Friday, September 30, 2011

Soap Discussion - September 2011

And here's a penultimate blog for this month.

Coronation Street: The biggest storyline this month has been the quick devolution of Frank and Carla's relationship. It's almost a shame the writers decided to make Frank a baddie because him and Carla actually made a decent pairing. The rape part was certainly shocking, more so considering that it also now has consequences for both Peter and Leanne (and the injured Stella as well) and storywise, it's the show firing on all cylinders. The rest of the month hasn't been quite as good with Tracy's all too convenient pregnancy Pam reigniting her feud with Kevin. Mind you, she's not exactly wrong about Kevin's ability at bouncing back though.

EastEnders: I've never been the biggest fan of Darren and Jodie as a couple and I can't honestly say the show will suffer without him but the near wedding/sleeping with Lauren, coupled with Vanessa's inability to keep her opinions to herself made it more interesting than expected. This was also a month for more of Mandy's antics, Kat and Alfie losing another baby (really, show?), Ben kissing and being dumped by Duncan in quick succession, Yusef being his manipulative self, Lauren finding out about Tanya's cancer and preparations for Amira's return with some red button antics as well as a new Moon in Craig and another series of E20 with Mercy's annoying sister, Faith. Well, at least it's been busy.

Emmerdale: Dear writers - just knock it off already. I am bored shitless by your constant attempts of putting Aaron through the ringer. Now we can add self harming into the mix. Seriously show, in terms of dramatic storylines, learn to share the wealth a little, alright? And progress the Amy is pregnant plot because that's becoming similarly tedious to watch at the moment as well. I don't know but for me, this soap is in need of some better structuring because only Nicola and Jimmy's reunion was the best thing to happen in the last few weeks.

Fair City: I haven't been watching this one as actively either but I have liked the fallout over Barry's murder of Sarah and how it's affected most of the main characters on the series but apart from that and more stuff on Carol's pregnancy, it's been a rather dull month for the show in general.
Hollyoaks: Ooh, what a month. two sets of college kids (Maddie and her mates returning for Bart and Sinead, Ash and company for Will/Theresa/Dodger), the death of Rae, Brendan being set up for said death by Silas, Lynsey isolating more people with her Silas vendetta and the return of Gilly, plus the antics of Hollyoaks Later, I have to admit that this has been another strong month for the show. That being said, more people need to start waking up to Silas, it's getting a bit unrealistic at this point.

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