Friday, September 16, 2011

Doctor Who - Christmas 2011 News/Spoilers

There might be three episodes to Season 6 left to air but filming has finally begun on this year's Christmas special.

Is it Maxine Peake or Claire Skinner? Arguments have been made on various sites for both (I think it's the latter though) but the lucky lady is clearly going to be the main focus of this year's special with Matt Smith. Details of the special are still unknown, though there have been rumours that this one could be a take on The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe. Very interesting if that turns out to be true. More importantly, while the 11th Doctor will certainly be back, will Amy and Rory factor into this special? Oh and apparently a regular from QI will be in this one too.

Elsewhere, DWM have released the cover of next week's issue and unsurprisingly, it's theme is for The Wedding Of River Song. Yes, the 45 minute, one part finale will tie up the loose ends surrounding River, the astronaut, Madame Kovarian and the Doctor's death but what of Amy and Rory? I know both Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill have said in interviews that they're coming back for Season 7 but I'm beginning to think it won't be as regulars. As for the upcoming release of the complete sixth series on DVD, expect a load of new scenes, prequels, commentaries, bloopers, monster files, trailers and deleted scenes as an additional Confidential called The Night's Tale.

The Complete Season 6 will be released on DVD from November 14th.

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