Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Touching The Stones (Doctor Who Season 5 Spoilers)

Looks like it is the finale that's currently been done then after all

The Doctor (Matt Smith), Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and River Song (Alex Kingston) reunited again and at Stonehenge of all locations. I'm really not sure how this location exactly plays into the episodes being filmed but I'm certainly curious.

There wasn't many cast shots around this time but there's definitely lovely moments here with this particular location, though I'm surprised that we haven't seen Arthur Darvill on set. There's an ongoing rumour of the Doctor and River attending Amy and Rory's wedding in the finale, I just hope something shows up to confirm that one.

Vague one of Matt Smith there in between takes. So far this does seem to be the finale. There's also supposed to be a scene where River is given a certain diary and sonic screwdriver as well.

Matt's touching the stones - naughty boy. Although we don't have a date confirmed for Season 5 just yet, the first three episodes will be called (thanks to DWM 418) The Eleventh Hour, The Beast Below and Victory Of The Daleks. The first two are written by Steven Moffat and the third one is by Mark Gatiss and from the production notes there were mentions of: "the dread truth behind the fifth door", "the ruins of Razbahan", "the Doctor's mistake in the maze of the dead", "the secret of Aickman Road" and "the choice of the Dream Lord". Rory is meant to be her fiance though and there's been rumoured that him and Amy marry in the finale. Emphasis on the rumour part. The Doctor nabs him on his stag night at the start of the sixth episode by jumping out of a cake (allegedly). There's also a rumour that he's a casualty in the second two parter so how him and Amy get married if that one is true will be interesting to see played out.

Sophie Okonedo's character in The Beast Below is called the Masked lady according to DWM 418. Ian McNiece is playing Churchill and Bill Patterson is Bracewell in Victory Of The Daleks while Bill Nighy is playing Dr Black in the Van Gogh episode. According to the latest issue, it's Matt Smith and Beth Willis who were more responsible for Eleven's outfit because Steven Moffat originally wanted something akin to Captain Jack Sparrow. .

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