Thursday, September 22, 2011

We Got The Beat

Okay, it really has been a while, so apologies and here are some of the things I've been watching in the last while.

Downton Abbey - I literally spent four days last week catching up with the first series and writing up a review for it before watching the first episode of Season 2. The first episode of the new series taught me a lot of things, namely that this series isn't a flash in the pan for top notch quality entertainment on a Sunday night and that I really have become invested in the characters. The new ones were a varied bunch - I sort of sided with Ethel, Lavinia made no solid impression and Vera was a total unbridled bitch in the making. The love arcs - Matthew/Mary, Anna/Bates and Sybil/Branson all took up some good screentime but the scenes within the Somme with Matthew and Thomas were definitely the most effective, particularly towards the end. Welcome back, show.

Glee - I just watched the first episode of Season 3 yesterday and while there's too much talk about the show's ratings (overexposure can be a curse), the episode itself was actually pretty good. Sure, it would've been nice if the writers had come up with a better excuse for Blaine to transfer to McKinley and maybe Will shouldn't have booted Santana out of the group but it does seem like the show's back on fine form. I certainly enjoyed punky Quinn, the gang's take on We Got The Beat and Kurt/Rachel getting one hell of a humbling experience. Plus, the obvious tension between Finn and Blaine could make for an interesting rivalry. The biggest problem is still Sue though. I feel she is losing impact as a character and her candidacy is something that I don't is strong to be sustained throughout the series.

Smallville - I still have to catch up with E4's episode this week but the last few have been nothing but brilliant. I loved Chloe's re-introduction to the series, Martha's brief return and of course, Parallel Lionel doing his damndest to influence Alexander as well. Heck, even The Hangover themed episode was a lot more fun than it actually should've been but maybe that was because of Cassidy Freeman's singing. That being said though, the Darkseid arc does need to step up a gear though, considering that we don't have that many episodes left.

The Fades - You gotta love BBC3. They gave us the wonders of both Torchwood and Being Human and now they're hoping that The Fades can also bring them success. The ratings have certainly been good for the station and the apocalyptic scenerio that's presented here with the creepy dead things is certainly interesting. Paul's not a bad protagonist but I found myself disappointed that both Sarah and Helen were bumped off when I could've thought of two other characters I wouldn't have minded seeing the back off. Still, though I will be watching this one for the next five weeks.

The Vampire Diaries: Good set of episodes here. Rose's death certainly hit home, the build up towards Klaus has been interesting to watch along with the return of John Gilbert, werewolf lady Jules and the divide between Tyler and Caroline. In fairness, this show has certainly come leaps and bounds and the multiple plotting has certainly been more interesting than Damon's continuous veering between being good and bad. Just choose a damn side, already.

The X Factor: The last few weeks have been fine, ratings are up but have we really seen anyone with that great potential? Kelly's crying over one contestant was pretty horrid to watch and Louis needs to stop encouraging novelty acts as well. Also, I get that it wasn't intended but Simon's return last week just proved to me that the series really does work without him. Liking Gary and Tulisa the most as judges this year.

- I'll be reviewing Ringer from next week onwards. I needed to watch the first two episodes and while it's not perfect, I do want to review it.
- Alexandra Daddario has landed a multiple episode arc on Parenthood, playing the role of receptionist Rachel.
- Michael Zegan has signed up to play a new character in the second season of The Walking Dead.
- Despite being shot in the finale, Rutina Wesley will be appearing in the fifth season of True Blood. A mysterious woman will also be at the centre point of the next series.
- Downton Abbey has been renewed for a third run. The first episode of Season 2 attracted over 9 million viewers. Filming for this year's Christmas special has begun.
- Lacey Turner will appearing in David Tennant's episode of upcoming BBC series, Love Life. Filming for the series began this week.
- Matthew Rhys will be playing John Jasper in a BBC2 production of The Mystery Of Edwin Drood, due to air next year for the bicentennial of Charles Dickens. Tamzin Merchant and Alun Armstrong will also appear in the two-parter.
- Merlin's fourth season will air on October 1st at 7.50pm. Misfits third year will also debut on E4 next month.
- Gilles Marini will be appearing in an upcoming episode of Modern Family, playing a character named Julian.
- Ashton Kutcher's opening episode of Two And A Half Men attracted 28 million viewers.

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