Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Live At 25

I'm so badly behind on some shows right now, apart from the ones I'm reviewing of course but are some stuff I did watch recently.

EastEnders has turned twenty five years old, four months before I actually have. Okay, live episodes are an extremely dodgy process but oddly enough, they did alright on Friday night when it was finally revealed that Stacy bumped off Archie. As a reveal went, it was satisfying and I'm sure I wasn't the only person sad to see Bradley killed off - I liked him. Plus if it had been someone like Ryan, would anyone have cared? Corrie are going to have to pull their finger out for the upcoming 50th anniversary because right now, it's dire to watch.

Susan and Katherine - how far can a rivalry go? Well, if you're Susan, you're going to do something stupid like accidentally shoot Katherine and then believe that she was the one strangling Julie. To top it all off, you'll then piss off some former cop that you teased in school and get thrown in the slammer. On a more interesting note, the Bolen plot is definitely one of the best thought out one going, it's nice to see Lynette and Tom provide a support system for Julie but the subplot with Gabby homeschooling Juanita and Bree still stuck with Orson don't match up by comparison. But at least Desperate Housewives has it's mojo back.

Lost on Friday nights don't seem right to me but at least the final season is getting off to an interesting start. So we have Others who are helping - sort of, a parallel version of the gang's lives if they had landed back in America on Flight 815, Sawyer grieving over Juliet's death and a rather feral looking Claire, who's more interesting now than she ever was. The shock of Smokey/Locke being the same was fine too. Oh and this week's episode is a Jack one. I'll keep an open mind.

I need to keep up with Skins. The fourth season so far has been good, I'll admit that. Emily's episode delved more into the death of Sophia and while the writers could've evaded going down that predictable route of making Sophia/Naomi cheat on Emily, some of the acting was absolutely brilliant. Cook's episode wasn't as good but it was a damn sight better than the unbearable one we got in the third season for him. Maybe he will change after all. Stranger things have happened.


Nat said...

I've been a bit behind recently too, but I'm just about managing to catch up now.

I've done a review for EE on my blog too. The reveal was a satisfying one I agree.

Stopped watching Skins after the first episode. The next preview didn't excite me and Thomas is my favourite character and I honestly could care less for the rest of them. Will probably watch the final episode though, to see how it all turns out.

shawnlunn2002 said...

I caught up with Skins, it's not too bad, the others episodes have been better than the opening episode at least.