Monday, April 19, 2010

Will Schuester, I Hate You

Yes, I know I desperately need to catch up on some stuff but I will get there. After all, here are some recent bits I've seen watching. As River Song would say: spoilers ...

I enjoyed the first series of Charlie Brooker's You Have Been Watching, so I was delighted to see that Channel 4 had wisely decided to renew it for a second run. The guests on the first episode included the likes of Liza Tarubuck and David Baddiel as they delved into the week's television. The highlight was probably their dissection of porny looking new series, Spartacus: Blood And Sand and the unusual critique section of Brooker's weird culinary dishes. Okay, so a Mars bars rearranged but it looked rather odd, didn't it?

Irish viewers still have the advantage of being ahead of their UK rivals with the sixth season of Desperate Housewives but the stories have been mostly okay to unremarkable in recent weeks anyways. The Bolen mystery still has yet to be really advanced and episodes where Susan and Gabby witter on about their kids academic progress is hardly riveting stuff. Still, the current plot between Katherine and ex-stripper Robin is a lot better than you'd expect to be as well. Maybe I'm biased because it's Julie Benz but it's certainly the strongest plot right about now.

I keep going on and off with Grey's Anatomy but it's always been that sort of show for me anyways. Watching Teddy and Christina compete for Owen isn't riveting, I've never cared enough about Richard to care about his alcoholism and do I have to talk about Meredith/Derek or even Mark/Lexi either? Even Callie/Arizona seem to be going through a rough patch on this show and Izzie basically returned to get the all clear and dumped by Alex. That I won't criticise because Alex was in the right and we know Izzie is leaving anyways but other than that, the stories need to step up a gear already and fast.

Lost is hurtling towards it's conclusion and the episodes are certainly getting a little stronger. Okay, apart from maybe Hurley and Libby getting their first proper date in the latter's flash-sideways, I still don't the point of them. Neither do I see how SmokeyLocke shoving Desmond down a well is going to deter Widmore for longer. And the deaths continue with the recent of episodes blowing Illana to bits. There's only six episodes left and while this season has been good, I don't know how satisfied I'm going to be with the last episode of this.

I wish I could say that I've been watching Heroes religiously this season but I seriously have not. In fact the last episode I did watch was the one where Nathan was finally dead and buried and Claire tried to expose Samuel for the dodgy little cretin he is with no success. BBC2 are nearing towards the end of the season in the next few weeks and with a renewal yet to be confirmed from NBC, this could be the series last season. If so, it really is going to go out on a whimper.

And I've caught up with all of Glee. No, I did not buy the first season on DVD but I have watched the episodes that I've missed and UK viewers, tonight you get the first episode of the second half of the season, so spoilers beware. Right, I wasn't all that bothered with neither Will/Emma or Rachel/Finn breaking up, I loved Sue's version of Vogue and her callous way of getting reinstated as well as encouraging Rachel to pursue rival club fellow, Jesse. And yes, I totally saw from a mile that this new coupling was doomed to be ill fated. The episode airs tonight at 9pm on E4. Sue Doing Vogue:


Nat said...

Grey's has been meandering for a couple of episodes, storyline wise. I've been watching bits of season 4 online and its weird to see the difference in the characters.

I'll be watching Glee at UK pace (apart from the NPH and Whedon directed episode which I won't be able to wait a week for!) but honestly all the hype surrounding the show has dampened by enthusiasm for it quite a lot. The attention and love its getting is a little bit overwhelming and OTT considering the show has only had 13 episodes. I'll continue to watch it, because its so feel good and the music is a real winner usually

shawnlunn2002 said...

Glee's the hot new show now and hyperbole is an unavoidable things, plus we haven't had that many impacting shows this season as well. I love the show, it's fun but I'm not obsessed. Only one show has me that way and it ain't Glee.

Nat said...

Just watched the Glee episode. Maybe its just me who's gone of the show, but it was only okay. Very repetitive storyline wise and the song selection wasn't amazing.