terry: “I can’t listen to politicians no more. I get a seizure.”

Jason got bailed on by Hoyt having to attend a baby shower (he seems to enjoy them) and Rene going on a date with Arlene. Before or after bumping off Amy?

Amy: “I did what you said. It was all my fault, Jason. I’m so sorry.”
Jason: “You made dinner for me?”
Amy: “I’d do anything for you.”

Sam: “Do you love Bill?”
Sookie: “I think I do but where is he? If vampire politics are more important to him than me … I don’t know.”

The girl in Sookie’s dreams/visions was Cindy Marshall, a waitress in Big Patty’s Piehouse. Her brother was called Drew, aka Rene.

Jessica (to Bill): “You’re supposed to take care of me and you suck and that’s funny because you do.”

Tara: “Fuck you. You’re not my mother. Get out of my sight, you evil bitch.”
Lettie Mae: “I love you.”
Tara: “No, you don’t. You never did.”

How come Tara didn’t recognise Maryann the social worker as the naked woman she nearly ran into? The character of Kenya also features in the Sookie Stackhouse books.

Jessica (to Bill/Eric): “I don’t obey anybody. Those days are over.”

Eric (re Bill): “You want to stay with your maker, don’t you?”
Jessica: “No, he’s a dick. Dick, dick, dick.”

There was an interesting scene between Eric and Bill where they argued over Sookie. And was I the only thinking that Jason’s bed sheets looked like bin bags?

Tara: “You’re not a Jesus person, are you?”
Maryann: “No, no, nothing against religion but I’m not a Jesus person.”

Sookie: “You are fun. It’s one of the reasons I’m still working for you.”
Sam: “Yeah?”
Sookie: “It’s not for the tips or high class clientele.”

Standout music: Ryan Adams "Two" and The Cowboy Junkies "To Love Is To Bury".

Andy: “This is the worst confession I’ve ever heard in my life.”
Jason: “Fuck you, Andy, it’s all I got.”

Chronology: A few hours after “I Don’t Wanna Know” finished up.

“To Love Is To Bury” has all the trappings for a good set up to the finale. Sookie’s definitely in clear and present danger, Bill’s got the responsibility from hell and our main focus point for the second season is also making herself known.

Rating: 9 out of 10.

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