Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Review of Buffy The Vampire Slayer's 8x34: "Twilight Part 3"

Written by Brad Meltzer
Artwork by Georges Jeanty

Willow (to Warren): “Angel’s the piece we were missing. Sure, Buffy shared her power, but when it comes to her place in the slayer history books – I’m pretty sure that’s not the only thing she was first to do.”

I won’t lie, I’m struggling with this one, I really am. The more I read it, the more convoluted and weird it sounded. Plus it didn’t help that the snarky little warning at the end of the previous issue actually came true – them fucking.

Remember back in the fourth season how watching Buffy and Riley spending all of “Where The Wilds Things Are” was tedious? Well, having her and Angel basically doing them same thing here certainly became even more tedious to flick through. I enjoy seeing my characters get it on as much as the next person but not throughout he entire story and that’s the main issue here.

The Buffy and Angel sexploits basically has them shagging virtually everywhere and anywhere, including at one point even in space. No, I am not kidding and gratuitous nudity aside, it basically added nothing to the story itself I’m afraid.

Fortunately that was where Giles had to come into proceedings. There was hints in the previous issue that Buffy’s been destined to be powered up and the like for quite a while now and it’s all to help her survive. But even here, we still don’t really know what Twilight is. Is it another apocalypse in the making? An actual planetary evolution or what? I’ve read this issue enough times already and I’m still confused about the general concept of it all.

And then what’s Angel’s part in that all. Is he genuinely being rewarded or did the fates need to bestow this onto one slayer and one ensouled vampire? Warren might be a snide prick but I’m glad he actually raised the question, one in which Willow could barely answer satisfyingly as well for my liking.

Still, the consequences of Buffy and Angel’s powered up super nookie did seem to be ecological with the amount of storms, hurricane and seaquakes going about the place. With six more issues left for this entire season, I still feel like naff all has actually happened and this issue has done less to provide solid answers, only more questions.

Also in “Twilight Part 3”

Buffy and Angel shippers must have loved the cover of them embracing for this one.

Amy: “Twilight is Angel? Of course he is!”
Dawn: “Of course he is? It doesn’t even make sense.”

Another promotional poster for The Guild appeared in this issue. Tempting as it looks, I’m gonna have pass on it.

Angel: “You have any idea how much I missed you?”
Buffy: “I do. I have lots of ideas.”
Angel: “Yeah. So do I.”

Xander: “We’ve got witches, werewolves and centaurs -”
Dawn: “Centaurettes.”
Xander: “The point is, even when it comes to the dark, scary ones ... how much more can you shock us with a fairytale?”

The Watchers Council killing themselves because of an empowered slayer is dumb even for them. Speaking of empowered, nice to see Faith getting her powers back in this issue.

Faith: “I got my powers back. I’m strong again.”
Giles: “It’s everything they warned. The universe ... the universe is answering.”

Angel: “They said it didn’t exist but it does, it always has. And now it’s ours. Here we are Buffy. Welcome to Twilight.”

There was a coming soon bit in this issue with Spike featured and the next issue is out on May 5th.

I’m sorry but I really didn’t like this issue as much as I tried to. “Twilight Part 3” just simply bored me and I really am confused about the whole thing. Hopefully more clarity will be shed in later issues.

Rating: 5 out of 10.


Nat said...

The shortness of your review is a real clue to how much you didn't like it!

I read a pretty detailed synopsis of this one, I was wanting answers but with all the sexing, not much seemed to actually happen. Disappointing.

Bangel fans must've loved it, but they are probably the only people who did.

shawnlunn2002 said...

I tried with this issue, but I really couldn't get my head into it. This arc is sucking big time and an issue with Buffy/Angel at it does make for an interesting read.

Have you caught up with True Blood yet? I'm nearly done with Season 2.