Thursday, February 25, 2010

Expecting (Massive Doctor Who Season 5 Spoilers)

Blimey, you wait ages for extraordinary spoilers and then, bam, they all come at once.

Doesn't she look lovely? Karen Gillan in Brighton this week to promote the upcoming series of Doctor Who. The series returns to BBC1 on April 3rd.

One of Karen Gillan and Matt Smith together. Really trying hard not to ship the Doctor and Amy, especially given that ...

Amy's pregnant with (presumably) Rory's child. The 11th episode of the season by Gareth Roberts, rumoured to be titled, The Lodger shows a heavily pregnant Amy, Rory and the Doctor alongside each other. But in episode 10 (Vincent And The Doctor), Amy is not visibly showing so unless this is a similar situation to Gwen in the Torchwood episode, Something Borrowed or Amy really is with child and something's accelerating her pregnancy. It's also possible that this is episode 7 by Simon Nye as well.

Outside of that big reveal, it's also been leaked that James Cordon from Gavin And Stacey will also be appearing this season, possibly in this episode or Simon Nye's one. Nina Wadia has also told The One Show that she's filmed her scenes. Hopefully some set pictures leak of that.

More pictures can be seen here ...

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