Friday, April 02, 2010

The Eve Of New Who (Doctor Who Season 5 Spoilers)

It's the eve of The Eleventh Hour, so here's one more blog to hype up proceedings for the arrival of Series 5. First, there's a new cast picture with the Doctor and Amy that's been released and it's definitely one of the stronger ones.

Steven Moffat does an introductory scene for the first episode of the new series, nicely explaining the series opener.

The Doctor finds himself handcuffed to a radiator when Amy demands some answers from him. There's something involving a perception filter and a certain crack in regards to Amy's house. Another clip featured them arguing around a duck pond and Amy wondering why it's suddenly gone dark.

The Doctor, Amy and presumably Poem Girl wind up looking worse for wear during The Beast Below. We know the Smilers oversee everything in this episode in regards to humanity's survival and that making them angry isn't advisable but it's not just them that need to be worried about. In the DWM 420 preview for Victory Of The Daleks, Mark Gatiss noted that the Daleks win in this episode but what constitutes a victory for them? They don't kill the Doctor or Amy, so that won't be it? Maybe it's a moral or intellectual victory or they do something to change history given the time period they're in.

Karen Gillan was interviewed on both CBBC and GMTV this morning as viewers are a day away from getting to know Amy Pond for themselves. Apparently she's also a big Ten/Rose fan as well, which will undoubtedly pleased certain fans.

Matt Smith was interviewed today by Zane Lowe and once Blogger stops acting up, I'll add links to certain interviews/preview clips. Remember Season 5, Saturday 6.20pm on BBC1.

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