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My Review of True Blood's 4x12: "And When I Die"

Written by Raelle Tucker
Directed by Scott Winant

Marnie: “Oh, this fucking sucks.”
Antonia: “Change is hard.”

Oh, Antonia, you were a lot nicer to Marnie than I think I would’ve been. Clearly you are a way better woman and witch than Marnie would’ve ever been. I have to admit for a last episode, Marnie did another no-no and made my hit list of characters to despise – she killed Jesus while still possessing Lafayette.

Maybe it’s because of that action, that it felt oddly perturbing that both Antonia and Adele were sent to bring her to the spirit world/other side but if it wasn’t for Sookie, Tara and Holly summoning the dead on Halloween, then Bill and Eric would’ve also been added to the impressive list of casualties in this one.

Not that I believed for a second that Bill and Eric were in any actual danger. Sure, they were bound to a stake with silver and got a little crispy but given that even they didn’t seem that worried for their lives, it was hard to actually believe they were going to meet the true death. Still, Marnie’s determination to annihilate them one last time was oddly admirable, if for it’s consistency with her character more than anything else.

As for Jesus’s death, well it was one of four important deaths in this episode and it was sad as well. I didn’t cry but what made it sad was the fact that he died because Marnie wanted the demon inside and because she made Lafayette commit the deed and it was also sad because of Lafayette’s guilt when he came to his senses again.

Of course, the biggest death in this episode wasn’t Jesus. If Tara is legitimately dead thanks to Debbie, then damn show, I did not expect that one bit. I really don’t know how I feel about Tara’s death in some ways. Obviously, I’d rather she wasn’t dead and it kind of sucked that she was killed because she was trying to save Sookie but more so, I just don’t know if I should believe it.

I mean, there’s a slim chance that she could come back or be turned as a vampire but if this is really it for Tara, then I applaud the series for the element of surprise but also curse it for ridding us of one of it’s strongest female characters too and especially when Tara and Sookie were getting their friendship back on track too.

Debbie Pelt really made a final impression. Not only will she be known as Alcide’s crazy, V-addicted ex but now she’s also going to be known as the woman who murdered Tara. Of course, Sookie reacted like anyone else in the situation and promptly shot Debbie down in the process.

I have to admit to having mixed feelings about the last scene and Debbie’s demise too. On one hand, it was better than the book version but on the other hand, there should’ve been more dialogue between the ladies before Tara and Debbie ended up being shot. I would’ve liked more of a confrontation between Sookie and Debbie as well before the latter got her just desserts.

As for the last death – like Jesus and Debbie, I totally saw Nan getting staked in this one. She made the cardinal of both getting on Bill and Eric’s bad sides and threatening Sookie’s life, so there was no way in hell she was going to make it out of this episode alive. Much as I liked Nan as a character, I didn’t feel bad for her when she was staked by Bill. Only Jesus and Tara’s deaths ignited any sympathy for me.

Speaking of Bill and Eric, this was one of my favourite episodes with those two. Okay, them both drinking out of Sookie to heal themselves didn’t do much for me but I loved their snarky banter whilst tied up and I certainly liked them having each other’s back with Nan and not behaving like dicks when Sookie dumped them both. If we get more of that with them next season, I will be one extremely happy viewer.

Keeping with the vampires of this episode, I might not have liked Pam this year as much as previous ones, but I found her frustration over Eric rather delightful, story wise and the fact that she let Ginger give her a hug was sweet. Ginger is a much better character when she’s not bloody screaming all the time as this episode nicely proved.

You know what else I loved, vampire wise here – Jessica deciding to take things slowly with Jason. Because it made a lot of sense. It made sense that she would want to have a less serious relationship after Hoyt and while I’m a bit sad that Jason and Hoyt’s friendship has been ruined, I am glad that Hoyt knows about Jason and Jessica too.

And then there were the two best vampire related plots of the episode as well. I don’t care how ‘obvious’ it might have been to have turned Steve Newlin into a vampire, I think it’s an absolutely genius idea and I cannot wait to see where the writers go with it next season. That being said, Jason better not be dumb enough to let Steve into his home though.

As for Russell breaking free from his cemented prison – I literally wanted to jump with joy. Russell has been my favourite season baddie and if his return works brilliantly second time round as Herrick’s did in Being Human, then it is going to be a lot of fun seeing him cause upheaval for Bill, Eric and Sookie. Too bad we didn’t actually see Russell in the episode though but there’s definitely always next year.

Last but not least – the set of Patrick. He might have appeared in this episode for two minutes but it’s evident that he’s going to be trouble for Arlene and Terry. I didn’t need a ghostly visit from Rene (the last person I was expecting to see in this one) in order to drill that home but damn, I’m intrigued by what kinds of craziness Patrick can add to the series and I have to admit, Scott Foley is definitely nice to look at too.

Also in “And When I Die”

While it was sweet that Maxine attended Tommy’s funeral and wanted to mother Sam, shouldn’t she just actually try and make up with her own son first? Oh and Andy and Holly have made up too.

Tara (re Adele): “If she was here, what do you think she’d say to us?”
Sookie: “To be good to each other.”

For Halloween, Sam wore some kind of a hat (policeman or chauffeur?), Arlene and Terry were zombie, Lisa was pretending to be a teen mother, Holly dressed as a fairy, Sookie wore bunny ears (while getting her job back) and Jessica dressed as Little Red Riding Hood.

Jesus: “Marnie, before Antonia came along, you were afraid of your own voice.”

Sam: “You want your job back or not?”
Sookie: “I’m gonna get you for this, Sam.”
Sam: “Nobody likes an angry bunny.”

Sam and Luna seemed to be in an odd place with each other in this episode and who was that wolf that went for Sam?

Sookie: “I can’t change who I love. Lord knows I’ve tried.”
Alcide: “Try harder.”

Eric: “Any idea how to get us out of this your majesty?”
Bill: “You could summon Pam.”
Eric: “You could summon Jessica.”

So, who exactly in the Authority and AVL have different views to those of Nan when it comes to how vampires are in society? I also wonder if this means that Russell is going to get himself in league with those sorts of vampires.

Marnie: “I don’t want to go. I’m not ready. Please.”

Adele: “Being alone is nothing to be afraid of my Sookie. We’re all alone in the end.”

Even as a vampire, Steve Newlin’s dress sense is horribly conservation. I’m wondering who turned him because I’m not sure if Russell would’ve been free long enough to have done it.

Jason: “You don’t know me very well.”
Jessica: “Fair enough. I’m just getting to know myself but I don’t want to hurt you the way I hurt Hoyt.”

Eric: “You saved my life.”
Bill: “Both our lives.”
Sookie: “It was my turn.”

Standout music: Bobby Borris Prickett and The Crypt Keepers “Monster Mash” and the Heavy’s “And When I Die”. The former is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Bill: “We are not fucking puppy dogs.”
Eric (re Nan): “What a bitch.”

Debbie (to Sookie): “I should’ve done this a long time ago.”

Chronology: It’s Halloween and a couple of days since “Soul Of Fire”.

Well, that was certainly a finale to behold. “And When I Die” certainly tallied an impressive body count and set up some potentially brilliant storylines for next year. I will definitely be coming back for more.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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