Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Top 50 Doctor Who Stories Part 1

Okay, there are 34 days until the new series of Doctor Who and I'm gonna do a Top 50 list with my favourite stories from the first ten Doctors in anticipation for the arrival of Matt Smith's 11th Doctor. It's not definitive (only stories I've seen) but hopefully it's original and it'll be twice weekly as well.

46: An Unearthly Child (1st Doctor)

Of course the first ever story was going to make this list. Who thought that a story so simple would span the longest and best sci-fi series running? The First Doctor was cantankerous but interesting as was Susan, Ian and Barbara were our eyes into this crazy world and there was cavemen.

47: Blink (10th Doctor)

Is it sacrilege that I have this one so low in my list? Of course not! Steven Moffat is an amazing writer and at least one other story of his is much higher on this list. As for this one - Sally Sparrow, Weeping Angels and the use of Easter Eggs. Only a true geek could've scribed this one.

48: Partners In Crime (10th Doctor)

Opening episodes can be slightly ropey with the new version of the series but this one had a lot to love about it. Okay, the Adipose seemed more designed for The Sarah Jane Adventures but those scenes with Donna and Wilfred in his loft, the reunion between the Doctor and Donna and Rose's WTF style cameo. How could this not be on my list?

49: Planet Of The Spiders (3rd Doctor)

As a regeneration story goes, I found this one a little underrated. It might not be as epic as The War Games, The Caves Of Androzani or recently, The End Of Time (and yes, they're higher on the list) but it's a satisfying enough way to end Jon Pertwee's tenure and it's a bit of a redemption story for Mike Yates as well.

50: The Daleks Master Plan (1st Doctor)

Companions might not have died properly during the RTD era of the series but in others, some were not so lucky. This one served two deaths with two shortlived companions in Katerina and Sara Kingdom and also had the Meddling Monk in cahoot with the Daleks. It's a really long story but only three of the twelve episodes exist on the Lost In Time DVD set. Worth it though.

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